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-What model Sega CD do you own?
-What are your favorite games?
-Did you have to repair it, and if so how?
-What do you think of the Sega CD, and the addon/CD fad?

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This seems like a good thread to give an update on the JVC X'Eye i posted about a while ago that refused to acknowledge or spin up CDs in case anyone is interested.
All it literally needed was a new laser.
I didn't even need to replace the caps (They all look fine so I'll hold off on that for now) or adjust the pots and it pretty much reads anything instantly now, original games, burnt CD-R's and music discs.

I'd prolly have to say Sonic CD is my favorite game on CD.
The system does actually have a lot of interesting games like Popful Mail, Keio Flying Squad, Snatcher, Robo Aleste and Final Fight CD so I wouldn't really call it a fad.
The fact that you can simply burn every single game also makes it kind of attractive to own.

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Why does it seem like everyone owns a model 2?

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It's generally cheaper and more reliable, but it doesn't come close to matching the style that the original had

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I really want a model 1, but I don't want to spend over a hundo on something that might not even work after shipping
(or prior to it if the ebay horror stories are true)

Guess I'll put in a book or something to balance the sucker off. I'm not paying for an "official" piece of literally just plastic

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Unless someone already fucked it up on the inside when trying to repair it before you, you should
always be able to repair one as long as you aren't too retarded.
Cheapest way to get one would prolly be to buy a broken one with a simple defect like "CD Tray doesn't open" and then to just fix it.

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Well I am pretty retarded.

plus I've never messed around the insides of electronics before. Even what might be a relatively simple task(fixing the cd tray I guess?) at least seems a little daunting to me, as it's all unknown ground from step 1

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It's actually pretty amazing that most sega hardware from that era is dirt cheap despite being so popular.

I guess normies love their nintendo, but who could blame them considering nintendo still makes hardware.

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Yeah you might as well just accept you're going to need to service any Sega CD or PCE/TG-CD you buy very soon even if it's sold "working". Better just buy one with an established problem and take care of it or a guaranteed actually refurbished one. Model 1s especially get leaking surface mount caps which are a motherfucker to replace unless you have legit electronics skills

Toldya. Lasers burn out just like light bulbs but otherwise X'Eyes are built well like 5th gen consoles. Glad you've got it running now though. Enjoy your almost bulletproof Sega CD experience.

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You can always read up on here
The main reason why the Sega CD 2 is so much more long lived is because it doesn't need to have an extra mechanism to drive the cd tray in and out and most often it's just the rubber belt getting weak.
If you read up on the symptoms you can search for one that has an easy to fix defect and buy it for cheap.
Of course it all depends on if you want work a bit for it or not. If not I guess the model 2 is for you.

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Eh, as I said in the old thread I was already had the laser as the main suspect but didn't want to shill out the money when I wasn't 100% sure.
I do thank you for persuading me to just go for it though. I really fucking love this thing mate and the CD part made me love it even more!
Only thing I miss is that the Mega Everdrive can't play SMS games on the X'Eye.

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I have the model 2.
Earthworm Jim Special Edition is my absolute favorite game. I like it better than part 2.
Also like the Ecco the Dolphin games.
Shining Force CD is pretty good as well.

I bought it about a year ago for $40 and it was not reading discs. All I had to do was open it and make sure all the ribbon cables were connected and now it works perfect. Looked brand new inside and the laser looked new as well.

I never owned the addon as a kid because it was so expensive. I do have good memories of renting it from Hastings video store (very rarely since there was a huge deposit) to play Eternal Champions CD.

My cousin and I were big fans of the Genesis game and the CD version was like the greatest thing ever. Wish they would have supported it with more games.

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Oh really? That sucks, I had no idea. The PBC won't plug into it so I never tried to run one. Good to know.

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yo sorta related to the discussion being had

Is it bad that I'm applying to become an electrician mainly because I wanna play old games on original hardware

I mean I'm sure it'd get me a real job too and maybe I won't be replaced with a robot in 15 years but

you know

Also my favourite Mega CD game is Snatcher. I don't care if it's a meme pleb answer or overrated or whatever that game is tight

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Well the Mega Everdrive does some reset magic when loading the Mastersystem ROM to get the console to switch into Mastersystem mode basically.
Sadly Krikzz never stated why the X'eye doesn't support that but it basically isn't able to handle that reset switch to Mastersystem mode for some reason or another.
That depends on whether you think possibly working in this sector for the years to come will keep you interested or not.
I wouldn't really do it if you had literally no interest in it other than at that at all. Otherwise, i'd definitely say go for it!

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I bought Ecco 1 & 2 and I don't have a Sega CD yet. I wan't an X'Eye I guess, because I think someday my genesis might need a backup. The model 1 was so cool. Me and my friend rented it once.

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Even for a broken one you'll have to shill out quite a bit for an X'Eye at this point unless you can maybe find one locally.
Once again if you have no other option your best best might also be to buy a defective one and just fix it.
The probably worst thing you could have to do would be to buy a completely new laser which is about 30-40$ at this point.
The nice thing about the X'eye is it's incredibly clean and easily serviceable design + online available service manual.

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Please help me /vr/
I recently fixed a model 1 Mega CD, but it has no drive door.
Could someone tell me where I could get one?
This thing, but in stock.
Sega CD door would be fine as well.

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Out of curiosity, were you the one who bought the CD on eBay that had no drive door recently?

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3D print one or get one from a scrapped one. Do you know what the Dimensions are?

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Ayo thread, say I only ever get 2 games on the MegaCD and one is Snatcher, what should the other one be? Any hot opinions? Pic related?

how hard is it to get these suckers to play "backups"?

tbf being "interested" isn't a factor I consider much anymore. More thinking in the lines of what's gonna keep me employed and relatively middle class without being fired due to cheaper automation. Either this or plumbing.

but having some knowledge of how to tinker with an old 3do would be a fun bonus

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Dude as an electrician you'll probably be making bigger bank than many college grads, the trades are a dying art.

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All Sega CDs are completely without copy protection.

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>3D printing meme

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I heard that the Sega CDs use either a Sony laser or a JVC one and that the JVC is better but more rare. Any truth to this? Been thinking about picking one up.

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I actually own two mega drive clones from back in the day and they're quite exceptional, albeit not as good as my original mega drive 2 in terms of image quality (composite). I can't really tell much of a difference regarding sound quality, but it may be due to my mono TV set.

Pic related is my Star Drive 2 that just got from the Mail.

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It's also compatible with the Sega CD, and so is the megavision

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Sega CD1:
JVC Optima-5 can be replaced with modern OPTIMA-5S which is a bit pricey
Sony KSS-210A
Sony KSS-240A

Sega CD2:
Samsung SOH-T4 can be replaced with modern: Samsung SOH90-T4N
JVC OPTIMA-6 can be replaced with Optima-6S and (Optima-150: This is not confirmed to work yet, but apparently it is pin compatible.)
Sony KSS-240A

Dunno if they're really quicker but maybe if you replace the sega cd one with a "modern" 5S it really is quicker?

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On the left is my Mega Drive II and on the right I have the Megavision

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I have model 2 attached to Genesis HDG model 1. It looks clunky but it works great. I also have a 32X. The fact I can burn SegaCD games on the fly is great

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Is it weird that I love those massive Saturn game cases?

>> No.3984759

They're fragile as fuck. I've evicted SO many sports titles from their cases to swap.

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They look great on a shelf, very aesthetically pleasing compared to jewel cases that you have to squint at to read. The Saturn and Playstation ones look a bit better because of the White/Black respective color schemes over the blue of the SCD. But I have more longbox games for SCD because there are few for the PSX and half my Saturn games are imports.

They are fragile though.

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I have 2 model 1's
Lunar, Sonic CD, Snatcher and SMT 1 for that great music.
1 of they broke some how and the other one I got at goodwill that was pretty brand new.
I wish they would have done more for it.

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Best place to get an european sega cd without overpaying? I really want one for my collection

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Model 2 from Tectoy hue
Sonic CD, Ecco, Silpheed, Lunar
You got me, I actually never repaired it. I got it broken and never bothered, it looks nice though.
I wanted the Sega CD as a kid, but it was prohibitively expensive and I was too busy playing games on other systems other than Sega, such as SNES or PC, so I always was checking out the prices and see if I could afford it with my kid savings, but nope, never happened.
Soon enough Sega drove my attention to the 32X, and before I knew it I was buying a Saturn. So the Sega CD remained unknown for me until 2001 or so when I found Gens.
I actually own a bunch of Sega CD games included the ones I mentioned, but I just play them on KEGA Fusion, using a gamepad on a CRT monitor. (used to hook it up to a CRT TV but too much hassle these days).
The CD was a good idea, at the time it was quite the novelty and CD became a dominating format later on. The problem with Sega CD was the price and the amount of FMVs games that while nowadays are seen in a comedic way, back then they were big deal. And it was a blunder. The good games on the Sega CD are still there though, but in a lot of cases you have to wade through a lot of mediocre to bad games, that makes you ask yourself why would they make such bad games on a system for people who paid a privilege price for the games? In most cases, the problem wasn't the Sega CD hardware but the developers.

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I have models 1 and 2
There is so little good for this platform and so little of that that wasn't done better on other consoles that it's pointless to rattle off a few meme games that everyone else will.
I've done repairs on all of them. An FRAM mod and resetable fuse reduce the frequency of repairs massively. The ability to fabricate parts for the model 1 tray is must unless your the kind of cunt who cannibalizes instead of repairs.
I think the PCE CD was fucking awesome and I loved playing CD games while faggots were counting the years till the SNES release. Sega got it all wrong in so many ways.

Small plastic parts is exactly what 3D printing is great for reditor.

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I finally got a Sega CD! It was $99 and the seller said that it wouldn't power up. Anyways, once I got it I bridged the fuse to see if that was the issue: it was! I ordered a new fuse to replace the wire I soldered in place of the old burned out fuse. Anyways, the belt also needed to be replaced, and I'm using a rubber band until I get one.

So far I've burned three games, being Somic CD, Monkey Island, and Snatcher - but Snatcher isn't working! I would try to burn it again, but I'm out of CDs.

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>What model Sega CD do you own?
I've got a JVC X'Eye and a Pioneer Laseractive

>What are your favorite games?
Snatcher, Popful Mail, Lords of Thunder, Final Fight CD

>Did you have to repair it, and if so how?
No, for either system

>What do you think of the Sega CD, and the addon/CD fad?
It's alright.

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I used to have a model 2 Mega CD with a handful of games years ago. I think I actually traded a SNES with SMW and 1 controller for it. The guy just wanted to get it off his hands since he couldn't read Japanese. Most of the games that came with it were RPGs like Funky Horror Band and some others I can't remember off the top of my head. Cosmic Fantasy maybe? It also came with Ninja Warriors and I got Sonic CD for like $10 later. I really wish I never sold it, I never got around to playing those RPGs because I was just starting to learn Japanese and now if I wanted to buy them all again it'd cost an arm and a leg. Especially Ninja Warrior apparently, what the fuck. Good system, really regret selling it and would buy it back again in a heartbeat if it weren't so expensive to do so now. Something about early CD console games really warms my heart.

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First I only have megadrive1 after that I bought megaCD2.
when compound and play my CD sound delay because my megadrive1 is PAL but megaCD is ntsc Dammm.
I bought because want to play 3x3eye Luna2
but my favorite are SonicCD(japan) Slipheed and Kaio dragon flay.
Popfull mail , shining froce,final fightCD, are ok
ninja warrior ,kamenriderZO,sega classic 4in1 are awful
I think segaCD is grate hardware.it now power full then SNES,
CD tecnology is for music video and huge sotck segaCD use that all.

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>Did you have to repair it
Story for your /vr/ people

You know how there are several models of Genesis, Sega CD, power bricks, adapters, etc.

Anyway I had some friends over back in 2012, and told them about all of my new Sega CD purchases, including a few 32x games. and how we should play them. There were four of us and we just got done with Dungeon Explorer on tg-16. While three of us were putting away the tg-16 and making some pizza dough, the fourth friend setup my genesis.

To skip to the horror. He hooked up the Model 1 Genesis to the Model 2 Sega CD with a 32x on top of it. He then just grabbed whatever power bricks fit into whatever hole and started the console. He started playing flashback and we all sit around the tv waiting for the dough to rise and oven to warm. Then within 10 minutes we smell burning. Run to the kitchen (I have a big house) and about halfway there notice the smell is gone. Run back to the theater room and see smoke coming from the power bricks.

I opened all three bricks and two were pretty toasted, while the 32x brick was fine. The systems were mostly fine but I could see heat/burn like marks around some stuff. Most worrying was the fact that the fuse in the cd model 2 was just a straight wire lol. I never opened it before so I bought it that way. The wire was bare and the cover melted off of it. Replaced that with a fuse and it worked fine, as well as replaced any obvious caps or such that were burnt. He paid for it all.

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is this a bit too much?

>> No.3987434

Different regions?

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I'd personally love to get a CD, but as a general rule of thumb, there has to be at least 10 games for that system that I want to play before I'll buy it.
Sonic CD, Snatcher... what else?

>> No.3987612


>> No.3987628

Popful Mail

There are also CD ports of Genesis titles, like Earthworm Jim

>> No.3987643

Probably better to emulate if there's only a few games you're interested in.
I highly recommend Lunar 2 and Shining Force CD. Hell, might as well throw Popful Mail in there too, it's pretty fun and has an awesome soundtrack.

If you're looking for some good coverage of lots of Sega CD games, I'd check out Game Sack's Sega CD episode.

>> No.3987679

just so you know, you won't be able to play most ntsc cd games properly on a pal mega cd without replacing the bios as the everdrive bios flasher doesn't work with the mega cd

>> No.3987751

>everdrive bios flasher

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>> No.3987907

nah all US

>> No.3987914

The sega CD would have been much better had they not forced the interactive movie theme on it.

>> No.3987917

He can patch the images for PAL before he burns them though.

>> No.3987976

The irony is that Snatcher managed to tell a story better and more effictivley than all the other FMV games combined

>> No.3988150

>He can
Sure about that? He'll have to download software an click things. Might be easier to wait for a Retron™ that can handle it.

>> No.3988174

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I remember back in the day how many coasters I burned trying to play Resident Evil Gun Survivor in English on my NTSC rear projection. Gotta learn sooner or later.

>> No.3988560

Works just fine for me

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Sol-Feace and Robo-Aleste

>> No.3988956

>-What model Sega CD do you own?
RGB modded laseractive

>-What are your favorite games?
I liked popful mail

>-Did you have to repair it, and if so how?
Yes. caps, 5v ICP, and laser replacement.

>-What do you think of the Sega CD, and the addon/CD fad?
More games.

>> No.3989256


Question, is the Sega CD meant to have a boot screen like the Saturn does when there's no disc inside? I just got my Model 2 Genesis + CD and tried to see if it would power on, didn't get a screen like that.

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I just burned Snatcher! WOW is it cinematic. Looking forward to playing it

>> No.3989414

Yes. It should load a boot screen and if no disc or a music disc is inserted it takes you to a music CD player type screen.

>> No.3989420

I bet the fuse is blown like mine in pic related was. You just have to solder in a new one, or less preferably bridge the connection with a wire.

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File: 1.56 MB, 3533x3024, IMG_4030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you decorate your burned discs /vr/?

>> No.3989830

If fuse and diode is fine, where should I look next?
Cap replacement -> transistors check-> voltage regulator (LM) check -> what's next?

>> No.3989834

It won't do anything if a cartridge is inserted.

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My Model 2 just recently died. Might be the fuse but I havent opened it yet.
I think the game I played the most was SonicCD followed by Snatcher. I replayed Snatcher every few weeks there for a while back in the day.
Cliffhanger was actually really fun. Silpheed too got a lot of rotation. I played Eternal Champions a lot but my disc has physically degraded to being unplayable at this point, which is a bummer.

I was very proud of my Sega Genesis/CD/32X. I thought it was a fucking work of art

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>I played Eternal Champions a lot but my disc has physically degraded to being unplayable at this point, which is a bummer.
This might well be the saddest thing I've read all year.

You do know you could have burned a (perfectly legal) copy and played that with no console modifications needed, right? The original disc could have sat on the shelf, safe and sound.

>> No.3992173

Not that guy, but what's the point of having an original copy if you don't even play it?

of course in this case it mighta spared some heartache so hush my mouth, but in general you know? I know people who own original cartridges and still play on everdrives. I don't get it

(I didn't know that could happen to disc games, rip anon's game)

>> No.3992221

It's just ones and zeroes on a disc (or cart). The original has sentimental and monetary value but a copy plays exactly the same.

The real question is why would you NOT do this?

>> No.3992226

I dunno, some vague sense of it not being real I guess.

I realize this is entirely just 20 year old marketing sinking it's claws in me, but I don't feel right playing an emulation or "backup" when the real thing is available.

>> No.3992526

There's one thing I didn't like about the CD add-ons at the time was that they required an additional power cords needed for it.

>> No.3994021

NEC does what Segdon't. But at least they gave it the old collage try. Nintendo didn't even show up.

>> No.3994064

Kinda stabbed sony in the back before even getting out of the gate, creating their biggest rival and meme material for the mid 2000s, so not a bad trade off.

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