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Search your hearts, you know this to be true.

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Fact: Duke > SW > Blood

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>Blood after SW.
Neville Chamberlain was the last person as wrong as you are.

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Blood >= Duke > SW

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Shadow Warrior has retarded weapons and nonsensical enemies

Duke 3D all the way

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Duke had better level,weapon and enemy
Lo Wang is funny but not as funny as Duke
search your heart you know this to be true

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>Search your hearts, you know this to be true.
Are you the same anon who made that on DKC3 thread or is this some new /v/-tier meme?
OT I think they're both amazing games. Duke 3D has the most replay value and the best enemies but the level design and choice of weapons in SW is also good. I'd recommend both to any FPS fan. Never played Blood so not sure how that stacks up to both.

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>tfw can't make a list because every time you finish ranking them you remember something about the last game that you really love and have to start over
Not such a bad feel considering it just means I get 3 great games to play regardless

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>Never played Blood
don't blame you when DOSbox is your only option pretty much

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>he doesn't know

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it's not out yet

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its ok bb *huz*

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Any good Duke3D or Shadow Warrior mods that "just werks" and can be run on Linux (eduke32 or Shadow Warrior Redux on Steam)?

I like modern settings and would be good to have some new assets as well.

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Gee whiz anon, do I have some good news for you!

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Duke is better overall but Shadow Warrior has some things going for it

>better weapons
>better technology (tanks, turrets, other vehicles)
>better music

But the enemies are fucking annoying and Duke has better level design

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Just a warning to anybody new to Blood: this thing is glitchy af and is still very much in the production phase (still in beta actually). You'll get a lot of weird shit and idiosyncrasies happening that you won't see in the real game.

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While I agree that it's still in beta and not 100% finished, "a lot of weird shit an idiosyncrasies"? That seems a bit harsh, I've gone through the whole game and have not noticed anything major, except for some missing textures in the Cryptic Passage add-on and the occasional sprite jittering from time to time (that apparently got fixed in the latest version I linked to). Did you have some sort of other problem that stopped you from playing the game?

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*Also there aren't any voxels in the game yet so you'll miss out on some environmental details and other little shit (like weapon pickups etc won't be voxels, instead will just be sprites).

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Actually now that I think about it, there was a noticeable visual glitch happening when looking at certain ROR sectors. Guess I didn't think about it too much since I already know the game, but yeah, maybe I'd recommend waiting for a more stable version if you never experienced the game before. Other than that, if you're just an old Blood fan that wants to replay the game in full screen with 60+ fps, then you should definitely check it out, it's bretty gud.

Also this, although the guy behind the port said voxels (as well as cutscenes) will be coming in the next version.

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What kind of retard would even argue against this?

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I don't see why the suggestion is so outlandish.

I actually think all three BUILD engine giants are objectively equal. They each have their own strengths and qualities; which you like more simply comes down to personal preference.

Also the 'SW has bad level design' is a stupid meme, one that I only ever seem to come across on /vr/ (a board that really doesn't know jack shit about FPS in all honesty).

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Among fans of the build engine NAM is considered the best game to use build.
It goes NAM>Extreme Painbrawl>Tekwar>Witchhaven>Redneck Rampage>witchhaven>redneck deer hunting>SW>Duke>Blood

if you disagree you are autistic

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I think it's because the levels tend to be very small and complicated with lots of secrets and hidden things to find that are necessary to progress. I can appreciate it because I like a challenge, and have been playing FPS since Doom came out. It was made for people like me, not for people wanting an easy FPS game.

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Nam is an amazing game and the first M game i ever played

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Blood > Doom > Douk > Powerslave > Shadow Warrior

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Blood = Duke3D = Shadow Warrior

Three different and awesome universes with awesome BUILD engine gameplay.

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I still get radgasms when I think about popping open a fucking disc tray

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I only had witchhaven growing up... is Witchhaven a lot better? Makes me feel like I played some janky bootleg version of the game or something if it's supposed to be almost as good as Tekwar.

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I just came to say this is one of the worst lists I've ever come across

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I use dosbox to play all build engine games, its better than any of the source ports

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I always liked douk more. I found Shadow Warrior really eerie and creepy for some reason. It was probably because of the strange humanoid enemies with their strange monster faces. Also those goddamn rat gorillas or whatever they were.

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Can't we just love them all, it's all we have, there will never be another game made that captures the essence of these.

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You are all insane

You cannot put any of those above another

They are all Master-Piece Classics my Fronds

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But there is one in the making.

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Please fucking sauce

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I'm more of a Blood guy myself but 20 years ago I was doing nothing except playing SW and using the editor.

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Blood > SW > 'Nam > Duke

>There being anything wrong with dosbox.
I played Blood back in the day and dosbox is fine.

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>> 'Nam > Duke

Now you're just trolling.

Have you played WW2 GI ? It improves on NAM quite a lot imo.

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>falling for bait

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Same, except Shadow Warrior, for which I use Redux. SW runs really bad for me on DOSBox, but my system also blows so...

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Last night I had this weird dream where I had discovered some kind of beta version of 'Blood' where everything was different and the first level was this huge garage type place at night, and it ended with an Egyptian tomb. Not exactly sure what might have caused that.

By the way, I like SW the most with B in second.

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This game will be shit I can feel it. They're not gonna get what made the classics great. It's just gonna be another pile of shit 'indie' game. Avoid.

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>NAM better than anything

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Shadow Warrior
>Gorgeous levels
>Technically Superior
>More satisfying weapons
>Funnier MC
>Less hit-bullet enemies
>Less labyrinthian level design

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Duke>Blood>SW>Powerslave>Redneck Rampage Rides Again>Redneck Rampage>WWII GI>NAM

Still haven't played Witchaven 1 and 2 or Tekwar.

Redneck Rampage Deer Hunting is out of league because it's more of a hunting game than a FPS, but honestly it's really fun for what it is.

Extreme Paintball is out of league for being multiplayer only.

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you were dreaming about build engine prey

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Both WH's are good but 2 is the best

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WWII GI is worse than NAM imo

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Duke Nukem 3D > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Blood

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This looks like a shitty user mod.

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My heart just pumps blood. So I guess no, Duke is still on top since I searched rational arguments for it instead.

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Blood is the most overrated game ever. Ugly graphics and poor leveldesign with some gameplay glitches as well. The concept behind the train was OK, but the execution was less than impressive.

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I agree that Blood is way overrated but I do still think it's a damn good game.

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>extreme Paintbrawl
>redneck deer hunting

Your list is backwards, my sides

This guy gets it

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Anyone ever played Hunt for Bin Landen and the Hunt of Saddam Hussein

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Should I play PowerSlave on PC or PS1? I hear the Saturn version is the best but I don't own one.

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PC and console versions are entirely different games play both

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Play the DOS version. It's very underrated imo.

Watch out what you download. There are plenty of bad rips going on, including some glitchy beta ones which have plagued this game ever since release. So make sure you have a version with musics, and the date on the exe should be:
Powerslave: Dec 04 1996
Exhumed: Mar 19 1997

It's recommended to use Exhumed because it fixed a couple of glitches.

As for the console versions, play the Saturn version.
It works perfectly fine on emulators, I used Yabause and literaly the only difference was that the bg image was absent during loading times. Very minor. I've got the speedrun world record (only contestant) for the Saturn version on real hardware so I'd have noticed if there was any difference playing emulated in yabause, trust me, there isn't.

Then, play the PS1 version. It's a port of the Saturn version. If you ask me it's inferior in many ways, but it's still worth playing because it has many differences, including about 4 levels total which are completely changed and new.

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A long ass fucking time ago, it's like a dream now. I don't even remember if they were good or bad, just a lot of sand.

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Why were sky textures always so low res in BUILD engine games? Or in Doom for that matter. Couldn't they do higher resolution sky textures?

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RAM was a precious limited resource, bro

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>A long ass fucking time ago
in a town called Kickapoo

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man I loved the bin laden one when I was a kid, I dont know if its actually any good but it was one of the first duke nukem total conversions I ever played

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I've always felt that way. Lo is seriously funny and a cool character, Duke is pure cringe to me. SW also has much better enemy design and I like the weapons much more. That includes the shotgun by the way. I really dislike the DN shotty but for some reason people complain about the SW riot shotgun a lot. Why is that? Because of the huge spread and the unusual weapon design? I like it and think it's really refreshing, I especially love the alternative burst fire mode though, it really lets you rip through hordes of enemies fast, almost as fast as it burns through your ammo.

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isnt it dead?

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