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Genesis Does What Nintendon't

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Even in death....
I gain more and more respect for Sega as a company by the day.
Yeah they made some bonehead decisions in a business perspective, but they still seemed to care about the people actually playing shit.

NEW for $15 on Amazon. That's damn near the best $15 you can spend.
I mean, yes emulation is perfect now and free, but showing the big S some love for treating fans with decency with a $15 tip is cool.

I bought my copy long ago BTW. Rarely play it as emu via Wii on my Trinitron has a better picture, but at the price of $20(when I bought mine), I decided to throw Sega a bone. They earned it. A shame the Saturn is such a complicated shit. A Saturn collection would be godly.

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Is the sound off in that collection too? It's really bad on the PC release.

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Nah it's pretty good; based off the Model 2. PC release is good shit if you use the Unity front-end.

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what, license their hardware to shit companies like atgames, who in turn produce shitty clones that sound like ass?

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Genesis always sounded like shit anyways.
Who the fuck are you people that listened to pre-PS1 soundtracks?
Man, we used to get stoned in the day and put music on over that repetitive faggy chiptune noise.

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Unity, as in the Unity game engine?

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Sunset Riders sounds better on Mega Drive than on arcade, deal with it.

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>based off the Model 2

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It just seems a lot simpler to throw a collection together for whatever your modern system is. I know Nintendo fags are blinded by and will pay out the ass for nostalgia but this is just a lot of trouble for a rom set

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What the fuck is wrong with Sonic's shoes on that picture? The pose looks really weird. Like some guy tried to copy another illustration by Sonic and came off funny.

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Same goes for Hyperstone Heist vs. SNES TMNT4.

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So can those mini Segas be hacked like the Mini NES can? I'd probably consider getting one if they can.

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Going 3rd party?
>paying for emulation
Both companies sell ROMs and you gullible fucks buy them.

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Yeah, but they have incredibly shitty emulation.

Like, Genecyst would be a better option for emulation than 90% of those shitty Sega plug'n'plays.

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>thinking the model 2 sounds bad
>thinking there's only one model 2
super warm in here

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Crt with real hardware is best.

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The NES can be hacked to run different NES emulators if desired, has no one figured out how to load it with retroarch to run a different emulator?

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>Both companies sell ROMs and you gullible fucks buy them.
>Muh Legitamancy
>Ayy y'all poorfags.

I'm a bucaneer and I'm okay.

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The NES classic was made with a soc that's about as powerful as the Wii. Not only that, it has a sort of OS inside it on the internal storage. The Sega consoles are just shitty soc consoles that has just enough power to emulate Genesis hardware. The only storage on it is basically for a multicart room with some games on it. It's the nes clones you can get from AliExpress. The NES classic also has a micro USB port that allowed the hacking. The at games consoles do not. So it wouldn't be possible.

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You're a namefag and you're not okay.

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Yeah, NES mini was hacked to allow Retroarch installation, including various other emulators for SNES, Genesis etc, all games still launched from the main NES mini frontend.

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>yes emulation is perfect now

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>splitting hairs

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Fuck off /v/

on Steam, they added a nice Unity Engine bedroom hud, looks like a sega fanboys bedroom with a CRT TV and furniture and shit
Even support romhacks through Steam Workshop

It's a nice thought, but the emulation isn't as good as KEGA Fusion which kind of defeats the purpose for me, and I don't believe you can replace the emulator within the unity engine

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>Pic related
I wished I was that happy.

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>KEGA Fusion
lol get with the times grandpa

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Different anon. I thought kega was the best "normal" genesis emulator on PC. A better one being Genesis Plus GX through retroarch.
What am I missing?

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>A better one being Genesis Plus GX through retroarch.

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That Steam Unity thing is ok, before they added that, or if you turn 3D off, the menu is absolute garbage, unsorted list of games that has to be scrolled through one at a time iirc. Atari Vault on Steam is quite nice too, you're >paying for roms.

SEGA really tries with their old games, although they screw up more often than not. Nintendo knows they don't have to try and openly laugh at the zombies buying their lazy shit, but at least their stuff works correctly (usually).

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>Looks nothing like a Mega Drive
Sega, you just don't get it

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Nintendo are the most stupid idiots. I got no respect for them, because they treat gamers like shit and are worse than the third reich. Censor and decisions that are so abysmal stupid. So thanks for pointing out the obvisious.

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They are the apple of video games.

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It's like Sega is a two dollar hooker to Nintendo's high-class escort.

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>thinking the model 2 sounds bad
Most of them do sound bad, and VA2/VA2.3 still sound worse than "good" Model 1s, and also require PSG sound fix mod to work correctly.

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>and also require PSG sound fix mod to work correctly.
To add to this post.
This happens because of design fault, and affects all "good" sounding model 2 consoles.

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My model 2 sounds like ass. Distortion and clipping on certain sounds/tones. I've been thinking of getting the Mega Amp modchip installed for a while which will fix it.

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What's the motherboard revision?
If it's VA2/VA2.3, you only need to do this

Anything else - get a Mega Amp,it helped my spare VA7 Model 1 console.

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I just wish they'd re-release it on current systems. My PS4 is sorely lacking in retro games and I never use my PS3 anymore, hooking it up just to play Genesis games for a couple hours is more of a chore than fun.

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I'm pretty sure that thing wasn't actually made by Sega.

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If you mean manufacturing, the Snes Mini is not manufactured by Nintendo either.

But it is an official product by Sega.

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When Sega went down as a hardware manufacturer, they knew other people would want to keep playing their games.

>Sega Ages 2500/Sega Classics Collection
>Sonic Gems Collection
>Sonic Mega Collection/Plus
>Sega Genesis Collection

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Fail to make money?

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Also putting DC releases out on other 6th gen consoles (and even re-releasing that shit now on PC and new consoles).

Whereas Nintendo keeps their shit locked up for ridiculous prices only on the newer consoles. And even then, sends C&Ds to emulation sites while dragging their feet to get even basic shit like Pokemon Gold on their shitty VC.

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People seriously see these Sega Genesis re-releases as a good standard for something? The same games that Sega loves to milk being sold again, again and again in every platform?

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Exactly! They knew how to stay afloat even though they haven't reached the success they once had. Nintendo only stays where they are because of popularity.

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It's all about accessibility for the population too dumb to emulate or pirate. If you already have access to the compilations they have to offer then it obviously wasn't for you.

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>15 bucks
>normies love them
>on more than 1 non proprietary platform
>Can easily rip ROMs out of PC version
>native romhack support on PC
>decent collection of games
It's not milking if you're actually benefiting from it. And anti pirate fags love it too.

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Milking is milking and none of these things you said are a good reason for buy 16-bits games that even a calculator can emulate nowadays for the thousandth time.

Why re-release things like Jet Set Radio Future or Panzer Dragoon Orta if you can make quick and cheap money from idiots with Sega Genesis games, amrite? Seriously, Nintendo is a snake but Sega is no saint. They love to make nostalgia bucks with laziness as well.

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For the genesis collection, ps3 or 360?

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same emulator, same shit

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Alright. Wasn't sure if one version had performance issues over another. Thanks.

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Can' say I blame them. People love rebuying old shit, specially on different platforms. Idiots and their money

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Make endless genesis vs snes war threads?

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The funny thing is that the ROMs from the nintendo eshop are from those emulation sites.

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>Genesis Does What Nintendon't
Going out from the console business, licencing it's games to it's former rival and life off it's old, past glories while the it's rival continues going forward, taking risks, learning from it's mistakes and becoming stronger and stronger each year?

I guess Sega does that. But now seriously, the audio on all retro Sega consoles sounds like ass, so don't buy any of that and try to find the original consoles instead.