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ePSXe Android lightgun aiming is off

It's up and to the left of where I tap, is there any way to fix this?

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You're asking for too much.

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"Smart"phones and tablets (normie devices) are the LEAST authentic way to do retrogaming.

Consider being euthanised.

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Buy a real gun and shoot your phone, frog.

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you guys didn't have to bump his thread. You're no better than him for doing so. Learn to sage if you want to insult someone without bumping their thread.

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Tap down and to the right of where you are trying to aim.

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Sorry brah, I'm drunk and forgot.

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Sage isn't a downvote stop abusing it.

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's okay. Party hard.
I never said it was. I don't think you should even compare it to leddit mechanic because it's nothing like it. There's no such thing as "abusing" sage either. It's a function of 4chan, use it.

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Fucking hell mate.

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maybe you got phat phingers, know what im saying bruh

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I didn't realize the calibration for area 51 was off. I just had to calibrate it.

ePSXe for Android is possibly my current favorite way to waste time on the shitter at work.

There's not a single answer to this on Google, so I did end up figuring it out myself.

Why is this board like this, with these replies? Is it because it's not some faggot weeb visual novel thread?

You should all literally kill yourselves you trap loving, forever alone, virgin faggots.

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>You should all literally kill yourselves you trap loving, forever alone, virgin faggots.

This is 4chan. Everyone wants to kill themselves. GTFO, frogposter.

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>getting buttmad because he posted Pepe
Was it autism?

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the fuck is your problem

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lol you appear to have been hurt, m8

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Android isn't retro.

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PS1 is, dumb ass.

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You shouldn't waste time at work.

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Alright let's just relax for a moment. The emulation is bad is just a meme don't get so butt hurt. And second mentioning traps anywhere else other than /b/ means you spend way too much time on /b/ either go back or adjust to other boards

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/v/ loves traps too, don't forget /v/. oh, and me. me too

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dont be ridiculous

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Ass-Devastated Nerdlings vs Low Quality Master Baiters, the Thread - Part 2: Electic Boogaloo - Remastered Edition

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