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What went right?

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they found the right game to rip off

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a surprising amount of replayability.

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Not the boxart, that's for sure.

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Tell me more about this picture

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the setting was more futuristic and there were cyborgs running around.
chris was the only character to use, and dewey and gelzer took the place of rebecca and barry.
something about gelzer holding up the ceiling while you look for an off switch instead of barry kicking the door down.

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in general, resident evil has a lot of crazy development stuff.
devil may cry was originally going to be a part of RE and all that.

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3 releases, if you keep releasing a good game someone would notice.
>platinum/greatest's hits
>director's cut

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A few things that stand out two decades on:

>Characters, despite there only being a handful of real characters in the game, both Alpha and Bravo Teams have characters with concept art, names and brief backstory's. This results in curiosity and interest from players as to who these people where.
> Setting, the mansion is well designed and has plenty of atmosphere and dread. people want to see whats in it and why it is the way it is.
>Gameplay, Alone in the dark but better and with modern guns.

Game built a franchise, but RE2 made it, because that shit was like Empire Strikes back times 2.

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You know while i'm on the subject, can someone just tell me whats going on with the cover art? I know it was mid 90's but really whats going on? At the time it really sold the game as more "what the fuck this shit looks spooky" than it actually was.I guess it sold copies.

>tfw Resident Evil 2's Ex-Ray blurry Zombie face cover gave you Nightmares. 10/10 marketing.

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Pic related

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>Resident Evil 2's Ex-Ray blurry Zombie face cover gave you Nightmares
PAL privilege.

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Classic haunted house setting
Scarcity of ammo (unless you were a bitch and did the double ammo trick in the Director's Cut)
and healing items meant true survival gameplay
Branching paths & multiple endings
Classic cheese dialogue that is now videogame legend
It was good enough to give us some great sequels and a remake that is also considered a classic
Did I say classic enough?

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RE cover was done by Bill Sienkiewicz. How he managed to fuck it up I don't know.

Possibly his only shitty work.

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Bill fuckin' Sienkiewicz

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What game is that?

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Alone in the Dark

Not sure what OP is talking about, the two games are fairly different

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No, they're not. Resident Evil is just modern Alone in The Dark.

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>What went right?
Definitely not that cover.

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Which is the better game /vr/, remake or original? Pls provide arguments.


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No, they're not. Resident Evil is just different all together.

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REmake is better in every possible way

Is literally THE BEST remake ever made in the videogame industry

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so there's no point playing the original if you've played remake? :O

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Is it just me imagining or are Resident Evil games flavour of the month right now on virr? Been seeing a lot of threads lately.

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Eh, mechanically I have to give it to the remake but in terms of overall presentation I can't help but prefer the original.

The REmake took out a lot of the camp and played things a bit too straight and to be honest I miss a lot of the colors the original had. The remake palette is just so dry compared to the sharper colors in the original. I miss blue.

Plus I don't really think a lot of what remake added made shit better. Crimson heads are scarier at first but are just a pain in the ass later on when you have to waste slots on kerosene and a lighter all for an interim rank enemy when Hunters where fine and Lisa Trevor was shoe horned as fuck just for the sake of an occasional super monster like Nemesis.

Id strongly encourage playing both but the OG game just had a certain je ne sais quoi that you really can't recapture. The remake should be played to compliment the original not replace it.

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The original is still a good game. Maybe play it at least once if you're curious.

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Resident Evil took the concept of Alone In The Dark, yes, but it not only it improved it greatly, but it also brought a lot of its things to the table.

AITD had a very 'nerdy' theme, it was more of a literature geeks thing.

RE used a much more popular theme.
It came up with the 'survival horror' name, which is straight to the point, easy to understand, rather than "action-adventure game with a horror theme and survival gameplay mechanics". It's a very solid term for advertising.

The whole "play a movie" feel. This was already the case with AITD but in RE they really expanded, bet, on that and it works great. With the advance of CD format, this was when games were trying to be more like movies, RE wasn't the first, but they saw the "movie potential" games were starting to have before a lot others.

Compared to AITD, it also improved the controls, and made things more action oriented, in a very tight way. Combat was clunky in AITD, they got rid of it, and concentrated on guns. A start move, because on top of being a great survival horror, it can be a fun action game as well, which is something the AITD series tried with 2 and 3 but clearly failed at (and its other clones as well).

It also added different endings, different ways the story can unfold depending on the player's actions. Again that wasn't new, but the way RE did it was very effective, and again very influencial.

It also expanded on some gameplay mechanics to enhance the survival, like the whole inventory limit/deposit boxes thing.

Then on top of this, there is an excellent art direction, an excellent atmopshere.

And I'm just scratching the surface here. RE1 is a true masterpiece, and most of its clones, and even most of its sequels, failed to comprehend and reproduce everything that made it so great. Even RE2 for instance is missing a lot of things, and fails at others, even though it clearly tries to reproduce the formula 1 to 1.

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I don't recall the RE developers ever mentioning Alone in the Dark as a source of inspiration. The game they DID mention was Sweet Home.

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You need to realize one thing. Alone In The Dark were the one who came up with the technique of "using 3D models with pre rendered 2D backgrounds". They created that.
It inspired the entire industry for an entire decade, including games like Final Fantasy VII which re-used the technique.

In other words, they don't need to mention it. It really is fucking obvious. Plus, the "pre rendered backgrounds and 3D models" isn't the only thing RE takes from it.

Finally, Mikami DID admit it, but only after he left Capcom. It was Capcom's instructions to claim Sweet Home was the influence, because Sweet Home is by Capcom, it's better to claim "we ripped off a French game".

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Agree with this. REmake's additions are all fun but they don't fit into the structure of the original that well.

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>tfw you're old enough for RE to be considered 'retro'

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Gelzer and Dewey look like Metal Slug rejects

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What's this from? I like the style.

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A doujin.

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They were lucky enough to have a Charismatic Game Creator like Keiji Inafune working for Capcom at the time. He was the secret behind the game's success.

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So can we all agree that RE2 was the worst out of first three? No actual feel of threat, most annoying protagonists, abundance of ammo, weakest boss fights, overdone scenario system.

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>weakest boss fights
That was 3.

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maybe, but it's the one that most people know about.
or knew about, odds are when people think RE nowadays, they think of 4

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Hey fag do you recommend RE7 or not? Pls tell me if it's good, I'm thinking of getting it.

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The original is harder and uglier.

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I haven't played but honestly I don't really care. If I were to play a modern game I'd play Alien Isolation first.

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>I haven't played but honestly I don't really care
why nigga? why would alien isolation catch your eye just from looking at it but not RE7?

I mean I dont know what to expect from RE7, but just from seeing it it looks like it might have potential. I figured you to be more open minded about these things, so what turns you off so much about it just by looking at it?

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I like it better than the ones that came after 3

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Explain. Nemesis was much smarter than snakes and dumb Tyrant from RE2. and profesor something.

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Not to my memory, I played the REmake over 10 years ago and recently played the original a few months ago and the original seemed very easy compared to how I remember the REmake.

Redheads for one were an absolute bitch, hunters are way harder to blow back with shotgun and move more unpredictably and there are loads of moments not in the original that can fuck you up like the zombies coming through windows and completely blocking up a corridor

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>and uglier.
>An early PS1 game is worse looking than a Gamecube title

NOOOOOOOooooooooooooo. Really?

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Cool new gimmick

>cheesy horror movie

I rented it the weekend it was released in North America. Me and my buddy were like "WTF is this lol so cheesy". Everyone was talking about it. "Hey did you play that new horror movie game on Playstation?". I think it only really was taken seriously/established when RE2 came out. That was more complex, not as goofy, and "upgraded". The voice acting was so shit but that was the appeal, you'd be at school saying lines in a robotic voice to your friends. It was a new and original joke game that had a lot of legit gameplay attached.

You'll see this formula in other "disruptive" games. Remember when GTA3 came out? Or Mortal Kombat and it's fatalities? Katemari?
It had the "new cool thing" factor behind it by doing something completely new to gaming at that point, being a throw back to shitty horror genre. Sure 7th guest and alone in the dark were similar but it didn't have horrible voice acting and it wasn't as widely availble as RE was on launch. I've only ever seen alone in the dark in the back of gamepro magazine at that point, never was at blockbuster for rent until much later after its initial 3d0 release.

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Autoaim + Quick Turn make REmake easier.
You are right about crimson heads but you only need to fight one if you know what to do.

REmake was an early GC title and it looks better than anything in that console's library.

Crash is from the same year as RE1 and it looks better.

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>You are right about crimson heads but you only need to fight one if you know what to do.

The benefit of hindsight is always going to make games trivial. You're not gonna know what to do the first run through unless you played with a guide like a faggot.

And Crash did not look better

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I love REmake but honestly both games have a completely different feel to me. I love both alomst as much, but I think I like the original a bit more.

What are you even doing on this board if you believe this is always true?
>why would alien isolation catch your eye just from looking at it but not RE7?

Maybe because I've learnt not to expect anything from Resident Evil for a while now.

Also, first person survival horror have existed since before AITD, and they outlived the AITD/RE style, but clearly Alien Isolation gave an entire new audiance to the genre. I genuinely doubt RE7 would have been what it is without Ailen Isolation, which is why I'd rather play that one first.

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What are you smoking? The entire graphical setup plus control scheme is identical. Gameplay and setting is very similar as well (tank controls, haunted mansion, zombies that you shoot, puzzles, etc).

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>The entire graphical setup [...] is identical.

RE1's atmosphere and art direction is more about claustrophobia, while in REmake it's your basic grimdark stuff.

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Don't be contrarian. RE2 is possibly the best in the ENTIRE series, only contending with the original for the title.

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Thanks namefag, thanks for not reading the convo and answering with something utterly irrelevant. Namefags prove their worth yet again.

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You can say they have the same theme and location, sure, but the art direction is completely different. So "graphical setup" is just misleading if you meant the above.

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It is from a time when CAPCOM wasn't CRAPCOM yet. Makes you wonder why they didn't milk that yet as in CAPCOM Vs CRAPCOM

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"This case was weird...this case was..."

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thank you for VALUABLE input

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>Maybe because I've learnt not to expect anything from Resident Evil for a while now.
You didn't like RE4?

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>most annoying protagonists
but claire is a total qtp2t. whats your problem with leon?

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Thanks namefag, thanks for not reading the convo and answering with something utterly irrelevant. Namefags prove their worth yet again.

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Not him, but RE4 just is not RE. We who liked the originals got something completely different that changed the whole series in to another thing.

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I liked the originals but I liked RE4 too. :O

2bh I prefer RE4, but that's because I prefer more gameplay orientated games. I could see why a fan of the originals would dislike it though, fair enough.

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>but claire is a total qtp2t. whats your problem with leon?
personality of a brick. at least RE1 had Barry. and can be justified due to being older. They had lot of time to improve characters for RE2, and all they came up with is a stupido in a pink outfit, Ada and Leon the bricks, and some random fat guy that dies. and fucking sherry

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Is it true she's only 16?

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ada's hot af too. you must have the gay disease 2bh anon

lol every re character is basically a brick 2bh

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what's her name again?

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Ink Ribbon limited save system.

When I first played Resident Evil in early 1997, the fact I couldn't save whenever I wanted made the game that much more intense. By the time I made it to the guard house, I was out of ribbons and decided to restart the game to horde a bunch of them and not use them in crappy places like I had in my first run through. Even still, from the guard house onward I was freaking out about saving my progress and only finished my first play through with 3 or so ribbons left.

This was a really awesome game mechanic.

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I can't quite articulate why. I love the original's cheesy voice acting, color palette, glitchy 3D models over prerendered early 3D backdrops, I love the music and they way it sounds (the soundfont? I dunno what it's caled), I love the FMVs, I love the "easy" difficulty of the game and pretty much everything about it. First time I played it was a total delight.

Remake is... good. But I don't like the darker, neutral color palette. I HATE the crimson heads, they just add some unneeded difficulty and are annoying (taking up inventory slots for kerosene and a lighter is shit). I hate that some door-handles can break. The part with the explosive that will burst (and kill you) if you run is bullshit. Lisa or whatever she was called felt shoehorned in and extremely out of place. The new areas are fine, but they didn't do too much for me. It's a good remake, and as such, the differences from the original are quite noticeable. It is NOT the exact same game but better.

And to fully enjoy Remake, playing the original is necessary. So go play it. I recommend the DS version.

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I came to agree with this. The original just has something that the remake doesn't, and I think that not every design change made the game more fun for me.

I think what it comes down to is that the original RE is so ambitious for the time, but at the same time the type of game it was hadn't really been done before. Because of that, there's a feeling of creativity and experimentation throughout the whole game as they explore what a survival horror might be. The remake is so deliberate and refined that it loses all the rough edges and surreal tone in favor of a more straightforward horror experience.

I would not argue that RE:Make is a superb game, but it never resonated with me personally the way RE1 did.

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too bad Alone in the Dark is a garbage series.

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It's terrible.

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I love all mainline Resident Evil games. I felt 7 was the worse. My main problem with it was the lack of gameplay. The first five hours are basically a movie and there's not that much to do later on. The combat is very basic and clunky and the exploration isn't anything we haven't seen before.

It gets scary and the graphics are nice, but it's barely a game.

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A lot of bad games have good ideas.

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Hipters asked for P.T. and they got it.

>> No.4041897

Not in my RE motherfucker

RE ripping off SH is a new low, after 6 that's saying something

>> No.4041913

5 and 6 were amazing experiences with my ex when we were both huge gamers. Playing split screen was fun as hell. Both were pretty awful 1 player games and were not survival horror, but damn fun with a friend for split screen.

>> No.4041941

>it's fun with friends

>> No.4041942

You make me fucking sick to my stomach

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Well, is better than Silent Hill ripping off Diablo.

>> No.4042085


I read it in her voice. It's not super memorable as a line, but it's etched in my memory.

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How:s raccoon city on ps3? Its 3 bucks and I already bought all other re games.

>> No.4042148

It will make you hate life

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Well, thanks for the advice. I didn't buy it and the sale ended. I'm sorry this isn't retro, bit revelations 2 is an okay game, Its kinda fun but not like the old games.

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What makes you give the slight edge to the original?

>RE1 is a true masterpiece, and most of its clones, and even most of its sequels, failed to comprehend and reproduce everything that made it so great.
RE1 is your favourite? When you say RE1 do you specifically mean RE1, or do you include REmake with that statement?

I thought your favourite was RE3 btw. You seem to talk about that one the most from what I've seen.

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Well not him but the original was, well, original. Even for as good as the remake was you can't recapture the first time feeling even when you add knew stuff.

RE1 was a whole new kind of game and while later installments would certainly improve the formula they never had that first time mind blow. You can chalk it up to nostalgia or timing if you want games went through a insane kind of change around that time that we still haven't seen again.

>> No.4042675

What if you played REmake first? Would you then like REmake over RE1?

I played RE2 as a kid first, thought it was good. Then I played CV years later, thought it was better (I know /vr/ generally doesn't like CV but that's how I remember feeling about it). Many years later (like four years ago) I played RE4 and that became my favourite, probably still is.

A few days ago I played through REmake for the first time (never played the original) and that became my favourite easily over RE2 and CV. My point is that you don't necessarily have to like the first one you played just because it was the first one; wasn't the case for me senpai.

>> No.4042710

>What if you played REmake first?

Then chances are unless you've been living under a rock you've still played other 3D games prior.

the thing is what makes Resident Evil special is about more than just Resident Evil. It broke new ground and practically invented the survival horror genre and essentially made 3D adventures games a viable market.

My point is that someone coming off of game systems like the SNES and Genesis are experience a far more drastic shift in style than someone who jumped on with their gamecube.

RE is the Wright Brothers plane, of course other games may be more advanced and mechanically better but at the end of the day only one of them is something brand new that changed the world.

>> No.4042726

>Then chances are unless you've been living under a rock you've still played other 3D games prior.
I've been gaming since 1990 thanks. You didn't understand the point of my question at all.

>> No.4042729


Sure you have. And you don't understand the point of my response.

>> No.4042765

Well it basically popularized a genre.
Never played it but I'm glad RE did then.
Original is better.

>> No.4042767

You basically said here >>4042657 that people prefer RE1 because they played it first. I simply asked then that if those same people had played REmake first instead would they still prefer RE1 over the new one i.e. does RE1 hold up on its own merits as the better game or is it simply due to nostalgia.

Stop being such a sperg anon.

>> No.4043594

Amazing how big a difference 6 years can make

>> No.4043613

back then yes, not anymore

>> No.4043635

>that people prefer RE1 because they played it first

No I said that shift in technology and game play styles was a far greater change than for people who started playing on the cube.

also You asked a hypothetical so do be shocked when people respond with one.

>> No.4043643

>RE is the Wright Brothers plane, of course other games may be more advanced and mechanically better
This statement is so horrible misinformed it's not even funny. The original RE is a lean, well oiled machine that still holds up today and arguably has better progression than any other survival horror game before or sense. While RE has a labyrinthine construction with progress being doled out in a more open-ended fashion with each key opening up up a new section of the mansion to backtrack to and explore, every other series and sequel is more linear with it's progression with there being the occasional branch in the pathway and a seldom quick double-back for a key item to unlock the next section of progress. Even REmake falters as everything new feels extraneous and trite, felling more like an addition to a house than part of it. It's all extra and sometimes detrimental to the flow established in the original. Lisa feels tacked on, Aqua Ring feels tacked on, tasers/knifes are unsubstantial, crimson heads redundant. The Kitty Hawk was an ideal and a proof of theory, Resident Evil is more like B-52 bomber, 65 years in the air and still counting

TL;DR: Resident Evil stands on its own and not solely as a foundation for greater things.

>> No.4043647

Well I simply that if those same people had played REmake first instead would they still prefer RE1 over the new one i.e. does RE1 hold up on its own merits as the better game or is it simply due to nostalgia.

Apparently you're too much of a sperg to have a normal conversation. Haha.

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>> No.4043693

>No I said that shift in technology and game play styles was a far greater change than for people who started playing on the cube.
That doesn't answer the question though you magnificent autistic dickhead.

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>for people who started playing on the cube.
I'm 31 this month. Started gaming in 1990, the first console I ever played on was the Atari 2600. I played RE2 on N64, CV on PS2, RE4 remaster on PS3 and recently I've played the REmake remaster for the first time ever on PS4. I've never played RE1.

If someone hasn't played RE1 and played REmake first, it doesn't mean that person started playing video games on the Gamecube. I'm sorry you're such an autistic retard but this concept shouldn't be this difficult to grasp.

Ah fuck it I don't even give a shit. I was only trying to have a simple discussion and get some more insight into RE1 but 4chan is what it is and stunted social retards are inevitable.

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>> No.4043720


What's the most high resolution version of the cover out there?

I want to make a poster printed off.

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Do you think her feet are stinky? I'd like to smell them.

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because of this goon... until he ruined the series with 4

>> No.4044160

I first played RE1 when I was like 10 or something I got to the first zombie in the hallway with Jill and it scared the shit out of me, I honestly had probably never even seen a zombie before. I threw up my dinner later that night I was fucking terrified. Anything that can effect me on that level must be doing something right.

>> No.4044397

i thought he didn't have much to do with 4 outside of the original draft that eventually turned into devil may cry.

>> No.4044471

Isn't he the asshole that fucked up that Mighty Number 9?

>> No.4044481

Don't listen to these fucks. If you want to risk it, get it on sale. No it wasn't like the others in the series and that was the point. The only people who truly bitched about it are the nostalgia fags who will never accept that classic RE is not coming back or the action junkies who liked 4 - 6 above the rest and said it was too slow. But its not saying much though because it's well known RE has one of the most toxic fan bases out there. Its amazing that Capcoms staff isn't a bunch of alcoholics having to listen to these dipshits.

>> No.4044485

I don't understand how you people can't comprehend that the series was stagnant after CV. Even the developers themselves said morale was low because they were sick of making the same old shit.

>> No.4044604


he's the asshole who made 4 million bucks off of retards

>> No.4044615

That would be another way of putting it, yes.

>> No.4045182

I think what made REmake easier was of course auto aim but also the fact they updated the map system to inform the player if they have exhausted all of the items from any particular room. I was they would have restricted that mechanic to easy mode.

>> No.4045238


>Series was stagnant after CV
>Remake came after CV and it is objectively the best

It also made more profit for Capcom in the re-release for PS4, XBONE and PC than RE6

>> No.4045350

>Alone In The Dark were the one who came up with the technique of "using 3D models with pre rendered 2D backgrounds". They created that. It inspired the entire industry for an entire decade, including games like Final Fantasy VII which re-used the technique.
Holy shit, are you for real? Taking a really basic concept from real life (which was used for decades in movies and fucking centuries in theatre) and implementing it in digital form is so mind boggling invention that nobody can come up with it on their own, right? I bet you think that every developer using skybox is "ripping of" the first europoor shitgame that "invented" it, you retarded frog slurping faggot.

>> No.4045358

I'm glad too anon

>> No.4045389

I bet you think the invention of scrolling was no big deal either because "it exists in real life and cinema".

>> No.4045425


>> No.4045439

>streamlined map and completely abandoning item management
>increased gameplay

>> No.4045447

>item management


Also, RE is just a streamlined Alone in the Dark to begin with.

>> No.4045454

Item management in RE was pretty poor though.

>> No.4045472

Implementation of scrolling was a big deal, because unlike prerendred backgrounds it required hardware innovations. "Invention" of scrolling as a concept, of course wasn't because it's basically a moving camera, and guess what, nobody claims that games with scrolling camera were ripping of the one that did it first, probably because sidescrolling games fans don't have their own monument of autistic faggotry like NESfag.

>> No.4045498

Remake is unreal. The only thing original has over it for me is that I was a kid scared of everything and it made playing the original really intense.

You're lying at this point if you say 1 is better.

>> No.4045535


>> No.4045581

The year is 1991. 3D games are in enfancy.

A smart guy comes up with the idea to use 2D pre-rendered backgrounds with changing camera angles, mixed with 3D models, to give the impression of a full 3D, textured and detailed environment to explore, and this with minimal hardware requirements.
The impression it gave was like a jump of several years in the future.

So yes, it was quite a big deal. Because he came up with the idea first, and made it work, in 1991, he derseves credit for that.
If it wasn't so great, it wouldn't have influenced the entire industry for more than a decade, and that includes Resident Evil of course, but much more than that, as a random example even FF7/8/9 picked it up rather than going full 3D with everything.

>> No.4045656

Give em hell nesfag

>> No.4045795

>A smart guy
Maybe he is, but definitely not because he faked 3D environment with 2D backgrounds.

>Because he came up with the idea first, and made it work, in 1991, he derseves credit for that.
When the idea is so basic that anyone can come up with it, he only deserves credit for being first, not for being influential.

>it wouldn't have influenced the entire industry for more than a decade
And it didn't. People didn't need to be aware of AITD to use this method, as faking of 3D scenes with the same principle was done long before video games and computers were created, as I mentioned earlier.

>> No.4046079

Yes, you can carry limited items so you must determine what is best to take with you each time you leave a save room. Carry too little fire power and you are more vulnerable to enemies, carry too much and you won't be able to carry anything else and ultimately won't get much accomplished.

How so?

>> No.4046345

>two bosses in the entire game
>fought multiple times

>> No.4046403

I hate this cover art, but I think everything went right on this one, I mean... it's just great

>> No.4046578

By the time REmake came out, Capcom was already balls deep in developing RE4 so they were already switching gameplay by that point. Not to mention that DMC was originally going to be a RE which shows that they were going to go another route around the release of CV. So yes, they knew they had to revitalize the series.

Also REmake didn't sell as well as hoped because of the Gamecube exclusivity. Same with RE4, hence the port to PS2. But yea, it did sell very well on the remasters but thats comparing it to around 14 years after its initial release and people were excited for classic RE.

Hell, I remember old game magazines would bitch in their reviews of RE3 and CV that is was pretty much same ol shit without any major advances in gameplay. The only game this excluded was maybe Outbreak and that was only because of the online feature. Which still didn't pan out well for them.

>> No.4046607


It's just a trace of Bill Paxton RIP

>> No.4046610

>DMC was originally going to be a RE
I've heard that they changed the game to a new IP because Mikami thought that it was too action oriented to be RE4.

>> No.4046618
File: 223 KB, 405x381, Ryuuko ug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it was too action oriented to be RE4.

and yet it all happened anyways, what the hell happened

>> No.4046623

>REmake didn't sell as well as hoped because of the Gamecube exclusivity. Same with RE4, hence the port to PS2.
I wish they ported REmake instead. I'm sure the current games would be different.

>> No.4046630

I wished for it too at the time. I think Nintendo had some timed contract on REmake though. Not sure but would make sense seeing how fast Capcom shit out the remaster because of how many people never had GC/Wii to play it

>> No.4046652

Mikami works in misterious ways.

They went through 3 prototipes before the decided to make the RE4 we know today:
>Devil May Cry
>Leon exploring a castle with ghosts and hallucinations. It was scraped because consoles weren't powerful enought at the time.
>Leon exploring a castle with an enemy costantly chasing him like another Nemesis or a Clock Tower villian.

>> No.4046669

Nintendo had the Capcom 5 deal of exclusivity and that went south quickly. I don't understand why the kept RE0 and REmake exclusive after that.


>> No.4046686

I knew they had some deal with Nintendo at the time. But yea I dont understand not porting the two either. Maybe there were hardware limitations and they just said 'fuck it'

>> No.4046690
File: 3.14 MB, 1680x1050, claire_redfield_re_dc_wallpaper_by_vicky_redfield-d4s699e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We might have gotten the RE2make back when there was less chance of it being terrible

>> No.4046702

I think Capcom is trying to turn themselves around and are really trying to listen to the fans. RE6 is what broke the camels back and they knew it.

I have faith in them with REmake 2. Granted if they fuck it up, then I will never give them the light of day again.

>> No.4046719

The REmake/Zero engine worked with 3D models over FMVs. It's not very resource intensive, Fear Effect did that on PS1.
I'm sure it's cancelled, Capcom is ignoring REmake 2 for the longest time and Tim Turi keeps ignoring me on Twitter.

>> No.4046723

I like 6 better than the P.T. rip off.

>> No.4046727

I know about the whole FMV thing but just saying that games are complex and could have been limitations we don't know about. RE4 had a lot of textures downgraded to work on PS2, so its possible they had tried on RE and it just wasn't up to par.

>> No.4046734
File: 56 KB, 303x272, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4046751

>RE4 had a lot of textures downgraded to work on PS2
Capcom needed the money and they didn't care to downgrade RE4, so it make no sense to not port every popular game they had.

>> No.4046765

>I'm sure it's cancelled,

Maybe it's for the best. I really want it but I don't trust them to make it good

>> No.4046824

He wasn't even an executive producer on any of them until RE4 and his decision to port the game to PS2 cost Capcom Shinji Mikami's employment.

>> No.4046840

The only thing that might had been objectionable were the MO Readers that looked like GameCube consoles, but those were fixed in the newer HD ports. Most likely Capcom probably didn't see much of a reason to port them to begin with until recent years. They did underperformed in sales initially.

>> No.4046846

Excellent voice acting :P

>> No.4046875

>When the idea is so basic that anyone can come up with it, he only deserves credit for being first, not for being influential.
>People didn't need to be aware of AITD to use this method

Bullshit. Noone used the technique before and as soon as AITD come out tons of games do. Even at the time devs were aware of what was going on in the world of video games, not to mention AITD was a very successful (and influencial) series that spawned several sequels and clones, before RE1 even came out.

>> No.4046885


How does that require that you suddenly turn the game into an over-the-shoulder third person action games with a completely new set of enemies (Las Plagas)? It has nothing to do with RE except a cut&pasted character. Change Leon and it literally has nothing to do with RE. Doesn't look like it, doesn't play like it, doesn't feel like it. Why even call it RE? It's just a money-thing, which of course is disingenuous because it sets up expectations.

>> No.4046919
File: 176 KB, 550x550, 56547%20-%20jill_valentine%20Resident_Evil%20Resident_Evil_3%20sawao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I think the big problem is that while series do get standard there's this perverse fanboy refusal to ever let anything end. Maybe RE was past it's prime and maybe it was getting stale.

I think the bigger solution really is to just let the series end on a good note and move onto making something new.

Like was said, if the new RE's barely resembling the series and if the people making them are tired of it then the only thing it's being kept alive for is brand name recognition and a game selling on solely a brand should be exactly the last thing fans want for it.

>> No.4046920

Mikami wanted to do an action game ever since RE1. Not as a RE sequel mind you, RE sequels are Capcom's decisions, not the Mikami's. But in interviews dating from even before the release of RE1 he already mentionned his intention to do an action game enxt.

He must have begged Capcom during years... and they only let him do it with RE4.

>> No.4047032


I wish people wouldn't say this.

>> No.4047036

i used to have nightmares about tyrant coming to kill me. he never actually did, but they left that fear feeling.

i didnt even play the fucking game past the first few rooms, i watched my step dad play.

>> No.4047038

most of this can apply to re7

>> No.4047351

RE1 is a glorious game. Very challenging on your first playthrough, genuinely nerve wracking due to limited saves, 1-hit kill enemies, 1-hit kill events, and what seems like practically no ammo.
Nowadays when I play it, i end the game with a crazy surplus of ammo, stop picking up ink ribbons after a while, and can dodge almost everything.
The atmosphere is excellent, the journey from start to end is well paced and well designed. It takes you a long time to reach the lab if you don't know where to go, and when you do it's very rewarding and feels like shits about to go down.

I adored the REmake. Some of the best art design I've ever seen, the most beautiful horror title ever made, and filled with excellent descisions. One of the very few games which starts off very difficult but get's easier as you go on.
If I had a gun to my head i would probably choose the original as my favourite, purely for nostalgia reasons.

>> No.4047546

I'm curious about the AITD clones. Any names?
I'm only familiar with RE and Ecstatica.

>> No.4047604

Yea but going back to the original statement, they may have just wanted to push RE4 because they felt REmake didn't sell well because of the series' stagnation at that time.

Also I don't think they were hurting for money at the time. Could be wrong though

>> No.4047609

Perhaps they should have let it die there. But I give credit to Capcom for taking a bold approach to changing it up. With RE4 and RE7, which both completely peaked peoples interest in the series again. I don't really think that theres a series thats as diverse in gameplay as RE.

>> No.4047619

Of course its a money thing. If you make the same thing over and over people lose interest and stop buying your product. Changing gameplay was a necessary evil that worked out in the end. I don't if people posting stuff like this is underage or what but in the early 2000s RE was starting to become an industry joke. The only options was cancel the series or take it in radically new direction.

>> No.4047647

Back to your own analogy, retard, there was no games with scrolling camera before Konami's Scramble, does that mean that all games released after, including Super Mario Bros and Dragon Quest are inspired by it?

>> No.4047658


>Noone used the technique before and as soon as AITD come out tons of games do.

Maybe because AITD came out in 1992. It wasn't a popular concept beforehand because the technology wasn't there to do it properly.

>> No.4047676

>Prior to the five, the company had announced expected losses of US$103 million for fiscal year 2002, largely due to poor sales and extended development times, and ultimately posted over US$163 million in losses.

From the Capcom Five Wikipedia article.

>> No.4047680

Ah I see. But they seemed to recoup their losses after PS2 port and subsequent REs not to mention other ports. Seem to be doing well.

Whats funny is that they didn't seem to think that REmake remaster was going to do well but sold so well it convinced them to do the RE2 remake. Also Chris DLC for RE7 was delayed because of the sales and massive support from fans. So they wanted to work on it more.

>> No.4047685

I'm not >>4046875
But yeah, they are inspired directly or indirectly by Scramble.

>> No.4047687

>The combat is very basic and clunky
isnt that true of the early REs too?

>> No.4047689


>Whats funny is that they didn't seem to think that REmake remaster was going to do well but sold so well it convinced them to do the RE2 remake

15-16 years later

>> No.4047693

They changed their development policy after the Capcom Five debacle.
>The first was to focus on multi-platform releases.
>Second, Capcom needed to streamline development. Resident Evil 4 was a case in point, beginning development in 1999 and going through four discarded versions by the time of its 2005 release.
>The third lesson was to focus on old franchises rather than create new ones; Resident Evil 4 was the only unmitigated commercial success of the five and also the only game based on an existing property.

>> No.4047696


I was talking about the PC/PS4/XBox1 release

>> No.4047697

Just shut the fuck man. You got schooled. Learn to be gracious in defeat you retarded neckbeard. Maybe that will allow you to grow up a bit and stop being a neckbeard.

>> No.4047707

>turbosperglord has spoken

>> No.4047742

Does it still hurt not being able to provide a counterargument, Pif le chien?

You are as much retarded as the autismo, then.

>> No.4047760

I'm not the one who was arguing with you emperor neckbeard. Just a casual observer of a faggot getting decimated.
>Pif le chien
Could you be more fucking gay?

>> No.4047765

Are all Resident Evil threads like this? This community is seriously AIDS. The neckbeards itt are some of the crustiest I've encountered yet on /vr/. Has a very cripchan feel to it. How many of you are cripchan posters?

>it's well known RE has one of the most toxic fan bases out there. Its amazing that Capcoms staff isn't a bunch of alcoholics having to listen to these dipshits.
I hear you.

>> No.4047789

>With RE4 and RE7

Maybe 4 but from what I can see people have already forgotten about 7

plus how bold are you really for still using a title that can break the million games mark easy. Seems to me the bold move would be putting your faith in a new IP

>> No.4047790

>getting decimated
By that >>4045581 increased amount of asslicking without addressing any of points I've made? You must be just a fellow offended frog, be sure to cover up your buttblast to not being mistaken for a terrorist attack.

>> No.4047815

IIRC it was actually because he didn't want to introduce the paranormal into an already established franchise

>> No.4047823

>You are as much retarded as the autismo, then.
I'm a game designer. We know when we are copying other game. We are expected to play games from other companies and copy what works.

>> No.4047837
File: 387 KB, 1920x1080, re2ob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can agree with that statement. RE fans are the worst, I am one. Can't talk about anything except shit on modern games and keep buying them anyway.

For my blogpost I want to talk about Resident Evil Outbreak though. This game was amazing (is). I know Xbox gets a lot of credit for popularizing console gaming, and I had one, but i spent far more time online in Socom, Resident Evil Outbreak, and Jak X Combat Racing for PS2. And the online was free!

The only problem was it has absolutely massacred by the technology at the time. To get between room load times of less than 13 seconds you had to buy a hard drive, and to communicate in the lobby afterwards you needed a USB keyboard. Of course hard drive people and DVD people had separate rooms. Aside from that the online wasn't so great. You can still play the game on the fan server, and people will be quick to point out how shit it is, but honestly it isn't THAT much worse than the real servers were.

Really though there hasn't been a game like this since, not even close. I am hoping with the success of REREmake and Zero (even though zero is shit) they will put out something similar, or at least throw together an HD Collection of the two games that already exist. Its not like they'd need to find their own online host again.

>> No.4047860

>Xbox gets a lot of credit for popularizing console gaming
The PS2 sold a hundred million more units than the Xbox you revisionist cunt.

>> No.4047901

should have been an online in there

>> No.4047906

>I'm a game designer
Sorry, but unless you're a Japanese, that actually gives you less authority on the topic.

>> No.4047909

>unless you're a Japanese

>> No.4047940

It did, but PS2 online was garbage

>> No.4047945

>Can't talk about anything except shit on modern games and keep buying them anyway.

Don't fucking lump me in with you, I haven't bought an RE game since 4

>> No.4047946

Bold because you can alienate fans by fucking up the series by changing it. Which is exactly what happened but it was for the best I suppose. But yea, taking risk on new IPs are always ballsy. Capcom knocked it out the park on Dragons Dogma though.

>> No.4047979

Sorry I'm a white ideas thief.

>> No.4048203

it's more that most of /vr/ hates anything new.

>> No.4048824
File: 161 KB, 1200x900, deal_with_it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People misconstrue what pre-render means. Yes, the backgrounds are pre-rendered but still takes hardware to do other shit (i.e. lighting, torches, etc.). Not to mention that the models were extremely detailed for the time. Also its not like the backgrounds were made of fucking JPEGs, theres more shit going on under the hood. I just think that the PS2 couldn't handle it and they didn't want to fuck with it.

Sadly they are ALL like this. Entering one is like purposely injecting cancer cells into your body.

Can't sell millions when fucktards like you are stopping nigh of murder to prevent people from trying the new games.

>> No.4048864

>I liked the originals but I liked RE4 too. :O
I mean, it is still a fantastic game regardless of not feeling like RE.

>> No.4049023

>Can't sell millions when fucktards like you are stopping nigh of murder to prevent people from trying the new games.

wait what?

>> No.4049735
File: 48 KB, 618x312, resident-evil-logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I play through this fucker on real survivor or is that too autistic to do?

Beat it for the first time ever a few days ago, played on on normal difficulty with Jill, then replayed it again immediately with Chris on Hard. What are your thoughts on real survivor? Sound ridiculously tedious but I just want more RE goddammit.

>> No.4049739 [DELETED] 

*I really wish they allowed you to skip the door animations in this game desu. That's my only issue with it, shit is annoying.

>> No.4049743

*I really wish they allowed you to skip the door animations in this game desu. That's my only issue with it, shit is annoying. the inventory management is tedious as well, obv, running back and forth to a box just to pick up one more thing etc.

>> No.4049801

>>Leon exploring a castle with ghosts and hallucinations. It was scraped because consoles weren't powerful enought at the time.
It was scraped because too much "RE"
People grew tired of survival horror

>> No.4050624

That's not why it was scrapped

>> No.4050626

Fuck off

>> No.4050901

Alone in the Dark = H P Lovecraft
RE = George Romero meets Stephen King

>> No.4051116

make me

>> No.4051163

it should have died at 3, cv is shit

>> No.4051164

Mikami is an overrated hack.

>> No.4051193

>implying japs didn't steal everything to make their own rpgs from the west

>> No.4051287

what kind of a megautist enjoys unskippable door animations? jesus christ

>> No.4051381

Vote for you're favourite Resident Evil game.


>> No.4051482

This is shared with vee btw.

You can argue with them here: >>>/v/379696446

>> No.4051516


Underage taste, worst board

>> No.4051536

>some contrarian fuckwads actually voted for VII

>> No.4051540

He's just an edgelord, upset that people recognize VII for what it is.

>> No.4051557

Anybody looking forward to the RE2 remake?

I don't see this game doing well financially btw. REmake came out at a time when the video game community still wasn't composed of total ADHD retards. Classic Resident Evil is just far too archaic for the modern video game community.

>> No.4051561

>implying it will be "classic"

This being said RE7 did well and and we're back to a time in which survival horror can be best sellers (Alien)

>> No.4051568

you got it wrong.
REmake didn't do so well partially because of the gamecube only, and at that point, people were a bit tired of the old style of resident evil.
the recent ports on the other hand, sold an assload because multiple platforms, and people wanted classic RE again.
the fact that it sold so well is likely the whole reason they are remaking 2 in the first place.

>> No.4051569

>>implying it will be "classic"
Isn't it gonna be the same thing as REmake was, just for RE2 instead?

Alien Isolation or RE7 didn't sell that well either m8, not compared to the original Resident Evils did. Original RE1 and its DX on PSX alone had nearly 10 million sales. Even still AI and RE7 are still modern game designs, not like the original REs were.

>> No.4051602

Was the 'alternate' control scheme that's present in the recent REmake remaster also available in the original Gamecube release?

>> No.4051740


>> No.4051762

damn nigga we casul nao

>> No.4052410

itll be shit just like ff7 will be
too many impossible expectations from fans

>> No.4053690

From what I've seen the overwhelming consensus is that the fans want it almost exactly like what they did with REmake.

>> No.4053749

I've played through most but never played 4, got it recently but haven't played it. Honestly though out of all of RE games I've played 5 is my favourite.

>> No.4053909


>> No.4053936

Not him, but on hardest difficulty it's a magnificent coop game, probably the best 2 player game from 7th gen. Personally I find it silly to rate TPS and classic RE together, but I think 5 is better than 4 and 6.

>> No.4053953
File: 157 KB, 1024x768, da wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You know what? I unironically really really like Dead Aim

>> No.4054141

It has the best save room

>> No.4055373

Yeah, is what I would like. The same engine than the HD port of the remake and the gameplay of the original PS1 game.

>> No.4055449 [DELETED] 


fuck year :^)

>> No.4055647


>> No.4055696

I'd kinda like REmake style but with live 3D environments like Code Veronica.

>> No.4055719

somewhere... nesfag just violently twitched

>> No.4055750
File: 811 KB, 798x480, carslife2fun1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4055907
File: 35 KB, 624x351, _76602402_felix-klieser_2014-02-13_15-40-30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every time.

>> No.4056027
File: 32 KB, 453x500, a9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that comment section

>> No.4056595


>> No.4056649
File: 17 KB, 438x469, laughing stars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Replies over 200 posts and 10 days later

>> No.4057307
File: 35 KB, 645x773, 1447827447265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no REmake 2 news at e3

>> No.4057391
File: 40 KB, 900x900, angry_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's probably in development hell
>tfw Alyson Court will

>> No.4057396

not be VO for Claire

>> No.4058880

>Non immersive 3D backgrounds
>Immersive pre-rendered backgrounds
Pick one

>> No.4058882
File: 917 KB, 332x215, 1496352075742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4059752

Who says 3D backgrounds would be non immersive?

>> No.4060116


the limits of what was actually available at the time

>> No.4060180

Tfw no not a hero dlc at e3

>> No.4060321
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

almost time for that new movie.
i'm not expecting anything much from the plot.
i just hope it's entertaining.

>> No.4060325
File: 177 KB, 1200x900, C7ceutRV4AAtsBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's also showing at a theater near me, so i might just watch it there instead of pirating like i usually do.

>> No.4060608

Compared to pre-rendered they are

>> No.4060683

The Capcom manager that was in charge of the RE brand was promoting Megaman at E3. His profile of twitter doesn't mentions anything about RE anymore, so maybe he has been demoted or he doesn't want to answer the questions about REmake 2.

>> No.4060783

back then, yeah, but we're talking about remaking 2 for modern hardware. There's not that much difference between >>4060321 and modern realtime game 3D.

How so?

>> No.4061261

We r doomed

>> No.4061269
File: 128 KB, 620x350, Resident-Evil-2-remake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from pic related
to two years of silence leading to possibly this
>doesn't want to answer the questions about REmake 2.

one word


>> No.4061348 [DELETED] 

You dumbfucks. Theres no news on it because its still in early stages. A project like a REmake 2 is going to take serious time and effort because of the sheer mass of popularity of the original. If they released anything on it now, you'd all still bitch because Claires hair is auburn and not brown or whatever you autists would come up with. Point being, they're taking their time. Be fucking happy.

>> No.4062460

Don't forget no dlc either

>> No.4062816

What the fuck do I do now that I've beaten REmake on survivor difficulty (literally played it three times in a row back to back, Normal, Hard, Survivor)? I need a new god tier single player game to play, HELP

>> No.4063210

Silent Bomber?

>> No.4063557

Lol this. Have fun