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Box art that shows stuff not in the game.
Misleading box art

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Anyways,both are great games,but ActRaiser 2 was lame compared to 1.

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In before Phalanx

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99% of boxart that didn't have a screenshot of the actual game on it?

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The protagonist of Sword of Vermillion is different, looks like a Shonen character in the japanese artwork and doesn't have a horse.

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>goddamn Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
>enemies in mech suits
>Inca temple
none of this shit

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This game took place when Toki was already dead

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That art is from the arcade version and it DID have all those thnings

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Super R-Type is the worst game in the series so at least the box looks cool.

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Starbuck isn't. It's a blue haired guy on arcade. Besides they knowingly used the arcade art despite it being a world different.

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...in that game, you play as an angelic looking character and the final level is the Tower of Babel. What's misleading about that box art?

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Wasn't this the first boss?

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"100% Pure Action and Excitement !"

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But that's also true, it's 100% pure action unlike the first Actraiser which had simulation stages.

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>Can actually do this in the DS version
>Gets you killed

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This game fucking blows.

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What? That's Arc Impulse, you can do it in any version. Flame is just blue in game.

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Final Fantasy 1 had a flying castle though

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Except that's not the truth EITHER, it's Toriyama basing concept art off a beta screenshot:

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Feck me, I was going to post that exact same image.

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The flame flickers between blue and red rapidly during the animation, so it's possible that they took a picture of it during the frame where it was red, which is where that screenshot originated from, and why the box art looks odd.

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>900/900 900/900
>900/900 900/900
>900/900 900/900
Someone's a cheater.

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The final level is Death Helm, a lone structure that is located on an a small island, surrounded by several small volcanic islands. What's depicted on the box art is definitely not a small island and there's no signs of volcanoes nearby. The "Master" never saw Death Helm intact at a close distance on land. It was destroyed before he even step foot on the island, so technically the scene depicted in the box art never occurred.

The second to last level is the Tower of Babel where you fight the robot on the roof of the tower, which is completely flat. The tower depicted on the box art has a pointy top. It's definitely not the Tower of Babel.

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>Death Helm
It's Death Heim.

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>Final Fantasy 1 had a flying castle though


It was more like a low orbit space-station

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Such a great game. Very underrated.

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The old man was the pilot in the ship in the background :^)

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this counts,
>jetpack level in warp room one
that level layiout
'the pit' isn't in that position in the warproom
it should read 'turtle woods'

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In this port, the Puffer Fish (and its level) was cut out

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>100% pure action

Well it is telling the truth...

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Pretty much 90% of American covers of Japanese games.

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>In this port, the Puffer Fish (and its level) was cut out

Good riddance.

Thanks for the heads up. I think that's my favorite version then.

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The game doesn't have the Triceratons or Casey Jones (who I never noticed was in the background until recently).

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That's not Super R-Type.