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How many people here like this series?
I try to keep up with the /m/ general but there's too many of that doujin game and I'm kind of new to the series, starting with the early ones.
So far I've played 3, F/Final on Saturn and the 2nd one on Famicom, though I didn't get too far there. I have yet to play the original GB game, but at the same time I want to jump on Alpha which many say are the best.
I really loved 3 and F, in fact I feel like replaying them, but at the same time I want to move on. The replayability on those games is really great.

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I like SRW but I got burnt out a few years ago by playing too many of them in a row. Alpha is best SRW.

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Am intrigued about the earlier ones, mainly cus 2 is Bian Zoldark and the Divine Crusaders from OG1 and 3 is the Inspectors from OG2. Would be fun seeing these play out with all the licensed mechs, even if I'm picturing simplified gameplay. Only other one I've played is J which was OGized, and both aren't retro anyway.

Masou Kishin is what really interests me - Masaki and the La Gias stuff keeps coming up in other games but that game's your backstory.

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I like the Battle series. Weird games.

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SRW is cool but I think it gets repetitive playing them one after the other. The Alpha series and Shin are my favorite, Alpha is definitely worth playing.

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I love it, but i also barely ever play them because they take up so much time.

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Yeah I know what you mean. I think it's better to fully enjoy each game instead of marathoning them.
I think I'll play the SRW F again before starting with Alpha, this time starting with the super robot path.
I'm going to take my sweet time with this series, even though I'll likely not play them all ever. I'm honestly more interested on the retro games than the modern ones though, I love the 2D super deformed look of these games, from what I've seen of the new ones, it looked cool, but lost the charm the old ones had. At least that's the impression I got, they're still probably good games.

I always wanted to play that cabal-like game, it looks so fun.

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Even though they are more simplistic I like how the classic games just feature all the series in a singular world, like they have always co existed together. Like the Getter team and Saotome labs are well aware of the existence of the Combattler team or the military's Gundams and Valkyries and Gundam pilots are aware of the dinosaur empire or Zentradi, etc. When you start a game if feels like the world is already established and just drops you in the middle of it.
It seems like the modern games while still good tend to use plot devices like parallel dimensions and time travel to explain how all the different robots ended up together and shows them meeting for the first time which is ok but gives a different feel to how the story unfolds.

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>I always wanted to play that cabal-like game, it looks so fun.
What is stopping you?

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Procrastination, and unwillingness to emulate SNES because I use a PSP to emulate most stuff, but I try to avoid SNES emulation there. Also, I own a SFC, so I'll see if I can ever find a copy of that game.
One way or another I'm sure I'll end up playing it though.

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Is this in reference to some fan translation?

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SRW Alpha's translation status has been stuck at 65% for ages, now.

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Yeah it seemed familiar.
Speaking of Alpha, is there any preferred version? I know it's on Playstation but also on Dreamcast.

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The Dreamcast version of Alpha is really bad, but has a few neat G-Breaker / Sunrise Eiyuutan / whatever units that aren't in the PS1 version. The 3D models are pretty bad, and there are some huge load times before each animation.

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Annoying loading times can be an issue, and I prefer 2D, I guess I'll play the PS1 version then.
What about SRW64? Anyone played that one?

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I never found a working ISO of the Dreamcast version, and I think no emulator plays it, anyway. I wanted to record a video of the Guardial in SRW. It's the first unit in this video:

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Unskippable battle sequences and no voices. It's one of the few games that has Giant Robo, so you may want to see it there. Or just play Alpha.

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>I think I'll play the SRW F again before starting with Alpha, this time starting with the super robot path.
You mean... you didn't go super before? You madman. Well this time you get to see cool anime clips in the early levels missing on the other route.

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If you go Super in F, don't change your birthday to something random, or you'll risk being a Super Robot pilot with useless seishin (skills) trapped in a Super Robot.
I went through 15 stages before realizing I screwed myself, when my level 12 character had 40% chance to hit a level 8 enemy. There's probably a birthday/blood type combination chart somewhere on GameFAQs. Or just use the birthday the game gives you.

Those old games aren't THAT hard, but make a mistake like that and you'll be destroyed.

The guy went on /m/ looking for help (not Gideon from AGTP, it was another guy), there was a big hubbub for weeks, and then nothing. That was back in 2014. February, I think?

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Actually, a lot of recent games also use "they all existed together" setting. It is just that Z series, that really overstayed its welcome went with parallel dimensions and then some stand alone titles used it as well at the same time.
That said, games that don't use parallel dimensions as a tool to bring series together, like Alpha series, MX and W are the best in the franchise.

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Yeah I started with the Gundam level instead of the Mazinger one.
Alright will have the birthday thing into account, thanks.

Beating this boss with the units I had was impossible, supposedly I needed to have certain abilities with Dunbine (I think) to be able to defeat it. It's an optional boss anyway but I've read it's possible to beat her.

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A while back I started picking up boxed copies of the older games because some of them are surprisingly affordable CIB (like 10-25 usd). Then there are games like original GB SRT and Compact 3 that sell for $100+ CIB. But the original SRT is cheap as fuck loose for some reason.

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Did you play all of them?
I didn't know that EX game. Weird to see a western-style box for a japanese SFC game.

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Not all of them. I have been playing 4 off and on and I beat 3 years ago through emulation. Collectorfag in me just wanted to own them I guess. I tried playing F Final back in the day when I was new to the series but remember it being hard as balls. But I don't think I was upgrading stuff correctly.
Also does anyone know if a completed F save can be continued in F Final? I seem to remember reading something about that.

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Yes. You don't actually "complete" F, since F Final is just its continuation. If you start from F Final, you'll get some money right from the beginning (but it's much less than if you played F first), you have to convince Haman twice, and you won't be able to get a character. I think it was Todd from Dunbine.

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To clarify, F ends at Stage 34, and F Final starts at 35 (even if you never played F).

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>that cocktease with Ideon and Gunbuster at the end of F