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ITT: Retro games to play when you're blazed. Starting with the classic.

It's legal here, and I'm an adult. It's really no different from having a beer after work.

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The soundtrack for this game got some really good bass, and the visuals are all whacky and trippy.

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>inb4 dude weed lmao

Um. This is /vr/. I don't think you'll have to worry about that here

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Too late.

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Don't waste drugs on videogames. Are you some kind of friendless loser?

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Well fuck.

Carry on OP.

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Don't listen to this guy. Inject heroin into your penis, it's the only way to predict reset cerebro and to find the triforce in OOT

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If there's one thing that arcade games taught me...

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I'm actually a real big fan of RPGs when I'm fucked up

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Basically any game you like, especially those from your childhood.

I played absurd amounts of hours of NES Pinball while getting high.
Got a decent hi-score.

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Drugs lol.

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I feel like that would scare the hell out of me.

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That's the point.

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I play Galaxian and Galaga when I'm stoned. Lots and lots of Galaga and Galaxian. Sometimes ports (usually NES), often MAME.

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>I'm an adult
Best case you've been out of your moms cunt for 18+ years. No chance you have the mental capacity to stand trial as an adult. I love the sticky sticky icky but if it did permanent damage like you've got I'd never touch the shit.

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fucking hippie

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>It's really no different from having a beer after work.

I'm yet to see a thread about games to play when you're having a beer after work but you potheads sure can't stop showing off about your magic leafs. It's annoying and people perceive it as such, that's why you get memed.

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Buddy of mine loves to play strategy games when stoned.

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Fuck off

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hit the nail on the head

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>using the word "hippie" as an insult.

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I don't really recommend it. Watching a proper play through would be more fun.

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You have to wait 3 hours before drinking after work

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>smoking weed

Clearly you didn't play enough NARC as a kid to know what will eventually happen.

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>I'm an adult

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Blood would probably be crazy while stoned.

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I miss being new to smoking weed and it was still exciting/worth talking about

Weed doesnt give any epiphanies, it just makes boring shit tolerable

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Yeah but it's still fun.

>Weed doesnt give any epiphanies
Ikr? Remember how when you're talking with your friends while blazed you think you're having crazy and deep discussion? One time we reflected and said that we wished we could record it to hear ourselves later. One time one of my friends actually did that, and not anyone else of us knew so the conversation was legit.

...The conversation was fucking retarded lol.

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You'd probably react too slow and get your ass kicked.

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not me m8, I'm pro af at that game

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If you were high on pot, I mean. You'd probably forget the map layouts too.

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no lol

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Quake 3

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If I'm smoking with friends: Mario Kart 64

If I'm smoking solo: Secret of Mana or Rez. And sometimes Wave Race.

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>If I'm smoking with friends: Mario Kart 64
Last time I played MK64 with my best friend while stoned the bass in the Royal Raceway music was making me delirious.


so good

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Nice! Royal Raceway, Wario Stadium and DK Jungle were always favorites. Powersliding around in the cave at the end of DK Jungle, while recklessly throwing green shells, was something that never failed to amuse us.

We also found that just driving around Kalimari Desert can be pretty meditative.


Good times, great memories...

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Never thought I'd hear a Sleep reference on this board.

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You guys are forgetting the dopest track in the game

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Very nice.

The whole game is just sex mang.

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I smoke with my friends and then we play video games. To be honest it's not my favorite thing to do high, but it can be very enjoyable with the right mood.

I found I was actually much better at Cannon Spike under the influence.

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To any kids reading this, don't do drugs. This is a message from Mike Tyson

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I don't smoke, but I do like to drink on the weekends. I find I make better longterm decisions in JRPGs when I'm drunk. When I'm sober, I horde my inventory beyond reason, because I'm always planning for that rainy day, which usually never comes. When I'm drunk, I just use whatever the fuck and spend all my gold on that sweet new weapon because who gives a fuck? I end up having a lot more fun.

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>playing MK64 tourney with friend while blazed
>Moomoo Farm comes up
>Tell friend, "this is gonna be funny because of the animals"
>Both unable to stop laughing at them the whole race

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This was fun on xmas in 1998, stoned as hell, listening to Beck's Mutations album.

You fucking stoner piece of shit

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>...The conversation was fucking retarded lol.
Conversation always goes down to the level of the lowest common denominator.
When you don't have to try to explain to an intoxicated person what you are thinking, you can have rather more interesting ideas. I write down notes when a cool thought strikes me. Most of them aren't /vr/ related, but to be on-topic here's one that was.

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You thought about making a webm of top recommended dreamcast games while you were stoned and decided to write it down? This was an 'interesting idea' to you?

You people are squares even when you're high desu.

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Bla bla bla
Not him but it was an interesting project a lot of /vr/ was keen on offering their advice

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Love the song, but that track made me want to punch my TV on numerous occasions. Especially when played in reverse.

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I like this.

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space channel 5? really?

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get high while you get high

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This basically any game that you're really good at or if you're not good at any games, a game that's really easy especially one that's just a time dump like JRPG grinding.

Smoking weed makes it MUCH easier to get into a "groove" where you're acting without much conscious thought (which can be a a real bad thing in the wrong game). With or without weed, getting into a groove on a game can be really satisfying.

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Not retro

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Ideally you'd play all games while smoking weed. For those with depression/no motivation to play games, weed is a godsend.

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Shut the fuck up.

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Probably something slow-paced with plenty of short-term and rewards that isn't too skill based with colorful but not surrealistic graphics like a collectathon like Spyro or Suikoden

Now fuck off loser and take you pathetic worthless ass back to /b/ or /v/

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Struck a nerve? Read the rules next time, newfag.

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Virtual Boy Wario Land. Nothing quite like it.

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Shut the fuck up.

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Never come back, faggot.

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Please keep your addiction out of my hobby, thanks.

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Play this while high OP it will change your life. Or give you PTSD.

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This is pretty much on the ball. It's much easier for me to get into a flow state when I'm high, so I go for 1CCs and no-death runs. Generally anything you enjoy playing sober you will enjoy high. If anything, alcohol impacts my reaction times far more negatively.

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lots and lots of people are getting high and playing old videogames all around you

some of them will only play old videogames when they get high even

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>some of them will only play old videogames when they get high even
You can only enjoy things when high. Sound like addiction to me.

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>I've never smoked weed

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I play videogames regardless I'm just trying to piss you off

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>mary jane will never stop triggering the turbo spergs of 4chan
I love it.

Not retro, but the single greatest game I ever played stoned was GTA Vice City on PC. Friend and I used to take turns going on killing sprees and see who could last the longest. Have your own music playing over it while you play, too. We did some seriously artistic shit, the game was so rad and the guns felt ludicrously satisfying. That M4 was a real thing of beauty, so was the combat shotgun, even the katana was super fun.

To keep it retro, I'm gonna second Mario Kart 64 with friends, it's amazing. So is Super Smash Bros. Never played many retro games stoned as I was a kid back then.

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You say getting blazed is no different from having a beer after work?

Getting blazed would be like getting drunk, not just having a beer right?
Sounds like you're an addicted pothead to me

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...that sounds awful...

Anything Virtual Boy sounds awful, especially if you're high. But maybe with that black and white emulator it would be okay.

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Not him but VB while high is awesome.
The VB isn't nearly as bad as most people meme it to be.

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I did and quit when I was like 19. Smoking wee isn't any sort of accomplishment considering most people have. But honestly, you're probably like 12 years old and legitimately believe weed makes you hallucinate, which is why you had no issue with the anons posting Rez and like. Piss off, cumstain

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I rolled my eyes at rez too, cmon

The people saying Blood and GTA: Vice City have the right idea though not that shit

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>The people saying Blood and GTA: Vice City have the right idea though
Those are actually both me kek

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Rez would be awful on a hallucinogenic, if you ever smoked you know a game like that is fun to just let your eyes almost unfocus and gawk at like a retard.

Basically anything that doesn't require much precision and is colorful or immersive is a good choice, unless smoking somehow makes you better at games which usually isn't the case. Had a friend in college who sucked ass at Smash until he was both drunk and high, he would then completely destroy everyone.

In any case posting with sage because I don't find this thread valuable. It can only cause shitposts. Why not just think about what kind of games you enjoy stoned and make a thread for good colorful/slow paced/etc games? Oh that's right, because you want this board to be as shitty as /v/.

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I can play games fine stoned. Sometimes I even play better that way. In any event, being high always makes the games a million times as fun.

When drunk however I always play like total shit.

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>being so pedantic that you have to break down the semantics of the terms he uses to describe things just to find a way to be mad
are anti-weed posters more annoying than potheads? Id rather have someone tell me how much fun they had playing a game than sperging out because someone mentioned a thing they dont like.

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>It's legal here, and I'm an adult. It's really no different from having a beer after work.

Jesus christ my sides, it's like you have assburger

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>Don't waste drugs on doing things you want to do on drugs
Plus it's not even a waste considering how cheap/easy it is to get decent pot anywhere.

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My africanus americanus

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kind of a psa here, this is when the usage of "projecting" is appropriate please write it down since so many of you have trouble with it

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Exactly. I mostly play on an arcade stick and the experience is super tactile and goes well with a little edible.

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>It's really no different from having a beer after work.
A beer after work doesn't turn you into a braindead retard.

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