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Which games would /vr/ say had their favorite types of boss fights?
Doesn't seem too common, but I like it where games like pic related and Jetman the boss battles would have different gameplay and you fight the boss in a giant form.

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When you are about to lose, but suddenly spark some amazing skill since there's a higher chance in boss battles. Having 11 different boss themes is also a plus.

Or something unusual happens and the fight gets more interesting, like in the picture.

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huge fucking fucks that fuck you up

like Metal Slug or Contra

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contra hard corps.the variety of bosses are amazing.
is there any other games that have a lot of boss fights and minibosses?

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Alien Soldier

>Boss Battle the game

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If you're looking for more of that, OP.
Great Battle 4 (SNES)
Black Belt (Sega Master System)
Power Rangers (SNES) - not "The Movie"

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Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier, both for Sega Genesis.

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I always liked larger, menacing bosses that aren't relentlessly difficult, but you have to take a moment to understand how the fight works and what's required to actually land a hit on him.

My favorite example I recall from when I was younger were the boss battles in the first Bomberman 64 - the giant monsters, not the evil bombermen.

I also always loved boss battles against people who had the same powers as you, or even followed game mechanics like they were a player character. Metal Sonic, Dark Link, shit like that. I'd saw the crowning example of this for me is Omega Zero, but that isn't /vr/

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>alien soldier
i remember it has the exact same text and animation for "mission clear" or something like that as contra hard corps after finishing a level
i couldn't read english but this little thing convinced me that this game is contra 2 and happening in 100 years in future!!

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i like boss fights where you can go back to the rest of the level during the fight (tenchu for example)

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My favorite are ones with multiple forms however instead of just switching to them you actually see them gradually transform to the other forms as you fight them. Only reason I even play most Psikyo games because almost half of every stage is that.

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Saga Frontier, right?

Fuck. I need to replay that game.

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Came in to post this. Literally 100% boss rush game

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Just got home from work, and looking at this picture made me realize the Belmont's true power is indestructible rotator cuffs.

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Zelda. I just feel satisfied killing massive things 30 times Link's size.

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This I'm sure is not exclusive for Castlevania (maybe the majority of 2d platformers are like this? I'm not big on the genre), but the thing that I love about bosses in those games is how you and the bosses (not all of them of course, like Dracula) is on "the same position". You can always hit the boss and the boss can always hit you, no bullshit invincibility period for the boss or shit like that. Well technically you can button mash some enemies that way but really only some because they can always find a way to make the bosses formidable without resorting much to invincibility periods. Once again I'm sure this is not the only game that did it (I think Ninja Gaiden was also like this?) but it was the first one for me because I grew up playing Megaman X and while I love that game, fuck those bosses who can only be attacked in certain moments. While it doesn't affect difficulty much because the game is designed that way, in-universe it just felt really cheap.

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Shinobi iii: Return of the Ninja Master on the Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive.

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I like the ones that can be beaten in seconds if you don't mess up.

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I really like bosses that can be defeated in a variety of different ways. Best example of this that comes to mind is Draygon from Super Metroid.

Plain old attrition, shooting the underbelly when he makes a pass, is the way I fought this guy for years. Then I discover that if you break open the pods on the walls to expose electrical circuits, you can trick Draygon into grabbing you and then connect to them using the grappling beam, which shocks the everliving piss out of him.

Then there's this gif of a guy using the speed booster to kill him.

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Kraid can be killed with a single charged plasma shot.

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>boss battles against people who had the same powers as you, or even followed game mechanics like they were a player character.
Pulseman had a good one of these

SaGa bosses are king all around
To date I'd say it's one of the only turn-based series to have CONSISTENTLY difficult bosses
RNG has a factor, but it's tight RNG, where your strategy is meant to account for bullshit the boss is capable of doing while still managing your resources
This makes most bosses feel challenging and threatening, and satisfying when you beat them

And then sometimes it'll just throw enormous swaths of bullshit at you all at once, and leave you to hope you're experienced enough to handle it
pic related