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Games /vr/ never talks about.

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Legend of Legaia

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Colecovision games.

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Game Over.

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The T-Rex ate me by surprise once and I was too scared to ever play it again.

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I miss PC covers from the 80's.

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Is that Carrier? I have a copy of that lying around somewhere. Is it worth a go?

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I'm gonna play this

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I bet I'm the only one here with an actual copy of this.

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This game was my childhood, and one of the first I can think of where you type out your responses to NPCs

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Are you a qt gril irl???

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Didn't know what game this was until I googled it and saw the cover. There's a game store near me that has it, too bad it's a DC exclusive.

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I rented that once and it was the most generically generic game I'd ever seen.

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About 97% of the Game Boy library.

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bang bead

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I had a copy of Carnivores 2 when I was a kid but it's long gone.

It was sweet how you could wander around your trophy room full of taxidermied dinosaurs.

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I actually grabbed all the Carnivores games at a thrift store one day (minus Cityscape) since I played the fuck out of the demos as a kid.

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Windjammers is superior

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The games were hot garbage. Still are. The hipsters trying to talk the games up are pretty funny. Seems to be a EU thing more than a US one.

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Yea i remember each game getting panned by critics back in the day, where da fuq did all these plebs come from?

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I assume because the IP has been whored out to every mobile piece of shit there is. Think there's some new game too.

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Carnivores is on steam for anyone interested. Also a game NOBODY mentions ever is one called Revenant. Back when Diablo was yuge and this game was so much better IMO.

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It was one of the two games my cousin had when I was a kid, the other being Mega Man X. My family didn't have a computer, so I'd go over to his house to play them (in the garage because his dad thought computers emitted radiation that would damage your brain). I didn't even know there was such a thing as a video game critic and thought Carnivores was awesome.

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you're referring to the remaster? Is it as good as the original?

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Was this the dinosaur hunting game where you had to shoot the T-Rex directly in the eye to be able to kill it?

I remember getting really fucking good at that game as a kid, then didn't play it for a week, and then when I tried to play it again I couldn't pull it off to save my life.

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SCUMMs in general rly

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Because it's 40 hours of spamming the same core attacks, and praying you manage to get the better healing spells through RNG.

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ZX Spectrum games. Not the console itself, but the games.

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My dad bought me a copy when it came out.

Along with Myth 2 soul blighter

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Attack of the killer tomatoes

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I played this game for the /vr/ gauntlet

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Because you only shoot the dinos. It'd be much better if you could PLAY AS THE DINOS

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I'd say 99%.

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Gee, I wonder why.

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PSP superior version

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That is an entirely different game. But hey, at least you know Harry.

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What game? I searched "Peri" and found nothing.

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His dad was right

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Ah, I did not think about renaming the screenshot. It is an amiga dungeon crawler called "Perihelion". I just played it a bit some weeks ago to see if it was working, so I don't know yet if it is a good game. But I love the art direction.

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Anything on the Atari Lynx

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/vr rarely talks about Amiga, and even less about this one here. I beat three worlds on FS-UAE and then moved to Linux, where at the same emulator and kickstart Ruff'n'Tumble runs like shit, sadly.

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>Games /vr/ never talks about.
retro games

too many 16 and 64 bit era kiddos shitting up this board.

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I remember owning this game somehow. All I remember when it came to this game is I'd kill 1 dinosaur and then go back, and rarely fight any of the bigger ones.

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Always loved this game

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There are threads about music, demos and games, it's just rare when they're not a shitposting fest.

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>only my 8-bit console is retro

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ancient meme, young one. Just ignore.

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it's hard to tell with all the autists around

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i still have the first and second carnivores on disc. used to play the shit out of these games when i was a youngin.

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