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Now this was a dull ride. Why do some people like it better than Duke3D again? Hard mode no nostalgia.

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You'd have to be fucking retarded as shit to draw comparison between something that were released 3 years apart and share very little in common.

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doom is metal as fuck.
>the weapons feel sooo damn satisfying to use
>the soundtrack is inspired by awesome metal artists of the time, and its very fitting for singlehandedly going through hell and back, and back to hell again like a total badass

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I like Duke3D and Quake better but if you think Doom is dull you might just be boring.

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The doors don't kill you

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What's your favourite song from the game Anon?
I could listen to E1M1 my whole life without it getting boring or repetitive.

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I think I always just liked the theme and visual aesthetic more than duke3d's

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e2m1 or e1m2 are by far my favorites

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meant to reply to

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Im 19 and as a kif i played it on ps1.
I like

>retro graphical feel
>secrets and maze like levels
>guns and killing is satisfying af

Perfect game doesnt exi....

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>Why do some people like it better than Duke3D again?
Engine has a more solid feel (inb4 NESfag, yes I know it's because Doom is much simpler with barely any of Build's features). Combat is, again, simpler, but tighter balance of weapons with lots of potential for interesting combat setups with the different monsters and level layout.

Douk has better maps, secrets, and exploration, Doom has better core combat.

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Duke 3D improved on some things and isn't a bad game, but Doom's combat and setting are more interesting to me.

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>prefers Duke3d over Doom
>claims no nostalgia

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Only with Doom you can have a brainless action playthrough, don't even think, just boot the game and start shooting. On the other hand, you CANNOT play Duke 3D, or even worse, Blood, that way. On those games, you have to put thought into them, you have to be mentally prepared, to be in the mood of playing them. That's why Doom is more popular, even though Build games are technically superior and have objectively better gameplay

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>liking Duke3D as an adult

Duke was only good as a kid or adolescent as the gameplay and maps are rubbish. Easily the worst of the big 3 Build engine games.

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People prefer Doom because it's easier.
>In Duke even the pigs could kill you in seconds meanwhile Doom enemies shoot easily dodgable bullets that move in slow motion.
>In Duke you had to aim up and down while Doom had autoaim.
>In Duke all weapons are important while in Doom only the shotgun and the BFG matter.

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I wouldn't say that it's worse than SW.

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>Doom enemies shoot easily dodgable bullets that move in slow motion
Spotted BrutalDoom baby

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I actually liked Duke3D more at the time. But I came back to doom due to being able to mod and map for it and its sub-games like hexen and strife.

I didn't realize it at the time, but Blood was the best of the old school FPS. Replayed it recently and loved it.

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>On those games, you have to put thought into them, you have to be mentally prepared, to be in the mood of playing them.

yeah hugging walls for a hidden keycard or hiding from million hitscan enemies really stimulate my neurons

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What the fuck do you expect from a shooter? MYST-tier puzzles?

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You will die very quickly if you try to play Build games like you play Doom

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The psx port is pretty bad

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doom is a pop culture phenomenon while duke is just that sexist guy from the 90s

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Because Doom used damage models for enemies that were not total shit. You new to this type of game? Doom was based off top down twin stick games, but in first person. Duke was based off Doom but for kids.

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>Doom was based off top down twin stick games,
[Citation Needed]

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>"I'm retarded" the post

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I prefer demons to aliens.

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Try playing on UV instead of Normal, scrub.

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Anyone got download links to Witchaven and Redneck Rampage? Never played em and TPB torrents are close to dead.

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>paying for old ass games
This seems kinda sketchy. I'm not even sure which is the correct download link under Redneck Rampage.

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It's one of my favorite abandoware sites. I've used it for years without a problem. You can switch to English in the top right corner.

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>Doom enemies shoot easily dodgable bullets that move in slow motion.
They hit you the instant they shoot.
>In Duke you had to aim up and down while Doom had autoaim.
I'm pretty sure Duke had autoaim too. Also I would think being able to look up and down actually makes things easier.

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Duke 3D has some pretty cryptic parts and puzzle elements that I didn't like. Doom is much faster paced with less backtracking and shit.

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>doom babbies still think doom on uv is hard

Duke 3d is piss too btw. These retards claiming you can't play it like doom, protip: lower hitscan enemies like pigs and those machine gun lizards are easily dodgeable, not that you pillocks would ever discover a nuance so glaringly obvious. I guess it wouldn't make a difference for u retards regardless considering u have the reflexes of an old broken creeky door.

This board is such a faggot for fps.

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I love Duke3D, but I think doom had better levels and better music.

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what did I tell you doom babbies about talking? stick to halo where you belong kid.

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In Duke3D you just have to move orthogonal to whatever hitscan enemy you are fighting to dodge their shots. Can't do that in Doom though which is why so many people bitch and moan about chaingunners.

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You aren't dodging, you're just moving fast enough that the enemy never actually gets to aim at you.

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get buttfucked doom babby

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>you're not dodging, you're just dodging

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>doom babby mods so sensitive they're deleting gameplay webms now
Might as well add the upboat and downboat buttons at this point too u tumblr tards

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what? i always thought duke was way dull compared to doom

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No it's not, Aubrey Hodges soundtrack literally turns it into a completely different feel of the game

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Duke does have autoaim. So does "Blood" for that matter. All Build Engine games have it.

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>Can't do that in Doom though which is why so many people bitch and moan about chaingunners.
...even though hitscanners take about five hours to react to shoot you in Doom.

In Duke, hitscanners react much faster but their shit is dodgeable (excluding battle lords and pig tanks). Since they react much faster and do more damage, Doom babbies will probably find something like Enforcers harder, even if they're dodgeable. They just don't have the reflexes to dodge in time.

Regardless, if you complain about hitscanners in Duke or Doom you're just a bitch. Doom babbies basically menstruate when they come across any hitscanner. Anything that's not an imp chucking a projectile at 2 metres per hour is well beyond their gameplay capabilities.

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IMO, base Doom 1 and 2 are boring as fuck, outside of KDITD.
Final Doom and Custom maps are better.

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>Doom was based off top down twin stick games

I've been a huge fan of Doom for 20 years, and have never heard of this before.

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>less backtracking
Really? I always thought Duke's levels were more streamlined in layout compared to Doom's E2/E3 levels.

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both games are cool, comparing the two is the shootan equivalent of mario and sonic and just as dumb

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doom has enemies with hitscan weapons and projectile weapons. shotgun guys are pretty dangerous in packs if you're unaware

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not him, but the game could be played almost top down if you could see enemies and their projectiles

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>metal as fuck
stop downloading boobs, joel

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