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Anyone here actually like the Jaggie Graphics of the PS1?

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Yeah it's rather quaint.

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I used to hate them at the time and for a long time after

my feelings for jaggedy ass 3d graphics has softened

maybe it's just nostalgia or whatever speaking but I think a lot of those games look pretty cool

I'd love to replay fighting force

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As long as it's not on the wrong aspect ratio like the OP pic, and as long as I'm using a CRT; I can tolerate them.

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Yea I like em

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I started playing games on my sister's SNES but the PS1 was my first console so I really associated things like jaggies, flickering, alienazing, clipping, etc. with video games and consider them part of their charm. That's why I can't help but roll my eyes when people go irrate when a more modern game has the slightest graphical infidelity even in a preredered cutscene. It's all just part of the medium for me

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I generally prefer the PS1's style over its rivals.

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define what you mean by jaggies. people seem to to use it interchangeably for both aliasing and low poly models. it's a stupid term imo.

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I agree that terms get mixed up too easily too often but he's obviously referring about the trait specific to the PS1 where vertices would jump which accentuated the jagged visuals as the edges shifted radically.

It's what defined ps1 visuals for me, along with attempts at realism due to the possibility of more textures and sounds than what the n64 could do.

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It's not the jagginess I like, but I do like PS1 graphics. There's a charm to how they look, especially early 3D environments. I enjoy playing older 3D games and just admiring how the game developers created an approximation of a realistic 3D world digitally.

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No. Enough of this circlejerk. We need more emulators to fix how crap most ps1 games looked.

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Kill yourself

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I think pretty much everyone except that one faggot that shills his emulator in every PS1 thread likes them. You know the one, >>3974339

For me it's the same as playing 8/16-bit games on a CRT, I don't want to go into the whole 'how the developers intended' rigmarole but every game made for the system was built from the ground up knowing there would be shaky polygons. Ridge Racer Type 4 still looks gorgeous on hardware but like any old racing upscaled on an emulator. The flaws are part of the magic in some cases.

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Noise can mask flaws in a low-quality image, but a good image shouldn't need it. Nobody asks if they can make the vertices in PCSX2 jiggle.


That looks good. But it would look even better without the jittering.

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Upscaling and jittering aren't the same thing.

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i've never heard the the ps1 poly jitter referred to as jaggies before.

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What game is that?

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That's because it's not the same thing at all. "jaggies" are created due to lack of anti-aliasing. "Jankies" are the warbling textures due to a lack of floating point use in the PSX GPU.

And yes, I love all my low-polygon children, from the tex-stretching N64 to the warbling PSX and even the faux-transparency SS. Hell, I even love the look of Build Engine games, despite them not being true 3D.

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jaggies, dither and texture warping are a little nostalgic for me

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I still need to get this game and record with PGXP

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I never said they were, I just threw in upscaling as another thing that spoils the overall experience.

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If you increase the resolution, it makes the jittering even worse because vertices are still snapped to a grid of 320x240 or 512x240.

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Racing Lagoon, I think

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Low display res, unfiltered textures, low poly count, sure.

The poly jitter and texture warping, not so much. On characters it gives a Dr-Katz like effect sometimes, that's cool. But on almost everything else it looks like shit. Can't have a straight fucking line without it wobbling all over the place.

I got no nostalgia for wiggly roads.

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No. I was glad to have PS1 ports on DC and PC since they didn't look like actual dog shit and had non eye cancer causing framerates.

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Yes because everything in a retro game was created with a specific purpose by the holy retro devs who can do no wrong and we shant go against thine intentions because they get triggered easily.

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They were fine at the time. Can't even look at them now and not get sick

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No I clean that shit up in emulators

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Did anyone ever notice that the graphics were jaggy or did you simply impressed by GOOD GRAPHICS?

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Same here.

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Look good to me, pretty nostalgic. MGS doesn't look the same without them.

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They're flat out hideous. Unless you're hopelessly nostalgic for them (like almost everyone in this thread) then I don't see why you would like them

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the thing i dislike the most is how the textures "shake" a bit when you move

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I like the lowpoly and lowres cheaply filtered textures.

I greatly dislike texture warping and imprecise vertices.

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Early 3D always looked jaggy to me.