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Is Retroarch the best way to set up your emulators?
Pretty much every core I try has a notably better performance than the standalone emus. I don't know what they do, but it's awesome for my mediocre laptop.

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Now get out.

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For all the consoles that belong on /vr/, retroarch is fine. Check the emugen for more info

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Using a frontend just adds more bloat and new bugs that are introduced by forcing a frontend to interface with cores that weren't developed for it in the first place. Standalone emulators absolutely do perform better. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

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>Is Retroarch the best way to set up your emulators?

This here:


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>I literally don't know what I'm talking about!
>Anyone who contradicts me is lying!

Standalone emulators often have subpar blitting performance or poor audio latency. Reducing them to headless cores and running them in a better developed frontend can only make things better. Especially when said frontend has the best OpenGL blitter out there and now even supports low-latency WASAPI exclusive mode...

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Janitor please get rid of all the retroarch shills already this is insane we have paid advertisements for a reason stop letting them do it for free.

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It's probably best for up to 4th Gen emulation. 5th Gen emulation is good for PSX and Saturn, and is decent for N64, but its Dreamcast cores isn't that good. 6th Gen and later emulation isn't very well supported yet.

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>Nooo stop talking about things I don't like!

Just hide or filter the thread then you dumb fucking autist.

I'm bumping this thread just to spite you.

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This isn't about what I do or don't like you fucking blind gullible sheep. This is about capitalism running amok and stupid fucking shills like OP spamming their products all over MY board when there are other means to advertise their crap. Listen fuckarooni I specifically have adblock so I don't have to have this dribble shoved down my throat every god damned second so I sure as fuck don't appreciate it when these little shitheads think they can just waltz on in and try to place it elsewhere. Now get with the freakin program or drop dead.

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top kek

You really are quite unhinged, anon.

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I-is this copypasta?

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Listen you stupid little fuck so I don't have to repeat myself again. This is NOT I repeat THIS. IS. NOT. about what I like or don't like. I love cock yet you don't see me making coke threads all the time on /vr/ and you wanna know why? Because that shit clogs up the board and defeats the entire purpose of adblocking programs. Stop supporting this tripe and force advertisers to actually use the paid advertising like they're supposed to do you fucking cancerous moron.

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webm has retroarch on a windows machine
with /vr/ games, why the fuck would you ever use windows?
Just a linux joke man, don't worry about it.

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>Just a linux joke man

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god damn right, get to installing gentoo before I mash your house and eat your family, doublenigger

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For consoles pre-dreamcast yeah it's the best way to emulate. It has much lower input lag, really good shader support and far superior audio/video sync.

But for old PC's like MSX, C64 and Amiga etc it's much better to use the standalone emulators.

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is this the post that made SP forever butthurt

can't wait until he hangs himself

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This pretty much summarizes it. Why anyone would insist on using a cobbled together hackjob of a frontend is beyond me. Especially when it introduces several bugs to the cores because the cores have nothing to do with Retroarch in the first place.

RA's only use might be in getting emulation support out of obscure devices or platforms that otherwise lack any ports of standalone emulators. I can't think of that many that run on GameCube, for instance. But even if you do insist on running emulators on something like a GC for whatever reason, you would still have to tolerate all of RA's retarded bugs, so it's hardly a notable solution.

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Are there even any other front ends that let you open a menu and close the game like ra?

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Don't give a shit about code autists, I want my shaders.

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>with /vr/ games, why the fuck would you ever use windows?
It's a bit of a hassle to set up dual boot into Linux just to play emulators if you already have Windows installed.
I've done a lot of ultimately useless stuff involving computers, but I would not do that.

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people who want standalone emulators don't remember the plugin based abominations which are still alive and thriving. at least retroarch expects developers to make emulators just werk in one standard of rendering, sounds and input controls

>>3958345 is hypocritical because MESS, which is basically a shitty Retroarch, exists and it is a part of MAME project

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Those plugin abominations serve a purpose though.

Some people want to customize everything, plugin emulators let you do that. Though it's not people don't want that either. psX emulator for instance only needs a bios and people complain all the time there isn't enough tweaking options.

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>RA's only use might be in getting emulation support out of obscure devices or platforms that otherwise lack any ports of standalone emulators.
That is actually good for me as I play most of my "retro" games on Wii+CRT, retrogaming has created a huge bubble and even a simple SNES with Super Mario World goes for like €70 around here so fuck that noise.
>inb4 just build a linux pc with a VGA exit to a Sony PVM for the measly sum of €500

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I think it's fine for 2D systems. Standalone emulators are still better for 3D systems.

I wish the settings were organized better. And scanning folders to build your game list is dumb.

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Haze has his head so far up his own ass it's not even funny.

What a fucking douche.

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Hi there, Haze.

Why anyone would insist on using a cobbled together hackjob of an emulator like MESS is beyond me.

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People complain about retroarch being confusing, setting up MESS to play roms is like having to curate the Vatican library.

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Is there a way to use a PGXP enabled RetroArch with this classic menu? I love Sony's XMB, but new RA's XMB is bootlegged as fuck and actually awful to use.

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But is he right? He presents elaborate arguments.

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It's the same arguments he shits out every time he brings up emulation projects that aren't MAME/MESS.


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pSX is inaccurate as fuck and has been overshadowed by Mednafen's PSX emulator. Also, closed source so no one can improve it anyway.

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>muh amazing MAME development

Is that why you need a different version of the program for every game you want to play? Wow, such great emulation.
I'll rather have things working in Retroarch, thanks.

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Elaborate does not mean intelligent. He's trying to argue that Retroarch is bad because it acts like a console and "just werks" which is fucking stupid because that's exactly what emulation is supposed to do. Retroarch isn't without flaws but it's a hell of a lot better than the shit he's pushing. Most people don't want 40 options to break their emulator. They want something that reliably and plays their fucking roms.

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If you keep reading further he says that RetroArch's coding is like a bunch of broken shit duct taped together. Would you want all your programs being made in Java? I'm not saying this objectivity, I'm just saying he presents good points.

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RetroArch's coding is fine, he's just full of shit.

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I love RetroArch because it just works. Tablet, pi, PC, doesn't matter.

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don't joke about linux....

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