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Anyone know the source for these images? are there more for other systems? they're great; thank you to whoever made them.
Also, does anyone know games similar to Aconcagua,

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I dunno. I just know that these type of images pop up here and on /v/ & /vg/ from time to time.

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What the fuck? Whoever's uploading these to imgur or some other ghetto website please stop.

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I'm basically telling the cancer that's reddit to fuck off. Don't share these with social circles outside of 4chan just so they can become compressed jpg messes.

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Yeah, this chart series is a great one. I've looked to it as an example for my own chart-making but I haven't achieved anything that looks as good yet.

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there is also a whole PDF with recs floating around

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>games similar to Aconcagua,
Aconcagua is a pretty unique game, it's a point and click adventure game that's also a survival game that looks like a survival horror game without horror. You might like some older point & click adventure games, Hugo 3 comes to mind as being a shipwreck situation as are a lot of sci-fi games. You might like the Survival Kids games. You might also check out Disaster Report and Raw Danger or even some fairly modern games like I Am Alive or The Last of Us

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