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Hey /vr/, I bought a Japanese PS1 and I'm looking for JP only recommendations. Open to all kinds of suggestions, so tell me all about ones you've liked.

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NBA Jam Tournament Edition

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No Appointment Gals Olympos

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Panzer Bandit
Ralph no Daibouken
Oh No!
VOTOMS Lightning Slash
London Seirei Tanteidan
Zanac x Zanac
Tobal 2

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Nigga he asked for opinions not lists and titles with no explanation

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I'm the Chef, if you want a fun analog controller game. You run the kitchen at a short order restaurant and have to manage your time while coming dishes. Emphasis on the actual prep motions.

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Macross VFX 2. All-range mode flight combat with pretty involved controls.

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check out Crisis City

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he said "recommendations"

how about you fuck off, especially if you're OP

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Persona 2: Tsumi.

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tokyo 23-ku seifuku wars

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>London Seirei Tanteidan
This looks nice

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It's really cool but kind of impenetrable due to the language barrier. I'm not sure there's any other Victorian/Dickensian JRPGs.

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I like a lot of those Japanese only games. While it came out on Saturn first, and the sequels are on Dreamcast, PS2, 360, and DS/3DS, there are some unique ones on the original Japanese Playstation (like the special releases in fan books with new maps, I only have vol.1-2, and the internet failed to tell me if there is a vol.3 and beyond), I'd highly recommend the Culdcept games. If you need it to be in English, there's the PS2 and 360 games, but I think the Japanese is easy enough that the game is playable for non-speakers. Everyone describes it as "Magic the Gathering meets Monopoly" which is pretty accurate. Similar to the Civilization games, I can lose hours without even knowing it. Highly strategic and fun, and a damn shame no one but my friends and I like it, so it may be an acquired taste, but since the game is only like free minus shipping because no one likes/plays it, I think it is worth finding out if you are a rare type that would like the game.

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How's Mitsumete Knight? I was just reading about that one the other day and it sounds like fun.

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Lightning Legend is such an awesome game. I'm surprised it came out so early, because it's a really polished game. I spent so many hours trying to get all the prizes.

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Mitsumete Knight (not Mitsumete Knight R) is like Tokimeki Memorial but with IMO less annoying characters/more lovable diverse roster of potential love interests. The setting is in a fantasy styled JRPG setting instead of at a Japanese high school. Light hearted fun, if you don't mind a dating game (not exactly a visual novel, but more of a stat management game). I think people only get curious of the game because in one or two brief scenes one can spot Sparkster since everyone was starved at the time for more Rocket Knight.

Yeah, I never noticed Konami's "dark age" where they supposedly disappeared until Symphony of the Night and Metal Gear Solid. As they were kept afloat by their strong Japanese titles, most of which I don't think got released in the US. Next to Lightning Legend in that image is Panzer Bandit and Gunners Heaven which were also launch window Playstation games and I was really tempted to pick those for OP as well, but ultimately went with Culdcept because I felt that doesn't get discussed here on /vr/.

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Thanks for the pics.

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