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Favorite light guns?


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Here's a close-up.

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At the arcades, nothing beats Time Crisis' gun with moving slide and the big machinegun used for Alien 3 The Gun and Gunblade

At home the Hyper Blaster and Predator 2 were my lightguns of choice.

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Maybe it was because I was a kid when I played it but the SMG for Crisis Zone felt like it was 20 pounds. I loved it

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Love this badass "Magnum" style gun that came with Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles on Wii.

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Here's a full pic of the gun along with the motion-controlled knife that came with it.

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Super Scope

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It's the best gun for one-handed shooting for me too.
Every time the triggers pressed
Reflection will return to hand.
But if the best gun for two-handed shot for me.
Must be a gun of the space gun game.
I not like Hyper blaster because it too long for one hand.

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I know it's not the original, but I prefer the funky orange version.

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> not the original

of course it's original

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Yeah, I know the orange Zapper™ an original Nintendo® Product.

I was referring to the fact that they first made it in grey and later changed it to orange to make it look less like a real gun. Some may consider the grey version the more "original".

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I too loved the moving slide so much on the first two TIme Crisis games in the arcades. So much that I had to get these guns for my Saturn.

I like it, I am tempted to bother Japanon to hunt that down for me in the other thread.

My youth was with the grey gun, so only by nostalgia reasons I prefer the grey ones.

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I just offered 15€ + 5€ postage for gcon2 so I can play my time crisis 2. I hope some cunt does not outbid me

When did ps2 shit become this expensive?

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This was GARBAGE.

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There is no debate. They grey Zapper is the original.
They never packed an Orange Zapper with R.O.B.

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stupidly inaccurate bazooka that took batteries

Nintendo dun goofed

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The Menacer.

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Both are original Nintendo products, so there is no one "original", only a second version and a first version/revision. This does of course not invalidate your preference for either of them.

By your logic, no PS1 would be original except for those that would melt their disc drive assembly. You don't want those. Nobody wants those.

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Is there a 3rd party gun for SNES that isn't retarded? Coz games looks fun otherwise.

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I'm assuming anon used the word "original" in its commonly accepted and correct usage, meaning "origin of" or "first".

You seem to be getting it confused with "official" and/or "genuine".

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time crisis with blowback, all day everyday

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shotgun from Hotd3 and uzi from hotd4 beat it.

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What's the closest you can get to this at home?
I know there's some third party IR guns for PC with kick, but I don't know if I'm sold on IR tracking.

I found a machine not too long ago, it's still pretty heavy.

That's about as badass as a wii controller holder can get.

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You know what? Yes I was. But still, "original" carries an air of positive prejudice with it.

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Take your pick, switches go bad on light guns but once you fix em they're better than when they came out of the factory. Personally Iike the dream cast gun to the top left.

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>shotgun from Hotd3

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And here it is being used.

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>uzi from hotd4

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And here's the full machine with both guns.

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>That's about as badass as a wii controller holder can get.

I can probably top that (or at least come close).

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Here's a pic with better light (though not as good of an angle for showing scale).

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Here's a shot of somebody holding that one.

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Same light guns, slightly different packaging.

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It wasn't!
It's pretty accurate if you caliber the aim properly on the screen. The battery thing is true, though, fuck using 6 AAs.

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Ignore the game in the photo. This doesn't come packaged with anything (though it's very similar to the House of the Dead 3 shotgun, so it's probably the most accurate way to play that game).

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This is the Japanese version of the NES Zapper.

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Another shot of it.

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Is that a Lethal Enforcer gun in the blue?

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Some third party company released a version of this in America with the American NES Zapper style paint job.

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Multiple NES light guns including the original Zapper in both color variants and the VideoBlaster.

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yep, that's konami's justifier

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Fucking AWESOME chain guns for Paradise Lost.

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Similar (identical?) guns for Insect Disaster.

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Beat this.

Reproductions of REAL firearms for PS2 and PS1 (from left to right).


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There was also one for Xbox.


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For PC.

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that's not a light gun

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inb4 its a Doom mod

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Then what the fuck is it?

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A gun-shaped controller.

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That's a shitty gamepad-a-like controller.

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Gunblade NY

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no mention of Zillion yet? really?

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Is the T-cable a must If you try to use gcon2? My ps2 is connected to my crt with scart, so I still have av cable slot free on the tv. Would it work If I just plugged my gcon there? Or do they have to be connected with the T-cable?

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The first guncon is still my favorite gun. I've used dozens, nothing fits the hand better. I've got one modded with microswitches, and honestly, it barely improves it, the original design is a fucking masterpiece. The A and B buttons are nicer with them, though.

Some TVs put the sync out at the front, try it.

Otherwise, there's a little breakout box thing you can get that plugs into a PS AV connector, and gives you composite and audio RCA jacks, then ends in another AV connector so you can use a SCART cable.

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>tfw everyone else had a NES but you had a Master System

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>Some TVs put the sync out at the front, try it.
I will once the gun will arrive.

>there's a little breakout box thing you can get that plugs into a PS AV connector,
Do these things have some specific name? But I'll go with this one If it doesn't work.

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Searching for AV adaptor pulled up some results, this is the kind of thing you want.

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hot. Id let her grab my butt

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what the fuck

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It has Far Cry stuff on it?

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Incredibly satisfying.

Guncon with the moving slide is good shit too.

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>time crisis with blowback

I never knew about this before. This looks fascinating.


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All the home recoil shit was pretty bad. The "real arcade gun" is apparently passable if you hook up 24V like the actual Namco guns it knocks off, but it feels pretty poor in the hand and the sights don't even have a slot. Mine even has a fucked up lens so it doesn't aim properly.

The ones that have blowback over USB are nothing like the arcade.

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that looks abysmal

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uzi looks like such a ghetto gun

>> No.4037679

it isn't?

>> No.4038691

well it is literally a cheap piece of plastic

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what in the fuck is this reaction image even trying to convey?

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Does Silent Scope count?

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Your autism.

>> No.4042543

You walk around with that in public and the police won't think twice about shooting you

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Cute. I've been thinking of getting this thing for ps2. Any idea how does it work/run? Or is it just another shit of a port.

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