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I can't believe that there are people here who think that the Ps1 was a better system than hte N64

>be 10
>love everything James Bond
>have a PS1
>The World is not enough comes out
>buy it
>beat it
>cool game w/e bretty good graphics but not amazing
>go over friends house
>he has TWINE on N64
>whatever I bet it's just some gay shit
>play it
>graphics are 100 times better.
>you can kill civillians and get away with it
>more gadgets
>more guns
>tons of fucking guns
>millions of goddamned guns.
>more levels
>bigger levels
>Better than Agent Under Fire one year later
>plat game again
>graphics are still good
>Walther P99 looks fucking amazing.
>reload animations look great

what the fuck gives man?

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whatever m8

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get rekt, kiddo

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Different developers?

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Did you know that James Bond was created in 1996 by Rare and Nintendo of America so they could have an adult mascot to compete with Lara Croft?

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Come to think of it it was a very short game franchise. After Nightfire it really fell off the face of the earth didn't it?

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they are literally different games you autismal shitlord

every actual multiplat is better on ps1

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>be 10
stopped reading there because I know the rest is gonna be "it's the best console ever cause i grew up with it"

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>the entire console sucks because one game out of the entire library has a better alternative on a different console and the reason it's better is because of graphics and you can shoot civillians lmao!
kys edgelord

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>every actual multiplat is better on ps1

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Rayman 2
San Francisco Rush
Army Men Sarges Heroes
Hydro Thunder
South Park
Mission Impossible
NFL Blitz

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>every actual multiplat is better on ps1
Rayman 2, Shadow Man, Battletanx, Rush, Space Station Silicon Valley, Hydro Thunder, South Park, etc...

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Wow, one whole example.

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Is this duckling nostalgia?
>japanese shit is better than american shit

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nigga what the fuck are you talking about?

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>ambient sound on n64, no music

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>Crappier quality FMV with missing/replaced scenes
>Crappier voice acting
>No EX Battle mode
It's almost as if you're proving his point.

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I never played RE2 on N64 and I probably never will.
I just used it as a reaction pic.

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James Bond is a fucking expensive IP that comes with a lot of strings attached. Makes more sense to create your own FPS IPs. Less risk, less cost, more control over the product.

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My favorite thing in TWINE was using the stun watch on the police officers outside the train station level. Each time you stunned them they would move forward, if you did this enough times they would cross into the active game map and run around shooting all the enemies for you.

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I don't believe tech wise the ps1 was better except for some areas, It just has more games that I like on it.

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>cause i grew up with it
but op had PS1, so much for your nostalgia-glass falacy

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Tech-wise N64 was a bit better.
Architecture-wise PS1 was way better

Nintendo shot themselves in the foot with cart format, which made most areas where N64 could've been superor pointless.

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>Tech-wise N64 was a bit better.
A bit better? Its CPU is 3 times faster than the one on PS1. Its vector unit (RSP) is almost 8 times faster than the one on PS1 (GTE)

PS1's GPU can deliver a fill rate of 33 MPixel/s low quality pixels.
N64's GPU can deliver a fill rate of 61.5 MPixel/s with pixels that are sub-pixel precise, z-buffered, perspective-correct textured, bilinear filtered, and anti-aliased.

Most people underestimate how much extra computation has to go into N64's higher image quality.

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*it's 62.5 MPixel/s, got it wrong

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Fill rate is not everything.

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True dat. It's not just the expense of licensing it from MGM/UA; the Broccoli family themselves must personally sign off on the game to make sure it doesn't "damage the brand". Which doesn't really explain "The Duel".

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Of course. But the console is faster in every possible metric. CPU and vector unit performance was already mentioned.

Next is RAM bandwidth.

PS1 has 133 MB/s of main RAM bandwidth + 266 MB/s VRAM bandwidth + 33 MB/s of ARAM bandwidth. That's a total of 432 MB/s of bandwidth.

The N64 has a single memory channel which provides 562.5 MB/s of bandwidth. Of course, the console is far more difficult to optimize.

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64 had such potential but the games had bad frame rates

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The PS1 had a CD drive, and that's basically all that mattered.

Cartridges were just too small.

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How did they expect to pleasure anyone with carts that small lmao

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>only n64 games have bad frame rates

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Personal experience says framerates tend to be worse on the N64

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N64 doesn't have many fighting games, 2D games, shmups or other genres known for high framerates.

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literally who shovelware

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i hope you are being ironic

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N64 is the worst console since the 5200

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I'm a fan of rpgs so ps1 is my fav.

N64 has great games but almost no rpgs.

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>buying licensed trash

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fuck yourself.

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No way flying dragon is 60fps

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>(variable frame rate which may peak at 60 fps)
can't read very well, huh?

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see >>4004734

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Really, it doesn't EVER reach 60fps in Virtual Hiryu mode

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Usually multiplats like Tony Hawk have worse framerates on the N64

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By the way they forgot Quake 2 which is also uncapped framerate but mostly floats around 30

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Incorrect. Both versions have a less than perfect framerate in much the same way.

Quake 2 on PS1 is more like 20 FPS once any enemies are visible. And 10 FPS when there are 3 or more enemies.

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I was referring to the N64 port, should have specified. But yeah it's only 60fps when you're facing a wall

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The N64 port seems to have a more consistent framerate (like it's less prone to going sub 10 FPS) but it stutters like a bitch much of the time. I'm guessing they couldn't get the frame pacing right.

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