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Tryna come up with a list of retro games(or retro feel(looking at your spleunky))

Since I discovered the wonderful world of emulators, i've played damn near all the classics and even the hidden gems of NES, SNES, GBA, and GB...I haven't really explored the DS yet. I've played N64, Gamecube, and PS1 games on my laptop, but my logitech controller broke...

I haven't really explored the Genesis and NeoGeo yet...

I'm mostly looking for some interesting RPGs(not into the FF series, really loved Earthbound, Mother 3, and Chrono Trigger) and some arcade action type games.

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>Since I discovered the wonderful world of emulators, i've played damn near all the classics and even the hidden gems of NES, SNES, GBA, and GB...
>really loved Earthbound, Mother 3, and Chrono Trigger
List those "hidden gems" if you've really played them all, my dude.

Also >>>/wsr/

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My bad, didnt think this was /wsr/ worthy.

I pretty much played around on anything from the following lists:




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Gunstar Heroes, Ristar, Vectorman, and Phantasy Star IV.

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Oho, I see. So you've done your research.

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Ristar looks a tad too slow for me. I never played the OG Gunstar but i played Gunstar Heros back when the Gameboy Micro was out

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Sadly. I ran through game on those systems like water. I barely get any enjoyment out of replaying Mario 3 or Mario World. The Megaman X/Zero series has proven to be too hard for me to actually enjoy also.

The last time i've really got some enjoyment(like a fifth grader playing a new game for the first time enjoyment) out of a game might've been when I was heavy into Spelunky HD, or when I played Ocarina of time and MGS1 over the summer.

I had fun playing the PSP MGS games but they were kinda...off...and the PSP emulator lagged on my laptop for some reason.

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Have you played Shining force for the genesis? Boogie wings? Metal Slug?

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Hell yeah, Metal Slug is fun! I had the collection on back back in the day, and i've played the GBA version. It seems more fun to play as a group tho.

Someone at my college recommended shinning Force but i'm not too crazy into that type of RPG genre.

Boogie Wings...seems different. Might look into that one for a quick play!

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Dude... racketboy fucking sucks don't use it anymore.

Use this.
/vr/ should makes its own list. I know there is a really good psx list /vr/ made a year ago I will look 4 it

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Groovy. You don't like the SRPGs? I guess I can understand but I really liked it myself. But hey if it's not your thing then there's no helping it.
>/vr/ should makes its own list.
Yeah. Possibly going into more detail about the games and everything, something similar to hardcore gaming 101 but better.

By the way, check that site out. Good place to find some good games until we can make a better alternative.

By the way, check out some translated RPGs.

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Some of my favorite Rpgs are Mother 3, Earthbound, Ocarina of Time, Advanced Wars 1/2, and Fire Emblem...Matter of fact, i never beat Fire emblem on GBA or the DS...

Of course Pokemon...up until Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, after that its heard and seen it all it seems...you haven't lived until you've been down to your last potion on the final elite 4 battle.

This is a side note, but one summer i played a really good remake of Megaman 7 and 8 that was styled as a NES Megaman game. Really fun and realllllyyyy hard for me.

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Thank yo! I found racketboy lists back in like High School and it served well. Idk anything else about that site besides those lists.

On a side ntoe, this thread has been getting replies faster than most threads i start on reddit. Might have to start putting 4chan to use and leave reddit

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Did anyone else feel their heart sink while reading these?

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Play Fire Emblem

Especially Genealogy Of The Holy War

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Yeah i think thats what i'll do. I've never played the classic games.

I think im gonna get a 2DS this summer too

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First of all tell me, how old are you? The games I am going to recommend cannot be given to anyone below the age of at LEAST thirteen.

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I'm 21 lol

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How old r u ?
Eh 4chan is already full of redditors.

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Hey, please, do me a favor. Please do me a favor. Do not post anymore, lurk for at least two years. It's fine if you leave reddit but please learn what's accepted and not accepted around these parts. If you want something then please use /wsr/. We've already helped you out so much here so it can't be helped.


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I've lurked since 8th grade and made sporadic posts since i started college in 2013.

I dont see why this thread is a problem; it'd make more since to go to the specific board where people are more knxwledgeable in the topic than a general board like /wsr/.

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I bet you haven't played this, it's a neat card based RPG where you go through the entirety of Dragon Ball Z.

It's a solid game, give it a shot if you haven't tried it already.

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I had a feeling somebody would recommend this game. I never played it, but all through middle school and up till like 10th grade i was heavy into spriting in this style.

The pic i posted is the last character i created before throwing in the towel

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We were all normies at some point anon.

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Why don't you go out and fuck some girls like a normal person would do in the summer?

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>interesting RPGs

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>summer list
Is it that time of the year again already?

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Try terranigma for snes. Shouldnt be a hidden gem by now

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> 4chan
Pick one

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What, that OP sounds like a huge redditor? Yeah.

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I fucking hate /reddit/ so fucking much

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I 100% that game back in the day. All the stats except for HP were useless if I recall, and the RNG drops for some of the cards were fucking retarded. Also I remember how dumb it was to unlock SSJ2 Gohan and the Future Trunks timeline.

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Dude you sound really fucking young.

Anyway here's some stuff I like. I'm a big motherfag and quite like jrpgs, or at least some.

Dragon Quest series: This was the main inspiration for the mother series. Gameplay is similar in that it is simpler first person turn based with no gameplay gimmicks. I think V is the best starting point but most seem to like VIII the best as the starting as its probably the easiest game in the series.

Breath of Fire series: Series of jrpgs by capcom. I reccomend starting with III or IV and going back to I and II after. They have pretty good combat (IV is maybe my the best jrpg battle system I've ever found) and beautiful art.

Shin Megami Tensei: I still need to play these myself but a lot of people love them. It's not retro but alot of people say SMT: Nocturne is the best starting point. Play that then try the retro ones.

Metal Max series: These are post apocalyptic sci fi jrpgs with a very comedic and silly tone. They're more open world and involve your party being bounty hunters. You take up jobs and slowly progress to new areas where new bounties become available. Also notable is that you will tanks your party traveks in that you are given customization over.

Now go play some fucking video games.

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These are good unique RPGs:
7th Saga
Mystic Ark

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>come into thread about rpgs
>gets triggered about people discussing rpgs
You sound younger then OP even.

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That looks way out of proportion

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Just searched "Metal Max" and I was going to recommend Metal Max Returns, translated by Aeon Genesis on SNES. Open world post apocalyptic game, with many options of customisations and no must-have objectives to do!

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> Tryna

Don't intentionally misspell words and try to act like a nigger. You're better than that.

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>psx list /vr/ made

please does anyone have this?

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I might have the pdf or it's in the archive will look in a bit

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This place isn't exactly a secret club. I think I'm normal enough, this is just the only place where you can sometimes find people interested in older games.

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