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What games are actually better than Chrono Trigger

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Phantasy Star IV

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Chrono Cross

t. Masato Kato

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Its not better, but it is very good in its own way.

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Seg off bitch

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>Chrono Cross

That game is an abomination desu.

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Live A Live

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Isn't that the game that forces you to use a plastic stick to control the battle?

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Who would say such a thing? It's flawed but has a lot of its own merit.

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no, that's called an arcade machine

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my bad i meant this game.

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It's a meme game to hate just like Zelda 2

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I could have lived in Zeal during its peak. One of the neatest game worlds ever devised.
As for your question, IMO, ALttP, FFIX, and Metroid Prime. Going by how immersive the worlds are.

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It looks like shit and has no charm.

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Final Fantasy VI, Phantasy Star IV and Lunar II are all better RPGs from the same era.

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I agree. Good game, bad sequel.

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Grandia and Suikoden 2

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The game is so pretty and has lots of charm. It made me feel everything.

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Chrono Cross is actually better than Chrono Trigger, but lacks the entry-level factor of the predecessor.

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Good games but they are not better.

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Chrono Cross has faded away into nothingness while Trigger got a DS remake and mobile ports.

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Then faded away just like Cross.

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Its always ranked #1 on the best games lists

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>you will never explore 1999AD

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Fair enough, eventually that will fade too and it will be considered archaic shit.

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Wrong. Trigger has still got a large fanbase and a major fan sequel is still under development, although it is quite complete.


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Fine. Do the Japs care about Trigger Nigger, though? Always seemed like an American thing for me.

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Valkyrie Profile

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It's happening right now as we speak,.

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I dont care what the Japs think.

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I'm starting to think CT might be a tad bit overrated.

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I just wanted to form an unbiased critic of the game on its merits rather than fanbase hype alone.

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There's a ton. CT is a fine game, but it gets circlejerked harder than Earthbound.
Tell me what's so fucking great about it, and I'll give you 5 games that do it better.

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Length. CT is pretty short, roughly 20 hours long.

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There's no such thing as an objective greatest game. But there is an objective "cream of the crop" list of games, and CT definitely fits there. CC would too if not for the convoluted story.

CT gets everything right, and unless you're a contrarian or retarded, you have to say this.
There are just some games that get everything right. Enough difficulty to not be casual, beautiful presentation, great sound, good replay value, proper controls and menu system, and attention to details. Trigger ticks all the boxes. And it's not nostalgia in my case as I hadn't played it until I played the PSX FFCronicles version in 2003. Even compared to much newer JRPGs, it stood out. When I finally played the DS version that has no bullshit loading times, it got even better. CT was highly regarded even back before the mainstream public casualized the industry.

Hell, people talked about Aeris dying as though it was a huge deal, but Crono getting vaporized by Lavos hit me far harder than any game death I've experienced, because the game designers took steps to play with my mind enough to make me feel as though I was actually Crono, and I got killed myself by Lavos and my pals were going through time itself to resurrect me.
It takes skill to design a game like that. It's a combination of very fine engineering and artistry.
And just because it's not OMG SO DEEP or gritty doesn't take away from this.

The bottom line is, the game could have been released in the exact same look/sound/presentation/controls on the PSX as it was on the SNES, and it would not have seemed out of place/outdated. In fact, the PSX only slowed it down.

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>CC would too if not for the convoluted story.

You mean it would be there if not for stupid ass FF7 who don't understand plots unless some gayboy in a leather trenchcoat is acting menacing?

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man, that's some crazy continental drift in just 999 years.

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Why is Leene Square north of Medina?

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This had better be pasta

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Final Fantasy VI

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Most of them considering Chrono Trigger wasn't actually very good.

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You seem to misunderstand what a contrarian is, it doesn't mean you're wrong it means your in the minority, that's generally a good thing.

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>chrono trigger is popular, that means it's shit!
The only reason anyone has ever given for CT being a shitty game is its popularity. Well that, and "hurr durr it's dragonball z!"

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everytime I see that picture, it always reminds me of this
thanks 4chan

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Babby getting mad?

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Well, I don't see how it does anything interesting from other JRPGs.

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Can we not argue and agree that CT, Phantasy Star IV and FF VI were pinnacles of 16 bit JRPG era?

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It's never boring, it has a near flawless translation, it doesn't drag on forever, and the many places where you can fight Lavos and beat the game allow for some great replay. It does all the good things JRPGs do without the bad. No other JRPG can claim this title, and that alone puts it up as one of the greatest games of all time.
It is the overall master of its genre. I know that pisses some folks off. My favorite JRPG ever is FFIX, but objectively, CT kicks its ass.
I'm humble enough to accept this. It's the same with the Zelda series. OoT is the single finest game in that series because it nails everything better than any other game in the series and genre. My favorite Zeldas are ALttP(this is my favorite game of all time) and LA, but I can accept and respect OoT as the pinnacle, the master of the series.

It's not about popularity or opinion, it's about hitting all the right notes in one go.

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>it has a near flawless translation
More like Woolsey's goofy writing fit the tone of the game completely by accident

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Final Fantasy 5, Dragon Quest 3, Romancing SaGa 2

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So is chrono trigger actually that good? I have played alot of the music from it but honestly never actually played the game. Have been told "if i like super mario rpg ill LOVE chrono trigger"

Is it worth trying /vr/? Should i give it a playthrough?

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Sure, DS version has some shitty anime videos you can easily find on youtbe and a lazily made extra dungeon but otherwise SNES version is also fine.

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No matter what you do, avoid the Playstation versiom, it has terribly long loading times.

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On snes emulator is ok do you think?

>> No.3953308

It's even better, you can fast forward battles.

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Wasn't DS version retranslated? It alone puts it above woolseyfied SNES version.

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That's correct, I think Woolsey's style totally fits though.

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Download this yesterday and just started it

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Thanks guy. Ill give it a playthrough. Absolutely love the corridors of time music, cant wait till i get there. Hopefully i get sucked in.

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Lufia II.

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I would camp with the hobo under the bridge. Very chill spot. A few spots in the game would make for a good camp.

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Anyone that doesn't prefer the Ted Woolsey to the DS or fan translations is a faggot

And yes, that includes my brother who prefers the DS translation

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He's got a lighthearted informal style that's a perfect fit for a Toryama shonen.

>> No.3953567

I would hang out with your brother, you sound lame though.

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>everyone whi doesnt agree is either a contrarian or retarded

Gunna have to stop you there buddy
Chrono trigger is ine of the most cookie cutter, by the books, jrpg i ever touched.
That doesnt mean its bad, not by any stretch, but the claim that its overrated is perfectly valid.
Because it is.
I guarantee if it had been another developer, or didnt have the dragonball artstyle, no one would even be here to talk about it.

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You've been on 4chan too long today, dear. Everything is beginning to look like a meme to you.

Go outside. Get some fresh air for fuck's sake.

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Of all the fault I could find with Chrono Cross (and trust me, I've found plenty), I'll have to agree with you on this one: ugly it ain't.

Not by a long shot.

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Final Fantasy 1 - 6

>> No.3953607

How about the art style being really fucking inconsistent. Painted backgrounds clashing with prerendered CG clashing with early real time 3D models

>> No.3953609


What are you smoking? Does it make Final Fantasy 8 seem better too? Because that's the only way I could imagine you legit thinking this.

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Feels bad man. :(

>> No.3953612


As long as there are those of us both able and willing to keep it alive, it is virtually undying.

>> No.3953614

Trigger fans are some of the most autistic.

>> No.3953620


If anything, the Japs care *too much* . Why do you think you've never seen a sequel?

"Lots of politics centered around the game" is Japanese for "We want to make a sequel but can't seem to come up with a development plan that doesn't piss off at least one of the now very influential men who poured their heart and soul into this jewel, potentially triggering a PR and corporate disaster".

>> No.3953623


Then that's your loss. I didn't play it until I was a grown man and still fell in love with it.

>> No.3953628


No, I think he means exactly what he typed: the story of CC is garbage. Overworked, highly-wrought convoluted garbage.

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>everything i dont agree with is autism

>> No.3953636


We will never know. :(

>> No.3953637


And what if it isn't?

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>> No.3953640


Anon, that reasoning makes about as much sense as a bastard cat.

>> No.3953642

Do you really wanna know though? Does it affect your enjoyment of the game in any way?

>> No.3953643


You're free to go back to practicing Streetfighter combos on your dick.

>> No.3953646


Phantasy Star was never my thing. Totally agree on the other two, though.

>> No.3953648


Better gameplay, right?

>> No.3953651


I was 25 when I tried the SNES version, man. Within the first few hours I totally got what other people saw in it.

>> No.3953653


Hey...I liked the animu cutscenes.

Extra content can go suck itself, though.

>> No.3953656

>If I don't understand it, then it's bad! Make it a simple and stupid environmental message for my retarded brain!


>> No.3953657


The retranslation is at least on-par, if not better than, Woolsey's.

>> No.3953659


You will love it long before then. But Zeal will command far more than that: your adoration.

>> No.3953662


You wish

>> No.3953664

It's good but sounds more stilted, stiff.

>> No.3953665


Agree. Based hobro.

>> No.3953668


>I am both contrarian and retarded, where is my participation trophy?

>> No.3953670

It reminds me of the Persona 5 translation

Why do weebs like bad translations anyway?

>> No.3953671


You mean half the JRPGs in the PSX library?

>> No.3953675


>everything i don't like is autism

>> No.3953678

They like anything that makes them feel like legit Japanese. ^_^ KAWAII

>> No.3953679


I wouldn't have asked if I didn't Anon. Sometimes a post is just a post, not some elaborate Batman-gambit ruse.

>> No.3953680


>thinking there was anything to understand in the first place

>> No.3953681


In the Middle Ages, or everywhere?

>> No.3953683


Why do you assume I'm a weeb?

>> No.3953685


You might want to go somewhere else, senpai. This is 4chan.

>> No.3953703

Among others
DQ3 is also eye candy and Sugiyama goodness

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how about this game?

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>There are just some games that get everything right. Enough difficulty to not be casual, beautiful presentation, great sound, good replay value, proper controls and menu system, and attention to details. Trigger ticks all the boxes.

200% Correct. Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG and best game on the SNES.

>> No.3953984

>I guarantee if it had been another developer
then it would have been an entirely different game. The reason the game is the way it is, is because of who was involved in the development. This is one of the worst arguments ever, how did it get popular?

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I had fun playin Chrono Cross. But I had no fkin clue what the story was all about.

>> No.3953989


What other reasons? 'Cause gameplay is the only possible one I'm coming up with.

>> No.3953992

Why do they all live in domes anyway?

>> No.3954014

Fun time travel plot that doesn't go up its own ass.

>> No.3954024


Because domes are the future.

>> No.3954083

>Chrono Cross
>you can hear the song
>she still waiting

>> No.3954093

No, I won't agree with that at all.

>> No.3954207

No need to wish when it's the truth.

>> No.3954212

Just like (you)

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-Six degrees of movement (not a very common feature in SNES era JRPGs)
-Being able to run (not a very common feature in SNES era JRPGs)
-On screen enemies that you can avoid
-Multiple endings (You have to list a SNES JRPG with as many alt endings as Chrono Trigger)
-Customizable party including main character placement
-Actual game choices (like killing Magus) that aren't hidden behind obscure bullshit like that part in FF6

If you can name a SNES game that does all these things better than CT, I'll buy you a $10 game on Steam

>> No.3955007

Does anything hit you in the nostalgia gut like the opening of CT with the bird chirping and the music playing?

>> No.3955025

Honestly the only JRPG I can think of is SMT IV. Even though you know how all the other ending's well be it always keep me interested. I liked SMT IV soundtrack better and the ability to fuse demons allows you to have practically infinite team mates. Honestly no play through has ever been the same for SMT IV. Though this is not considered a retro video game I find it better than CT in every aspect but difficulty curve because SMT IV is all over the place and map because I didn't know a thing about Tokyo.

>> No.3955030

Those 16-bit squawks are like a dog whistle to me

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>being able to run (not a very common feature in SNES era JRPGs)

>> No.3955049

It's not - can't run in Earthbound or FF4

>> No.3955098

Mario RPG
Seiken Densetsu 3
Tales of Phantasia
Star Ocean
Lufia II

>> No.3955148

It has its moments, but is not better

>> No.3955151

FrI sucked in comparison

>> No.3955163

I'd have to say Star Ocean, Persona 1&2, and Suikoden 1&2.

>> No.3955534

It's harder to port a 3D PSX game than 2D SNES one.

>> No.3955542

In a world where the Earthbound series exists, and so does its indie relative, that isn't true.

>> No.3955573

>enough difficulty


>> No.3955583

>Enough difficulty to not be casual
The battles in the game are trivial, it's boring as shit.

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File: 59 KB, 640x480, cuscus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Have you played them all?

Dragon Quest 3 not only improved on the gameplay formula of the first two games, it also has a great twist near the end that brings the story to a circle. The SFC version in particular is strong in the audio and visuals as I said.

FF5 is an early SFC game and is not that showy, but the monster designs are rock solid, the job costumes are different for each character and Uematsu is being Uematsu - the battle themes and the entire ending sequence being my favorite music pieces. Personally I also like the lighter mood and the adventure loving cast.

Romancing SaGa 2 has a generations thing going on and lots of freedom in exploration. But being a SaGa game it's probably not for everyone.

Chrono Trigger is a well done game, but to me it's too simple in its gameplay depth and challenge.

>> No.3955679

Would you like a list of games better than Chrono Trigger from the Snes alone?

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Well people are bragging about awful games like Dragon Quest 3 or Tales of Phantasia being "better" than Chrono Trigger, so I'm starting to feel like JRPG fans are pretty stupid

I really like Glory of Heracles 3, but it's in no way better than Chrono Trigger. (Glory of Heracles 3 is better than a lot of the mentioned games in this thread btw)

>> No.3955694

The Snes version of Dragon Quest 3 eclipses Chrono Trigger in every way.
But other than that,
Breath of Fire II
Chaos Seed
Dark Law
Dual Orb II
Final Fantasy III
Front Mission
Front Mission Gun Hazard (technically and rpg?)
Ganpuru Gunmans Proof
Live a Live
Lufia 2
Seiken Densetsu 3
Ys IV Mask of the Sun
Ys V- The lost city of sand

These are all great game. Most are better than Chrono Trigger.

>> No.3955696

fuck I fell for a recommendation thread in disguise


>> No.3955706

>Breath of Fire II
>Better than CT

Boy you JRPG fans live in another bubble incomprehensible to normal living human beings that like good games. What next? Tecmo's Secret of the Stars is better than Chrono Trigger?

>> No.3955938

Like half of those games didn't even have an official English release.

>> No.3955940

id say its just the contrarian nature of 4chan more than anything. anyone with eyes could tell chrono trigger is better than any of the games listed, but because chrono trigger is such a popular game they have to tear it apart for perceived minor flaws and ignore the shit in other games.

like live a live is fucking garbage.

>> No.3955974

>game needs to be in English to be good

>> No.3955984


In other words, 4chan is garbage.

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Soul Blazer (SNES)

>> No.3956180


Played it; you've rocks in your head.

>> No.3956187

I've tried Chrono Trigger a few times. There are many things I like about it, especially the opening and the first village but the hopping around time is annoying. Every other world seemed lacking compared to the beginning for me.

>> No.3956203

no need to be insulting. I'm not sure if it's better but I definitely played it more, why I posted it.

>> No.3956216

Yeah people just like to shitpost in threads like this, never take it seriously.

I'd say Chrono Trigger, FF6 and Lufia 2 are all on par with eachother. The rest of those games listed don't have quite the same charm, although Terranigma comes close.

>> No.3956352

>can't run in Earthbound
>not filling your inventory with Skip Sandwiches DX lust to be able to run to the next shop to buy more Skip Sandwiches DX to keep your inventory filled over and over

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Breath of Fire II with re-translation patch definitely has better dialogue than CT, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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>it's shitpost when someone disagrees!
>saying it like that
>all this irony when you blame others
You probably is the most spineless 4chan user I've encountered so far.

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File: 88 KB, 470x390, kattfag hates BoF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You said yourself BoF is shit though.

>> No.3956837

>I guarantee if it had been another developer, or didnt have the dragonball artstyle, no one would even be here to talk about it.

no shit sherlock. Most of what is lauded about CT is who was involved with it at the time.

>> No.3956843

>Seiken Densetsu 3

cheating and bullshit. At least New Game Plus in CT was extra and not a requirement to finish the game. SD3 was rushed mate.

>> No.3956850

>Chrono Trigger is a well done game, but to me it's too simple in its gameplay depth and challenge.

So it's the best example of "My First JRPG". The problem with this is again?

>> No.3956856


nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

Seikan Densatsu 3 might have been more well respected in the jrpg scene. Too bad it didn't come out internationally so populus opinion will ALWAYS have CT eclipse it.

>> No.3957486

Anon, I love you

>> No.3957508

>All these contrairan neckbeards ITT
Too fucking good

>> No.3957513

who actually hates CT besides contrarian WOFF fans

>> No.3957625

You're not understanding that chrono trigger is the cookie cutter. It had most of the best elements a video game could have at the time. Attention to detail, possibly the best soundtrack of the generation, the story(again, for the time), mother-fucking time traveling which was unheard of at the time, combined with battle system, fluidity, some of the best characters around(am I the only one that misses the silent protagonist?).

>> No.3957742

The problem is that the constant fellating of Chrono Trigger and FF6 causes people to never venture outside of the Squaresoft RPG bubble, so they end up talking down to other RPG fans despite their own limited experience.

>> No.3957765


That's other people's problem, not mine. I am not responsible for their enrichment, only my own.

>> No.3957782

Not many, it's one of the few games where even when I see people say they didn't like it they actually explain why and mean in sincerely, its that well liked here.

Still you do have your average contrarian looking to start shit. Honestly I feel like here CT is actually few's true favorite but in many's top contenders for beat jrpg.

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If I had to type them all up my fingers would literally disintegrate. Trigger is literally the avocado of jRPG. Bland, boring, inoffensive, beloved by the clueless and inexperienced.

>> No.3958183


Lufia II is a good game but has some major game breaking glitches that can ruin the entire game. That is not acceptable especially in a long RPG. The European version fixes some of these.

>> No.3958209

>Lufia 2

How many sets of "town in peril, broken bridge, nearby tower" does Lufia 2 have?

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File: 2.24 MB, 2304x1728, Too_far_away_times.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While Chrono Trigger is one of my most favorite of games, I can say I've enjoyed the Ys games, Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyrie Profile, Panzer Dragoon Saga, etc. just about as much. I also love games in other genres too, for example shooting games like Thunderforce 4&5, Keio Yuugekitai, Cotton series, etc., as they provide me with a different yet highly enjoyable experience. Questions like most favorite game, song, movie, etc. is difficult for me since they're so different and I love so many things for varying reasons. I will say Chrono Trigger was worth being my first preorder and I am super glad I kept it all these years, as it found me at the right time.

>> No.3962463

This pic makes it look so small ;_;

>> No.3962475


If I had to type them all up my fingers would literally disintegrate. You are literally the avocado of human beings. Bland, boring, inoffensive, beloved by no one and inexperienced.

>> No.3962485

Dark Savior for the saturn. $40 with box if you strike lucky

>> No.3962497

I think that's a huge part of it, too. CT is goofy as fuck in concept, there's lots of silliness to be found in the game. After about the halfway point things get a little fucked up, but the writing is balanced by the god-tier soundtrack.

I really like Chrono Trigger. I won't say it's the best game of all time, but I think it has an extremely brisk pace that feels great even for those who don't like JRPGs. I think what makes it so universally praised is the fact that it's very inoffensive. I say that as if it's a bad thing, but it's really not.

>> No.3962786

Like what other anons have said, CTs biggest strength is it's depth but without alienating people
It's the best of both worlds

>> No.3962914
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File: 192 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170430-002317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a flaming faggot if you didnt like my game. Chrono trigger is an over rated piece of shit.

I worked on the ds remake it I wanted to kill myself

>> No.3962938

Is knowing Serge turns evil a spoiler? And is Chrono Cross unironically worth playing?

>> No.3962943

He doesn't turn evil, don't worry you'll be fine.

>> No.3962949


>> No.3962952

Most games.

>> No.3962990


So basically some quality of life features and multiple endings which nobody is going to replay the game for?


>> No.3962998

>multiple endings which nobody is going to replay the game for?
Nigga, you don't know about New Game Plus?

>> No.3963018

>Reddit spacing
>implying we care about what you say

>> No.3963020

>misusing the quote function
>implying you're any better

>> No.3963021


>> No.3963023

Who are you quoting, bitch.

>> No.3963026

Really fires up the old neurons

>> No.3963354

Replayed CC and had fun. Struggling to finish CT now...

>> No.3964201

Fucking THIS

>> No.3964352 [SPOILER] 
File: 118 KB, 535x799, 1493754946240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fight me

>> No.3964417
File: 157 KB, 250x250, 250px-BoFIVBox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's good but I feel CT is strong for the sum of its parts. Looking at things individually there are games that are better but because of how good they put everything together is what makes it exceptional.

Still, to me personally I do feel there are better jrpgs out there. One of these I would say is Breath of Fire IV. Battle system, story, art, characters, and world are better, only thing I give CT over it is soundtrack though BoFIV is no slouch either.
Damn, that's brutal. Not even at least something rare and shit but genuinely good.

>> No.3966485

Other way around for a most people I think.

>> No.3966494

Chrono Cross would have to be one of the few "3D characters on top of 2D backgrounds" games ever to actually get serious framerate drops.

I mean, I know it's an RPG and framerate doesn't really matter, but seriously? They somehow managed the impossible - the console is struggling to keep a few polygons moving smoothly over a static 2D image.

>> No.3968552


>> No.3968615


>Being this butthurt

>> No.3970254

CT is my favourite JRPG purely because it doesn't have those annoying as fuck random encounters every 5 steps and doesn't require grinding at all. Plus it has a nice story, memorable characters and cool music.

>> No.3970658 [DELETED] 

FF4, 6 & 7
FF Tactics
Suikoden I&II
Legend of Mana
Dragon quest series
Vagrant Story

>bwaaa it has random encounters

CT is worse because you fight the same 5 monsters every time you return to the corridor

>CT has good music

Every square rpg has good music thanks to people like uematsu, kenji ito, mitsuda. yoko shimomura and hitoshi sakimoto

>nice story

Suikoden I&II were based on a book and every game had 108 collectable characters

>no grinding

The only hard rpg i've played is Saga Frontier 2, it doesn't explain shit and has 2 ongoin stories at the same time in different years, with limited options each time you click something in the map

>it's short

Every rpg i've played lasted a week with exception of dragon quest titles.

>> No.3970661

>Vagrant Story
Whoever you are, you are my nigga

>> No.3970663

FF4, 6 & 7
FF Tactics
Suikoden I&II
Legend of Mana
Dragon quest series
Vagrant Story

>bwaaa it has random encounters

CT is worse because you fight the same 5 monsters every time you return to the corridor

>CT has good music

Every square rpg has good music thanks to people like uematsu, kenji ito, mitsuda. yoko shimomura and hitoshi sakimoto

>nice story

Suikoden I&II were based on a book and every game had 108 collectable characters

>no grinding

The only hard rpg i've played is Saga Frontier 2, it doesn't explain shit and has 2 ongoing stories at the same time in different years, with limited options each time you click something in the map

>it's short

Every rpg i've played lasted a week with exception of dragon quest titles.

>> No.3970719
File: 97 KB, 570x428, 3-Day-of-The-Dead-painted-Skulls-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead it has annoying as fuck fixed encounters that refresh when you return to a map, making every run besides the first a fucking tedious chore. To make matters worse, it has like five enemy types that get rehashed more than on any other RPG I can remember. How many skeletons were there? Like fucking eight!

>> No.3971045

You can use teleport and smoke to escape in FF4

>> No.3971152

>Attention to detail
Empty words
>possibly the best soundtrack of the generation
Hot opinions
>the story(again, for the time)
Ancient evil from space awakens is classifiable as "best story" for you?
>mother-fucking time traveling which was unheard of at the time
Except FFL3/SaGa 3 did it years before CT on the gameboy of all things
>combined with battle system
Mediocre, unimaginative DQ clone with one gimmick that makes the battle system even worse
In regards to what?
>some of the best characters around
You gotta be kidding me, Toriyama's usual set of Dragon Ball characters with the same boring, cliched stories attached to them are some of the best characters around in the fourth generation?

You people love to dismiss any critique of the game by throwing around the "contrarian" word, which is the new, pseudo intellectual "u mad" way to end arguments, you don't have any actual argument because you haven't played nearly enough games to realize that CT is one of the most basic games of all time, with no redeeming quality other than a huge budget that translated in great production values(and only in some areas), the game is and always will remain babby's first JRPG compared to games that truly changed the genre, established standards or broke conventions.

And what's worse is that you still keep on pissing off people by spamming threads like these then wonder why the game gets the hate it gets on /vr/ and the internet, you're the new Earthbound hipsters, worse even, because at least Earthbound does have some quirks and stuff that makes it stand out compared to CT.

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