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Alright I hope this is not an obnoxious thread but I don't know where else to go already. What's the best option for emulating Virtual Boy Wario on PC?

I got the best version of VBJin working, and it looks really nice. The game controls beautifully too. But not only does it lag a fair bit, it also crashes if I walk crouching for a few seconds. It has happened in every version of VBJin I've tried, with any configuration (which are mostly concerning display or coloring anyways) but I always get the same result. Also I can't get mednafen or Rust Boy to run at all. I mean, my PCs a toaster, but it can't be that what's making it run so bad, I've emulated PSX and N64 with much less trouble. There's gotta be something I've overlooked and can configure so it works better and doesn't fucking crash with a basic function of the game.

Please help me /vr/ I really want to play this game, you're my last hope.

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I use mednafen to play virtual boy games. Not sure how accurate it is or how it compares to other emulators, but I didn't care too much about finding the best emulator for a system with three worthwhile games.

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mednafen + medGUI reborn

you're welcome

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After fiddling with it a bit more, it just freezes if I happen to push both direction keys at once when I'm trying to switch sides. The audio continues, but the game goes to shit. Is this a Virtual Boy thing? Maybe the console wasn't ready to handle having both directions at once pressed?

It stutters and lags a fair bit. I'm not looking for peak performance or anything it's just that bothers me a fair bit.

I can't get mednafen to work at all, actually, I downloaded the emulator directly from their site and I get an .exe file that doesn't do anything at all. I don't understand.

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drag the rom onto it, or use the gui that anon recommended

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A small sidenote, but you can get filters that change the colours from the horrible, eye searing red you get normally

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Jesus Christ this is so confusing to handle, I figured out how to make it full screen with a proper resolution but I can't figure out how to play at all, I have no clue how to set the controls, thus I have not made it past the "warning" VB screen.

And I have places to click at all cause of the user interface, if not, mednafen by itself didn't let me do anything at all.

Yeah, VBJin came with those, I used the one that made it look like pic related.

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OK, sorry I was so hasty and whiny, I got everything like I wanted working after fiddling with the "Virtual Boy" settings for a while. I'm not used to this kind of interface, but I managed to make everything fine.

I decided for the black and white palette, it works with absolutely no stuttering or lag, and the crashing issue is 100% gone. Thanks for the recommendations, /vr/!

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Enjoy! It's a good game. Plays a lot like the original wario land

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Google medgui reborn dude. Put the folder in the mednafen directory and youre good. Sure youll have to poke around the gui to figure it out but once your feet are in for a while its easy

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VBWL IS best Wario

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I think 4 is the best because it's got puzzles and platforming, instead of focusing on one
And the way wario controls is wonderful. The other games feel so floaty in comparison

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VBWL has puzzle solving as well. I'd say it has the perfect balance between platforming/action, exploration and puzzling.

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Why is his face sharp but the rest of the body is blurry? Is that how the emulator displays the 3D, simply by layering the 2 pictures on top of each other? That would kinda distract me, can it be made to display only one?

Guys we had that exact thread a week ago. Of course we all know 3 is best.

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No, the only thing we can agree on is that nintendo needs to make a new wario game already

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If you have yet to, I advise you to play it on a VR headset, or an actual VB at least once. There's a real charm that the 3D effect gives. It is the only game I'm willing to dig the VB out for.

Also this >>4001380

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It does feel like the original, with some added mechanics. Some stuff that went on to 2, and the bellyflop, reused in Shake It!... very cool stuff, I love how it controls. I'll play more soon.

Actually, that's been bugging me too, but I can't figure a way to make it better for the life of me. It wasn't like this in VBJin at all. I'm currently trying to get it better but since it's like fumbling in the dark it's not doing much good.

Anybody know a solution?

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what i don't get is why they didn't remake this for the 3DS, it's a perfect fit

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play it in mednafin with 3d enabled.
buy any sort of 3d glasses. the game really needs it's 3d gimmick to shine, otherwise its just a normal but decent gameboy game.

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that shit doesnt work. ghosting out the ass.

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how well it works is dependent on how good your glasses are
you can legit see the depth between the sprite layers and it works really well

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I have trouble seeing 3d but those red cyan glasses never work for me. Same reason I never got the 3ds since the 3d is just a blurry ghost image mess. I have good eyesight and dont wear glasses maybe my eyes are just retarded.

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I'm sure that emulating it on a phone stuck in some of those cheap stereoscopic goggles would be the most authentic way.

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>not playing in glorious redscale
Fucking casual.

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Yeah, yeah, whatever, but how do I get rid of the blur?

If I can at all. If I don't disable parallax, it's the other way around. This sucks.

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i have a feeling it's like parts of the anaglyph filter are still on

wario's arm is probably meant to pop out at you here, hence why it's not blurred? maybe?

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I run the game perfectly on a pi 3. Not sure which emulator, but I'm pretty sure theres only one on the pi. If that piece of shit can run it perfectly, surely your pc could smoke it.

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Nope, not even reading all this I seem to get it right. Most I can do is reverse it. Compare pic related with >>4001942 . Yep- Reversed. Filters and sharpeners do jack shit despite their descriptions, and even make it look worse, actually, I don't get it.

But it's either this or VBJin stuttering and freezing, so I guess I'll take this.

Ah, I got it to run smoothly, thanks anon, now the problem is this strange blur that just doesn't go away.

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Mednafen core in Retroarch
>perfectly on a pi 3.
You have to go back

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You weren't kidding, /vr/, this is a contender for best Wario. It's just so much fun. It might be the best controlling one, with the dash and the crouch dive. At first I thought the helmet system was stupid until I realized the Dragon helmet could do... well, everything.

In an alternate reality, Nintendo is not dumb, has released this as a 3D Classic, and I have given them money.

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Someday you should try playing it with a VB controller, or better yet, with a VB system. It's the same experience but on another level.

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