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Does /vr/ like grand theft auto? What about london 1969/1961 and 2? Was the playstation/dreamcast ports better than the PC port?

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Older /vr/ does - the ones that are actually capable of playing video games. Expect the '90s born shitters to hate it.

Never played the PSX/Dreamcast ports so I couldn't tell you but the PC versions were excellent. I highly doubt the PlayStation version was better than PC.

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I like GTA1, but it has a lot of frustrating game designs. London I thought improved it by having less timed missions and of course aided by that amazing 60's music and atmosphere. Missions were overall more fun and less frustrating.

2 on the other hand was a clear cut improvement in every way, one of the best examples of a sequel fixing all of the problems of the previous game. Version-wise, the PS1 is trash and the Dreamcast is just a buggier version of the PC. PC is king for all retro GTA desu.

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someone on /v/ once told me that every tile of GTA1 was made in MS Paint. It's MS Paint: the game. literally art. I don't know if it's true though.

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i rented this when i was 10 not knowing it was top down and i loved it

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>someone on /v/ once told me
Stopped reading there.

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A friend of mine had the demo back in the day. Watched him play it for a bit, then played a couple lives myself, just running down as many peds as I could before the police took me down. Have pretty much been hooked since.

Tried getting it running in DosBox a couple days ago, but ran into some 3dfx error and couldn't be bothered to figure out how to get it working. I also still have the PS1 disc for London 69, but lost the original GTA disc at some point.

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Sorry kiddo but only filthy gamer gaters play that violent tripe. A real older /vr/ poster was playing sophisticated games like Myst instead of this toxic garbage.

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>Tried getting it running in DosBox a couple days ago
Try this:

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>Tried getting it running in DosBox a couple days ago, but ran into some 3dfx error and couldn't be bothered to figure out how to get it working
why are you trying to run the 3dfx version? iirc there were three exes you could click on, 8bit gta, 24bit gta and 3dfx gta. run 8 bit or 24 bit.

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Used to fuck around these games a lot but could never bring myself to playing them "seriously" and complete missions.

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The originals felt so much more chaotic than their later 3D sequels. You really felt like an agent of chaos unleashed in a large urban metropolis. The top down camera made it feel like one of those irl police chase shows. It also gave it a sort of unbiased/impersonal/documentary feel; look at the chaos this man is committing and you're free to watch it just as it is.

Plus I love the soundtrack and how arcadey the game is.


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I used to love it on the Playstation, but it's a pretty bad version. The framerate is feeble, but more importantly the game couldn't really handle the last level. After a certain point it'd generally lock up if you kept doing missions so if I wanted to complete it I'd have to play safe and do boring shit like endlessly scrap cars or the game would inevitably just crash.

I expect they were done in Amiga Deluxe Paint, actually.

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*Also another thing I really like about the first two is that they have a TV game show quality to them. When you start a level you hear people cheer and announcer say "GRRRR-AND THEFT AUTO!" like those television game shows do. When you pick up kill frenzies similar shit happens and the announcer laughs while you murder people, congratulates you when you win, etc. GTA2 also added the announcer voice for when you picked up weapons, pickups etc ("Machine gun!", 'Health!", etc)

I've said this on /vr/ before but every day is repost day so I'll say it again desu.

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I haven't played the classic GTA games in years, but back in the days they were some of my favorite games. I didn't even play the missions, the ability to get out of the car and walk around the huge city was mindblowing enough.

I played GTA 1 with my brothers so damn much. It's one of the games that really got me interested in video games and in computing. When GTA3 came out... oh boy... trying it out for the first time was something I will never forget.

>tfw you will never again experience video games from the child's point of view

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Oh yeah, I never thought it that way. In fact, I was wondering one day why don't the new GTA games feel "silly" like the OG ones did. Yeah it's probably the "game show feeling" that is lacking. The audience ooohs and aaahhs are branded in my brain, but only now I realized those are some of the things that I didn't even know I miss.


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>tfw you will never wear a jacket like this without looking like a banana

There was a perfect window for this, and it was during 1998-2001.

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The 3D games were very silly crime movie parodies, it wasn't till 4 rockstar wanted this series to be a serious gritty franchise.

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>that driving camera that zooms in and out

How I didn't get motion sick from playing that is a complete mystery to me.

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>those mysterious car explosions that were probably caused by some of the car models overlapping in heavy traffic
>those mysterious fenced areas you never got in because you had to complete the missions
>that one mission that had a small glimpse of a motorboat
>that one hidden island where guys in green shirts would shoot you immediately
>that san andreas map where you could find a monster truck parked in one of the suburb houses

I fucking love this game.

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>it wasn't till 4 rockstar wanted this series to be a serious gritty franchise.
yeah but they realised their mistake with 4 and went back to the zany shit with 5.

yes 4 was a complete piece of shit and 5 was great and a return to form.

the only shitbags that think 4 was a good game were 12 years old when it came out and they didn't know any better. those same shitbags were raised on Halo/XBL and are nostalgic for that pile of shit now. they're an entire generation raised on complete shit.
>Oh merrgawwwd, mai realism.
Fuck off. 4 was a fucking terrible game, an absolute snore to play through, no creativity, half the game was a fucking tutorial and the missions themselves were utterly boring. Bullet sponge enemies weren't fun in the slightest either and weapons felt like ass. Niko was also a bellend character and his ludonarrative dissonance was far too grating for GTA. I don't wanna play as fucking Borat either.

*Official Objective GTA power rankings*

1. GTA Vice City
2. GTA V
3. GTA = GTA 2
>Power Gap<

All PC versions naturally. Makes a huge difference for games like Vice City.

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I liked GTA IV, but I agree that GTA V is better. GTA IV had the most realistic gameplay, but overall it felt like an experiment than *true* GTA game.

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Funny thing, hating GTA IV on /v/ is considered to be a contrarian opinion since it's cool to hate 5 there because online and microtransactions with the shark cards took priority over single player.

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>Funny thing, hating GTA IV on /v/ is considered to be a contrarian opinion
I've noticed that there. It's a horrible board. Whatever's new and popular they will hate on for the sake of being contrarian, rather than truly judge something on its own merits. And like I said they were children when IV came out so they're also heavily nostalgic for it.

I can't comment on GTA's online as I don't play it but IV's was an absolute turd anyway that nobody ever played. Whatever V might be it seems to have a far more popular online than IV's ever had.

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I've never player any GTA and want to get one.

Vice City or San Andreas?

I will be playing on PC, Win10, w/ controller

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Not retro, but I'll just say please don't play the pc versions of those games with a controller. Wtf are u doing? Maybe for flying in SA but that's it (still not necessary). Youll completely miss out on kbm precision for everything else.

Anyway thread is for og gtas

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3's my fav, the atmosphere and map are still god tier imo. Don't listen to that bellend it works perfectly with a controller, the only time you'll really benefit from mouse and manual aim is if speedrunning.

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>3 that low
You opinion is shit.

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I think III is underrated. It has a really nice atmosphere.

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>1. GTA Vice City


I seriously do not understand why people overrate VC so much and I'm beginning to think it's ONLY due to MUH 80's.

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I'm looking to play GTA2 again to finally beat it instead of fucking around. Had it on PS1 back in the day and I've played the superior PC version with more pedestrians, traffic, and dusk mode.
Recently got a dreamcast, so my question is; is the dreamcast version on par with PC or at least better than PS1?

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If GTA1 had save system, at leats like it was in GTA 3. It would still be my fav game of series.

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>fact that because of glitch you can made city empty and feel like if you mass murdered entire city

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Dreamcast GTA2 is a buggier port of the PC version. Has some graphical glitches like your car half missing when it's driving up stairs/ramps and a bug with the radio where when you exit and enter a car, the radio stations restart, which gets annoying. But yeah, still miles better than the PS1 port.

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Oh yeah and cars have no headlights in the Dreamcast version and there are some missing sound effects like the announcer dude when you pick up a weapon or item.

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I have a feeling the youngsters would fall in love with it if it was updated with the ability to move and shoot independently

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I loved the london expansion, specially the soundtrack:


The thing I hated the most was needing to earn money to pass a level, that meant having to spend a good time stealing valuable cars and driving them to the wharf, because we are talking about the first gta, which is caos in pure state, driving said cars on a good state to earn money was a tedious chore.

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>no Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories
Is it me or are these two overlooked?

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i loved playing Chinatown Wars on my psp, still play it on my phone from time to time.

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I didn't care for IV, but did like lost and damned am tbogt.

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Either is gold. Wanna play tony Montana or a 90's gangsta?

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I loved both, they are practically forgotten.

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I thought we weren't allowed to talk about newer games on /vr/, or was it allowed only if you were comparing the newer games to the older games as long as the primary focus is the older ones.

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>Don't listen to that bellend it works perfectly with a controller
jesus christ I'm always amazed at how fucking stupid retards on 4chan are. why the hell would you forsake KBM TPS highly precise controls for redundant GTA3 controller lock-on shit? I'm guessing you were a shitter that grew up on only the shitty console versions so you have a pathetic need to protect those turds? in any event you're a complete fucking asshat.

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most frenetic, fastest, most responsive and best gameplay by far from the 3D GTAs. most satisfying weapons by far. going on killing sprees in this game was mad, SA always felt slower and a huge step down from it. best story and best protag, and best setting in terms of aesthetic. Only problem is the map could be bigger, but at the time it was great. still a very fun map to navigate and wreak havoc in. great campaign missions, too, and nicely lengthy.

of course I'm talking about the PC version with beautiful freedom of the KBM controls, not the shitty console version with the disgusting lock-on.

during uni days my friend and I would smoke up and would take turns going on killing sprees in vice city, see who could survive the longest, wreak the most havoc, all while blaring our own music over it. it was ludicrously fun. the weapons felt so damn good, especially that fucking M4 and combat shotgun. SA and 3 were okay, but my god vice city was on another level. it's not only my favourite gta but also one of my favourite games of all time. go ahead and get the dude weed lmaos out of your system you hopeless squares.

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i was big on the original game. had a demo I got that had a time limit on it, i remember downloading a patch to fix it.. good times.

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>friend of mine had the demo back in the day.
That's exactly how I was introduced to the game. Me and a friend were watching another friend playing the gta demo, having no idea what it was about. We saw him steal a car, run over the passenger, then have cops come after him only for him to get out of the car and mow them down with a machine gun. My friend and I were like, wait did that really just happen? It was mind-blowing at the time, hadn't seen anything like it.

Friend let us borrow the demo disc and soon everyone had it. As kids we used to compete to see who could get the highest score in the time limit of the disc. I swear even that was stupidly fun. Actually I think we had more fun with that than when we finally got the full version of the game. Actually playing two player deathmatch on lan at my friends house with his connected computers was the best.

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I played the hell out of the original. Got the pirated pc copy loaded on my first pc built by my cousin. It was like 30MB total with the music/videos ripped out.

I still have it zipped up on a cd somewhere.

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For the lazy, Rockstar Classics version is here: http://download.bonusgames.cz/GTAINSTALLER.ZIP

or search for GTAINSTALLER.ZIP and check the md5. fe6db46aec609a14f75497b1f638cab7

Thanks for sharing
Spot on.
>that san andreas map where you could find a monster truck parked in one of the suburb houses
Man I thought I was seeing things when I first found that, promptly lost my shit.

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Except its a game where you spend most of your time driving, not shooting people. Have fun with your non analog driving controls on the keyboard.

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Your posts reeks of someone young desperately trying to fit in.

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Because it's more comfy that rsi inducing and like i said unless you're speedrunning there is no fucking benefit at all you obnoxious muh pc masterrace cunt face, get mummy to fire up another pop tart you retard fat mongo baby.

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Haha you're such a fucking stupid pleb cunt and stfu about MUHHH KEYBOARD, vice city was shit out in months on the gta3 engine and it shows thus it can be broken to hell and back with replays on the pc version not that you'd know about that you fucking low i.q keyboard sniffing cunt.

>during uni days my friend and I would smoke up and would take turns going on killing sprees in vice city
Just in case it wasn't painfully obvious already how unintelligent you are, good job.


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>mfw playing GTA 2 in multiplayer for the first time

Never found any strangers playing it online, but I played it with my brothers and it was great. It was the first open world multiplayer game I had ever played. Before that I had only imagined about games like that.

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Does gtainstaller.zip work on windows computers newer than Windows XP (like 7 or 10) or do you need an additional patch for that? Or is it just emulated on DOSbox?

>> No.4086041

Got busy chopping down trees yesterday, just saw this now. Thanks a lot!

>> No.4086072

Jesus fucking Christ dude calm down.

>> No.4086215

>Have fun with your non analog driving controls on the keyboard.
Have fun with being an actual fucking retard.

>> No.4086292

Driving in Vice City with keyboard is absolutely piss though. I don't see how this can hamper anyone, unless he is severely mentally redundant (which in fairness you probably are). Analog driving makes a negligible difference, hardly one I'd write home about. Vice city's driving is arcadey and shallow as fuck; you're not playing a fucking racing sim. Meanwhile the benefits of kbm run and gun far outshine the utter shitfest of gta vc's crappy lock on system with a disgusting controller. Also gta sa allowed you to look around the car with your mouse while you drove.

Btw I owned every 3d gta iteration both on console and pc. It's really not a contest. Controller does not touch playing with kbm, this shouldn't even be a discussion, but alas I am on a board filled with absolute idiots whose gameplay is undoubtedly the equivalent of absolute wank.

>> No.4086316

You mean like hotline miami controls? That would be so dank. I'm surprised it's never been modded. If I were rockstar I'd re-release all the originals and their expansions in one package with updated controls/renderer. I bet it would sell a cool 3 million across all platforms easily.

Although GTA V is still literally printing money for them so I guess they don't have to.

>> No.4086330 [DELETED] 

Your opinions on video games is actually getting me pretty wet right now. Mind if I rub my clit while you post some more?

>> No.4086342

DId anyone ever fix that bug on the pc classics that dumped the cutscenes into a million .TGA files of every frame and slowed the game to a crawl?

>> No.4086346


How about you go fuck yourself and stop being autistic about how other people play their games?

>> No.4086352 [DELETED] 


It's text like this that just conjure up images of a 100 stone blob of neck beard autisticly smacking his keyboard in response.

You actually TYPE fat, you pie eating cunt

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You don't know about the super jumps in gta3 or the replay glitches in 3/vice therefore you get no say on these games you pleb untermensch, you only prefer KEEEEYBURD cus you're a basic bitch faggot that needs it to be easier despite the game being easy to begin with, fuck off and die in your mothers disappointed arms you weed addled fuckboi.

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>You actually TYPE fat, you pie eating cunt

>> No.4086378

Lel I'm actually fit af and incredibly handsome. I'm also phoneposting so you're literally wrong about everything u said m8

Only if u post it bb

>> No.4086392

"Halleluja! Another soul saved!"

>> No.4086394

It's not about making a game easier you utter retard, otherwise I wouldn't have gta 1&2 listed so highly in my rankings. Its about how fun a game is to play, and kbm makes vice city God tier to play with its fluidity and freedom of controls/movement. Gta 3/vc/sa are not hard games, kbm controls or not, but they feel a billion times better with kbm. Only a fucking gimped neanderthal would think otherwise.

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>Lel I'm actually fit af and incredibly handsome.
>what i find fun is objective fact hurrr
You really are not a very bright human. Go learn the super jump in 3 it's fun you should know about it being an expert.

>> No.4086418

Lol I doubt those jumps would not be possible to do with keyboard. Show me an example of one that would require analog controls you hopeless gimp.

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Modern day "clones" of the new GTA games are pretty common (Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs, True Crime etc.), but were there any clones of the classic GTA games? Games that were viewed top-down and had open world sandbox gameplay?

Obviously there were top-down shooters like Tapan Kaikki and Alien Breed, but those weren't open world.

>> No.4086529

I don't really think so. The only rival GTA really even had back then was Driver and that didn't really have much in common with it outside of cars in an open world. There were many open world top-down games but those were usually cRPGs so I wouldn't count them.

>> No.4086575

It's the version R* released for free, no DOSbox. Works fine on 7.

Fan-made DOSbox version is available here >>4084197

>> No.4086592

I played the OG GTA games for years without knowing they even had soundtracks or in-car radios. I played the pirated versions that had the music removed in order to reduce the file size. Same thing happened with Quake.

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Remember the pedestrian sounds and calls? Sometimes you could hear someone yell "ASSHOLE!" and "Hey watch it buddy!" in various tones. There was this one call that went something like "Hey I'm walking here!" that sounded exactly like Lenny from the Simpsons.

>> No.4086612

Is it true that the bands on GTA 1 soundtrack are all by Rockstar? As in, all fictional bands?

>> No.4086615

Some damn good music in that game.

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I was just listening to this

So damn good. You can almost feel the 90s in this. Ohjaamo is Finnish and means "control room", or in the context of cars; "driver's cabin".

>> No.4086695

I loved that there was a fart/burp on command button.

I really loved gta 1's sound design. It had this general metropolitan busy city background buzz that I don't remember hearing in any of the other iterations.

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Whatever you say you salad dodging walking abortion

>> No.4086713


Bumping this because I need to know

>> No.4086718

I have a theory that all the obnoxious retro elitists on /vr/ are actually teenagers trying really really hard to belong.

>> No.4086736

>replay glitches in 3/vice
how the fuck are they relevant to a regular playthrough?

>> No.4086774

GTA 1 and 2 were entirely fictional if I recall. 3 had mostly fictional music with some real world music like the scarface soundtrack and it wasn't till vice city when mass licensing of actual music became a thing.

>> No.4086791

The pop music in gta 3 from the fake bands was really good. I really liked lips 106.


The dnb station was the best though.

>> No.4086795


>not a single reply to this post was a non-shitpost

I weep for the future where GTA generals are allowed in /vr/.

>> No.4086796

I don't think we're even allowed to talk about the PS2 GTA games on /vr/ right now

>> No.4086824

You didn't have to steal cars to hit the target score. I actually never did those optional things where u deliver cars to ports to sell them.

Id just do missions, get the multiplier up and go on rampages.

>> No.4087163

to my mind 2 was the best top down,
1 had a shite camera , London was only slightly better than 1 camera wise, but had more gangster 'krays' charm
as for the 3d era, sa, lcs,3 ,vcs,vc in that order

which gta are you talking about?
cause that pic is the second district of gta2
you needed to earn a certain money amount to pass in all the retro gtas
overlooked , they were a bit cut and paste
also, I never understood the continuity fuck ups with the perennial and manana

>> No.4087262

i had the ps2 ports and honestly they sucked ass quality wise, now i can revisit them on psp emulator and actually enjoy them with no slowdown.

>> No.4087265

fuck off.

>> No.4087386

APB on arcade, spy hunter are a few similar games.

>> No.4087425

Driver was always a bit GTA 1 inspired except you only have one car.

>> No.4087834

Make me.

>> No.4088202

What a sophomoric response from a worthless cunt who bastardizes the english language to fit in with his equally failure generation. I hope you choke to death during a selfie you fucking loser.

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These are some neat and funny tricks I found in GTA1 with my brothers almost 20 years ago:

>get wanted level
>go to overpass
>lure the street cops to follow your movement on the ground while you're up in the overpass
>move around so that the cops walk on the busy highway and gets crushed by cop cars and ambulances that rush under the overpass

>have cop come to get you out from your car
>just as he's about to open your car door, you open the car door instead
>the cop gets smashed by the door and dies

>cop is chasing you on foot
>turn around and shoot a car next to the cop with a rocket launcher
>if the explosion is far enough to not kill the cop, but just close enough to have the explosion sprite wash over him, the cop will turn bit darker colored and will act docile and will no longer chase you
>the cop just walks around like a normal pedestrian

>if being aggressively chased by cops, steal a truck or a bus
>drive as fast as you can
>the cop cars that try to ram you from the behind will slowly damage themselves and their cars will explode
>your truck/bus doesn't take any damage from the explosion

>if you ease yourself to the train tracks, you will not get electrocuted
>start making "loops" on the tracks, as in you do a half-circle on the tracks on foot and return to the land
>do this enough times and you will build "immunity" to the tracks, and you will be able to walk on them without getting electrocuted
>you can walk anywhere the tracks lead to
>be careful not to get lost underground, there are no indicators of where to go underground unless you have memorized the path of the train

>get the hare krishna group follow you
>walk to any edge of large building or dock or whatever edge that leads to certain death
>go as far as to the edge as you can without dropping down
>do a tight turn away from the edge
>the first hare krishna member will drop/jump down down the edge
>rest of them will follow
>watch aside as they commit mass suicide

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Did anyone else find it frustrating how you couldn't kill people with punches? I just now remembered how frustrating it was.

>that satisfying feeling when you manage to punch someone over the edge and he drops to certain death

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File: 159 KB, 654x862, kidded for the last time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone rams at police car at full speed
>"no problem, citizen :^)"
>slightly bump a cop car
>the entire police force is now after you

>someone shoots at you
>cops don't give a fuck
>you shoot back at the aggressor
>cops come after you

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>gta 1
>find some weird hippie van from the alley
>get in
>wtf, did I just pick up some crazy new gun?
>try firing button
>car explodes

Later I tried that again and turned out that there was a hidden RC car hidden under the car you control with the normal car controls. You're supposed to drive the RC car under other cars and explode them with the shooting button.

>> No.4088471


>> No.4088482

>GTA 2
>get a bus full of people
>drive recklessly
>do a sharp turn
>people get out of the moving bus and get crushed by the end of the bus in perfect half circle

This happened to me several times.

>> No.4088490

>being this impotent

>> No.4088502

lmao bitch boy mad you can't make him fuck off.

>> No.4088520

Jesus go back to /b/ you fucking psycho.

>> No.4088529

"That kid" claimed me there was a nude code for GTA2, and also a code that lets you use a skateboard. Fuck, he even gave me the code after I asked him for it. It obviously didn't work.

>> No.4088668

>That mission where you turned whole bus of refugees into sausages.

>> No.4088694

NEKKID is the nude code, it works.

>> No.4088707

Damn. Just saw a video with that code. Kinda disappointing desu, but good to know it's legit.

>> No.4088716


>> No.4088724

>get the hare krishna group follow you
>walk onto train tracks then immediately get off
>they all follow you onto the tracks but then wander around and get electrocuted
This was the first thing I'd do upon loading the PSX demo.

>> No.4088915

I'd say Retro City Ransom does a decent job of cloning the original GTA's look, without the stupid zooming in and out.

>> No.4088991

>stupid zooming in and out.
I thought it was rather smart.
You get maximum view when you going fast and you need to look ahead and maximum details and immersion otherwise.

Anyway, played GTA2 multiple times, fighting all the bosses etc, complete 100% but never tried any of the previous GTA games.

How strong I feel the downgrade if I play GTA 1 and London now.
I mean compared to GTA 2.

>> No.4089117

I get what it was trying to do, but it just made me nauseous.

>> No.4089149

>muhh buzzwords

>> No.4089202
File: 2.99 MB, 320x240, san andreas (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it would take away most of the game's unforgiving difficulty, which is one of the good and definitive things about the game. free aiming would make the gunplay effortless and turn escapes into a cakewalk

straight aiming is perfect for this game. it also justifies the doubled multiplier for every next consecutive hit - getting 5 hits in a row is rewarding both in score and in effect

>> No.4089207

GTA1 is more or less the same as GTA2
there are no multiple gangs just get a mission from whoever calls

>> No.4089224

Question, does the DOS/Windows versions of GTA 1 and 2 allow to aim and shoot with mouse? This is important because I tried the playstation versions of both and I can't stand the analog aiming.

>> No.4089242

there are some key differences though
it's much easier to get killed in GTA1
you have only one attempt at each mission per game, unlike in GTA2 where you can retry as long as you have the gang respect
missions themselves require a bit more focus in GTA1 than in GTA2
also not every mission is available from the start and whenever the player wants. depending on the city, some missions might come one after another (back to back, no intermission for the player), or are unavailable until you attempt some other missions prior

there was analog aiming in GTA?

>> No.4089250

>there was analog aiming in GTA?
Same, first time hearing.

Wish GTA 1 or 2 had aiming like hotline miami but its not possible even via mod.

>> No.4089253

>there was analog aiming in GTA?
I meant trying to aim with the controller, it's a pain for me to get used to.

>> No.4089267

if you're playing without a controller, you aim with left/right arrow keys, or whatever you pick - keyboard only, no mouse

if you have a controller then you can set it to whatever, I suppose. if not in the game directly then in controller software by mapping to keys

>> No.4089269

Maybe a mod for the PC exists that allows the mouse option

>> No.4089313

Oh and I forgot this one:

>you can extinguish yourself if you are in fire by quickly dipping in water in the same manner you would do in that train track trick

>> No.4089852

Would anyone be interested in this?
I think the game does benefit from slightly increasing the camera distance about 2 to 3 times.

>> No.4090293
File: 103 KB, 786x441, gta1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Repostan this here as well. It's a picture of my little brother, me, and my dad in his home office. Picture is from the late 90s. You can see my brother playing the first GTA on computer. Dad passed away last monday. GTA 1 was one of our favorite games and me and my brothers were playing it all the time on dad's computer. Dad didn't really care that much about computer games, but he was always happy to help us install them.

When I think about GTA 1 and 2, I remember all those times spent with my dad.

>> No.4090326

Holy shit yes. The camera is way too low in the topdown games by default.

>> No.4090345

"Damnation! No donation, no salvation!"

>> No.4090373

Did you write it? If so you should post it on gtaforums.

>> No.4090487

Whats up with shadows under the car, the higher the camera the further back they go at some point making every car look like is flying.

>> No.4090542
File: 61 KB, 501x434, kot_exclaim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>if the explosion is far enough to not kill the cop, but just close enough to have the explosion sprite wash over him, the cop will turn bit darker colored and will act docile and will no longer chase you
This is great.
YES, I've always hated how low the camera was and since we have larger monitors now it's even more uncomfortable.
6x/0x18000 looked great in the video, if you could lock it around there and disable zooming out that would be fucking perfect.

>> No.4090575

Literally artificial difficulty.

>> No.4090604

It's not artificial difficulty, it's skill mastery and it can be done by better place. You're a typical 90s born vr shitter that simply can't play video games.

>> No.4090608


>> No.4090609
File: 175 KB, 300x298, Crash_Bandicoot_Cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah it's artificial trust me brah I beat the Dark Souls of platformers before.

>> No.4090763

how is it artificial?
what is non-artificial difficulty?

>> No.4090767

Good to hear I'm not the only one.
Yes I did.
I don't have an account there though.
The game does that itself.
You can enter a specific value into the text box and it'll stay on that value.
You can also close the program once you don't want to make any more changes since most of my code is assembly that's directly injected into the game. All the program then does is change values.
Changes will revert back once you restart.

I think it's mostly done. Tested it and I don't have any more crashes so I'd appreciate it if someone can test it.
I've made it with GTA 2 11.44 but I think it should work on other versions as well.
Here's the asm code itself: https://pastebin.com/8x4MRv8w
Here's the program: https://mega.nz/#!jkFmwZzK!H4G7nxBblICCGqFCUkzKxL17R3VDh6Ac9e5FazJCmv0

>> No.4090854

How it is not? Having to arbitrarily master restrictive movement is not real skill. Non-artificial difficulty are games that focus on real things like emotional skill rather than nonsense like finger dexterity.

>> No.4090942
File: 89 KB, 566x750, 1459198466382.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can enter a specific value into the text box and it'll stay on that value.
Awesome, really looking forward to trying this later, thank you.

If you get a chance make a github/gitlab for updates or bugs to report. This also helps anyone who wants to attempt a fix for the shadows (personally I think they're a little too much even with the default camera distance)

>> No.4091349

Eh, I'm not gonna bother.
I just threw this together since I wanted a less zoomed out camera in a few hours. If you find any bugs you can post em here and i'll see what I can do.
As I said before, all the program itself does, is assemble my asm code into bytes, inject it and then inject a jump to my code to detour the normal camera code.
Other than that, it just writes some values to the game when you change the multiplier, disable the 0x50000 cap or the freeze value.
If you want to build up on my code the only needed stuff is the asm code i already posted as a pastebin. It doesn't have anything to do with the shadows itself though so I don't think it'll help with fixing the shadows.

If anyone really wants the source, here you go, though to really edit something you'll still need to change the asm stuff itself:

>> No.4091361

Thanks anon, I dont have use for it now on 19' monitor but if I ever play GTA on a large ass TV where zooming out does not mean I see nothing then it will come in handy.

>> No.4091457
File: 116 KB, 1024x814, 1458065020730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless your dad and all the good memories!

>> No.4091570

Fuck you dude now I feel awful about posting inane shit in this thread to piss off GTA1 fans for giggles.

>> No.4091578

Nobody took your artificial difficulty "emotional skill" b8 u fuck.

>> No.4091773

Is the consensus that GTA2 is basically an objectively improved GTA1? I've only played the first one and loved it

>> No.4091796

Having played all of the previous GTA entries (except for GTA Advance), I enjoyed GTA 4. Of course it was for different reasons. It was still a good game, even if it was different, which is a concept /vr/ seems to struggle with.

>> No.4091805


>> No.4091865

>Vee is one person

>> No.4091912 [DELETED] 

Please refrain from posting sexual content and don't swear this is a safe for work board such material is not appropriate here. Thank you.

>> No.4091913

The only "problem" most people have with GTA2 is the sci-fi aspect of it. It's a great game, but what people like about GTA is the cartoon realism, lightning guns etc. are little too much sci-fi. When I played the GTA2 for the first time I never wanted to play GTA1 again, it's really is objectively improved GTA1. Car thieves, pickpockets, street gangs, etc. I wish GTA1 had all of those.

The only problem I have with GTA2 is that it doesn't have motorcycles like GTA1 does.

>> No.4091963
File: 205 KB, 768x1024, you2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4092029

I don't care about those all I care about is having a clean safe for work board like god intended.

>> No.4092183

I came here for games, not for feels

>> No.4092556

>no radio
>no joyride in menus
>using gtainataller.zip

been scratching my head for hours over this

>help me /v/ your my only hope

>> No.4092796
File: 1.18 MB, 307x244, 335533.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I, too, had the pirated copy. Years later I learned that the game actually had a soundtrack, a really good soundtrack. Same thing happened with Quake and some other games of that time.

>mfw playing legit copy of GTA and Quake for the first time with music and everything

>> No.4092798

Remember those weird hidden cars in GTA2 that teleported you back to the map starting point? What the fuck were those about?

>> No.4092856

Yeah, I remember playing GTA 3 for the first time with my bro, when we figured we could have the top-down view like the old ones we went bananas. It's a shame they removed it from later games.

>> No.4092862
File: 34 KB, 600x450, gta 3 top down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At first I thought the 3rd person views was really awkward because it controlled like a modern first person shooter. WASD controls with strafing and mouselook. My buddy thought I was crazy for preferring to play it from top-down camera.

>> No.4092865

Dick Tracy for NES.

>> No.4093254

Got it all up and running. I'll fuck around with it later today when I get back from my brother's place. Really awesome work though from what I've seen so far. Thanks

>> No.4093259

More than certain there are camera mods for vice city, san andreas, 4, and 5 on the PC to give you the top down camera.

>> No.4093302

I was more into Driver back then tbqh. Then Driver 2, The Italian Job and World Scariest Police Chases. Didn't play 2D GTA until 2001 or so and didn't really get into it that much. I remember my friend calling it Cartoon Driver.

Then 3 came out and suddenly everyone started to pretend to have been a fan of the series since forever.

>> No.4093401

Great to hear it's working!
If you find any problems or have suggestions just tell me!

>> No.4093467
File: 2.50 MB, 800x600, doctor.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4093468

Did you punch him under the car and the car drove over him when he was on the ground?

>> No.4093479

Never got into GTA 1. Now GTA 2 was a great game. Excellent visuals and sound, fun freeform gameplay and missions where you drove a full bus into a sausage factory (Russian Mafia IIRC), then watched naked people ferried away on a conveyor belt to be made into sausages!
The difficulty was too high for me back then, though. A few gunshots and you're dead no matter what and gangsters often carried bazookas and shit than one-shot you, even driving a tank wasn't safe.

>> No.4094506
File: 98 KB, 300x199, 1480639544807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow. Instant, forgotten nostalgia hearing that. Ty anon

>> No.4094535
File: 600 KB, 220x123, butthurt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4094895

>Expect the '90s born shitters to hate it.

>> No.4094925

Played GTA2 and loved it, never played 1 or london.
Tried 1 and instantly why people complain about camera, there is no music in game and no matter what my PS2 pad via adapter is not recognised.
Tried longbong and instantly got some corrupted graphics.

Managed to fix the graphic bug in london but still have no music and pad is not recognised.
Any ideas how to make it work, I really want analog steering.

>> No.4094927

Try using joy2key?
As for glitches, try running it through dosbox.

>> No.4094930

See >>4086575

>> No.4094932

Joy2key would work but there is the matter of analog which I have nothing to bind to.
I mean you can bind right to ← and left to → but there is nothing to bind analog input to.

I am running XP and it said to work well on xp so I dont need this >>4094930
pack, I fixed the graphic bug by renaming the exe.
Its just radio and analog that buggs me.

>> No.4094945
File: 1.05 MB, 2448x3264, 1440697373645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They should re-release the classic GTA games with mouselook and modern system support. Just like Postal redux.

>> No.4094949
File: 346 KB, 1280x863, gta1 ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GTA 1 has that perfect feel of the late 90s. Kinda grunge, but with hint of that glossy time in late 90s and early 00s when everything was clear plastic or painted silver.

>> No.4094965
File: 64 KB, 400x523, Jean-Claude-Van-Damme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is GTA 2 Claude the same Claude from GTA 3?

>> No.4094967

And probably the same Claude from GTA SA The one Katalina runs of with

>> No.4094975

Oh yeah, that was definitely Claude. I remember years ago when I got to that racing mission and saw Claude, and I thought damn this game has the deepest lore.

>> No.4094978

Nope, the "2D", "3D", and "HD" games are word-of-god in different universes. The player in GTA2 is just a generic while the Claude of 3 and SA is a literal silent protagonist.

>> No.4094987

Went to a few used game stores yesterday, found GTA1 for PS in really good condition for five bucks, now I can finally play the London disc I've had laying around for years.

>> No.4094993

How does london for psx stack up to PC version.
Wort getting it if PC is too buggy?

>> No.4094997
File: 329 KB, 1530x2170, gta london don't mess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Years ago, like, 15 years ago, I bought GTA London for PC in original big box with all the contents. It came with this poster that had the game map and this picture on the poster side. Picture related, that's the poster. Some guy pointing a gun and saying "Don't mess". I never really understood what that was supposed to mean. I knew english back then, but even then it didn't make any sense.
>don't mess
Don't mess what? Don't mess up? Don't mess with me? What?

I still have that box in my shelve.

>> No.4095004
File: 102 KB, 210x305, 6949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw some poor kid out there had their first taste of GTA on gameboy color

>> No.4095025

Even though it controlled like trash, putting GTA on the gameboy was a very impressive feat.

>> No.4095030

The biggest problem I see is that you can't see shit since the resolution is small and the 2D graphics can't zoom out like in 3D.

>> No.4095045

It makes me wonder whether, in some parallel universe, there was potential for GTA to have been a NES game originally with a style like this.

>> No.4095047

Probably, when I was a kid I was drawing houses and streets with cars in my math notebook by tracing squares on the page.

Only years later I realised that I basically was drawing GTA games even before I knew about them.

>> No.4095086

What's with old people and never having arguments to back anything up when they shit on younger people?
Is it insecurity?

>> No.4095091
File: 42 KB, 479x720, 1236317457245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What a sophomoric response

>> No.4095119

Well, Retro City Rampage started as a GTA 3 NES remake. And the guy went pretty far with it. There's even a rom of it floating.

Sadly the final Retro City Rampage game a meme-ridden shitty mess.

>> No.4095221


>> No.4095235

>First comment on every 80's song on Youtube.

>> No.4095929

>those RC cars in the Vice City levels that chased you around
So fucking annoying.

Stealing the tank from the Army base was hilarious though.

>> No.4095981

>drive bike
>inevitably crash into something
>if you press the attack key while still rolling from the fall, you will not fall down

>get truck or van (any vehicle that the player character crawls under rather than jumps over)
>park right next to a fence
>crawl under vehicle towards the fence
>character ends up crawling under fence on the other side

>> No.4096553

I don't remember them being that annoying

>> No.4097239

This is very impressive for GBC, looks even better than grand theft auto advance

>> No.4097295

So why were these removed from Steam?

>> No.4097402

They don't work too well. The DOS version in DOSBox can be easier to get working properly.

>> No.4097461

Your dad seems a cool guy. Good on him for sharing some good memories with you.

>> No.4097595

Jesus, that mission gave me nightmares
What I liked most about 2 was multiplayer, I played LAN multiplayer with my brothers for hours, we still sometimes play to this day when we have a chance to get together.
Deathmatch in GTA2 is just fantastic, it was like three jason bourne-like action movie protagonists were in a huge city trying to kill eachother with a varied arsenal of weapons and cars(which could be armed)
Things that happened when we all 3 were in the same spot of the map were like pulled straight from an action movie setpiece, car chases, rockets flying back and forth, getting molotoved from off the screen, Instant Gang followers firing all their guns at you, my brother suddenly driving in with a tank so I had to team up with the other brother to stop him. It was the most fun I had in any multiplayer game

>> No.4098101

yeah, GTA 2 was much better with how the levels were structured

>> No.4098515


>> No.4098526

Born in 92 and GTA 1, 2 and London were some of my most played games as a kid.
I used to play it at this church youth group thing on the weekends because they had a huge TV over there and they had no problem with it

>> No.4098542

Yeah, "don't mess with me"

Would YOU mess with a GTA protagonist?

>> No.4098627
File: 532 KB, 1920x1080, your moma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is your moma proud of you?

>> No.4098654

Rockstar gives away the first 2 gtas for free on their website nowadays, optimized for newer computers

>> No.4098882

I always remembered that rusty background would be the world map, but apparently it's not.

>> No.4098979


nah, they jewed out of it

>> No.4099041

The only thing I remember about GBC GTA 2 is that they ripped an old Brazilian song for the "select character" screen. It's an ear rape version of No More Sadness/Chega de Saudade.

>> No.4099252
File: 62 KB, 394x640, SWAT member.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw there will NEVER be another cyberpunk themed GTA with that special 90's anime feel to it

>> No.4099259 [DELETED] 

Is there a way to play GTA2 on PC with analog steering?

>> No.4099265

Is there a way to play GTA1 and london on PC with analogue steering?

>> No.4099272

they stopped when they realised how big the market for retro and indie games had become. now they sell it on steam.

>> No.4099382

>now they sell it on steam.
This is incorrect

GTA1 and 2 WERE on Steam for the same price.
GTA1 and 2 are no longer on steam.

>> No.4099456

>barely 1M points
come on now
>DOSBox menu visible
alt+enter twice, or set fullscreen=false in dosbox.conf and alt+enter manually

>> No.4099605
File: 1.97 MB, 1280x960, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neat. ~2F000 at 1280x960 seems to be pretty close to pixel perfect, as far as vehicle sprites go at least.

Could you mod it so the camera rotation locks to player rotation?

>> No.4099631
File: 176 KB, 635x478, your moma 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I a real gangster now?

>> No.4099676

>Could you mod it so the camera rotation locks to player rotation?
Jesus fuck dude do you wanna give people epilepsy attacks, even to the ones that never had one before.

>> No.4099814
File: 528 KB, 1480x1066, your moma 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been a while since I played, but I still have my touch.

Onto San Andreas.

>> No.4099828
File: 278 KB, 330x524, happy jotaro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GTA 2 multiplayer
>when you use the rocket launcher on one of your friends
good times

>> No.4099906
File: 768 KB, 640x480, Grand Theft Auto 2017-07-04 22-31-28-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can do better than that

>> No.4100183

(Bad video editing, and cropping aside) it's not that bad: https://u.nya.is/ksxsra.webm
I'd take this over the current control/camera scheme any day.

>> No.4100198

I'm personally pretty fond of the current one. It feels smooth as fuck once you get used to it.

The jerky camera movements in your webm makes me want to puke.

>> No.4100215

Well, I assume your brain is pretty fucked so somehow it smooths out the jerking mess in your webm.

Any camera rigidly following something that changes direction rapidly is bad.
You can try and add some smoothing to it, some lag, otherwise its pure pain and suffering.

>> No.4100231

Damn. Right in the feels. Rest in peace, Anon's Dad. You sound like a boss.

>> No.4100239


>> No.4100241

>WOW it took all of you to catch me.jpg

>> No.4100607

Well, I don't really think i'd like such a feature myself but for curiosity's sake I searched around in IDA and CE for a while to see if I could find out if that's possible/how to do it, though I'm definitely not the well versed person when it comes to reverse engineering.
After all of that I couldn't come up with anything, sadly. The game's camera doesn't ever rotate in normal gameplay itself right?
By the way, would a hardpatched exe be something anyone's interested in? I've made one that simply adds a static value to the original value but other ways like multiplier or freezing can also be done. Can't be modified at runtime though.

>> No.4100734

>After all of that I couldn't come up with anything, sadly. The game's camera doesn't ever rotate in normal gameplay itself right?
Don't think so, thought that might be an issue. Tried shotgun editing a couple thousand or so addresses myself around the same address you used for your hack, but no luck.

>> No.4100806

I love GTA 2 - it was the first one I played and the speed and arcadey feel still really appeal to me. That and the original soundtrack is excellent.

>> No.4101343


>> No.4101452
File: 2.72 MB, 800x600, gratuitous violence bonus.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4101637
File: 306 KB, 1723x1200, Poster1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found this poster in one of my old ps1 magazines. Are there any more like it? Google yielded a few cgi renders of the protagonist driving a car and fighting against police, but nothing poster sized like this one. Anyone know if there is any?

>> No.4101756
File: 2.16 MB, 800x600, pre-nine-eleven game.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4101805

The PS1 version didn't have trains did it? I remember the PS1 version of 2 didn't have them despite still having the train stations and electrified tracks.

>> No.4102501

Can you do the same for GTA1?

>> No.4103148
File: 696 KB, 960x620, FaXXZNf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would seem so.

>> No.4103507


>> No.4103703

Link please?
Also, why the DOS version and not the R* classic version?

>> No.4104070


>> No.4104142

Wouldn't at all be surprised.

>> No.4104148

It is. I don't hate the game at all but it has the worst map post-3.

>> No.4104215

Payback for the Amiga


The first city is even named "Freedom City"

>> No.4104225

especially after how good 3s map was, VC felt tiny and lacking.

>> No.4104348

a third of the map was one giant beach. the rest was pink skyscrapers scattered randomly in a flat landscape.

>> No.4104384
File: 499 KB, 500x375, 346634.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's fucking awesome. Also
>that bus stuck in tight turn

>> No.4104401

>In the author's own words, "every effort has been made to ensure that Payback beats GTA in every way."

>> No.4104720

It especially felt tiny after playing san andreas.

>> No.4104845

driving blows with KBM

>> No.4104860

This isn't Grand Prix Legends mate

>> No.4104879

The islands should have been expanded more east to west. Having pretty much one main drag going up each island gets pretty boring after a while. Downtown was tiny with hardly anything going on, and a lot of the space between the stadium and the airport was just wasted. I still love the game, but it's in no way the best from the 3d era of the series.

>> No.4105024


kino as fuck

>> No.4105171

Recommend real life movies with that *feel* of late 90s and early 00s. Italian Job comes to mind first

>> No.4105451



>drive a car up to a roof with no rails/blocked edges
>park car at edge of roof
>vault over the car; while vaulting, repeatedly hammer the vault button and don't stop
>you'll vault the car but you'll float in mid air, perpetually vaulting at whatever height of roof you went off

it's handy in one or two missions iirc or to avoid a wanted level, but if you stop vaulting you plummet to the ground. if you have enough health and aren't too high up you'll survive the fall once you decide to stop pressing the vault button

>> No.4105817

You guys think the theory that claude speed from GTA 2 is the protagonist claude from GTA 3?

>> No.4105836

It's not Max Payne either. He'll be fine with a controller.

>> No.4105892

True, you're fine either way.
Personally, I use controller for driving and KBM when on foot

>> No.4105896

playing gta 3 with a controller is as shitty as your face is

>> No.4106250

KBM is going to the new CRT for /vr/, isn't it?

>> No.4106287

And he still plays it better than you, njoy your easy mode for spastics plebian. Tfw you need supadupa precise mouse control because you're to shit to even do bomb the base act 2 without it.

>> No.4106319

Because unrelated saltiness over a previous interaction with someone that didn't like what he liked.

>> No.4106531

Do you also argue that playing racing games with a wheel is easy mode?

>> No.4106593

Could be, the look very much alike and both are silent protagonists. The timelines and ages don't seem to match, but Claude could had easily lied his age to the cops and mobsters.

>> No.4106716
File: 9 KB, 115x140, rip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm all saturated fat!

>> No.4106778

lol sure he does you ugly bastard

>> No.4106847

I'm better than you and that other faggot at literally everything. I'm better than you with KBM, I'm better than you with a controller, I'm better than you at every single game we both play (and even the ones I don't), I'm far more attractive than you, I'm stronger than you and if we were both in the second grade I'd beat your shitty ass in a race, I'd kick your ass in a street fight, I've fucked hotter bitches than you and at least 30 times as many, my girlfriend is much better looking than your shitty jizz stained waifu pillow, condoms look better on me and my dick is bigger than yours, I'm far more intelligent than you, I'm richer than you'll ever be and I earn at least ten times as much you. The only thing you do better is breathe through your mouth while stationary at a computer but if I wanted to beat you there I could because my lungs are bigger than yours. #Facts

>> No.4106869

>to shit to even do bomb the base act 2 without it
I've beaten GTA3 (and the other ones) on both PS2 and PC and I don't remember this being a problem on either. Good job projecting how ass you are at the game buddy.

>> No.4107175

Used to play the PS1 version of GTA all the time.

We would load the game and then switch out the disc with Pantera. When you get in and out of cars it would play the CD tracks, it was great back then.

>> No.4107457
File: 17 KB, 202x249, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GTA London was the shit. I especially liked the Royal Pain tanks.

>> No.4107470

says the guy who doesn't even know any speed strats.

>I'm better than you and that other faggot at literally everything.
I sincerely doubt it lmao.

>> No.4107637

says the retard that thinks he's special for beating a piss mission with a controller. gta 3 was never a hard game kid. ps2, pc, controller or not, it was always piss. the point is not difficulty, which you seem to think this is about, because you're fucking trash. the point is enjoyment of gameplay mechanics, and shitty clunky lock on crap (as well as all the other redundancies of playing tps with a controller, especially a PS2 era one before dual analogs became standard) cannot compare to freedom of kbm controls, particularly in a game offering sandbox gameplay.

this honestly shouldn't even be a discussion lol. gta 3 gameplay with a controller is just utterly shite compared to kbm. I'm amazed this is even has to be argued but /vr/ is the shithouse that it is.

there are games a billion times harder than GTA3 with a controller that I enjoy much more than GTA3. GTA1&2 are far harder than GTA3, yet I enjoy both of them more than GTA3. it's not about difficulty retard. it's about enjoyment of gameplay mechanics. see >>4086394. try to understand and stop strawmanning shit like the /v/ tier bitch you are you fucking fruitcake.

>> No.4107805
File: 32 KB, 453x500, a9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>controller gameplay
>"speed strats"
pick one

>> No.4107835

I've gone through and beaten all of them, but yeah it's hard not to just mess around.

GTA 1 was a lot of fun with a lot of annoyances. The london addons felt the same, just different vehicles and driving on the opposite side of the road.

GTA 2 I only played on the PSX, and aside from the massive slowdown when shit got serious, it was a solid game. The intro always got me so hyped up to play.

>> No.4108306

Shame the devs behind the london missions left before DMA became rockstar north.

>> No.4108796

It means you can see ahead when going fast.
And since it stops zooming once you reach max speed, its quite nice in action.

Isn't that a given when it plays at like 320p or 480p originally? And we suddenly have monitors with more than 15x the resolution?

>> No.4109737

whoa really? never tried that.

>> No.4110453


>> No.4110713

IV is a great game just for it's car physics. Had the most accurate controls in the series IMO.

V's car physics are fun, but it gets a little too campy. every car just feels like it's ten times lighter as it should be. Car flipping is also the most casual thing i can think off, avoiding flipping your car upside down is the hallmark of GTA.

>> No.4110728

This. I loved GTA IV for the realism and I was kinda disappointed how arcade GTA V was.

>> No.4110860

Looks great. Is there a Linux launcher, or am i better just assembling something like that myself?

>> No.4110870

>and I'm beginning to think it's ONLY due to MUH 80's
And it was probably their first GTA.
They will never know the joy of cruising the Portland in beat Perrenial under rain listening to K-Jah or getting away from the police in neon hell with Sunrise FM.
GTAIII also has a fucking great han-made HD pack with gorgeously remodelled vehicles.

>> No.4110871

The physics in IV were too over the top. Doesn't mean I hated the game, I think it is right below SA for my favorite. But honestly the slidy/wavy way everything felt is not realistic or accurate at all. It was also slow at times.

>> No.4110881

Well, there were Total Anarchy, some student project that never went past the working aplha stage and was newver intended to.


Plus, you can count top-down action like Take no prisoners and Mageslayer (sans open world) and really interesting shareware title Mexican Motor Mafia (sans on-foot part; i really liked the GTA-Interstate'76-Privateer vibe). I think it was released as freeware eventually.


>> No.4110906

i started with the very first gta demo kiddo

>> No.4110975

Best GTA station ever. Highlighted it at the best song for you too.


>> No.4110979 [DELETED] 

Best GTA station ever. Highlighted it at the best song for you too.


>> No.4110981

Anyone else miss the made music, instead of all the licensing they do today?

>not Head Radio or Rise FM

>> No.4110986

>not lips 106 for this wonderful fake pop band goodness


>> No.4110989

>not laying down your weapons
>not slowing down your wheels
>with K-JAH

>> No.4110995

>implying this isn't the goat gta 3 song

>> No.4111015

What are the best mods or custom missions for GTA 1 and 2?

>> No.4111032 [DELETED] 

big black penis mod. i got one for my wife, she loves it. also got a retron 5 for my shed.

>> No.4111970

Sorry to hear that anon, sounds like your dad was a cool parent letting you play GTA at that age

>> No.4112428

Literally the only GTA1 mods I know of are here


Actually no, scratch that. There used to be a ton of "car mods" on the internet. I mean they were technically mods, but really just sprite swaps. Nothing too game changing.

>> No.4112937
File: 84 KB, 1000x636, gta hare krishna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone made a co-op mod for GTA1&2? Seems like co-op mode would be the first thing people would think about when they played classic GTA. It would also make the games bit easier when you have a buddy or two helping you out. The netcode in those games should technically be able to support it considering the multiplayer moders have npc pedestrians and cars populating the city just like in singleplayer. Games like GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas had multiplayer mods, but the multiplayer didn't have pedestrians on the streets because the games were programmed so that only the area surrounded by the player character had npcs.

>> No.4112953

Thanks. Yeah, he was a chill computer dude. At first he didn't want me to be around the computer when my older brothers were playing their "big boy games", but he soon realized that they weren't really that bad, and way milder than the stuff on tv news so he let me play whatever I wanted to.
>be kid
>home with dad, everybody else is at school or work
>dad needs to do work stuff at home, but he also needs to keep an eye on me
>puts me on computer, gives me earphones, turns on quake
>he makes work calls while I play quake, a game that I wasn't allowed to play otherwise

Hell yeah.

>> No.4113650

So nobody made custom maps or custom missions for gta 1 and 2?

>> No.4114913


>> No.4115394


>> No.4115439

you're outa touch
I'm outa time
but I'm outa maa heeeaaad when you're not around

>> No.4115453

There are some custom multiplayer maps from 2. I remember trying a few cool ones a year or two ago, but cannot remember the name of the website where I downloaded them.

>> No.4116781

dude you only need kbm precision for competitive gaming if you are not playing with a controller is way comfier. I would never want to play might and magic or strategy games with a controller though in that case the keyboard is comfier because a controller feels restricted, I dont feel restricted on GTA 5 because there isnt that many commands.

>> No.4116796

Me and my brother would take turns using the GTA 2 demo timer, at one of his birthday parties we all took turns playing GTA cause the other kids were amazed by it haha.

>> No.4117036

All of the dnb music and some of the hip-hop music was real music. I know for example that Royce da 5'9 did a few tracks on gta3 (a noname rapper at the time that got signed to Shady Records down the road)

>> No.4118973


>> No.4120616

They even kept the fiction music thing when they did liberty city stories because it was a prequel to gta 3.

>> No.4120758
File: 181 KB, 633x476, mandarin mayhem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The saga continues.

in b4 score anon gets on my case. I'm just unlocking stages. I'm not quite done bringing San Andreas to its knees. Fear not.

>> No.4121404

in district 2 they were 8 cars that led to the "wang car bonus"
essentially a shitton on cash/points and cars with additions as a reward
tank,flamer firetruck,furore gts with mines or oilslicks,fbi cars with guns and an armed land roamer
most gang members had pistols
if you pissed them off to mid level they got s-uzis if you pissed the off to top level they got heavy weapons
area1 - silenced s-uzi
area2 - dual pistol
area3 - rocket launchers
pistol - shotgun - Molotov's

Krishna and srs scientists
pistol - s-uzi - flamethrower

pistol - s-uzi - shotgun

pistol - s-uzi - s-uzi

mad island - pistol and uzi mix
all gangs had a mix of pistol and s-uzi at beginner level

>> No.4122581
File: 403 KB, 636x477, tequila slammer finished.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pack your bags, boys. We goin' to Vice City.

>> No.4123391

Good job

>> No.4123579
File: 801 KB, 640x480, Grand Theft Auto 2017-07-16 03-16-13-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go big or don't bother
>I'm just unlocking stages.

>> No.4123689

my guess is that the early GTAs are heavily influenced by Smash TV

i only wish the games had twinstick controls instead

>> No.4125178

The early GTAs did indeed have that game show vibe to it.

>> No.4126357


>> No.4128503


>> No.4128963


>> No.4129660

The modding scene for GTA 1 and 2 needs to return. What good tools are available.

>> No.4129808
File: 29 KB, 500x512, gta1 japan front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the boxart for GTA1 in Japan

Scroll down for GTA1 and 2


>> No.4129810
File: 65 KB, 577x512, gta1 japan back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4130009

I can only imagine what gta 2 would look like

>> No.4130015
File: 2.94 MB, 400x300, 4 heads.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it just me or are San Andreas p.2 cops much more aggressive?

>> No.4130029
File: 2.78 MB, 400x300, 4 heads (2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cop cheating and jumping off an incline

>> No.4130112

your gameplay is sick. I hardly ever used to fight cops with just the pistol, usually used something like the machine gun, flamethrower or rocket launcher to blow up something nearby.

>> No.4130786


>> No.4130997

The dnb was all releases from moving shadow records (goldie and rob playfords label) you can get the mix on cd aswell as lots of others in the same series minus the annoying and terrible mc.

>> No.4131068
File: 177 KB, 1501x868, t1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cops gets shot in the back by another cop
>nothing happens to him

>> No.4131073

Before I could understand English or knew the name of this game, me and my brother would call this game "The American Flag Game", because the GTA1 icon is American flag with city silhouette in front of it. When I heard the name "Grand Theft Auto" I thought it sounded very clunky and awkward, so we then we just called it GeeTeeAy.

>> No.4131108

You played Retro City Rampage?

>> No.4131123

that would trivialise most of the combat in the game

>> No.4131324

how the fuck did I manage to play gta2 as a kid I dont know, I cant even drive straight now. Makes me appreciate gta3

>> No.4132179

Gta 3 has arguably worse driving and shooting mechanics.

>> No.4132731

how the fuck do I get a controller to work for gta 2 on windows 10? I know it is old, I don't feel like changing the graphics drivers for one game to play it on linux

>> No.4132741

Are you using the DOS or windows version?

>> No.4132752


>> No.4132754

Did you try the gta 2 manager to set the controls? Did that work?

>> No.4132854

Perhaps I should be more descriptive in my posts, my apologies. Yes, I tried the manager with a couple different controllers, and was able to assign buttons, but whenever I launched it only the keyboard would work.

>> No.4133206

Just use keyboard if you can't get the mouse to work.

>> No.4133209

I meant the controller

>> No.4134109

Am I the only one who saves between every mission in GTA2?

I mean, saving costs 50 000, but getting arrested and losing your score multiplier can cost you millions in the long run.

>> No.4134948

I'd rather burn the dreamcast game once i buy cd-rs.

>> No.4135068

district 2 is piss easy to build a multiplier,
from the start point head south, theres a multiplier a life and a kill frenzy in the first alley in xanadu

>> No.4135718

Dear Good i played so much in this game, fuck
even when i god bad school situation ( live like 1 year in internet caffe XD ) and mother take my PC away
i fast build a 486 66 mhz with 300mb hdd and 16 mb ram (i got like penitum 1 back there) with B/W monitor play it under dos in 8 bit XD and hide it in my bed, i must make power cords from peace of cable with plug and two paper clips , I discovered a bug in gta 1 that allowed me to go through textures like walls of buildings and fences. I'm not even mention the 360 through the unfinished bridge with Beast GTS ( sorry for my English ) fuck best time in my life

>> No.4136123


>> No.4136930


>> No.4138897

Nah man, it wouldn't trivialize the entire game

>> No.4138919

if you have your back turned towards someone who points a gun at you, then he obviously has the upper hand on you. finding ways of turning the tables to overcome these situations is a legitimate gameplay challenge.

the abilty to shoot in any direction, while also moving in any direction with unaffected speed, would turn the main character into some unbeatable superman.

of course, you could compensate for the easier gameplay by increasing the number of enemies, but then, the game would essentially become a top-down shooter, and the feel of the original game would be ruined.

>> No.4138997

Solution: Add more cops and make them tougher. It would be like Hotline Miami.

>> No.4139013

that's exactly what I didn't want, though.

furthermore, why should the player character have an ability that no other characters in the game have?

>> No.4139954

Hotline Miami mod for gta would be very interesting

>> No.4140276
File: 628 KB, 516x402, 1456933899420.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The GTA1&2 engine even supports pedestrians and multiplayer at the same time unlike GTA3, VC, and SA. Seriously, the classic GTA games should be the most obvious co-op games. GTA 1 and 2 are some of the hardest games I have ever played, and having friends helping me out would be awesome.

>> No.4140503

Shitload of reasons:
Concurrent events complicating mission code, missions themselves having to be designed for co-op, overall local networking in the 90's (would be mostly company offices or internet cafes) making it inconvenient to play for 1-2 hours of co-op compared to maybe 10-20 minutes of deathmatch/cannonball, also the general attitude of players of the time which would rather compete than be shit together at something

>GTA 1 and 2 are some of the hardest games I have ever played

>> No.4140596

This. Just installed 1 and despite putting hundreds of hours into it as a kid, I couldn't really play for more than an hour now. I suppose there's no way to tweak so the zooms are slower like in Gta 2, right?

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