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>you played the best game in the genre

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>not Ogre Tactics

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> Not Shining Force II

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>not GhebFE

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>not Langrisser II

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But that isn't LUCT or even Langrisser

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>Not fire emblem 7

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>Jagged Alliance 2
>no results found

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Langrisser IV is better

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Yeah, GTFO. Nobody mentioned it because it's shit.

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>Not Super Robot Wars

True plebs ITT

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>SRW good

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>>you played the best game in the series

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FFT is not even the genre's best game on the PS1

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Now you went full retard.
FM3 has good mood and artstyle but god damn it the tactical layer is fucked up beyond recovery.
At this point even regular JRPG like FF7 or 8 offer more tactical depth than FM3.
You just equip parts and wait for skills to randomly activate, then you hope you learn them randomly as well and then you equip them to your CPU hopping they will randomly activate and fuck the enemy.
Its pretty much attack only kind of game, its what would FF8 be if no new elements were added after you leave the garden for the first time.
FM2 is the best FM game on psx

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Who are you quoting?

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>It's this tryhard meme again

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>it's an "autist virgin gets triggered by four words" episode

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Not him, but it is a shitty use of greentext. He could have literally said "I played the best game in the genre" instead of just using them as meme arrows. Just a shitty bait thread anyways to get people to argue

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Totally right OP.

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I liked Tactics Advance more.

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>not shining force 3

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save often >8^D

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>grow up with two older brothers who are avid gamers
>they read all the current gen magazines and peep early internet websites for juicy previews and content
>My introduction to the genre was a huge collection of the very best playstation tactics games

Man, I got spoiled. Havent found a new series that scratches that itch since. The only series to even come close was Jean D arc on the psp

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>Not Gunparade Mach

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see >>4021459

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dude come on. i've played em both and fft is clearly better.

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this feels so wrong

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I'm playing Fire Emblem 6 & 7 on the GBA and they're fucking pissing me off.

When a character is ko'd just once they're gone forever, which is brutal enough, but there's fucking 20 million bonus characters that are difficult to recruit before they are killed somehow in every mission. I have to reset every time when one of these two things happen.

And the plots are shit.

Is Fire Emblem really the pinnacle of this genre? I immensely enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, but I can't stand this series. What SRPGs don't have Fire Emblem's bullshit? Is Front Mission good?

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>not fire emblem 5

>20 million bonus characters that are difficult to recruit before they are killed

you need to make more efficient use of your unit's movement. See the rescue drop of Roy on turn 1 in this video in order to recruit Treck and Zealot on turn 2:

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>not SRWF

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It's not retro, but Ring of Red(PS2) is an interesting SRPG game, especially given its alternate history.

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Knights in the Nightmare
Wild Arms XF

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>Is Fire Emblem really the pinnacle of this genre?
No. The gameplay is simple as simple gets (Rock/Paper/Scissors with Whack-A-Mole AI that mindlessly rushes at you). However, Nintendo can crank out a million simple maps in their 30-year old battle engine much more quickly and cheaply than a studio making a more complex game.

Advance Wars is never coming back because it has more depth, and would take longer to make, and if Nintendo can make booku bucks pandering to the waifu/eugenics crowd there's no reason for them to revisit IS's other franchises.

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Where the fuck did you hear FE was the pinnacle of the genre?
Because it isn't
Jeanne D'arc was a better tactics game than FE ever will be and that game was designed for kids not used to tactics games

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>Jeanne D'arc
I played that shit, faggot devs kept taking good chars in and out of your roster for stupid plot reasons, and the last boss boils down to spamming area of effect spells to do massive damage to multiple tiles enemies, a mechanic that they never told you about in the entire game. Fucking garbage.

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t. FE pleb

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I'm sorry I'm taking away your strong characters because plot got in the way. Have fun grinding levels with the weaker characters instead.

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>the pinnacle of anything

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Pinnacle of GRINDING

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Fire Emblem is strategy for babies. Games like this where you cannot produce generics with different abilities should not even be a thing.

Feels like there is no true strategy because winning conditions were already made out for you based on the premade characters given.

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pinnacle of flat

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FE is mostly interesting if you care about turn counts and not just beating the game

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The best tactical rpg imo it's tactics ogre:let us cling together. But it's not retro. Therefore my pick would be fe:genealogy of the holy war

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wasn't LUCT just a remake of a super famicom game?

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It was remade a lot of times

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Disgaea 1, yes, mediocre. 2 though is excellent.

Still, six games and it still hasn't solved the problem of "Optimal way to play is with one OP as fuck motherfucker".

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>Still, six games and it still hasn't solved the problem of "Optimal way to play is with one OP as fuck motherfucker".
They actually DID solve that problem with Phantom Brave but plebs bitched it was too hard.

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Also, is disgaea 2 the best disgaea?

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Disgaea 2 has shit story, good alternate "dark sun" maps and a very grindy post game, you need literally hundreds of felonies to unlock the later maps and characters in the post game. It's the reason most people complain about it.
Other than that they did improve a lot of things over the first game.

I think every Disgaea improved on the previous installment so you should probably play the latest one you can find. ALSO NOT RETRO

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Pinnacle of T H I N N

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The best Nippon Icchi girls are thick though.

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one of most overrated games of all time. SRPG for people who really wanted a shallow JRPG instead.

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Rather than replying to a stupid thread with bait in the OP it would be preferable to start a new thread about SRPGs. You won't get a proper discussion here and you shouldn't encourage this type of thread.
Please don't sink to /v/'s level, I know you're better than this.

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I am disappointedly playing Final Fantasy Grimoire on 3DS. I hoped it would be as good as FFTA but it is not.

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>all the contrarians here
FFT is not only the best SRPG ever, is the BEST GAME EVER.