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Just finished this, having found out it got rereleased semi-recently after so many years of the PC version being unplayable on modern hardware
I'd wanted to get into it since I played a demo as a kid but couldn't due to the aforementioned reason, and man do I regret waiting so long now

How does /vr/ feel about it?

Vivienne best girl

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I can't kill the final boss

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you have to either, use your special attack at just the right angle to hit him or just block his fireballs the shield you should have reflects them and despite being a giant ass demon he is actually WEAK to his own magic

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I bought this on gog years a go, looked like garbage compared to when I played it near release so I haven't bothered much with it. I'll have to check out the re release.

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Got stuck after the ice princess castle (I think) for the longest time, turned out that a key needed to progress somewhere else had dropped behind a piece of the foreground in her room (or maybe it was the room after).
Having to run through everywhere in the game click-dragging across the screen to loot everything you might have missed kinda sucked.

Also the rainy city maze is pretty hit-and-miss depending on if you're in the mood for it.

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Is the re-release only on Steam or GOG too? Soundtrack was GOAT:


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It's actually in a room where the exit is located in the corner of the throne room, and it's basically indistinguishable from the regular exit back into the room before it
That's the game's biggest problem, the pre-rendered backgrounds don't do a very good job in showing what's an exit or differentiating between two exits that are next to each other

Apparently it's both, but the GOG one worked fine for me

It was pretty neat that the final boss was actually somewhat challenging compared to the "spam Falcon to win" that was the rest of the game
One thing I don't understand though: what in the fuck was 'Nemesis' all about? Was he supposed to have been summoned by Glass or something?
It makes some sense if that's the case because of the ending where they're side-by-side, but that doesn't explain how he was able to fuse with David and go supermode on par with a literal god, or why the latter was okay with it and didn't ask any questions, almost as if the writers ran out of ideas right at the end and just wanted the finale to look cool without bothering to explain it

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Nemesis was the was the dude from the intro who cucked Silver and came to kill him after he murdered his wife. Pretty easy to forget about though as aside from a barely related scene where you find some smouldering armor that doesn't tell you anything, he never shows up until the end.

Nothing is ever really explained or foreshadowed about the "we have to merge" shit that goes down at the end.

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Oh fuck you're right, I totally did forget about the armor, that makes a lot more sense now in context
thanks anon

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Are the controls as ass as the combat looks?

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controls are actually pretty good, you really only need a mouse to play the game

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Monitoring. I've had this on Dreamcast forever but never seriously played it. The design is so similar to FFVII but the gameplay is so different it always put me off. I really do love ARPGs though.

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>Nemesis was the was the dude from the intro who cucked Silver and came to kill him after he murdered his wife

That's not what cuckoldry means. >>>/pol/

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It starts a bit rocky yeah, but once you get healing magic and actual party members it kicks off

Once you reach the monastery and get Cagen it REALLY kicks off and there are no brakes from there to the end, but that's around the halfway point

There are some low points like when the game is unclear that a certain dark path is even an exit you can take and the fucking stupid bell puzzle in Rain, but other than that the gameplay is pretty neat and an experimental type of ARPG- the goofy-looking character models just add to the charm, really

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playing through this again I never realized how much extra dialogue there is by having someone other than the MC initiate conversation

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>wanting more of the writing in Silver

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>Vivienne and Cagen instead of Jug and Chiaro

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Is this game a FF copy?

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It's a western game that pretty clearly was cribbing from the popular JRPGs of the day, so yeah.

You should see Shadow Madness, that one is even worse.

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I tried playing this game, but it crashed often, so I dropped it. Is the rerelease on GoG? If so, I might give it a try.

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there is a gog release, you have to frame limit anyway though as this game really does not like modern hardware

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