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Anyone else feel like RetroArch just keeps getting worse with each new update?

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is it so hard to make an emulator that's basically ready to go right from the download?

FUCK. Want to know what ZSNES is still popular? Because of its GUI and because its easy to use. Maybe if people like Retroarch's devs weren't busy smelling their own farts we'd be getting somewhere.

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y jpn hab best qt's?

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Most of the features they've been adding hurt more than help, but most everything new can be disabled.

I haven't noticed any cores getting worse, though.

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It's not.

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considering i updated it for the first time in years recently
it was a massive improvement for me

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>Want to know what ZSNES is still popular?

99% of people just want to play and pick up a first option that pops up.

They do not give a fuck for accuracy, input lag, emulation speed and other defects. They just want to play the game and will became happy with a emulator from 1997.

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Feature creep is a terrible thing. Not that I needed a bloated interface to replace a standard and well established solution: a fucking file browser.

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Good thing you answered his rhetorical question that he gave an answer to in the next sentence. Thanks so much

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Higan users must be happy with an emulator from 2005 then since that was its first release too

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Yeah I practically said that bub. It's a shit emu but it has an appealing GUI.

All the retarded emulator creators out there can make accurate af emulators that blow it out of the water but it hardly matters because they never spend any time making a nice GUI

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What is so hard about snes9x?

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As squarepusher would autistically screech over and over on Wikipedia, RetroArch isn't an emulator, but a frontend to an API. And that's when I just have to laugh my ass off because it's a shitty frontend that just keeps getting worse and worse.

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It's not hard, its about having an appealing GUI

Also, there is more than just SNES emulation. Mednafen is great and so its Retroarch but they're a pain in the dick.

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S-sorry. I only read the first question.

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Are you fucking retarded? RetroArch was already better than the majority of standalone emulators thanks to Themaister's excellent graphics and audio code, and it has only improved in recent years by adding GUIs, Vulkan rendering, more shaders, etc.

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Post more pics of /sp/ beauties.

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>retroarch team on damage control

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I bet you also think MAME gets worse every release too.

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If performance and playability are important to you, that is a valid arguement. Since about 0.112, MAME's focus has been on absolute accurate emulation of every IC and configuration, with NO FUCKS GIVEN to if it can run. They consider their project one of "preservation", and actively REJECT the idea that their software should be used for playing games.

I think Miodrag Milanović is mostly to blame for this.

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and its impossible to set up for most people

Get wrecked. If you can't make it easy to use its just gonna fail. Enjoy smelling your own farts in your secret club dude.

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> and its impossible to set up for most people

And yet, I'm a 43 year old with no college degree who managed to configure it in under 10 minutes. With an 8bitDo. Go figure.

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you're lying out your teeth but whatever

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That GUI is shit and only liked because it was many people's first emu.

There is literally nothing good about ZSNES anymore.

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Nope. It's only gotten more stable. The captions explaining what the menu options do is nice too.

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>byuu on a slander crusade

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keep telling yourself that bub. The GUI is appealing even today.

No other emulator has anything remotely close to it without having to go through a bunch of hassle. Feel free to prove me wrong. I don't use ZSNES, but I'd sure as hell like other emu devs to stop being faggots and do away with the idea that they don't need to do anything like it anymore.

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>No other emulator has anything remotely close to it without having to go through a bunch of hassle.


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>Anyone who is more competent than me is a liar

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BizHawk master race.

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I used to think the whole MAME "you really shouldn't be playing these games!" was a cover for the whole legal grey area of the project but it is obvious now they believe their own kool-aid.

It's like preserving a film and telling people they can't watch it, makes absolutely no sense.

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retroarch is perfectly fine

you configure it exactly once, then you're setup for life given that you don't change your controllers or update it to a major revision

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Here here!

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>retroarch is perfectly fine

He does not recognize my Saturn and PC-Engine isos, so isn't.

And still no Neo Raine core.

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I lick penis

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oh word???

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I'm sorry you're dumb. Blame your parents if it makes you feel better.

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I so wish bizhawk ran on Linux...

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How the fuck those girls get such smooth and shiny looking skin?

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Good Lord.

>No other emulator has anything remotely close to it without having to go through a bunch of hassle.
ZSNES was my first SNES emulator, but the SNES9x is very practical too and I prefer its GUI over ZSNES'.

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ZSNES can't pump out 15.7 KHz 224p to my PVM the way byuu's masterpiece can. Retroarch can't even do it without making up fake refresh rates and speeding up games or vsyncing shit up and being fucking gay

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Japanese mushrooms. Non-meme answer might be Korean snail slime.

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Can Retroarch update itself or do I still ahve to download that 100mb and plus(bloat) build and THEN download the cores.

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it's one of the things I've always wondered about

japanese and koreans seem to have a really smooth skin, even compared with their western counterparts, so i don't think it's a genetic thing

maybe it's their diet or the skin creams they use

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As a gay man, I wish I had a booty that perfect. ;__;

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>More than 40 posts in
>STILL no more pics of /sp/ cuties
What a useless thread.

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>>Retroarch can't even do it without making up fake refresh rates and speeding up games or vsyncing shit up and being fucking gay

>I don't know how to change video_refresh_rate

Also, implying you can actually tell the difference between 60.0Hz and 60.098Hz.

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This is /vr/, dude. We're on-topic.

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Try /sp/? Or /s/ or even /r/

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Rampant faggotry ITT, goddamn

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Asian cuties are *never* offtopic!

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You guys are too serious, sometimes embracing off-topic is a good for your health.

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That's /vr/ in a nutshell: unrelenting autism. Truly, only the most useless of faggots congregate within.

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>only the most useless of faggots congregate within.

Well, now we know why you're here.

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Just go to /v/ then. /vr/'s for playing video games, people who want to learn more about video games, and actually discussing video games. Just come back here once you've gotten it out of your system. I'm not redirecting you to >>>/v/ out of contempt, I'm just saying, if that's what you want then go there and come back here when you're in the mood.

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We should take it to the retro /sp. gaems thread.

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I think RetroArch is alright, it takes a bit of time to setup, but once done you can focus entirely in the games, I never noticed any drop of quality in the updates, too.

But anon, what prevents us from posting cute pics AND in-topic content in the same posts?
It's a win-win situation.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about.

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>But anon, what prevents us from posting cute pics AND in-topic content in the same posts?
>It's a win-win situation.
Well, if you're doing that then it's fine.

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>someone posts the most obvious bait
>/vr/ falls for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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post cute girls doing sports and all is forgiven sempai

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I don't get why Mednafen is so hard to get working on retroarch when the standalone program itself is so simple

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um, it's exactly the same. you still have to have correct BIOS and cue sheets regardless, which is what most people get wrong.

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>"unrelenting autism"
You've never been on /a/ or /v/ have you?

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Will RA fags ever recover ?

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Damn, you're right, Retroarch sucks. I HATE having to only configure inputs, video, and audio settings once, and then having EVERY core I add just WORK with no further adjustments. Yup, sure do hate that.

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>tfw I'll never be spooned by a giant qt volleyball player

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Make money.
You'll be amazed at how much quality pussy you get by having money.

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>He does not recognize my Saturn and PC-Engine isos, so isn't.

Probably bad rips or bad cuesheets. You find bad rips online. I had to get two versions of Gaia Seed to get it to work.

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>ywn get a frontend like openemu for PC except minus the retarded way of handling disc swapping

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Is possible to know if certain iso is a bad ou good rip before downloading?

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>people don't use screenshots from the blueray

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/v/ and /a/ both know how to have a good time. Only you sperglords think sniffing your own farts on decades-old game hardware is somehow the same thing.

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This. Just don't ever think you're getting love. Love is something I'm pretty sure does not exist in the idealized form often expounded upon at length.

...Well, perhaps maybe your parents truly loved you, but even that is far from certain.

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Compare its checksum to the Trurip or Redump database. If it doesn't match, it might not be a good dump.

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Not even once

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What's retarded about OE's disc swapping?

>> No.3999832

Unless they've changed it, for multi-disc games you can't just swap to any random ISO at will as with most emulators, you've got to manually create a .m3u file and set up a folder structure containing all the discs for a given game so that you can swap them.

It's just tedious when everything else just werks.

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That's actually just vanilla mednafen at work. Though, several commits have been made to source with the aim of drag'ndropping much of the process.

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do qt azn girls liek arab men?

>> No.3999851


Just try a few and see what works. Almost always with Mednafen it's bios or cuesheets rather than a bad rip. Do other games work with it?

use these bios too:

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Disgusting Trash Mudslime. Dropped.

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No one does outside of their countries. They are obnoxiously asking to fuck girls the day they meet them then bomb their phones non stop with it as if asking more and more will get them laid eventually.

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Yes, because wanting people to post sports girls in a retro videogame board so you can jerk off, isn't autistic at all

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>not managing your own individual emulators and running them all in a frontend like hyperspin or maximus arcade

lol, plebs.

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I think that it's important that SOMEBODY care about preservation. Hardware only gets older and rarer. Software is forever.

MAME doesn't need to be playable, as long as other programmers can use the MAME implementation as a reference to make emulators that people actually play.

On what fucking planet? If you want to use a keyboard and mouse to configure your emulator a native Win32 (or Cocoa or GTK) interface is superior. The only reason to ever roll your own interface is if you're doing the RetroArch thing and are aiming to be controller driven.

This reads like word salad. Six paragraphs of stupidity and there's like maybe one or two coherent arguments that aren't just hand-wavy "It's bad because it's bad".

The first argument I managed to salvage was anger that retroarch cores can be out of date with upstream. I suppose that's a fair argument. It kinda comes with the territory, since emulation cores need to be modified to be compatible with the libretro API as opposed to using SDL or whatever. Most of the time, out of date cores aren't a huge deal anyway.

The second point I managed to suss out is really dumb though. His argument about reducing lack of duplication makes sense in the context of MAME, but RetroArch is serving a wider niche than MAME in that it is attempting to be a unified controller-driven front-end for...anything, really, including stuff that would be out of scope of MAME (Doom, SCUMM engine stuff, Cave Story, etc). Not only that, but even when we're just talking about emulators not all emulators have the same accuracy-at-all-costs goals as MAME.

I suspect the dude is just salty that he wanted MAME to be the perfect unified "everything emulator", and that RetroArch serves that role better because it takes the easy way out and just gives each core access to a unified front-end API instead of trying to unify development.

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I have porn if I want to jerk off, vanilla wafer.

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The problem was the .cue files. I was thinking that was unnecessary and delete, lol.

For luck I found a way to recreate the .cue files and now all is working. The only issue I have is that the games don't show on Retroarch library when I scan the games files. Probably because of checksum.

Thanks a lot :3

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So you just want to spastically look at girl pictures in /vr/ because your autism desired for it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.4000087 [DELETED] 


>doesn't want to look at sino cuties whenever, wherever


>> No.4000172

>The closest you'll ever be to a girl is by staring at a picture like a nu-male
PFFF Game Over Faggotron

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Talking all that shit, and yet we still don't have a fucking SINGLE properly working N64 emulator. Sad as fuck

>> No.4000258

>Want to know what ZSNES is still popular?
Because you people are mongoloids who wouldn't have a clue if a game was running correctly or not. You also wouldn't even know if the audio was completely broken.
1.Start retroarch
2.load content
HOLY SHIT IT'S SO DIFFICULT. Are you able to tie your shoes each morning?

>> No.4000264

3. spend hours configuring CRT shader effects

>> No.4000274

ok that's your own fault tho for doing that

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First two pics aren't "azn". She's Japanese. "azns" are flips and gooks.

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I just tried Retroarch for the first time yesterday. Is there any real benefit over individual emulator programs? I find sluggish NES emulation at fullscreen vs much better performance from emus like FCEUX FCE Ultra etc

>> No.4000985


>Because you people

I don't even use ZNES, dumbass. I say that right in the post. I use Mednafen and retroarch, but would still like these devs to stop avoiding making appealing guis.

>> No.4001497

I use Retroarch because it's the only way to get a few cores working on Linux, but if I could I'd rather use Bizhawk desu. I'm a coding nerd that likes having shit like debuggers and Lua scripting, but Bizhawk happens to use the only libraries (very recent .NET) that don't run well under WINE.

I wish that wasn't the case. Retroarch is...okay, in terms of all-in-one solutions, but I'd very much trade it for Bizhawk in a heartbeat as soon as it starts running on WINE or natively on Linux.

>> No.4001572

Are you a midget or something?

>> No.4001596

Ra is okay. My biggest issue is the menus being in poor ass English and no good descriptions of what half the shit does.

That and if I have multiple controllers plugged in it will get confused as fuck, and some will work and others wont.

>> No.4001642

Japan isn't in Asia now?

>> No.4001643

aah yea, the arab/indian "ask 100 times, then rape" strategy.

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RetroArch is a good emulator, but its lead developer is what really sold me on it.

Twinaphex is one of the most woke motherfuckers alive, and watching his twice-weekly IRC meltdowns over the game industry, the emulation scene, and even world politics never gets old. It's amazing he has any time to do any work at all. And man he does work - you can see his excellent work ethic for yourself by glancing at his github page.

>> No.4001674

>is that twinaphex? I think i've seen his videos on temple os. He sure is racist

>> No.4001719

The term "azn" is something Koreans and flips call themselves on the internet, Japs dislike those, and generally look down on other Asians overall.

>> No.4001728

who gives a fuck what japs think, asian is asian

>> No.4001736

>asian is asian
and azn is azn

>> No.4001747

that's really stupid, just stop

>> No.4001756

>meltdowns over the game industry,
care to share?

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I'd rather not. I don't him to freak and and disappear forever because he thinks somebody is creeping on him and publicly archiving his IRC rants or whatever. Just join the IRC channel and wait.

You don't have to wait very long, his last mini-rant was just a few hours ago, ranting about how shit western AAA developers are because they're burgeoisie twitter attention whores or whatever. When he really gets going, he can fill pages of backbuffer just talking to himself, and when he's actually arguing with somebody, pic related

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Wait she's 5'5"? My bad, I just assumed that female volleyball players were tall.

My point stands though, getting cuddled by a big (not fat) qt3.14 would pretty great.

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Why the fuck does he go on these tangents?

>> No.4002091

she has nice thighs but no ass

>> No.4002187

She is. Nice height for an Asian gal. The word you're looking for is fit. Not big. Not fat. Fit. I like fit gals. Especially when it comes to Asians. The typical skinny waif feels like she's going to break as easily as a panda express toothpick.

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>> No.4002378

It's been an overbloated shit from the start.

I prefer using individual emulators for each system instead.

>> No.4002381

1. Start retroarch
2. Load content
3. It does not work or does not look right
4. Spend next 4 hours confguring the shit out of retroarch, give up and go back to individual emulators

>> No.4002405

I don't know how it is now, but I still use the RetroArch Megapack from 2013 and it's extremely comfy and convenient.
Sure the initial configuring takes some time but it's totally worth it, I play a lot more vidya compared to when I used standalone emulators. When you use like 20 of them the differing interfaces and quirks of eacb one get ridiculous.

>> No.4002561

retroarch UI its fucking terrifying

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>this thread

>> No.4002726

>Complain about bloat
>bloat your system with 20 seperate emulator installations

Makes perfect sense.

>> No.4002753

He's schizo. His mind is so fucked up that saying "nigger" is the least of his problems

>> No.4002784

Also, Windows GUI sucks for emulation. Why should I have to switch between my gamepad and the mouse/keyboard to select shit? Have a basic frontend.

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>you want to do WHAT with my legs, anon-kun?

>> No.4003120

>as long as other programmers can use the MAME implementation as a reference to make emulators that people actually play.

Other than Final Burn Alpha, who is doing this?

>> No.4003134

Why does Retroarch have such a clumsy cumbersome interface?

>> No.4003428
File: 666 KB, 1914x2394, 2017-04-18(151954)_bottles-of-life_web_copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for those looking for a more familiar interface for retroarch, this exists:

>> No.4003440


I find it pretty straightforward, but if you really need a simplified GUI, there are plenty of front-end launchers/overlays for RetroArch.

>> No.4003473

Preservation is more important than playing those games now. The developer only focusing in "muh hacks, muh speed" is the same as preserving audio files for the future using 128k mp3 because it is small and plays nice on my 2007 Sansa

>> No.4003501

Holy shit, that everything.

>> No.4003524


When you traditionally preserve something, you're in a race against time to prevent an artifact from degrading or withering away forever before copies can be made. However every console title and probably most arcade ROMs in the world have been flash dumped and are never going away, in essence they're already preserved. The main purpose for emulation should be for people to experience PLAYING the game because what other purpose is there to preserve a work of art, a movie or a song than for people to be able to view and hear it? Same with games.

>> No.4003549

ROMs are only part of the system.
Preservation for the future also means preserving the hardware through documentation and software representation of said hardware.
Ideally, for preservation, we shouldn't be talking about emulators, but simulators.
Also preservation has actually nothing to do with the ability of playing. Take as example HLE emulators full of hacks.
Please understand that I am not saying that playing is not important, it's just another goal.
Ideally, given performance constraints, one should create a fast implementation for current hardware based on an ideal "for preservation" implementation, just as we make mp3 files from FLAC archives

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He got set off again today because of the Google Play store changes and being twitter mentioned by somebody he didn't like, parlaying that into a rant about Hyperkin, the gaming and tech press, and american businessmen in general.

This dude is a treasure to the emulation community.

>> No.4003710

I think terry davis is a different person

>> No.4003720

Him sperging out over epsxe and their hiccup with the Google Play store over at /r/emulation was a fucking treat to watch. He got blasted.

>> No.4003724

You need to have that birds and the bees talk with your dad pronto

teh tism

>> No.4003968

the snes9x classic windows window is way better than that stupid fucking ugly as shit zsnes gui

>> No.4003992

So is he a commie or what?

>> No.4004002

>ranting about how shit western AAA developers are because they're burgeoisie twitter attention whores or whatever.
This is true though. They make Romero sound like a basement dweller.

>> No.4004529

it's kind of weird how the only super-autistic emulator dev who's been fairly decent about UI is byuu
still wish mednafen wasn't such a pain in the dick

retroarch's config continues to be retarded

if you're looking for something that looks like zsnes that doesn't suck, zmz is actually a libretro frontend, so you can use the nice, familiar UI of zsnes with better SNES emulators in the back (although it's a tad redundant since neither SNES9x or higan have particularly painful UIs)

although I like Haze sometimes, he's fucking retarded in this post and should basically just punch himself in the face for being quite this retarded
it doesn't help that the MESS core for basically any system ever is drastically worse than other emulators, both in speed and in compatibility (both regarding low-level hardware things and getting shit working at all in general), and no one wants to touch the politics found over at mamedev with a ten foot pole so MAME/MESS development is avoided
like, Haze's attitude right there would keep me the fuck away if I did emulator development
libretro is a neat idea -- let's abstract away all the shit that gets in the way of writing an emulator, like timing, file loading, video and audio, all the dumb platform specific shit that could be handled elsewhere, and the "free-for-all" nature of lr cores basically keeps the politics the fuck away -- if you want accuracy, go for a more accurate core, if you want speed, go for one that focuses on speed (easy example: you could either use PicoDrive's core or Genesis Plus GX's core for Genesis emulation, the former is very fast and runs on basically anything, while the latter is much more accurate, but needs slightly higher specs), anyone can write a libretro core

hell, anyone could write a libretro front-end that isn't Retroarch, see ZMZ as a somewhat limited example (designed for SNES cores to get people to fuck off from using ZSNES)

>> No.4004580

>like, Haze's attitude right there would keep me the fuck away if I did emulator development
And Twinaphex's mercurial arrogance wouldn't? Not getting mouthy, just saying.

>> No.4004634

Why u no launchbox? Works like a charm to me

>> No.4004636

Really guise ? I use retroarch for emulation and launchbox as a frontend. Its as easy as it gets.

>> No.4004773

faggot detected

>> No.4004901

>implement online
>not online rooms or even the ability to chat

>> No.4004910

Who is this muscular lady?

>> No.4004925

I just want to fall on my knees and worship them. That's all.

>> No.4004927

I wouldn't say it gets exponentially worse. It was just never good to begin with, and nothing is ever done to make it more useable. Bear in mind that none of RA's cores are designed specifically to work with a frontend, because RA's programmers didn't develop them. It's basically a massive hackjob where RA stole several popular emulator cores and crammed them all into a shitty bugged out frontend.

The only real use for RA is in setting up a Pi box, if that's your preferred method of emulation. But it's still shit.

>is it so hard to make an emulator that's basically ready to go right from the download?
Except it's not. Cores requires some additional configuration, unless you want to be stuck with half-working defaults. And most everything requires you to plod through plaintext configuration files.

>> No.4004958

>not using retroarch via rocketlauncher
fucking plebs

>> No.4004962

It isn't, your computer is getting more outdated.

>> No.4004980

Themaister's audio and graphics code is exponentially better than everyone else's. That's why it tends to get less latency than others. It also has dynamic rate control which allows perfect synchronization, which most other emulators don't seem to do.

>Bear in mind that none of RA's cores are designed specifically to work with a frontend, because RA's programmers didn't develop them. It's basically a massive hackjob where RA stole several popular emulator cores and crammed them all into a shitty bugged out frontend.

What a load of bullshit. Nestopia, bsnes-mercury, gambatte, mGBA, etc. all work fucking fine. They didn't "steal" them either, some of those libretro ports were supported directly by the emulator developer, and in some cases the RA contributed significant code like Vulkan renderers. libretro doesn't usually require any major changes in simply software rendered cores, it just provides interfaces for video, audio, and input, so it does not matter if they were "designed specifically to work with a frontend" or not.

>> No.4004984


launchbox doesn't work with mednafen

>> No.4004987

Fork it and make a better version, then.

It's open source after all.

>> No.4004992

This is a godsend, anon.
My only gripe with it is that I can't seem to properly save the core configurations. It never loads the config archives properly and I have to set them all over again every time.

>> No.4005006

The config system is fine, it even supports per-core/per-game overrides now, so there's less need to keep seperate whole config files around.

The config files being in plaintext is a good thing. Dealing with other shit like XML or Windows Registry would be painful.

>> No.4005023

>just keeps getting worse with each new update?
>New things like Vulkan support and WASAPI exclusive mode have been added

Nah, you're just retarded

>> No.4005098

Retroarch = shit's too confusing

Solder modding your game console for RGB, finding out you need to buy broadcast BNC cables to hook up to your PVM instead of regular old wally world ones, learning what sync on green is and making sure you have hsync and vsync cables or else you're fucked, opening up your CRT and tweaking geometry pots making sure not to electrocute yourself, oh yeah this is all a piece of cake!

>> No.4005268

man, stop laughing, configuring gamepad once and add some bios files in a folder is so fucking complicated

>> No.4005469

I swear there's like one guy with a burning hatred for RetroArch and its developer that spreads all this bullshit about it every single time it's mentioned. These people have problems, I don't know what else to think, it's like byuu hate all over again. The personal details used to denigrate the devs just makes it more insane.
Emulation drama is fucking weird, man.

>> No.4005558
File: 126 KB, 1280x1024, retroarch 2017-05-19 22-39-37-46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone show me one confusing thing in RA?
Asking seriously because I kept hearing how you need PhD in rocket science to use it so I ignored it for a longest time.
Few years ago just install it out of curiosity and all you need is.
>Set fullscreen
>set directories
>Configure pad
>Set saves to be sorted in folders
>Create playlist and chose core to open
>Drop bios packs in system folder
>Download box covers in you want your playlist to look nice, take shitton of space but looks awesome

Thats it, all your shit working from one comfy menu and your configuration is adjusted automatically for every core.
Awesome shader selection, if yo unplug your controller you can plug it right in and it will work which is not the case with many other emus.
I have no idea what is so complicated, now everything even have description, how can anyone using PC find RA difficult to set up?

>> No.4005640

Actually yes. Those things are easier than fucking with emulation like RetroArch

>> No.4005669

That's like 5 more steps than most other emulators out there.

>> No.4005689

Now thats a fun can of autism
>no native controller support
>having to use Don's HyperSpin Tools to match your ROM set to the .xml database

I'd say core configs are a bitch to set up the fist time, when I first started using RA I'd just set up each core with the "Per Core Configuration" but then in one update it was just up and gone. The issue I had was I didn't know how core overrides worked.
>Look at the quick menu
>wtf no video setting?!?
>how the hell do I set what controller to use? >There no "index" setting!
>Oh ok so even though the vast majority of ever video or text guide on RA makes use of "Per Core Configuration" I now know that I must make any changes I'd like using the regular menu and then save it as a core override ok that makes sense.
>Why is it not saving?
>oh I have to load a game not just the core
>Hmm I'd like to rearrange the A and B inputs on my SNES core let me just go over to the input menu...
>WHAT why has it changed what button I'm using for exit and enter in the GUI I just wanted to change in game controls!
>aww time to play some Donkey Kong Country

Now that I know how to use it I'm happy as it makes setting up new Cores easier.

>> No.4005695
File: 72 KB, 808x554, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic
>If I don't like this setting the users should not have it.png

>> No.4005705

that's not actually what he said at all. per-core configuration was replaced with a more flexible and cleaner alternative.

>> No.4005717

RetroArch is the way it is because it is not a dedicated Windows solution but a cross platform project that has to accommodate for a shit load of different environments with different specs, resolutions, input methods, etc.

Personally I don't use it on Windows because I find it too cumbersome compared to stand alone emulators, but it works pretty damn well for my Wii and RPi, and I haven't seen many people complain about it on the 3DS or VITA either.

>> No.4005725

Why is it getting worse? What exactly is worse? Give me before and after comparison.

>> No.4005731

So what? The other one worked just fine. Yes core overrides are better but again a large amount of users had RA set up with per-core configuration. That's what I was shown to use from ever guide I followed. Barring some technical difficulty's what reason other than
>If I don't like this setting so the users should not have it

is there for getting rid of it?

>> No.4005751

>Barring some technical difficulty's
That's exactly the reason. Keeping old features around when superior and more flexible alternatives exist incurs technical debt.

>> No.4005753

>, and watching his twice-weekly IRC meltdowns over the game industry, the emulation scene, and even world politics never gets old.

pls tell me you have logs.

pls post the logs

>> No.4005758


>> No.4005768 [DELETED] 

Well ok I have no codding knowledge so if thats the reason then its completely understandable.

>> No.4005804


See >>4001846

>> No.4005863

OK is there some kind of site that I can go to that allows me to view the IRC conversation in real time without logging into it myself

>> No.4005883

Launchbox requires setup. ZNES you just download the .exe and drag a rom onto the icon.

I prefer having a nice clean setup, but I can definitely understand why people would want something like ZNES. It just works.

>> No.4006323
File: 280 KB, 2000x1359, Sport_in_quotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been considering Lakka because it is Linux for controller input for emulators in the Retroarch style. Yet, I still wish I can combine it with Steam. I just cannot escape my Windows prison.

>> No.4006414
File: 192 KB, 1459x2187, 554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw somebody recommends retroarch

>> No.4006540

I remember this


>> No.4006545

Never underestimate the stupidity of people. That said, for the longest time, RA had no kind of documentation and a ton of options with no description.

>> No.4006886

Yes, that was around the time I installed it for the first time and still, everything was easy, tons of option to set up it how you want it which is a large plus for me.

Most people I met that complained about bios and shit never went to wiki to learn you need your bios properly named with proper hash same with RA and creating library.
Its like people download this thing that allow them to set it how you want it but then complain about having too many options.

Its not even that its hard to figure out what does what if you used PC for a few years.
I got into PC fairly late, somewhere around 2007, till I learned what is what it took a few years and some browsing tweak guides and, I still dont know a single programming language but yet, somehow RA was intuitive and easy to understand from the start with or without guide.
The only challenge was finding bios pack that was properly named since many of those are named wrong, work in other emus just not RA.

Recently they added ability to open 7zip which is awesome since having nes in zip vs 7z is 1+GB vs 250mb.

>> No.4006942

For something that isn't really meant to be a general use emulator for playing games, it does a damn good job of it. Tons of features with staying really user friendly.

All of the original Hawk cores are solid emulators, has a ton of other cores like bSNES. Solid implementation of Mupen 64.
Only thing it's missing is a Mednafen Saturn core.

>> No.4007226
File: 170 KB, 1303x1650, what we all watch volley for.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>female volleyball
>literally the "women squatting down with their asses pointed at the camera" sport
>no such picture from this girl


>> No.4007235

>Maybe if they had released the sourcecode after decades of stifling the progress of the PSX emulator scene I might have given a shit out of solidarity, but honestly, as things stand, good on Google. They probably were guilty of something knowing their past track record and lack of scrupules

He's right though. What's the point of a closed source emulator?

>> No.4007404

i hate retro ARSCH in any shape or form, its easily the most annoying/awkward emulator bundle ever

>> No.4007513

Why do people hate SP again?


He's completely right. The emulator dev scene is a complete mess.

As a software developer I'm used to going to some project's github and just start talking to people openly via issues, forking, branching and sending them pull requests. Before RetroArch and the entire libretro API thing, I didn't even know some of these projects were open source. Some of them said they were but it was nowhere to be found. When he talks about byuu using motherfucking tarballs, it reminds of my time in school when my friends couldn't figure out source control and just emailed source files to each other. What the fuck man it's 2017 and you're still using tar

Honestly for the first time ever I can just go into libretro core repository and start browsing some code and see how the cores work. SP and his friends did this. This guy is a hero really. Retarded devs wouldn't shape up so he shaped up for them. He went to the stupid ass IRC channels and got the tarballs or whatever and put it up on GitHub on everyone and so that work on the core could really start.

>> No.4007757
File: 24 KB, 495x474, 1494709269969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to set up medafen in retroarch with my already aquired rips that I personally made
>retroarch won't pick up CCD files in the library importer
>but loads CCD images in medafen just fine if you manually browse to it
The fuck is this shit

>> No.4007812


>> No.4007834
File: 67 KB, 600x877, tfwperfection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sporty ojousama already has AMVs dedicated to her

>> No.4007839
File: 125 KB, 1025x583, 659655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4007845

retroarch fucking sucks man. HEADERLESS ZIPPED ROMS ONLY FUCK THAT SHIT. This thread is just an excuse to fap to some ugly gook.

>> No.4007869
File: 71 KB, 333x500, tumblr_inline_onpe2oIZGX1rtcoyv_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some ugly gook.


>> No.4007928

Yeah what the fuck dude, go make a thread of your waifu somewhere else.

>> No.4009252

Hi, SP!

>> No.4010590
File: 59 KB, 700x611, sa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't hate, it just means emulation technology is getting closer to the authentic experience.

>> No.4010675

>What the fuck man it's 2017 and you're still using tar
What's so bad about a tarball? It's not like there aren't ways to make life easy with them regarding getting and merging changes and the lot, he's just used to the way git works.

>> No.4011675

Git is objectivelly better than tar for code and, really, file versioning across several computers in general. It's designed to and backed by quite a good chunk of programmers.
Sharing tars at ircs feels to mr like cool kids club bullshit, which no coding community needs.

>> No.4012136

Is anyone using the nightly builds?

>> No.4012210

Usually not, I want a build that works and unless nightly add somethin awesome to the box I avoid them.
Especially after they dropped XP support.

>> No.4012212
File: 133 KB, 507x485, 1495196484991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it doesn't recognize my files as actual games so they don't get added to my library, forcing me to open the files manually every time. If you're gonna add unnecessary functions, at least make them fucking work properly.

>> No.4012258 [DELETED] 

>Example of people who hate on RA.
First of all, your roms need to be clean with proper hash and everything.
Meaning hacks and translations and everything else wont be recognised.
You can have only one rom per archive which mean good sets with.

Super mario bross.7z:
super mario bross: what is Peach was a bro.nes
smb [b1]
Wont get recognized and you have to open it as an archive and select the rom you want.

If you still want hacked and baldy dumped roms to be added to your library you need to download one of the many rom listing tools there are and use them to build a library of roms you want.
But now... > I am too stupid to learn how shit works, imma better complain about it on anonymous imageboard.
Then you wonder why no one takes RA haters seriously.

>> No.4012260

>Example of people who hate on RA.
First of all, your roms need to be clean with proper hash and everything.
Meaning hacks and translations and bad dumps and alts and everything else wont be recognised.
You can have only one rom per archive which mean GoodSets with.

Super mario bross.7z:
super mario bross: what if Peach was a bro.nes
smb [b1].nes
Wont get recognized and you have to open it as an archive and select the rom you want.

If you still want hacked and badly dumped roms to be added to your library you need to download one of the many rom listing tools there are and use them to build a playlist of roms you want.
But no... > I am too stupid to learn how shit works, imma better complain about it on anonymous imageboard.
And then you wonder why no one takes RA haters seriously.

>> No.4012364

I'll drop the attitude then, thanks for the tip, didn't know about the rom listing tools. Nah, I'm not a RA hater. I don't care much for any of the UIs though.
Real question, help a retard out. How do I make RetroArch stop dropping frames?
My computer is up to snuff, but it's running Windows if that makes any difference.

>> No.4012438


you realise some people just want to play a game for the fun it brings and nothing else, and don't give a shit about how it "works"?? I bet you're the kind of wanker that when he gets something like AC installed in their house ask the technician to explain the science behind the whole process. Btw... I'm the one who uses the unpopular "accurate" emulators... and also I'm a girl xoxox

>> No.4012468


XP support was not dropped, you just need to use a different version, the MSVC version probably.

And BTW, this issue is the fault of Mingw, which has broken XP support entirely. That's why only the MSVC version will still work for XP.

So you need to take it up with Mingw who plain don't care about backwards compatibility.

>> No.4012491

Where can you find tall asians like her?

>> No.4012504

>How do I make RetroArch stop dropping frames?
>My computer is up to snuff, but it's running Windows if that makes any difference.
You've provided so little info no one can do anything but guess. Still, Windows and frame drops go hand in hand.

Are you playing in a window? Try using exclusive fullscreen and see if the behavior continues. Alternatively disable compositing if you're running a Windows version <10. Make sure to calibrate refresh rate afterwards.

If you have good graphics card drivers you could try using the vulkan driver. If you have some old AMD trash you could also try with the directx driver.

>> No.4012506
File: 74 KB, 700x467, 14095883_289036658142356_1114624813077126183_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no fit qt japanese gf

>> No.4012548

>Real question, help a retard out. How do I make RetroArch stop dropping frames?
There are few things to consider but you are too vague here.
My 10 yo PC with Windows XP run RA 1.5 just fine so I cant really tell you why it doesnt work for you.
You need to head to their forums and real on input lag and everything else that associated with lag, maybe something will give you and idea.

I know in the past vsync and multithreading created lots of lagg for me but lately they work fine on auto setting so really cant ell you much here.
Head to their forum and read what can cause all kind of input delay an framerate issues.

>> No.4012909

>everyone who agrees with SP is SP

>> No.4013165
File: 50 KB, 640x640, Kazakhstani.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this one is only 6'0, and she's from the Kazakhstan line of "Asians".

>> No.4013330

Yoshimura Shiho

>> No.4013506
File: 37 KB, 480x360, 37 KB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retroarch has a bit of a learning curve but it's by far the best emulation software I've ever used over the last 20 so years of doing this.

I wish it had a way to program custom modelines like AdvanceMAME's utility tho.

>> No.4013550

Okay, I am running RetroArch on my Thinkpad X201.

The CPU in there is an i5-540m at 2.5ghz.
I'm trying to run PlayStation 1 games at 2x internal resolution with the Beetle PSX core and I can't keep a steady 60 fps testing with Tekken 2.

I have turned off
>hard gpu sync
>bilinear filtering

And I still get stuttering and frame drops. Surely this CPU has the grunt to run PlayStation games in 2x internal resolution?

>> No.4013585

Notebooks are trickier to set everything up because of personal shit, lack of drivers and the likes.

That said there is no psx core for RA that run in dynarec except ReArmed but its ARM only.
Your best bet of playing your psx vidya is getting one of the standalone psx emulators.

>> No.4014279

I thought it might've been a normal problem since it's happened on two separate computers, one of which is running W10 and the other W7.
Forcing RetroArch to run on the integrated Intel card fixed it, so apparently it was just nvidia jewery all along.

>> No.4014606

Chances you have something in nvidia control panel that screws whole performance.
For me it was Vsync that overriden RA settings and something else dont remember now tho.

>> No.4014938

I don't mind retroarch very much, has plenty of options and runs perfectly in Linux, and I like "unified" solutions for certain things.
My only nitpicks is that the interface is kinda ass, I'd rather have them have some sort of Qt-based multiplatform interface that can be used with mouse like a proper PC program, and I sorely miss some sort of debugger like the ones in bizhawk or other TAS-variants of other emulators. Some cores are bugged as fuck (like the PSP one), too. I still can't even boot Disgaea 2 without it crapping the bed, and the cheat system is kinda fucked up (only GG codes seem to work, PAR codes are always ignored, or at least they were last time I tried like 2 versions ago. Given there's no debugger, it's the only way to do memory manipulation).
In short I'd say Retroarch is a p gud for "end users" who want some unified solution, but it's sorely lacking for power users/romhacking. I hope it gets better on that regard.

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