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Which game had the better artistic direction?

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>imblying ff6 actually looks like its concept and promo art

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One of the few things FF7 does better than its predecessor is art direction.

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ff7 does everything better than ff6. ff6 is one of the worst FF games while 7 is still one of the best.

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In your wrong opinion.

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The way I see it, if Amano had actually been dissatisfied with the way Square was converting his art into tiny little pixel graphics, he probably would have stopped working with them years earlier. I think the fact that people who work with Amano don't even really try to copy him, but simply become inspired by him, is almost de facto part of his appeal. It used to be jarring for me, but 20-30 years later I just expect it, and love the stuff he's involved with all the more for it.

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ff6 has worse combat, worse customization, weaker story beats, worse music, and incredibly shallow characters.

7 is still one of the best.

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ff6 fans are such pussies lol

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FF7 definitely was a lot more creative and fleshed out than FF6. FF6 was great but I don't think it holds a candle if we play the comparison game.

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Yoshitaka Amano and/or Peter Chung designed 3DJRPG when

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FFVII definitely has more fleshed-out characters and prettier/more interesting settings.

Everything else is debatable but I'd still go with VII.

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they're not really comparable.

like >>3934518 said, the concept art, for FFVI, although very pretty, barely resembles anything in the game.

pic related looks like shit but there are a lot of cool aspects to FFVII's art design. the pre-rendered backgrounds are second to none and a lot of the non-human characters and enemies are super creative in their design.

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FF7 by far. How can this even be an argument?

Not really related, but it does add a lot of character: despite a technological futurescape, Jessie's computer is a shitbox hooked up to a monochrome CRT.

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All the computers in that world are like that; it's pretty funny.

The control room in Junon where Rufus commands from has dozens of retro PCs hooked up to tables.

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The concepts are really good in 6, but the compositions are a mess. Character palettes clash with battle backgrounds, enemy sizes are random and inconsistent, things like that.

6 has a better story though.

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>it's pretty funny.

There's a lot of moments that really ground FF7 in its time. Like how when Barret gives Cloud the PHS he has to explain what a cellular phone is.

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While I'd agree that FF6 tells its story better, FF7's is better in terms of the world in which it takes place. I'm sure this is entirely due to Kato, whose fingerprints are all over FF7, like when Tifa wonders if Aeries knew she was going to die (as Cloud thinks at that point), or if she expected to come back.

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One thing I love about FF7's locations, that now I highlight you will never stop seeing, is that there's exposed piping everywhere.

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Im not really a fan of Nomura but when it comes to FF I never got the Amano appeal either. Dude's talented sure. Vampire Hunter D? Gorgeous. Elric? Great fit

But the general style of the FF games is at such odds with his promo art that it feels completely jarring whenever it shows. I can't even look at the FF5 GBA port because of how much the portrait and game art clash

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My ass.

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Not really sure, but I'll tell you one place FF6 really fucked the dog is with the towns. Like, aside from Narshe and Zozo there was almost no effort to differentiate them. It makes it really aggravating to do certain parts of the story or side things because I can't remember which town is which.

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There's some really badly done locations anyway. Like the always-used cave tile set which even gets recycled for the insides of a giant worm.

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>6 tells its story better

I guess you haven't played to the World of Ruin yet.

Honestly I could see someone arguing that FFVI has a better story but better-told? lol no

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JRPGS are not games, as for artistic direction 6 is better imo.

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Probably VII, though both look pretty interesting.

Although not a FF fan VII has some of my favorite monsters in all of gamings. I don't know if it was just them fucking around but for how cool and gritty the world is seeing all the silly, and some pretty scary, monsters running around is cool. Shit the "unknown" look scarier then stuff from RE or SH.

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FF6 for sure. The monster sprites look great, the field sprites are well animated, and the tile work is really solid. FF7 is a mess. Sure, it's got pretty FMVs and backgrounds, but the rest of it is a clusterfuck.

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Artistic direction outside of game = Final Fantasy VI
How art direction and assets were implemented = Final Fantasy VII

Lets say both games came out during the fifht or the sixth generation, I think VI would have left a more striking impression of the two. As is, VI has greater concept art, but the world of FF VII is better realized in game.

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>FF6 vs FF7 thread
>thread somehow hasn't devolved into usual "FF6 is the best thing ever and FF7 is the worst thing ever" masturbation ritual

Times sure have changed it seems.

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Thread not being started with a shitpost and the fact that whichever you overall prefer, chances are you like both games helps.

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As an outsider who's never played both, but if I had to based on visuals id choose 6. Everything I see from 7 turns me off of it.

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Boy, they really changed Tifa in the FF7 remake.

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unrelated. say what you want about the gameplay, FF8 has among the best presentation and overall art design even by modern FF standards. some of the best character portraits in the series. excellent music. great cutscenes. everything was well done, realistic but also stylish and unique.

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Now that the dust has settled, what did "our guy" mean by this SJW reddit pol tumblr blacked e-celebs kek suicide watch barneyfag baneposting neogaf twitter screencap niggers cucks thread?

Oh wait sorry wrong board.

This. Easily the best FMV direction of all time besides maybe Chrono Cross. OST was a bit hit and miss, some tracks were excellent others were dull.

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Artistically Amano will ever be better than Nomura, 6 being the only FF that remotely transmits the feel of absurd magical technology he sometimes shows in his art and 7 being as mundane as it can be (not that that is bad as it fits on 7's plot)

VII had better world and town building.
VI had much MUCH better dungeons.

Also, for how materia worked to build a good character the lack of armor/helmet/gautlets/etc only balances the issue compared to VI, so it's a more creative way to customize but not a way to customize more.

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Tits too small.

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The man with the machine gun still gets me every time.