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This puts Doom 64 to shame since it has the classic maps redone in a darker, more horror atmosphere (it also places Doom 2 enemies in Doom 1 maps on UV, which is pretty cool). It also gets rid of the largley reviled Doom 2 city maps (thank god for hardware limitations in this case). The exclusive maps are pretty sweet, too. Only flaw is the lack of Archvile.

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This vs. Final Doom, who wins?

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If you mean the PSX Final? This one easily. Final doesn't even have the Spider Mastermind, still no Archvile, and only 30 maps compared to the 50+ in this.

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>since it has the classic maps redone in a darker, more horror atmosphere

And it doesn't fit those maps at all.

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i had this and duke nukem total meltdown on ps1 on duke nukem there was a special episode

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>it also places Doom 2 enemies in Doom 1 maps on UV
Sounds like a mess.

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The lighting on this port is still unmatched. No source port can recreate it yet.

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Stop now

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No fucking original music tho

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An emulator can though.

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I still don't get what people see in PSX Doom. Its basically just the devs taking the PC games, downgrading/removing some levels, placing doom 2 monsters to the doom 1 levels without much thought to their placements, and changing the overall tone just because.

At least Doom 64 came with its own levels and graphics.

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>no music

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they must have thought a complete port wouldn't have it's own appeal and decided to convert the atmosphere entirely, kind of in a critical way too since they also intentionally changed all the sound bites

maybe they thought they could do Doom better than simply make it how it's meant to look and feel, butchering it in a sense. i still like what they did with it though, it suits the console experience more. come to think of it they could have been trying to make more like Quake

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it's breddy gud ambient i guess

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I think it's fucking fantastic but man losing the original music sucks.

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This was my introduction to the series and I have no regrets.

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The PSX port is beautiful in its own way, I can't get enough of its atmosphere. Sure the metal midis are fun and all but I think the gloomy and more fucked-up feeling of dread that PSX Doom's environments give makes it feel even more like you're plunging head-first into Hell to kick demon cock.


I dunno what the fuck the robotic chatter in this track is but I goddamn love it, reminds me of the sounds from leaving the original Xbox on the main menu.

PC version's objectively better but PSX is maximum comfy and sp00ky in its own right and for that it's my favorite.

Redemption Denied is a better boss fight than Icon of Sin

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Doom 64 shares many of the same midis, although played slightly different. The 64 versions are more evil and menacing, while the PSX are sad and depressing. Combined with the changed sounds, it creates quite the atmosphere.

PSX Doom terrified me when I was a kid, to the point of having nightmares and not wanting to be alone in the dark. I felt guilty playing it because I knew it leave quite a impression in me, but I couldn't stop myself, it was a morbid fascination.
I remember being spooked to death entering dark rooms within the game, like the end of Phobos Lab, just looking at the darkness and hearing the demons' grunts. Talk about immersion. I was also terrified of any monster more powerful than Pinky demons.
And this all despite having played PC Doom when I was even smaller, but it never terrified me, due to the happy go lucky music and goofy PC speaker sounds. It didn't strike me as a "serious" game.

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No archviles = Best port ever

I do miss the Wolfenstein levels when playing it though

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>And it doesn't fit those maps at all.

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>the animated fire in the backgrounds

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This was a great port.

Renting this version as a kid (having played the pc version at a very young age, had a huge impact on me. While I'm still probably by and large a bigger fan of the original, the playstation port gave its own experience I won't forget.

>Babies crying during some levels
>Dreadful moans that make you think of tortured victims in hell
>Dat dark lighting invoking fear


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>No archviles = Best port ever

You mean worst port ever. If you can't get to finish a level with the kill percent hitting 110%+, then it isn't really Doom.

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Can't you still do that by killing lost souls spit out by a pain elemental? I've gotten 104% complete on fuckin' E1M1 because of the pain elemental that spawns in the elevator-hallway-thing on ultra-violence, so it's definitely possible.

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love the music,
and the fire

A+ for execution, impressive

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No, that's just a small trickle. I want to slaughter an army of demons, then slaughter them again after the archvile resurrects them, then kill the archvile with a chainsaw.

remember Doom 2 map16, where you have 2 archviles, an invincibility powerup, and a trap that spawns 100+ monsters? That's what Doom is to me. The Playstation version doesn't have that. Hell, it can crash on that level.

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Fair point.

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It was common to finish Threshold of Pain with a percentage of over 500%

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There's a .wad called Threshold of Pain apparently and it's a fuckin kickass 12-map PSX wad with a parody of Club Doom and a remake of Doom 64's Hectic

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This was a nice surprise

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>This puts Doom 64 to shame
lol, no. you pleb.

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Not an argument.

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Doom 64 has amazing sprite work

Doom on PS1 just reuses the shitty textures from the outdated at that point DOS game.

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Arguing PS1 doom vs N64 is stupid because it's not even the same game.
PS1 Doom is a port of the original Doom with some differences, Doom 64 is another game, not a port of the original Doom, or any of the other Doom games.

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Same guy did the soundtracks for Doom 64 and the PSX version.

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>Doom 64 has amazing sprite work

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You're giving me top tier nostalgia

also this was meant to be seen at a lower resolution and through a CRT not through a shitty PC mod.

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PSX Doom and Doom 64 DO share many features
>Sound effects
>Monster behavior
>Damage algorithm
>Password system
>Colored lighting

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That looks really cool, digging the transparency.

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PSX Doom also had this, and they took every opportunity to showcase it, to show off the capabilities of the console hardware. There was even an X-Ray vision cheat.

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So why was the PS1 port given the short shrift in graphics?

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Doom on PlayStation came out the year before Quake.

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Because it was a port and not a completely new game. Besides, it was a launch title for the PSX, when they were kinda unfamiliar with the hardware (just look at the games that were released in later years), and both PSX Doom and Doom 64 were developed by the same team, with the knowledge they got when making the former being applied on the latter.

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There are no midis in either Doom 64 or Doom on PSX. Doom 64 also has its own music and shares nothing musicwise with Doom on PSX.

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They do share several tracks. The tracks unique to D64 aren't even music, just ambient sounds.

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Nice overexaggeration. You don't know what you're talking about.

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Doom 64 and Doom on PSX DO NOT share any tracks except maybe the stat screen and ending music. Tracks in the game sound similar but they aren't the same.

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The reason they sound different is because of the radically different sound hardware that the consoles used. Are you going to argue that these are different tracks?



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Just because they have similarities doesn't mean they're the same song. There are clear differences between the two.

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Does this mean that doom 2 map08 midi is completely different from map14/23 midi?

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No, because those are the same song with very slight differences. This was probably caused by updating or revising the song and using different versions either intentionally or accidentally.

The songs from Doom 64 and Doom on PSX are different songs with some similarities.

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Pretty much what my bros in the thread said already. It did something ballsy with the visual and audio direction, and it's pretty rad. And if you don't like it, there's always your superior PC version so everyone's happy.

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After further in depth listening of the songs from Doom 64 and Doom on PSX mentioned above, I will say they are extremely similar. Probably the same sound file passed through different sound fonts with some tweaks here or there.

But that does not make them the same song. It's more like a remix.

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Was this the edgiest version of Doom ever? I remember that the victory text sequences were voiced by a generic evil voice, with evil laughter.

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Reminder that people would hate Doom PS1 if it came out today because it's "NOT ACCURATE". Same with Doom 64.

>> No.4035217

I'm sure someone back then was upset about its accuracy. And what would Doom 64 be accurate to?

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If they were released today, they would be identical to the PC version. Back in the day, each version of games had their own content and personality.

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This is pretty cool. The actual game doesn't quite live up to the gloomy, scary Hell concept suggested by the music, but the combination still comes across better to me than the YEAHHH METALLL LET'S SHOOT MONSTERS vibe the original music seemed to push.

I mean that's a cool vibe too but I don't think the actual music they used (in original Doom) was good enough to convey it. I didn't really like that music, anyway. And the action wasn't frantic enough.

I didn't get that type of feeling in any FPS until I played Serious Sam. Now that game did it right.

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Doom 64 was not a port, though.

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>pain elemental on E1M1

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>being afraid of Pain Elementals, especially in close quarters

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Doom 1 (which is where E1M1 would be from) doesn't have pain elementals.

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>dem pics

I dont know what scares me the most, fictional Doom enemies or the real people who play it

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Works pretty great. It's nice running into a Pain Elemental on E1M1.

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Not a counter-argument.

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PSX Doom adds Doom 2 enemies into Doom 1 maps.

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It's a pity Doom didn't have tracker music. It seems like American devs weren't very aware of trackers at the time.

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That flaming sky in Tower of Babel is very likely a stock procedural fire effect from an old version of Adobe Premiere.

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>Doom runs on a 32 bit engine
And yet, this thing exists. How the fuck this was even possible?

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Doom was not a 32-bit engine, though.

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It's only possible because of the special chip they added. What's really impressive is the homebrew port of Wolf 3D on the Genesis running purely on stock hardware.


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>This puts Doom 64 to shame since it has the classic maps redone in a darker, more horror atmosphere
At least Doom 64 was an original game that took risks.
>Only flaw is the lack of Archvile.
Was Archvile a level or a enemy? if enemy then i am glad it got removed as it kicked my ass playing the game.

I beat the first one on the second highest difficulty no problem but one i try beating Doom 2 i get my ass kicked.

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>I beat the first one on the second highest difficulty no problem but one i try beating Doom 2 i get my ass kicked.
Git gud, scrub. Doom 2 isn't even a hard game. I would love to see how would you fare in Plutonia

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Let's force him to play Sunder. He can't get out until he clears it all, no savestates.

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PSX Final Doom has atmospheric as fuck maps, though, mostly the TNT ones, especially Crater. Nukage Processing and Deepest Reaches. I was sorely disappointed when I got to play the PC versions of them.

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There is a literal PC conversion for GZDoom though.

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>Tower of Babel on PS
>Strung-up human corpses
>Not strung-up baron corpses


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PSX Doom's lighting shits all over GZDoom. Go ask on Doomworld if you want the technical details.

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I like the new music more.


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PSX Pain Elementals are so god damn easy. They're pitiful. They can barely shoot antyhing. They're more for decoration than anything.

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>Was Archvile a level or a enemy?

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I downloaded the ISO to play it a bit and it and it is really damn good. It has Doom 3 levels if blackness in some areas. One room where the lights were pulsing on and off made it only possible to see enemies for 2 seconds so I am shooting blindly hoping to hit invisible demons.

I'd have loved the shit out of this back in the day.

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>Was Archvile a level or a enemy?

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>Was Archvile a level or a enemy?
>it kicked my ass
>I beat the first one on the second highest difficulty
>i try beating Doom 2 i get my ass kicked.
I hope this isn't a troll, because this is hilarious and pathetic.

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missing enemies and shorter maps immediatly discards this version.

>> No.4037897

It's only missing 1 enemy, meanwhile Doom 64 is missing a bunch.

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Does it say "Danny won?" What?

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there was nothing to counter-argue, you fuck.

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Not an argument.

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>Git gud, scrub. Doom 2 isn't even a hard game
No i think it was final doom that kicks my ass not doom 2 i get stuck in doom 2
>I hope this isn't a troll, because this is hilarious and pathetic.
It actually is funny and i pretty much suck at games.

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I think it's "ten eighty-one", like a radio call sign or something.

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>carrying my PS @ 13 inch TV across the dorm to my buddy's and playing multiplayer with the link cable

ah, the salad days
before the crisis of real life crushed my spirit

>> No.4038137

Portable CRTs are underrated.

>> No.4038308

I used to do this to play Red Alert Retaliation

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This is honestly spookier than the original.

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Stay in your fucking containment thread doom babbies.

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doom 64 wasnt the same game. apples and oranges. ps1 doom had the best soundtrack of any version though

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