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Good game that gets undeservedly bashed due to e-celeb parroting shitters. Pig Surfing is a great boss level with good controls.

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A disappointing end of the EarthWorm Jim series.

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I randomly played it when finding games to play and I remember it gave me a headache.

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A sad follow up after two great games. Not terrible, but they clearly didn't know how to make an interesting 3D game.

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Let me guess
>Difficulty is creating a challenge for yourself instead of brainlessly doing exactly what is expected of you.

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The boss battles are of course terrible and the most glaring example of Artificial Difficulty I can think of in all of video gaming. That said, I feel they a bit unfairly weigh down folks' perception of the rest of the game, which is a decent-to-good platforming collectathon depending on the level.

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This was actually released 2 weeks later. and is even more disappointing.

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Even worse, Gameloft now has the rights and so we will never get another decent port again. Partly because they got the rights to the game, but not the voice acting. So Jim sounds like a kid doing bad impressions.

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are you high or disoriented in some way? are you sure you're in the right thread?

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The cartoon had some quality voice cast, including Dan fucking Castellaneta as the worm himself. I was super impressed how they managed to bring the show's whole cast over for EWJ3D, even if it was for just a couple of lines.

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>yfw we could have had a Earthworm Jim on psp

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We could have? Explain.

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I remember getting stuck on a haunted house / zombie type of level. Earthworm Jim and Starshot are the only games on the N64 that I've given up on.

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okay final entry in a largely shit series

seven out of ten

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It was canceled in 2007

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It has the type of ending that would piss of a SJW or feminist Nazi.

It is a decent game, but in comparison to the first two it lacks that wackyness and oddity that they had.

I mean, you don't get to fight a robot chicken in freefall while spiky walls surround you both in another game, do you?

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>It has the type of ending that would piss of a SJW or feminist Nazi.
as I recall a fridge falls on you and later a cow is shown falling on you in a photo. I don't see how that's at all related to feminist types and whatnot

did I get the bad ending or what?

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I think he's referring to the fact that the final boss is Jim's feminine side.

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you know, I completely blanked on that

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I enjoyed this game, it's definitely underrated. It suffered coming out amidst a slew of more advanced game, and felt quite dated though. If the game had come out when it was scheduled to it would have a better reputation, but the game was cut, rebuilt, delayed endlessly, and it shows. Boss battles dont make sense, some of the platforming is horrifying (some of the stuff in the Elvis level comes to mind) and some levels feel clearly unfinished (the wild west) but otherwise theres plenty of great design and genuinely amusing moments.

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The boss battles make sense, they just have ass controls.

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good game

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I remember not getting very far into this as a kid. I should play it again. Wait, Rockstar? Huh.

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>it's actually made by Rockstar
wow I didn't notice that. How does it compare to say, Space Station Silicon Valley?

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>The boss battles make sense,
Eh, they're not even real fights, more like a shitty collectathon minigame.

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I'm sorry anon. I've never played that myself.

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It's developed by VIS Entertainment, Rockstar was just a publisher.

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>Good game that gets undeservedly bashed due to e-celeb parroting shitters
what are you even talking about and literally who are you even referring to?

i didn't like this game when it came out and nobody told me to, so shut the fuck up. if you're gonna be the first reply try not to be retarded next time

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I think all the hate is unwarranted, the level design is about on par with something like Banjo Kazooie.

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Just because every other series was going 3D doesn't mean your series should.

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This game is actually pretty fun, the only weak parts are the vehicle auto scrollers.

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Awwwwwwww geez. I guess I'm gonna have to give it a chance some time.

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>I think all the hate is unwarranted
I disagree. EWJ3D shows a lack of understanding of what even the series is all about, the first two games were zany and subversive. they sort of took the piss at other video games, subtle commentary in ways. visuals were great too, on par with Aladdin

this game conforms to the era and didn't try anything different, nor does it have anything unique to say. also it was missing a bunch of shit on launch previous shown in videos, magazines and delayed a bunch of times

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Wrong, it wasn't until the second game when they started with the ironic parody shit.

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the first game is about going to rescue a princess whose name isn't important

wrong my ass

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Oh wow one joke out of the entire game, so subversive.

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Don't forget queen pulsating, bloated, festering, sweaty, pus-filled, malformed, slug-for-a-butt

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Oh wow I provided reasons for why I think 3D dropped the ball and you're just standing there with your arms crossed

you're not getting anything else outta me, move on faglord

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How's that subversive? What videogame trope are they parodying? That's just having a sense of humor.

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Yeah but I'm just saying you shouldn't forget about the evil queen pulsating, bloated, festering, sweaty, pus-filled, malformed slug-for-a-butt.

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I am clearly victorious.

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Jesus /v/, you're into some weird stuff. I like it.

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there are no winners on /vr/, only retro resellers and dirty filthy DISGUSTING 72-pin cart connectors

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OH GOD WHAT THE FU-hey... that's pretty cool.

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>due to e-celeb parroting shitters
I have literally never seen a single e-celeb ever make a video about EWJ in general, much less this disaster.

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