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was this just for keks?
does anyone actually remember this game/seen it before?

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That game looks hilariously low quality. Imagine being a game dev and trying to make cover art for game, then just giving up after slapping some generic shapes together in a loose representation of a crocodile wearing a hat.
All my keks.

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was this just for keks?

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>This tired meme again
C'mon man, this is just sad

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>rock around the crock!

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This. People who haven't played Kek Croc and think it's related to the shitty "kek" meme need to leave this board immediately.

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but... isnt kek a frog?

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ultra rare gold cart

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unofficial? port

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>you can't call us reddit if it was cancer in the first place!

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3-D KEK for 3DO is the best verison of KEK

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P̡ENG͠U̴IN͟ ̨ペンギン

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duuude three deee technology

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The 3DO was the best 3D system

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I've seen action figures with more points of articulation than those models.

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what a trash port
doesn't compare to mega drive originals

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The joke is that the game is not real, I get it. Hahaha so funnay

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How fucking immature do you have to be to find s4s funny

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I remember playing this on my genesis. It is really weird game. After fifth level you encounter ice enemies in double towers which you can enter. Only difference is order enemies come. After that both towers are destroyed and enemies hop off from the destructed towers :P

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Basically be in your 20s and have early childhood memories of early 3D.
Yeah for people older than that this meme isn't funny.

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rock around the croc!

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