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Hello , my name is buddyamor I am Spanish, I dedicate myself to the development and programming of a videogame that I will call; ALTERED BEAST: THE RETURN 2017 I have the authorization of the president of Sega "Haruki Satomi" to recreate the original game of sega 1988 "Altered Beast . Sega I will sell me a
license with which I can market the new game) but with certain modifications: 4 players , A 6th level, his music, and an animal gorilla ..... new characters, new monsters and other configurations, we will do it in 2D ,I'm glad to meet a persons Fans like me from Altered beast who thinks like me.This game is the best in the world.All my technical team is already prepared to do it, that's why we have prepared a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the cause.
I appeal to your solidarity and generosity to support my "Crowdfunding" campaign, please spread the word among your contacts and friends. Thank you for your solidarity in advance. Greetings (This is no joke) Please fund something, what you can, to our Project.

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You should take whatever funds you have and invest them towards remedial English classes.

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Why the hell would you want to remake one of the worst games of all time? Alter'd Beast is slow and boring.

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He outright said in the first sentence that he's Spanish. His English is probably far better than your Spanish

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Post your crowdfund link, amigo.

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Nice pasta

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How much does the license cost?
If this is real, where is your crowd funding page? How are you collecting the money?
Otherwise, >>4091176

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I don't speak Spanish nor do I care to. I also wouldn't bother pitching/reiterating a project to a website that predominantly communicated in Spanish if I was even an intermediate level speaker.

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learn to google ffs. besides, you can't post gofundme or similar shit on 4chan, it's marked as spam for good reason.

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ok, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/879694497/altered-beast-the-return

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If I were you I'd go post this on leddit. They're known for being gullible idiots who throw money at anything and once they hear "officially licensed by mr. sega miyamoto" they'll be throwing cash at you.

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He could post the name of the crowd funding site along with the title of the project, neither of which would be marked as spam, but which would make it very easy to find the crowd funding page.

Anyway >>4091220 shows it's possible to post the link directly.

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FYI this thread will probably get deleted because you aren't allowed to make posts advertising your own product or service here.

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gofundme.com SLASH altered-beast-the-return

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What's that kickstarter page then?

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both pages are for raising funds. one is in spanish and the other in english

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the license costs 10K USD as stated by SEGA

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It's a kick starter not a service or product frog off let the spic dream

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If this were posted by anyone other than the "proprietor" there would be absolutely nothing wrong with it, so I really don't have a problem with this thread. But some janitor might delete it anyway.

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It's global rule 11,
>Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.
It doesn't matter what you are advertising. This may be considered begging, but it's not up to me. If anybody is actually interested in this project I think the thread should stay though.

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i'm not advertising any product.
this game is my favorite and I want to make a remake of it just for fun
the money is needed to pay a developer and a designer and for buying the license from SEGA

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I am 98% sure this person is delusional or has some sort of mental problem

Good show, this is gonna be great

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i lol'd so hard to this
nice job there

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You're slow and boring.

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Agree. I really liked this game back in the time. The transformations and playability of the game are amazing. No wonder it was programmed by Japanese developers.

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Hello, I appeal to people who love this retro game (Altered beast) and I deny some stupid people around here with their offensive words and harsh criticism, I am not any robot nor try to foment any spam.I make this appeal to the people Who firmly believes in this real and healthy and legal project, as project director ..... so that anyone who wants to contribute do so freely without coercion, pure will and money that can be. Many thanks to people who still have the flame of arcade games on. Thank you all.

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what do i get from donating to your campaing? do i get a copy of the game or what?

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yes, and source code

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Of course the Japanese are geniuses, but we Spanish developers are professionals also try to keep up, and nothing can prevent the remake of this game so fantastic, , that the fans of this game now support this project, now is the time. Do you know gentlemen that a film of Altered Beast and Streets of rage will be released in the future? They are in pre-production

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link: Gofundme.com
Look for the project of Ezequiel Reinado, that is the Altered beast.Thanks.

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Gorilla chosen style

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Nice thread, OP. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you , friend

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All those who support our campaign will receive a copy of the game and its source code in C ++ as rewards, and animated demonstrations of the progress of the game.

Seek the campaign of Ezequiel Reinado on gofundme.com. I beg you to contribute what you are good friends, Thank you for your solidarity and generosity beforehand

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you don't need to pledge much. just $ 15 would be much appreciated and you'll receive a proof of concept of the game

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No joke, I played it the day of Genesis launch (ditched a cheesy teenager birthday party to hang out with her older brother and newly bought Genesis) and even then seeing 16 bit for the first time ever, I came away pretty underwhelmed by that game in the end.

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>make no effort to put up a proper pitch video on kickstarter
>actually expect people to donate
You guys are out of your fucking mind, even if it isn't, this just looks like a low stakes scam, nobody is going to believe you. If you however are serious about this, take the kickstarter down right now, put some semblance of effort into the pitch video and restart again. How the fuck do you people expect you to donate if your marketing is showing your ugly ass face with upwards perspective of your triple chin, are you guys actually mentally retarded? And it's in fucking spanish no less

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well, the Genesis version is somewhat inferior to the Arcade version, which is the one I'm trying to rewrite from scratch, so I assure you the new game will not be slow at all and will be packed with a lot of exciting action!

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best post in this thread

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Since when the Spanish, we do not know how to develop, program and even design video games? It is of some Spaniards who have a lot of talent although they are ugly jejejejjej

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Seriously, this guy is dead right. You should make a better pitch video and start again. Otherwise, nobody is going to take you seriously or they will think it's a scam an won't donate a dime.

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Show more work.

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Never tried the arcade version how does it differ?

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this is a demo of the new level I plan to add
it will be like being in hell, with lots of new enemies and a new boss

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well, the graphics are way better and the action is more dynamic and enjoyable

>> No.4091826

I was fine with the graphics.
> action is more dynamic and enjoyable
More dynamic how? Does your character have more moves, animations or transformations than the Genesis? What about it is actually different?

>> No.4091828

see for yourself:

>> No.4091837

I played both sega and arcade versions. What you got looks alright here.

Seems to be a smoothing filter thing going on. Did you got that idea from ultimate sega collection filtering?

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Well although the development is in progression, I assure you that it will differ in having a chilling 6th phase, with its music of terror as it is of the game, and its beast or corresponding animal, all original content nothing of copying images or music, we intend to follow the Same mechanics and dynamics of the original game, we have a very talented South American designer, we will include new characters, cyclops, gargoyles, minotaurs and a surprising final monster, we will not disappoint for you to see him send you a proof of conception, judge for yourself .

There will also be new configurations, such as tricks, etc.

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it's only a demo. the final version will not have any smoothing applied to it. it will be pixelated like the original and will run with the same resolution of 320x224. we think that's part of the spirit of retro games and won't change anything in that regard.

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this is a proof of concept written in C++ and using DirectX to render the sprites
if you don't trust that exe file you can run it through virustotal

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The music of the bosses remained intact

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Huh it does look a little better, but still pretty terrible. Of all the games in the world to pick it seems like a really odd choice.

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Glad to see you're thinking of the Brazilian market.

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I'm glad you're happy

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Well, you better get working then. All you have so far is some crappy screenshots for a ge that could be made in 48 hours in GameMaker. Here, I'll get you started. Do I get royalties?

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¿Tienes alguna prueba o captura de pantalla de haber contactado a Haruki Satomi y haber recibido la autorización para hacer una nueva versión de Altered Beast? Si es así, por favor postéala, creo que a todos nos interesa y le daría legitimidad al proyecto.

(I'm asking him if he has any proof of contacting Haruki Satomi and receiving an authorization to remake the game)

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Dear Mr. Arena,

Thank you very much for your letter to our President, Mr. Haruki Satomi, about Altered Beast.
Although we appreciate your passion for our title,
In the meantime, we may grant a license to create games based on our intellectual property to a third party that has the ability to create games on its own without having access to our source codes.
When we license to create a game, we, as the licensor, receive% royalties from the revenue received by the licensees. In addition, we would require a minimum non-refundable royalty guarantee in the performance of the contract.
For example, if the wholesale price of the licensed product is $ 50 and royalties are 10% of the wholesale price, we take $ 5 per unit. If the minimum guarantee is equivalent to 10,000 units, we will take $ 50,000 no matter how many unis are actually sold.
We do not grant the license for products that are distributed free to amateur communities, as they do not provide us with income and do not constitute a business.
The quality of licensed products is also important to us. In order to guarantee the quality of licensed products, we must review and approve the products at each stage before publication. Therefore, we generally grant the license to an experienced company, not individuals.
With this in mind, if you are still interested in the Altered Beast license, please give us a proposal on your detailed game plan ideas and business terms.
We appreciate our enthusiastic fans like you, so you have the authorization of this company to promote your project, but please understand that we have to apply a commercial point of view as a company.


///// SEGA //////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////

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So that's pretty much the end of your pipe dream right there. kek

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this is just sad

>> No.4092076

Why are the Spanish fans always the most autistic?

>> No.4092080

Just call it something else, game mechanics can't be copyrighted and no one will care if the character are slightly different.

>> No.4092081

You would need to be a professional to even think about doing this. Have you ever even finished an actual game?

>> No.4092095

Your demo is terrifying
It's fullscreen, you can't tab out, and it crashes
Almost thought I'd have to restart

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One suggestion, it should be about naked women that bigger tits when they power up, and then be a snek

>> No.4092141

I'd pay money for this, listen to him OP

>> No.4092393

Please do this. I would back it.

>> No.4092518

how dense can you be, OF COURSE he has nothing at all. It's just some stupid variation of the nigerian prince scam only for /vr/ nerds

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File: 159 KB, 344x339, peter rabbit holds tom sawyer's mouth open as he stares at the big fat cock that awaits to be sucked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this whole thread

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do it op. your people have spoken. while altered beast is mainly a homosexual bara fantasy. I think a nice big pair of tiddies would bring more sexualized diversity.

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Shhh, just enjoy the ride, don't discourage this trainwreck

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>Arcade game in the altered beast style but with full female cast and monstergirls
Now that's an idea for a new gen game.

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You should fuck off and stop being a faggot. People like you are the cancer killing /vr/

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Oh my god this is so embarrassing. Do you understand the letter? They are very politely telling you that you aren't welcome.

They explicitly told you that you do not have permission to use their IP in a free product, yet you just posted a "demo"--do you realize you could get in trouble for this? Have you consulted a lawyer?

>> No.4093994

He politely declines while stating that as a company they need to think about commercial interests.

It's very clearly stated. Lol, what the fuck these guys are doing? If you want to make project, do it but keep it under radar and don't ask money for something which you don't own. There are literally thousands of fan projects here and there and they haven't asked a single penny.

You can't go and ask money for other people's work. OMG what a trainwreck.

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Well it ended what was given children of bitch, damn people and asshole, and it's okay so much shit, everyone go to the junk, English and American of the great whore, and it's okay to make comparsa at my expense. To suck her.

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Not sure I understand what you're saying, but sorry it didn't work out. If you're really interested in it, keep working and see if you can make a good finished product and use it to advertise your abilities for other projects.

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...u wot m80?

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What the fuck is happening

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Let me try to backtranslate and then retranslate it to English. I think what he's saying is:

"Alright, I'm done with you sons of bitches, fucking assholes, I'm done with all your shit, everyone can go to hell, fucking anglos {who think} it's okay to mock and make fun of me. Suck my dick."

I feel kinda bad for the guy, I mean his English is wonky, true, but the videos on that link he posted has him talking in Spanish and he feels a bit autistic (which I'm sure will come to no surprise to anyone here). He totally misunderstood the letter.

Amigo, la carta que te mandaron de SEGA básicamente dice que no puedes hacer un juego con una licencia de ellos, y mucho menos obtener dinero por un proyecto así. Te sugiero que elimines la página de tu proyecto porque te puedes meter en un lío legal gordo. Si quieres continuar con el proyecto, deberías cambiar los gráficos de los personajes y ponerle otro nombre para evitar líos legales.

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But I genuinely want this game

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Im sorry if we insulted you amigo. but you have to be realistic. Your Altered Breast game looks good for an amateur fan project. Give it a few more years and make it look more professional and you might get a more positive result. You have to 'power up' as a developer.

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It ended before it started. RIP in pieces.

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we will never be jugadores

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Amigo, my advice would be to make that sexy monster girl game. You can give it the same feel as Altered Beast but without the legal fees for the license, red tape and without Sega looking over your shoulder!

>> No.4094651


Amigo, sigue con el proyecto, pero hazlo original para que SEGA no te pueda demandar. La idea de hacerlo con una chica monstruo sexy es buena, la comunidad de /vr/ te apoya. ¡No abandones tu pasión por temas legales!

>> No.4094720

Aww. And he still had a few days before kickstarter canceled it themselves and he only needed €10,000 to reach his goal of €10,000. kek

>> No.4094721

People will bash it for being sexist.

>> No.4094743

Free publicity. Or include a beefcake dude with husbando features as a playable character as well.

>> No.4094758

Good. Tiddies and free advertising.

>> No.4094768

Let this shitty thread fall already

>> No.4094771

Ow the edge

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This was a great thread.

>> No.4094779

Viejo no representas la edad que pareces tener en el video. Se supone que eres un adulto y esa es una rabieta de niño. Ademas mucha de la crítica fue constructiva, tu proyecto necesita ayuda seria.
Por ultimo, la carta de Sega básicamente acaba con tu proyecto, si vas a meterte en esta industria necesitas saber ingles y as importante, entenderlo.

Well, I'm just making fun about his rant since in the kickstarter videos seems like an old adult.

>> No.4094807

What the fuck do you need money for? You could probably do a project like this on your free time, entirely on your own, like learning C++ and how to use a 2D library isn't rocket science or anything. You don't even need to mess with licenses, if you quietly finished this shit and then released it for free without being an attentionwhore about it then it's highly likely that SEGA wouldn't have given a single fuck.

>> No.4094827

a man-child's gotta eat

>> No.4094854


This is what I was wondering. Given the assets, I could recreate a simple game like Altered Beast in a weekend. There a million game dev frameworks out now that make pumping out a 2D game like this a breeze.

I know the Spanish aren't all retards either because Locomalito makes some of the best games I've ever played (and does it in his spare time while working full-time, makes all brand-new assets for everything instead of stealing from established IPs, and releases his games for free).

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All in all you have to feel sorry for the guy, it just keeps me wondering if he's legit autistic or just naive / inexperienced. Wish he could've made this whole ordeal private so he would've been spared the public humiliation.

>> No.4095384

You forgot the obvious title, Altered Breast.

>> No.4096953

Nigga, I am spanish too and there's anything but "professionals" here. It's no mystery there's absolutely nothing of value out there made by us.
But, sure, tell yourself that. I bet you are from Barcelona, those guys always have too much ego and think they are the hottest shit.

>> No.4096993

Locomalito is great though, also Alberto Jose Gonzalez has top tier chiptunes.

>> No.4097060

Okay fine I'll give you that. But it's still pretty rare.

>> No.4097905

This guy is a prime example of Dunning-Kruger, the pitch video is absolutely fantastic. Gracias, Ezequiel!

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