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reminder that nostalgia is not a legitimate reason to enjoy a game

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Reminder that you don't have to have a reason to enjoy a game.

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this also applies to "it was great at the time"

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all great games, what a shit thread

you're dumb OP

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the point is, dear anon, that without nostalgia as a crutch all these games objectively don't hold up

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Reminder that typing "nostalgia" isn't a magic all-purpose counterargument to invalidate somebody's appreciation of a game

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cool opinion, lots of people enjoy these games today for the first time

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All great games

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shitty thread

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reminder that people are allowed to have their own opinions, even if presented improperly, and if you can't respect the opinions of others then you may have some underlying psychological problem.

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Has nothing to do with graphics. A lot of the game design is just flat out dated and the control schemes especially are almost all bad

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In the case of Goldeneye, I think the controls still work great, provided you're using a real N64 controller.
The stick precision is pretty good, the game was developed with it in mind. Playing it with mouse, or with any other controller just wouldn't be the same.

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Ironically enough for that poster, the most salient examples of garbage touted as "good games" due to nostalgia goggles happen to be the ones that capitalized on recent advancements in graphics instead of gameplay for commercial success.

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It seems like the meaning of the word nostalgia has changed. It used to mean a unique, fleeting feeling you get when being unexpectedly reminded of something you hadn't thought about in a long time, but the current usage seems to mean anything you have positive feelings attached to if those feelings were attached a long time ago.

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Still very good games.

These were mediocre even for the time.

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Why not? I recently bought the Turok 2 remaster when it came out because I had played it back then on the N64.
I had a blast and it was much better than I remembered it to be.
And it was leagues better than the "best shooter of the last five years" (aka D44M).

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Yes it is

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>don't hold up
to what?

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>crash and goldeneye arent goat
What a shitter

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Goldeneye WAS a good game, so much so Rare told Nintendo and MGM to fuck off and delayed it 2 years until after the movie's release date just to get it right.

It was the premiere multiplayer game of the 90s only behind maybe Street Fighter 2, back when people still played with their true friends in a living room instead of competing against foul-mouthed anon 12 year-olds nostril breathing and playing rap music into their mic like today's FPS experience.

It was not nostalgia, it was a better world than has ever been seen. A kingdom of conscience. A kingdom of heaven.

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>reddit spacing
>bad opinion
into the collage it goes

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reminder that autism is not a legitimate reason to make a post

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nigga what the fuck is reddit spacing

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no mate u had to be there. the world was truely a better place before social media (including 4chan) took over

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I concur.

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Remmeber that memes are not a legit reason to be a faggot

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Putting a full space between paragraphs, I think?

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>flat out dated

You're an idiot.

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See, none of us actually know what he is talking about. Maybe he should expand upon this since he has Reddit expertise here. He knows what he is talking about, he has been to Reddit more than enough to know what Reddit spacing is and we are just back water yokels scratching our heads bewildered about what he is jabbering about.

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To be serious I have almost never been on reddit and suddenly a lot of people on th chans came up with the reddit spacing shit. Seems that really it's the reddit guys recognising each other

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If it improves readability of long posts, I'm all for it.

I can see how it can be overdone, though.

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How is one long sentence a paragraph? Why do you need to divide up one paragraph into multiple sentences?
"d-don't you DARE talk bad about the games I grew up playing!"
literally found the redditor
>the readability meme
no, it doesn't improve readability. Maybe you should instead make one cohesive paragraph instead of dividing it up into sentences?

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how would dividing paragraphs into sentences suddenly make what a anon is typing more understandable. unless you're trying to make the content more digestible to read, but at that point you might as well give the reader a bib too.
back on topic, i think some games are still liked because of nostalgia but aren't that great. those football titles from the 90s, whatever childhood game you grew up with. OP makes a good point but bringing up that argument with an example of goldeneye makes his argument weak. because golden is a solid game, there are many other

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I meant it as people came up calling on others "reddit spacing" I never saw anyone gave a shit about tis before, it's like insult of the month

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My reason for liking Goldeneye is that while the lightgun idea got scrapped during development the level design and enemy placement/behavior is still very reminiscent of one giving the game an incredibly unique feel.

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It's a new /tv/ meme.

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Why not?

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>i make the rules
Top kek kid. Anyway I never really liked golden eye.

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Good thing goldeneye is still a legitimately good game. A bad frame rate in multiplayer is really the only fault I can think of. The controls are weird by modern standards but are just fine after playing the game for 10-15 minutes

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Prove it

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Nah, "great at the time" means the gamers/the market was changed. It means that it's possible to enjoy the game with the right mindset. For example, you can still enjoy, idk, King's Quest if you put yourself into a mindset of the game being basically a complex interconnected puzzlebox where you're supposed to constantly save and challenge is to find the seams - then it actually is fun, it just needs to be approached differently than fucking, idk, Walking Dead.

Nostalgia means the game has no redeeming quality outside of it.

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>reddit spacing

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You enjoy it for a reason. Question is how well can you articulate it when critiquing or suggesting.

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Or you could just shrug your shoulders and enjoy it without articulating any particular reason, since it doesn't matter anyways as opinion on the matter is entirely subjective.
Besides, being someone who explains or demands an explanation as to why they enjoy anything just makes them sound like a snobby wine critic who's trying too hard.

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>Rare told Nintendo and MGM to fuck off and delayed it 2 years until after the movie's release date just to get it right.

>Movie was released on 1995
>Game was for N64
>N64 was released on 1996
How could Rare could ever be expected to release Goldeneye as a movie tie-in?

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goldeneye actually plays much better on PC if you have a mouseinjector mod for your emulator

but that can be said about almost every console shooter before the advent of dual analogs

I'd say it's overrated rather than it didn't age well

never played it so i can't comment

mario kart & (unless you're a tourneyfag) smash are usually games that get better with each game

I'd just rather have an F-zero game over another mario kart

this. if classic RE was a point & click adventure game I'd say otherwise

>rest of the thread devolves into shitposting

nostalgia is a hell of a drug

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>objective based gameplay
>higher difficulties are properly balanced and are not cheap
>time trials
>great variety of weapons
>hidden levels
>fun cheat system
>dual wielding
>one the most fun multiplayer ever

What is there not to like? I know I will get a lot of flak for this but I think it aged better than Half-Life which the only thing it has going for it now days is "muh interactive world", which is not that interactive.

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It's aged better than Halo and Call of Duty, which are so bland and simple by comparison.

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Because it was originally supposed to come out on the SNES.

And I still play the game occasionally using a WASD/Mouse and 60 FPS through emulator and I still have fun. I'd love for someone to try and explain to me how to stop having fun with it though.

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I played Halo for the literal first time since its release about a year back. It holds up.

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Dude, that's not Goldeneye, that's an emulated version that is significantly different. If you want to play it that way fine but it's not the actual game we're talking about and neither are most people interested in playing it that way.

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>reeeee stop playing the game in a different way!

you must be the most praised guy in DOOM threads

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What kind of person goes to a board about retro games to complain that retro games aren't as good as the modern games you aren't allowed to discuss on the retro games board?
It's almost like you're shitposting.

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No dude, wrong on every count. I haven't Doom in years. I'm just saying it's NOT Goldeneye, there is no official game Goldeneye with a mouse on PC and even if there was that is not what the thread is about. That's not being a original hardware fag, it's because it's a different game that's not even close to being the same.

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The better question is why do you get banned on /vr/ for calling shitposters faggots

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I would agree if not for about a third of the levels consisting of the same EXACT room on repeat a dozen times.

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Not him, but if his enjoyment is for the level design, music, weapons etc., it doesn't really matter what his means of playing are.

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Either overzealous mods or ultraliberal mods, I've seen both on this site.

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the weird strategies you have to employ thanks to goldeneye's weird controls almost make it more enjoyable nowadays imo
not the best zelda but still great. hasn't aged badly at all
2d platformer turned inward but at least has some good challenge unlike the sequels
desu probably my favorite mario kart still. has an elegant simplicity to it and the fact that the drift boost is so easy to abuse just raises the skill ceiling
yeah desu always felt like a melee techdemo to me
good thing the remake exists

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That's where you're wrong, kiddo. You don't really think there's an objectively invalid reason for someone who enjoys a game, do you? Maybe you should have worded that differently, because as it's written now, it makes you look like a dummy. Why are you the arbiter of why anyone "enjoys" anything? Brainless post.

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I love Goldeneye's controls because you can run and gun down enemies without aiming in most cases, it was definitely built for couch play. I've played Goldeneye: Source and something just feels totally wrong with looking around in all directions and jumping.

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>Give the reader a bib
How about just giving the reader capital letters and proper punctuation you 6th grade dropout dummy? The irony of someone like you who writes like a retarded monkey commenting on writing is amazing. Self- awareness my dude, get some.

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So Wolf3D on 3DO isn't Wolf3D?

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Can mods ban this retarded shit?, straight out of /v/

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Wolfenstein 3D is an officially licenced game for the 3DO. If we were talking about Wolfenstein 3D on PC then no.

Is this seriously at the level of retardedness we're at now guys? That people think you can play Goldeneye on PC and just interchange them like they're the same thing? N64 emulation isn't even accurate.

If you think turning around in a fraction of a second and having a mouse-style accuracy at 60 fps is the same level of difficulty and it's the same game then you're beyond hope.

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games DO age you fucking moron. the good ones are the ones that manage to stand the test of time and they're a dime a dozen. don't believe me? right now order a random shovelware n64 game, beat it, and then tell me about the experience. games are designed around the games that came before it. did that work out well? then keep it. was that irritating? then discard it. over 30 or so years you develop a standard that older games don't adhere to, obviously. you have to be literally retarded not to understand this very simple concept

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Just because it's a game you like, doesn't mean that you enjoy it.

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>you only IMAGINED enjoying it

>> No.3996341

forgot to reply, huh? is this your first day here?
how stupid are you

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But if you're nostalgic about a game then it means there was a good reason to play it back in the day.


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Reminder that the games people feel most nostalgic about are the ones that have legitimate reasons to enjoy them to begin with.

Check mate faggot.

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OP just admit that you are a shitter-fucker and the way you feel important in life is to get a lot of people replying to your thread.

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>OP YOU are a DUMB FUCKING SHITPOSTER. HOW DARE you insult my favorite childhood games!!!!!!

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if you play enough retro games you forget modern games exist so you get over the difficulty caused by the games dated mechanics

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>How dare you object to me shitting all over something you enjoy for no reason.

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there is this thing called having another opinion. I know filthy autists such as yourself can't stand it, but it's the reality of the world. also did you read anything else I posted? jesus I cannot imagine being this nostalgia blinded

>> No.3996427

>literally one of the boards most infested with the filthy redditswine
are you stupid? or new? probably both desu

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Wait so if there was an official release of Goldeneye on PC at 60 fps this would all somehow be ok? The only reason there hasn't been a port is because of the legal rights to the original game being split between at least 4 different companies and it presumably not being financially worth it to get lawyers to figure all that out.

Yeah it's a bit easier on the default settings, but changing things with 007 mode to make it harder does a good job of compensating for that. I don't think it's a stretch at all to think that the developers put 007 mode in there thinking that people might one day port the game to be playable with mouse and keyboard.

And I've heard this "not the same game" bullshit so many times now and I still don't understand what the fuck you mean. Nothing about the levels or the objectives changes on emulator.

If you have some kind of obsession with playing the game with the kind of lag it had on the original hardware then more power to you, but playing a port of a game with higher definition graphics, smoother framerate and better controls isn't usually seen as a bad thing.

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>Wait so if there was an official release of Goldeneye on PC at 60 fps this would all somehow be ok?

I'm not saying it's not "okay" to discuss anything, I'm saying it's dumb to interchange them and act like playing on an emulator in a completely different way is the actual game.

>The only reason there hasn't been a port is because of the legal rights to the original game being split between at least 4 different companies and it presumably not being financially worth it to get lawyers to figure all that out.

This is one of the dumbest, most ridiculous statements I've seen on /vr/ for a long time. The reason there isn't a PC port of this game is because Rare were commissioned to create a Goldeneye game exclusive to the N64. The only thing I can think of that you could possibly be getting this from is how people were saying Goldeneye would not be released on Xbox Arcade or Playstation as a part of an emulator because of all the licencing it would require. It has nothing to do with a "port" of the game on the PC.

I was going to address the rest of your post, but man I think I'm going to have to take a break after that.

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It's like Timesplitters. What's the problem?

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reminder that you're a faggot, OP

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I still order pizza and pop this in at least once a month with my family.

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All memeing aside, this is actually the truth.

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>Autism is a hell of a drug

FTFY, also see >>3993195

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So OP what games should we discuss?

Instead of being a negative douche, how about being constructive with your stupid opinions and bad taste

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This is the same nonsense argument that people use to not like old movies.

>It's not that it is B&W, it's um, the simplistic camera directing!

Full retard

It's become a garbage meme that people use in place of an actual argument.

>How is one long sentence a paragraph?

Underage please fuck off.

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