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Do you see yourself still playing video games when you're in your 50s?

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I'm killing myself when I hit 30, thankfully there is a long way until then.

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In my 50s? Sure. I'm scared of arthritis tho.

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probably. I haven't grown out of it yet, so it's unlikely I'll just magically become a better person in the future either

barring significant outside influences of course. Maybe I'll die

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I see myself making them, hopefully.

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I have a couple years left

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Playing vidya at any age past 12 is humiliating

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>Do you see yourself still watching movies when you're in your 50s?
>Do you see yourself still listening to music when you're in your 50s?
>Do you see yourself still reading books when you're in your 50s?
>Do you see yourself still browsing 4chan when you're in your 50s?
>Do you see yourself still fapping to 2D when you're in your 50s?

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>>Do you see yourself still fapping to 2D when you're in your 50s?
To be fair that's pretty fucking pathetic.

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Why are you guys so afraid of this? Is it a general fear of ageing?

When I was young, my mum's accountant was super into video games despite being in his 50s. So was his wife. Their house was a cool little haven full of fantasy, sci-fi and gaming stuff. Every now and then he still writes me letters (physical letters, bless him) about what games hes' been playing lately and what his wife has been enjoying, despite them both being long into retirement.

Does that sound so bad to you? Discard your general fear of adulthood, and of being old. It really isn't so bad, from the look of it.

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I'm already 37, so absolutely.

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I don't see why not. As long as my hands and eyes keep working. Eventually I wont be able to due much that relies on reaction time but other games will still be fine.

My father is in his 50s and still plays videogames.

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Eventually you'll have to leave all this infantile shit behind or risk becoming Chris Chan for life

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At the rate things are going probably not. I can already only play a handful at most of new releases a year. I'll have my group of games I like to play from time to time though hopefully assuming emulation keeps up.

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Reminder that the Japanese invented QTE shit with Shenmue

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Im almost 43 so yes. No unlike most of v im not living with my parents either.

Soon ill be an oldfag

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My Saturn girls will always be there for me

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Holy shit you don't even get to see sex scenes, kill yourself.

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>Soon ill be an oldfag

The average 4chan user's age is somewhere between 18 and 22. You've been an oldfag since before 4chan even existed. (Coming from a 31-year-old who wasted the past 13 years of his life on 4chan)

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You should be. I'm 39 now, and have been arthritic for the last 8 years or so. I've had to make some changes to keep the hobby.

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I wonder what the last videogame I will ever play will be.

I wonder if I'll know.

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>(Coming from a 31-year-old who wasted the past 13 years of his life on 4chan)
Jesus Christ what the fuck am I still doing here?

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I'm 27 now. Can't imagine what the gaming will be like in 30 years.

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Back in my days of playing FPS in clans and shit in my teens there were a few guys in their 50s playing. When my friends (teens and early 20s) met up at LAN parties some of them would be there, and you could tell these fuckers were on a register somewhere.

I don't know what is scarier; your body degenerating too much to no longer be able to play videogames at that age, or having an empty enough life that you still have time to..

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Kek, typical beta weeb fag

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Why? It's as pathetic as it is now, thinking it's more pathetic then just makes you more of a pathetic faggot yourself

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just more casual stuff. things you can easily just jump into and not be bogged down with hours of cutscenes.

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It gets a slightly bit more pathetic with each passing year, but yes you're correct.

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funny how it never changes. where does everyone go?

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I'm Having trouble playing most Games at 22
I'd love to play games at 50, but I'm just not motivated to play games right now

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watching porn in general is pathetic. might as well be fantasy, and not someone's daughter who made a terrible life choice.

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>might as well be fantasy, and not someone's daughter who made a terrible life choice.
This is the reason why I'm into scaley stuff. Don't like normal porn, can't get a 3D grill,
but the urges have to surface somewhere.

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I'd like to think they either move on with their lives, kill themselves, or resign themselves to (mostly) lurking like I do.

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The reason you stop playing videogames as you get older isn't because they aren't fun, but rather that you realize there are better things than fun out there: achievement, creating, and giving.

As someone who just entered his 30s, we only have ~100 years to give and connect with others. As 've watched MMO servers close, my friends move away, and my family take root in our new home, videogames appear more and more selfish.

I still play my old consoles, but I'm more aware of how finite my time is, and how empty fun has become equivalent to masterbation.

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My dad is 68 and plays CS 1.6, FFXI and his NES. He's still pissed they shut down the SOCOM II and FFXI servers on the ps2. Think his gameboy brick is still in the work truck.

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I used to watch 3D, but now I just get overcome with sadness/annoyance. with 2D the characters never have to age, get implants, ugly tattoos, etc.

besides, we've only had photography for what, 150 years or so? 2D is what our ancestors had, so really you're just returning to your roots. and this way you bypass most of the sleaziness of the porn industry and shit like girls being sold into slavery, like most JAV.

move onto where? what do "normal" people do all day?

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>not fapping exclusively to onesans who debuted in their 30s

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it strikes me as odd that you end your post with the word masturbation while posting a child.

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>you realize there are better things than fun out there: achievement
They fixed that by adding Achievements to video games

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2008 is the absolute cutoff for oldfag status, kid.

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well that's the thing, people will always just be them. they don't. really change. I used to think someone older watching anime was weird until I heard robin williams did it. it really just depends on your point of reference. if you're only around older people who are crotchety you'll associate those traits with everyone older. the truth is some people are just miserable cunts their whole life.

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>empty fun has become equivalent to masterbation
emotionally-immersive masturbation is fulfilling
that's why eroge are so great

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You still need some downtime though. You even said you still play games sometimes, just not as much.
Being a complete workaholic isn't exactly a healthy lifestyle.

I mean, I feel better after working on a project than playing games, but if I spend all day doing that then an hour of videogames at night feels good too.

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I don't mind QTE if it's sufficiently hilarious. Shenmue succeeds in that regard.

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>empty fun

nice buzzwords

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First day on 4chan?

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He's worked in a major amusement park fixing cabs in three huge arcades for 30 years so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Anime is becoming pretty mainstream in America, too. I have tons of normalfag acquaintances in their 30s who watch seasonal shows periodically.

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it's best to set aside a day and do one thing instead of multitasking. it allows you to decompress more and makes life feel slower, even though it doesn't seem like it would.

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you'll just keep doing what you've always done. makes sense.

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>Turning 50 in 2 months
I see myself finishing my current campaign of JA2 in 2 months, hopefully
Why should I quit something that I have enjoyed since 1973?

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All the ps1 got was Hooters Road Trip. What is all that stuff?

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What system do you play? I can't see myself developing arthritis from my ps1. Do other consoles have bad controllers or do you just use a computer a lot?

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PS1 has nice girls too but they are more G-rated than their Saturn sisters

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Oh man, look at all those generic high school romances that have been done to death in anime. Gotta collect them all.

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>I live a life of exhilaration, Of missed heartbeats and adrenaline... And, if the truth be known, A life of dubious virtue.

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I see myself in my 80's, on a hot windless summer day, booting up a copy of Chrono Trigger on an ancient yellowed SNES in a cinderblock government housing room. As the digital clock ticks my mind goes back to my childhood, a hot summer day indoors in the air conditioning, in my room, hearing the noises of my family who are now long dead. When Marle's Theme plays near the end of the game, a single tear runs down my weathered, crease-lined face. The sadness is too much but as always I let it wash over me.

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Chris Chan's problem isn't that he enjoys childhood hobbies. It's that he's a loudmouth, sexist, arrogant, unhyegenic asshole.

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The only reason age would matter is either medical reasons or fear of being seen as a freak, it seems this thread is more about the latter. I'm either going to be alone or find people like me, giving up what you love to appease peopleis pathetic. I either am going to die alone or find a girl who also has similar hobbies. Honestly I actually dream of having a family one day but that doesn't mean I'm willing to settle down with someone I don't love.

It's weird. I have difficulty masterbating to actual porn. I'll go on pornhub and look for like an hour cliking on maybe a few videos but I just don't find the girls who do porn not attractive. I find girls attractive, pic related, but those in porn just don't appeal to me. I can basically only do 2d, and even then I only like cute vanilla.

That sounds cool as fuck. I wish I could talk to you, would love to hear your experience with gaming.

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I grew up with these games
These games made me who I am.
I am games.

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>move onto where? what do "normal" people do all day?

Work, family stuff (daycare, school, sports, birthday parties, doctor's visits, etc), shopping, vacations, hanging out with in-laws and other couples / families. They do that for 20-30 years until it's their kids' turn to do the same.

They voluntarily enter a mutual, lifelong hostage situation with other people, including people that haven't even been born yet, in an attempt to ward off the isolation and vacuity of existence.

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His inability to learn and leeching off the government probably doesn't help either.

So I guess the idea is that anyone can have a wacky hobby as long as they have their shit together.

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Zing! It really is a huge sacrifice of alone time but when you exert increasing influence on it, it can be kind of fun - almost like The Sims but not simulated.

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>It gets a slightly bit more pathetic with each passing year
Where's the logic? It's as pathetic as always. At least when you're young it's expected that you are sexually active, being old and watching porn is even less pathetic in that sense.

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I would have always thought so, but I've played maybe an hour of vidya since I started using my time to study Japanese and I'm worried I'm leaving my hobby behind

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Then why are you here?

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I hope so

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And whenever im in need of courage or scared Frogs theme starts playing in my head and i feel better. Stupid but i cant control it

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I went back to arcade style games almost exclusively because of time constraints.

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28 years old here. I don't see any reason why I would ever stop playing vidya at this point. It's been a hobby since I started playing my older brothers NES at age 2 or 3, and I've never totally given it up since. Hell, now that I have money I've developed a deeper passion for it because now I can buy exotic shit I never had as a kid and am a lot more willing to tinker around under the hood of my consoles than I used to be.

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Definitely. Nostalgia partially drives my interest in retro vidya, but honestly I don't have time to watch 4 hours worth of cutscenes and do a tutorial level that teaches you the exact same shit you've done in every video game produced in the last 10 years before you can even start the game proper.

When I've only got 30 minutes to an hour to relax and play games, I'd rather just stick thunder force 3 into my genesis and blow through it in the time it would take to get past the character creation screen in a modern game.

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Reminder that you have no idea what you are talking about. The first QTE was wholly American, and it was a huge arcade success, spawning sequels, clones and the infamous "console FMV game" genre. The game was one entire QTE, in fact.

I'll let you figure out/Google the game I'm talking about.

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It's Sewer Shark for the Sega CD

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It's Dragon's Lair, Dummy.

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I agree. I'm not sure why you'd reach a certain age and not be able to pursue hobbies anymore. free time is a factor, but you should at least have down time on weekends.

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I'm in my 40's and see no reason to stop playing them in the next few years. My mother is pushing 80 and is on her second 3DS because she plays so much.

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old fag here (42 years old)
yes i'll still be playing games just not the games i used to play

no fast paced online shooters more single player kind of campaign games or not played a call of duty game since black ops and never played a battlefield game

it will just be slower paced games for me

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What games do 80 year old women play? Other than Dragon Quest

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What the fuck else am I going to do with my life.

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How is playing final fantasy tactics any less intellectually stimulating than read a book?

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>not becoming a grandwizard and unlocking all the secrets in videogaems

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I don't understand. I would bet good money that your Grandmother has a favorite card game or board game, you've probably played it with her. Why is it that we magically think differently of games and play when they are being carried out on a computer system? Playing is an important part of human life, I have friends who I have no doubt will be my friends forever because we share interests in gaming, whether that be Chess, MTG or computer games.

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Maybe not on your first playthrough, all the other ones you learn how to break the game and completely trivialize the challenge

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I'm 29 and have already stopped collecting, also stopped buying new consoles a generation ago. I spent my gaming time catching up with retro games I missed, which I already own or are readily available through flashcarts and whatnot. favorite games I replay once in awhile, and smaller indie stuff on PC that recapture the things I liked from older games (Momodora 4 was the latest one)... From this generation-and-a-half I've only played BotW because my little brother lend me his Wii U...

So, as for new games, I'd say I would stop buying new shit entirely pretty soon, and would
only be playing new stuff close people lend me or wants to show me. If we're talking 20 years from, that person would probably be my child.

Maybe when VR really takes off, or whatever the next truly revolutionary mimic comes around, I'll want to experience it, but not sure if that would mean owning it or spending with it as much time as I have with older generations of games.

Then again, there are some games I will totally keep with me to give them a spin once in awhile just because I have so many good memories of my childhood and my friends associated with them. I still get together with two of my childhood friends and my little brother every now and then to play some of those games, if they're all around 20 years from now that would be incentive enough to keep a couple of very emblematic games around.

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She's pretty deep into Pokemon since Gold and has played about half of them, as well as a pretty crazy amount of time on Animal Crossing. Professor Layton and various puzzle/boardgame type things.

Back in the day she was surprisingly good with Mileena as well. I love my mom.

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My great aunt plays pokemon, too. Just the Gen II. I was just over there yesterday doing battery surgery on her crystal version (plugged into the gba turned on so she could keep her save).

>> No.4011982

That's sweet. Has she been playing this whole time?

I remember my mum asking once what the numbers beside the time meant, "It just says 218. But 218 what?" Also when we was playing Gold originally she was teaching ESL in Korea and I'd get a phonecall at some crazy hour and all she'd want to know is if she should teach her Cubone Thrash or the like.

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My mother's in her 70s and lately we've started playing Ali Baba for Atari 8-bit together

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