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For each platform, what games hit the upper limit for what was possible with the hardware? Graphical, gameplay, flavorwise?

For the GBC I'd say its between pic related and mgs

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neither of those

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Star Fox probably count for the N64 and the SNES

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I think Conker's Bad Fur Day would've been more demanding.

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This. The graphical quality even beats out alone in the dark, thought I'd say shantae was the most fun to play of all the good looking GBC games

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No Mapper Chip games

SNES- Rendering Ranger (programmed all in Assembly)

Genesis- Batman and Robin

PCE Hucard- Street Fighter II, also Bomberman 94

PCE CD- Spriggan

PCE super CD- Legend of Xanadu II

PCE Arcade CD- Sapphire

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Pokemon Crystal for GBC

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This or the first Vectorman.

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Not even close on the N64 one.

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You're joking right?

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For the original gameboy, X really pushed the envelope.
X features full 3d wireframe graphics, pushing something like 50 polygons onscreen.
X was also the origin of the Star Fox series.

Faceball 2000 is a close second, featuring Wolf3D like graphics (no textures though), and support for up to 16 player deathmatches.

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Quick correction, X probably was more like 30 polys.

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X was translated but never released in the west.

>game boy mini?

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for sure.

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dkc trilogy for the snes?

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This shit right here.

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I want a (hackable) Game Boy Mini that's like, 66% the size of a GBC and has a pixel perfect LED screen like you wouldn't believe. reggie plz

Anyway, I'd say Recca for the Fami/NES and Alien Soldier for the MD/Genesis pushed their respective systems to their limits. There might be others but those are two I actually play.

Isn't there some crazy-ass 3D Wacky Races game for Game Boy Color that looks really good?

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dkc games had the 3D models rendered first, then converted into sprites for the actual game. So probably not pushing the limits too much really.

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As far as I know, they only translated part of the intro and like 2 levels.
Still though, it wouldn't be too hard to finish the job.

There were several 3d racers on the GBC.
The most notable ones are Toy Story Racer, Wacky Races, and Champion Motocross 2001.
All of these games had full color "FMV" racetracks.

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I'd say they pushed the limits in terms of working within the system's capabilities. When I first saw screenshots as a kid, I literally could not believe the SNES could look like that. Complex pre-rendered sprites, rich colors and shading, etc. It was unreal and it's still impressive today even if it's not straining the system with crazy experimental graphics.

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So you want a Game Boy Color with a Chinese backlit screen and an everdrive gb?

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I know maybe games like Conker's Bad Fur Day or others that use the expansion pak might be actually technically more advanced, but back in 1999, my jaw dropped when I saw Evangelion 64. I think it's graphically one of the best 5th gen games.

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Most of Rareware's late N64 games were extremely demanding. They could do *godly* shit with that black monolith machine.

My money is on Perfect Dark, which was so fucking demanding all its features couldn't be made to run at 30 FPS.

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Basically, but smaller.

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Yes, but it shows very little outside of the Evas and the Angels, which is how it was so stellar looking

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For the PS1

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I'll ad Pokemon Gold/Silver/Chrystal in therms of memory optimization. I remember reading about Satoru Iwata doing crazy shit to achieve all that content on GBC.
Also, I don't know if they pushed the machine's hardware, but things like Wario Land 3 with their big-ass sprites, or experimental stuff like the Alone in the Dark port.

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Phantom Air Mission did something simmilar, but only with certain elements

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Why did Nintendo hate yellow?

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Snapshot from an emulator is a bad example anon.

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Rare was more about TECHNOLOGY on the N64. Factor 5 actually pushed the damn thing well beyond any reasonable limits.

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Mayhem in Monsterland is pretty much the pinnacle for the C64

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Kirby's adventure on the NES


Stopped trying to count at 5 layers of scrolling backgrounds for the nightmare boss fight

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I think Flimbo's Quest is just as good:


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What's so special about Willow?

It's only because Akira Kitamura directed it that it has any kind of mystique.

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Recca for famicom

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Which version? There's two different games for SNES and Genesis.

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I know, it looks even better on CRT at the original resolution, but emulator screenshots are still good to show the 3D models, just not good for texture appreciation since it stretches them.

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pokemon was nothing special technology-wise

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They compressed a lot of data, 256 pokemon + 2 entire overworld maps

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graphics were just lz77 compressed, not uncommon in games of that era. pokemon and maps were just stored in a straightforward way, no compression. the games are totally reverse engineered, you can look yourself

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What, did Nintendo fans completely made up that story about Iwata coming up with a map compression technology?

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probably he wrote the graphics compressor. which is good programming but again, nothing special, any cs student can do it.

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I remember there was some military FPS for the PS1 that felt quite modern. Can't remember the name. Very late into the console's life, like 2001.

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dragon quest monsters has more monsters (I think) and a fuck ton of overworlds/dungeons

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Surprised nobody has mentioned Super Mario RPG yet

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Of the chip-enhanced games I'd give it to Yoshi's Island over Starfox. But I wonder what would the answer be for just the vanilla snes

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Faceball 2000 for the SNES didn't have any expansion chips, AFAIK.

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Shh, he just typed the only GBC game he could think of, don't bully the kid

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I'm torn between this and Creatures II.

Also Elvira II for C64 was quite an achievement.

Also most of Incentive Software's Vector graphics titles that were also ported to most of the 8-bit machines. I prefered the amiga version of Castle Master back in the day, but this was quite impressive on 8-bit (despite just like the Amiga version being slow as hell with FPS in the single digits area):

And speaking of 3D. I spend hours and hours with my tape version of The Sentinel, despite being also slow as hell.

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This is the best first person game for sega genesis. What I like are the lively backgrounds of futuristic cities.

It's like a ps2 game, it's amazing

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People always mistakenly credit its technical achievement with the prerendered sprites which, as you noted, aren't all that special. What was special was the compression used to store everything in the cart. Street Fighter Alpha 2 would also be a nomination if we could count special extra hardware.

On the N64, the best example of a similar technique was Resident Evil 2

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It's up there with Crystalis for the best game of its kind on the system.

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Looks better on the emulator I'm without the CRT distortion which I think is what anon was getting at, the screen want representative of how the game really looks

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Not him but i think that the kanto region compression is an impressive feature that gold silver and crystal share. It pushes the cartridge hardware at its limits. source:

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In contrast to the Hard Drivin' 8-bit home computer ports, this indeed looks at least playable.

Especially the C64 version was famous for being one of the worst games for the system and pretty much unplayable slow (even with a SuperCPU expansion or running in a emulator with >400% speed).

Other C64 3D games worked better (but of course didn't rely on quick reaction times) like the Freescape 3D-games (Driller, Castle Master etc.) or my favorite The Sentinel.

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But it looks horrible. I don't understand why badly butchered "3D" is considered more impressive than a beautiful 2D game that makes the most of its graphics.

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not that poster but Genesis, nothings wrong with the SNES version but the Genesis version is unbelievable in terms of pushing hardware

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>CRT distortion
Well, whatever you meant with that, I don't think it looks better on emulation, especially not Eva64 which has a lot of emulatrion inacurracies.

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It's impressive because of how hard it's pushing the hardware.

It's not the most beautiful game, but you can't say it isn't a impressive technical achievement.

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those glitches don't happen with Glide64

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I've tried Evangelion on Glide64 and it had a lot of problems with the backgrounds.

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What makes you think it is "pushing the hardware" hard? Rudimentary 3D graphics is just drawing lines between points and using simple arithmetic (with a little trig) to calculate the screen coordinates of points in space. In old consoles the CPU is too weak to do many of those calculations on its own (without 3D acceleration hardware to help it out), so they could only draw very rudimentary scenes. These scenes didn't look very good, so I would argue they weren't a good use of the hardware. It's a square peg in a round hole, IMO.

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The Wii port of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game was a monumental step up from the previous two lackluster ports on the platform. For the first time on the Wii, Call of Duty felt like a finished game and not an early demo. To do this, Treyarch had to challenge many of Nintendo's restrictive preferences, including expediting updates, bypassing friend codes, and allowing unrestricted voice and party chat. The dedicated team went above and beyond what was expected of them, blowing Wii owners away. In a series known for disappointments and questionable direction, something unbelievable and almost unknown to those outside of the small Wii Call of Duty community happened.

There was a cost, however. The game put massive strain on the system itself, especially the disc drive. Many players were reporting literally burning out their Wii consoles on the official forums. Eventually, the game succumbed to simple hacks following the games abandonment by the developers with the release of Modern Warfare 3, a common trend for the series.

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Definitely Mother 3. Unlike most GBA games, the music was actually good!

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I realize this isn't retro, but it's a great story relating to both hardware limitations and relationships between first and third parties. You can read more about what exactly they did which makes it so interesting.

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If you like baseball park organs anyway.

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Glitches aside, I still think Turrican 2 is.
Some of the shit it pulls off in the shmup stages like fast multidirectional scrolling with multiple background layers or the whole amount of content in it in general is just insane.

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I still find it ridiculous that Nightmare in Dreamland failed/didn't bother to recreate some of the effects of the NES game. The Butter Battle building's scrolling looked so ridiculously cool.

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kanto was literally not compressed at all

like, are you seriously using a sentence from techradar as a source. just read the fucking disassembly. there is no compression there

pokemon, sure, fun game. but all these hero worship stories about iwata just don't make sense. good programmer, sure. porting the battle engine to stadium and implementing existing compression standards is fine work. but it's not super ultra mega amazing. just good, competent programming

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>It pushes the cartridge hardware at its limits.
i should add: this is complete bullshit. even if kanto took up a lot of space (which it didn't) all they would have had to do was put a bigger rom on the cart. in fact they actually did that with the english releases (since english text takes up more space). so yeah

i'm having a hard time coming up with a game that actually pushed gameboy cartridge hardware to its limits, mainly because there really weren't any limits, and p much everything interesting was done with special hardware (like tilt n tumble for instance)

maybe space invaders for actually doing something interesting with the sgb hardware when everything else just did colors and borders

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Right now I'm having a sensible chuckle over this.

The great SATORU IWATA, played up beyond his merit, once again.

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Cannon Fodder with its fmv intro and sound samples, perhaps?


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YOU'RE joking, right?

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Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I'm not familiar with either version of the game, but I have been binge-watching the cartoon lately. I'll play the games when I finish.

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A lot of people don't realize that the Atari 2600 is capable of doing blast processing entirely in software


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>Surprised nobody has mentioned Super Mario RPG yet
Because even with an SA-1 it wasn't all that impressive technically.

For the SNES, Seiken Densetsu 3 only had fast ROM and does shit that I'm still trying to figure out how they did. Not many games are like that.

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a bit OT but I feel it also pushed the limits of the gameboy sound chip, awesome fucking soundtrack on this one:

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I remember Sin & Punishment rocking my ass off and not believing an N64 could do what I was seeing

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