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Did anyone else here play this?

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No. Nobody here has EVER heard of it. As far as we're concerned you've just made the game up so you could post this thread.

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Dumb summerfag

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'Did anyone else play this popular game that on the PS1 demo disc for several years and is generally regarded as one the best games in its genre?'

No, OP. Just you.

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No need to be a dickhead. Yes I've played it. it's not that obscure if that's what you're referring to OP. It's really good actually, I should play it again this summer. Stopped playing around the forest/lumber level.

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It's a great game and Exoddus complements it very well! Then something happened and all games afterwards were shit.

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um sweetie the xbox oddworld games were great. strangers wrath just gets super balls hard at some points.

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Nah, Munch's Oddysee was trash. Stranger's Wrath, while a departure, is still a good game in its own right.

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I wasn't asking whether you've heard of it, i asked if you played it.

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I thought it was top nice boi

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No, no one on this board could have possibly played a top selling game on the most popular console of its generation.

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if true then

no? so negative man.

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I just bought it on ebay. Had some good memories from it.

My favorite game in this genre is probably another world though.

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