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Hey, /vr/. Can somebody Bleed-ill me on classic horror games? Which ones still hold up as scary and/or are worth playing because of interesting game mechanics? (also: the less mainstream/lesser known the better)

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They're all shit except for the Kenji Eno Trilogy, which is still unsettling and disturbing to this day.

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Illbleed still holds up to this day for being the most unique horror game of all time pretty much.

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Sweet Home is worth trying, you'd think there's no way you could make a stumpy-head RPG on the NES scary at all but if you play it alone at night you will be scared. I have very little patience for old fashioned RPG gameplay in my old age but I was able to grind a little and get ahead of the level progression without being too horribly bored, they level you at a pretty nice pace

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D2 is the only playable one out of the three.

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D is kinda slow, I guess, but Enemy Zero is perfectly playable unless you're bad.

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mansion of hidden souls on sega cd. it's mostly weird but has 1 scary moment

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I hope you've played Blue Stinger as well, anon. Of course I don't know if it counts as "survival" horror since you can just grind to your hearts's content and buy all the op weapons and healing items.

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One? "A" scary moment?

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Clock Tower on SNES is pretty good. The main character has the same name as me, for maximum immersion

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Hungry Ghosts for PS2. Great game, especially if you like King's Field/Shadow Tower type games.


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That must be cool, Bobby

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Never heard of it. Thanks for the tip, but Rot Netro

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eh, kinda? it's actually one of the few comedy games that's legitimately funny, while also being a horror game.

So, Evil Dead, the Video Game.

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Parasite Eve is still pretty cool.

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Hell Night by Atlus, released in EU/PAL in English

Weird sort of maze/adventure game with no combat, but you have these action-y sequences where a monster is chasing you (and there's a button dedicated to looking behind you) that are actually pretty tense. The game mostly takes place underground and is effectively creepy.

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Illbleed is good if you want to stream it or if you want to get high with some /vr/ loving friends and have fun. It's not a horror game, its overall shitty and I cannot overstate how horrible the gameplay is. I don't regret playing it because I got couple of hearty chuckles out of it at least.

Hellnight is pretty fucking rad on the other hand.

Dino Crisis 1 is a must, ignore pc and ps1 and emulate the dreamcast version. DC2 is also essential tho its more of an action game with very engaging gameplay than a horror game.

Countdown Vampires for ps1.

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Is it safe to say Clock Tower is the earliest game that still holds up as somewhat scary?

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Nah, it's actually third-person

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>not a horror game

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Mystery House came out in 1980 and it's spooky AF

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>speaking the truth about illbleed on /vr/
Enjoy the shitstorm of hate for your blasphemy

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Everyone will readily admit it's a "bad" game in terms of pure gameplay. It's everything else that it does that makes it worth playing -- it's like the Plan 9 of video games.

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Illbleed: filtering plebs since 2001.

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There's really nothing wrong with the gameplay, unless you're a spastic who just runs around the levels and into traps without any thought or caution. Even the creator says it's not for the average person
>"Illbleed requires a high degree of intelligence to play, there are many mysteries and horror (old and new). I attempted to mix the early visions of all the famous directors: Cameron, Spielberg, Lucas, Miyazaki, and Kurosawa. It was just an entire mix of entertainment that many people couldn't understand. To me, the negative reviews of the game did not affect me at all. I just looked toward the future and have a vision," Nishigaki said.

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>god tier autism quote
Holy fuck. Shinya Nishigaki was reincarnated as Edgar.

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Ronin Blade / Soul of the Samurai is a flawed but neat Resident Evil clone set in a chambara-type universe, but keeping the zombies and general body horror stuff around.

The fact that the combat is based around swordplay takes away some of the tension and survival aspects, but it also makes the game super comfy and satisfying to master

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TIL this guy died a couple of years ago

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Way more than a couple of years ago. It's a bummer, I really would have liked to see his games develop. He had interesting ideas, even if the execution wasn't always perfect. I could totally see him making some kind of crazy VR game nowadays.

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>Resident Evil 1 & 2, Dino Crisis 1 have cool puzzles.
>Avoid Silent Hill 1, is not that good on its own and has moon logic puzzles.
>Paraite Eve 1 and Koudelka have RPG combat.
>Chaos Break is a cool RE clone with better combat.

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Stop giving it attention. You're only giving it what it wants.

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> Silent Hill 1, is not that good on its own
Memes aside, what do yo mean by this?

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Just looking at the disc is a bit boring 2bh

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SH1 has been retroactively considered a good game.
When it was released was a 6'5-7'5 game. The quality of SH2 and 3 made 1 more popular as it is an essential part in the storyline but mechanicaly is not that good.
That said, is one of the better RE clones because it has its own personality.

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3D monster maze

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this is a decent attempt at revisionism by a tryhard millenial, but sadly anyone who was alive at the time and played both games can tell you're full of shit

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I'm 30, I was alive when the game came out. In a pre-internet era you couldn't finish the game without buying a walkthrough.
You can call me whatever you want, that is not going to make a mediocre game any better.

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> In a pre-internet era you couldn't finish the game without buying a walkthrough
Jesus you were one incompetent kid.
Also I don't think Silent Hill was over 7 feet tall but it's a great game nonetheless.

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>you couldn't finish the game without buying a walkthrough.
finished it when it came out without a walkthrough and english isn't even my first language
the requirement for getting the good+ ending is the only bullshit part of the game

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>he needed a walkthrough to beat Silent Hill

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I rented it the month it came out (I was a sophomore in college) and beat it over a weekend. There's nothing tricky in the game that I remember.

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How are you supposed to solve this shit without a walkthrough?

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>a poem about black and white birds that can't sing written on the blackboard
>a piano with black and white notes that don't work in the same room

not that hard to make the connection anon

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Well, doves in my country aren't white and pellicans can be grey, so that didn't help.
So in my early teens had to know about American birds to solve a puzzle and not be laugh at in 4chan.

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I literally solved that by myself, no problem, and I'm a retard at puzzles. Once you start pushing keys, it doesn't take long to realize that you're supposed to push the ones that don't work in a certain order

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>living in a 3rd world country
Well there's your problem. And are you too stupid to figure out that they're either going to be white or black? Ever hear of a black dove, retard?

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>in my country
I'm sorry the Japanese game didn't cater to your cultural sensibilities, Yakov.

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It's shit

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enemy zero

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>I was retarded when the game came out

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From a horror perspective SH1 is a masterpiece, this guy is a faggot.

Play it and see why.

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>If SH1 was a movie instead of a game would be a masterpiece because its gameplay suck.

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I love illbleed!
- super hot main character with super attractive voice
- super hot main characters clothes get damaged with each playthrough until they are gone for 98%
- Illbleed game has some of the most memorable weird sounds and levels/stories

Wish it was on gog.com :(

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Ohhh on topic:
I dont think its good, but it has some nice grape tentacle stuff is michigan report from hell.

And D2 is fantastic, thought I don'T think I ever want to play through it again. It's so depressing

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It's more of a straightforward action game, but I do really like its overall feel.

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Scariest game I ever played (note:I played through SH2) is ecco the dolphin defender of the future.
If I would tell you why the game is pure horror it would ruin it. But luckily we got the spoiler tag:
1. first area, you are near a riff and when you look towards the endless depth of the ocean you see shades of sharks everwhere in the far distance[/spoiler
2. first boss is a giant shark you have to lure into a trap multiple times, by swimming in front of his mouth. If he catches you once you die, but you don't die insta, you see a sequence long sequence with ecco in the mouth of the giant shark as he bites multiple times and you hear a loud crunch every time and bones breaking
3. you will find a cave you can swim into. Once you are in the entrance you get "teleported" into a completly black huge room/cave with a giant octopus at the bottom trying to kill you
4. Next level you get into an natural underwater cave labyrint with a not so easy to notice huge hole at one of the crossings. If you dare to swim through that crossing a GIGANTIC moray eel will dash out of the of the hole and crush you to instadeath with its jaws
5. You get into the future, and future the ocean looks different, bright but oddly cyan blue. And in the distance you see big oddly shaped things swim around at high speeds. When you get close to them you find out that these huge monsters are dolphins of the future. They got weird ugly bodies with spikes and are bruta and intelligent.

But because that wasn'T scary enough, there is a part where you swim through a huge bright cave rock tube and then there splits the way and you can choose between going left or right. If you got right and swim for a while you suddenly will take damage from something... invisible. You don'T know what, no sound, no movement, but if you try to swim back our away you will at seemingly random points take damage again.

and char-limit

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The first one is a fucking slog, but the 2nd one aged comparably to other pre-rendered Square stuff.

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>A-arigato, Barry-san! If it wasn't for you, I'd be a Jiru okonomiyaki!

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CT came out pretty late in 1995, there were plenty of games by then that are still somewhat spooky.

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This sounds scary as fuck

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Ecco Defender of the future - horrors part 2:
6. (I skipping some stuff) then you get further into the future into a giant glass tank in the middle of the future ocean. The tank is big as a skyscraper, A huge tube made out of glass that is completely closed off. The water of the ocean is extremly dark/black and dirty looking. If you jump out of the watersurface the sky is dark and poisenous looking and in the distance outside you see other giant tanks/containers peeking out of the water in the far distance. In that level you have to dive to the bottom of the ocean inside the tank.
7. then you got into a underwater metal pipeline and tanks labyrinth system with huge spinning rotor blades, futuristic weird sharks and scorpians crawling up on the walls of the tanks and jump onto you like homing missles, and then crawl on your body damaging you
8. then further into the future aside from meeting the weird underwater sea monsters, you have to fight the final boss a giant alien underwater monster. This isn't AS scary as in past ecco games BUT you have to kill it buy first making a hole into it'S body, dont remember how that happened thought, then you get into the body of the alien and swim inside the alien, fighting the alien heart and killing it. That's at least contra level weird if not mortal kombat.

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I really like this one. It's generally bland, but the sword and technique collecting is fun

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white day a labyrinth named school

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>Illbleed requires a high degree of intelligence to play
Oh shit now it makes sense, the game's not shit I'm just dumb.

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Nope. Was never scarry. Shit gameplay with some cool themes, but still shit.

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>SH1 has been retroactively considered a good game.
>When it was released was a 6'5-7'5 game.

This is bullshit, it was always considered an amazing game. I read the reviews. Not that you would ever need reviews, since you can just play the fucking game and compare it to other console games from 1999.

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>early teens
>haven't heard about the white dove trope present in film and literature
>haven't heard of white doves being released at funerals
>haven't seen a picture of a white dove
>haven't watched a single cartoon where one character was a white pelican

Were you one of Josef Fritzl's kids? How can you be this sheltered

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You seem surprised that 3rd world underage are ignorant.