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(My Opinion.)

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Let's play some Yarr's Revenge on that bitch.

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I agree (my opinion)

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Das a good opinion (my opinion)

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Well, Magnavox Odyssey 2 is also a fine console. Not too many games, but it's fine.

Atari 2600 is way more than good though.

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It's always been a good console and always will be. Games don't age.

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Even though I grew up with an Atari it never had much value to me. I feel like the only ones who appreciate it are people born in the 70's. Games never became good until the NES came around and they were perfected on the SNES. I still respect your opinion and I did have some good fun with ours back in the day but I have no desire to go back and play anything on it like I do with the NES and 16 bit generation.

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The Atari is perfect if you love simple, focused, arcade-style gameplay. It's even better if you're a fan of technological wizardry, because that console was pushed harder than almost any other piece of gaming hardware in history.
The NES heralded the end of an era. That was the generation when arcade-style games gave way to longer, more complex, more adventure and mission-focused experiences. Obviously you won't find that on Atari. But the atari is amazing at doing what it does.

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If a console cant output a resolution at least equal to the output video device then it's shit (my opinion)

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Cool. This is definitely the wrong board for you then. It also sounds like you don't understand analog video.

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it's awesome

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NES and SNES output at 240p. I guess that means those are shit, then?

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Damn right.

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Why wouldn't it be? System that doesn't age because the games are basic enough for anyone to get into them.

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As someone who was born in the 70's, I can safely say it's shit.

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I had a Colecovision with an expansion module #1 and while the Coleco games were more capable there were several 2600 carts I loved playing even then. Especially River Raid, Star Raiders and Yar's.

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own an atari 2600. a few months ago me and a friend played warlords for like an hour. theres something fun about the minimalism of the games and the imagination you use. "yo fuck green lets gang up on him. he a bitch" we had more fun playing that than modern games in a while.

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Depends on the games really there is alot of garbage for the console but there are some gems worth buying (ms pacman, astroids, space invaders, even donkey kong is not too bad).
>Games never became good until the NES came around
There were plenty of systems before the NES and even with the NES there was alot of fucking garbage on it, the minute you stray from capcom, konami, and nintendo you will see games get worse and worse.
>they were perfected on the SNES
The Sega genesis perfected it before the SNES got on store shelves for the fact that the company turned around in the US with good arcade ports making a console that is comparable to the arcade.

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It outputs a standard NTSC signal. If it didn't, consumer televisions wouldn't be able to display it.

There's no "resolution" on an analog television, anon. At least, not in the sense that you're implying.

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>This year the 2600 will be 40 years old

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It is. There are still quite a few games that are fun to play. Maybe not for autists who can only enjoy binge filling a pokedex but for people who enjoy a quick bit of fun it's perfect.
I think one of the main reasons it gets to much hate from younglings is the shit advice they get from their goto meme recommendation sources. Let's face it. If your first experience with the 2600 was Asteroids, Pacman, Defender, etc you'd think it was shit as well. Then you have dingi who put shit like defender in their top 10 and don't even mention stargate.

This and combat are just simple fun games, mainly because you play against friends. I think in another 40 years they'll still be fun.

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Atari was and still is the perfect drunk as fuck and you want to play video games system.

Back in 92 my buddy found his old 2600 and about 20 games in the attic of his parent's home. We hooked it up and got around 300 2600 games by just hitting thrift stores and flea markets. Games were a quarter to 50 cents each.

Had it hooked up in the buddy's living room and during a party people started playing it. That is when we all learned no matter how trashed you are you can still play Atari. Warlords,Freeway,Kaboom and Basketball were the most popular games at parties for a few years.

Then in 2005 Katrina hit and the atari along with what had to be 700+games by then got washed away by waves created by HAARP.

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I'm sorry anon. That must've been awful.

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I waved as my wife and her son floated away. Never to be seen again.

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I had never played atari until about five years ago and it's very quickly become one of my favorite consoles. You just need to enjoy those short burst arcade games like >>4038962 said. There's still people out there who didn't grow up with it that appreciate it, but it's definitely not your average retro enthusiast who is scared to touch anything that isn't NES or later.

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I find it odd that people who grew up with Atari are the ones who most often say it's shit, while younger players tend to say it's good. What's up with that?

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Pong is still one of the best multiplayer games ever made

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Kids on the internet lie? Poorfags grew up with with a hatred of the hand me down because their older brother wouldn't let them play on his SNES. If you weren't born before the mid 70's you didn't grow up with the 2600. You grew up in the aftermath.

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