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What are your favorite tables?

Is it better to buy seasons or just individual tables?

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>Is it better to buy seasons or just individual tables?
Depends on which tables you like. You should download the free versions and decide what you really like, then do the math to figure out the savings. I will advise against buying the PRO versions, as the added cost isn't worth the little bit of extras you get.

Favorite table is Creature from the Black Lagoon, by the way.

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I bought the first two seasons and then I bought Fish Tales and The Addams Family.

I like lots of the tables: Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Scared Stiff, Attack from Mars, Cactus Canyon, Theatre of Magic, Champion Pub, and Cue Ball Wizard. I am not a big fan of the really old ones. I bought Fish Tales and Addams Family because of nostalgia since I played them a bit when I was a kid.

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Have quite a few favorites from this: Addams Family, Black Knight 2000, Twilight Zone, Scared Stiff, Black Rose, Judge Dredd, Centaur, Cirqus Voltaire

Love the theming of Star Trek TNG, but I can never aim for shit on that board.

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Black Knight 2000 is my favorite and the free one Tales of Arabian Nights is probably one of the best pinball tables I have ever played actually. The missions are really fun and the objectives are easy enough to figure out.

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>Star Trek TNG
I used to play that a lot. I sucked at it.

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It feel good on my GPD XD, but on PC, I still stick to Visual Pinball.

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I'm a big fan of Cirqus Voltaire, and Junk Yard was my childhood favorite table. All the Elvira tables are great. Bride of Pinbot. I was hesitant to play the older tables but Gorgar and Centaur are both excellent. Medieval Madness is probably the best pinball table ever. (Those that disagree will likely either say Adams or Attack from Mars or maybe the rare crazy that will say twilight zone).

I like Popadiuk tables and kinda wish pinball arcade would get magical girl so I could play it seeing as a physical table is pretty much never ever going to fucking happen ever GODDAMNIT.

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TNG is a hard fucking table. So was starship troopers if I remember right.

Yeah, tales was a great choice for the free table. While not in like, the top 5 best tables ever, it is VERY solid, a lot of depth, but easy enough to hit wizard mode once you get the hang of it. (or exploit the fuck out of wishing for gems <3).


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Never heard of Pinball Arcade but downloaded it after seeing this thread last night and being having a lot of fun playing it. I've bought Attack from Mars, Scared Stiff, Twilight Zone, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Judge Dredd.

Medieval Madness is #1 rated on the Pinside website so I'll probably pick that one up next.


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Someone should create a /vr/ Pinball Arcade leaderboard. I'm not sure the best way to verify scores but it would be pretty cool.

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I would say seasons 1-2 are must gets when they are sale. Everything else is buy as a pack or individual .

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If you want to wait until around Christmas, there's the annual "12 Days of Pinball" sale with a different discount each day. Random sales pop up through the newsletter or the Facebook page.

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>you can download a slightly older version with every current table for free off TPB
>the fucking retarded freecamera mod auto-updates and the cunt who made it never releases old versions, so you can't play portrait fullscreen properly
This is the worst.

I started getting into virtual pinball recently, and I really love all the real table recreations. Shame the physics are still a little wack, like how easy it is to fully stop a ball with a flipper press at the "right" time.

I should really try out VPX, but man, the hours of autistic set-up required don't look fun.

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Dead_Flip is streaming a Pinball Arcade head to head right now

twitch dot tv /dead_flip

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Has anyone built their own pinball controller?

I can't be bothered working on a full cab, but a little box I mount on my desk seems fun enough, and the parts seem pretty cheap, you can build a pinscape controller for 50 bucks.

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What do you lads think of Pro Pinball Timeshock?

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>What do you lads think of Pro Pinball Timeshock?
The absolute best and closest to real life physics a game has ever come. It's the only game in existence that you can do absolutely everything that you can do irl and has a full ball spin model. My fav pro pin table is fantastic journey but in terms of technical prowess timeshock ultra is just fucking unbelievable. All 3 tables have immense depth and replayability and are an absolute top pick for any real pinball enthusiast.

Great idea terribly executed, the physics are shit and the 3d is straight out 97. That said i've played space shuttle and firepower a LOT with gorgar close behind (i love old tables).

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>I should really try out VPX, but man, the hours of autistic set-up required don't look fun.
It's literally the easiest setup to date, try using your brain.

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Sure, it's easy enough to install, but then you have to spend 50 years wading through crappy sites and dial-up tier download speeds to find tables, and then make sure you have the right version of the software, the required physics add-ons, random dependencies, and THEN, you have to try and launch it through the most cumbersome menu system ever and work out how to just get it to use your fucking monitors. And then you have to hope that the tables you picked aren't trash.

I'm not that autistic. TPA is click and fucking play, with dozens of tables on offer. It's a shame the physics are a bit wonky, but it doesn't look like VP is that much of a step up, more of a "flawed in different areas" kind of deal.

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Does anyone use Visual Pinball?

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pretty much everyone here.

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How easy is it to get up and running? Is Visual PinMAME the same thing or are they independent of each other?

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It's quite a pain in the ass.
You have Visual pinball 8 and older.
You have VIsual pinball 9
and finally you have Visual Pinball 10 (X).
all of them can only run their own table. So if you setup Visual Pinball X, you will only be able to play tables that have a Visual Pinball X version.

Visual PinMame is the same thing for all of them.

Finally, downloading, setting up Visual Pinball isn't really that hard on its own. What will be hard is to fix scripts error for a table when you have one.

But once the whole thing work, it does feel better than 3D Arcade Pinball. (Holy fuck if Black Knight 2000 is more fun and look better in its VPX version than the 3D arcade pinball version).

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>I'm not that autistic.
Stop using that fucking buzzword to detract yourself from the truth that you are a moron with low intuition or logical capacity, I learnt how to setup and use it by myself eons ago by simply reading the guide and following basic instructions followed by some intuitive tweaking to get it perfect, stop being a fucking lazy idiot basically.

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Pinball Arcade is trash designed for tablet platforms and ported to PC. Trash physics. Ball doesn't even rotate. No friction. Ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp can just play for hours. Not realistic.

Visual Pinball PhysMod5 and Visual Pinball 10.2 for Real Men and real skill.

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Oh look. It's this poster again.

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PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT yeah 1000 Hz physics so unrealistic that it allows live catches, so bad! HEH. So unrealistic to be able to drop catch, so unrealistic to tap pass on old Bally tables. So unrealistic to Shatz the outlanes.

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Those things are realistic, what isn't realistic is how the ball moves, and how incredibly easy those moves are to pull off in-game, vs on a real pin.

They're coded into the game, rather than being naturally generated quirks of a realistic physics engine. I can forgive the lame coded loops because it's a reasonable enough way to fake it, I can't forgive how you can hold the ball in the same position every time.

As a casual little throwaway game, TPA seems alright for getting a rough understanding of some real pins. The price they're charging for them is absolutely braindead though.

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>The price they're charging for them is absolutely braindead
Yeah, that's my gripe. The prices were decent in the early days, but $5 for each table is ridiculous. Even buying the entire season is still too expensive unless you like every single table.

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Funhouse and Scared Stiff are my go-to "I just want to keep a ball in play for a million years" tables

All of their EMs are simple fun, even Central Park

I buy seasons because it's cheaper in the long run, even with a couple of lemon tables you save a few bucks

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>he thinks I'm talking about Pinball Arcade

Bozo, I'm talking about VPX / PM5 where the ball movement generates from the accurate physics engine

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Have they brought Visual Pin into the 21st century with VPX? I've had VP9 on my computer for awhile, and the whole package feels like it came straight out of the 90s. The UI is a mess, the tables look garbage, and it doesn't support XInput. That last one, in particular, hurts because I want analog triggers for muh stage flipping.

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File: 1.67 MB, 1920x1080, monthly_07_2016-82e4a3b0c91ac5bc7b928527c235a735-screenshot160702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Visual Pinball X

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File: 1.13 MB, 1366x768, screenshot.2017-04-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3D Pinball Arcade

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This VP9 looked like the 90s?

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What happens if you hook Seimitsu buttons up to a PS/2 keyboard board? Staging or no?

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File: 1.70 MB, 1080x1920, Black Knight 2000 VPX 1.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somewhat misleading.

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>this frightens the Pinball Arcade advocates

When you realize that it has real physics the devastation will be complete.

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All pinball video games feel wrong. There is no substitute for a real ball on a real table.

Luckily, I live near a new (actual) pinball arcade that's getting ready to open.

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Except Visual Pinball 9 PhysMod5 and Visual Pinball 10.2

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>Digital has no analog for a single too forceful push, and filtered input [debounce].. meaning lower responsiveness
>Real has no competitors outside of league [same machine] play, pindigo/selfie leagues aren't vetted
>Hobbyist Tinkerware has no standards for competition
>TPA has its problems: ui, flipper hacks, clipping, extensive english manipulation

They've all got problems so pick your poison.

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I've used VP and it doesn't feel real. Physical tables or fuck off.

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Fucking make me you pleb. You're probably the moron above who thinks that VP9 is the same thing. You're a fucking joke.

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Once again someone fails to set up PM5 / VPX correctly then complains it has "no analog". Hilarious.

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>1ms physics with real versions
>1ms control input w/ 1000 Hz USB polling
>1ms display lag with real monitor
Such lag 1/1000th a second so much.

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Anyone set up leaf spring switches w/ pinball flipper buttons and attach to input board / PS/2 board / USB key encoder @ 1000 Hz yet? Anyone set up analog nudging with accelerometer?

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My least favorite table in real life became my favorite table because of TPA
Before I moved, I went to weekly tournaments at a bar near me and every time, without fail, I would get my ass kicked at The Getaway. I got it in TPA and just practiced and practiced until now, where its bascially the only table I can get a guaranteed win on
I have it in VP9, but I don't know how to get the shifter to work in both directions so it detracts from the experience a bit. Like it other tables like BK2k and LotR tho

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>says VP comes anywhere close to real pinball
>calls anyone else a pleb

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I wish they had even more EMs. I just love those bells man.

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>thinks VP9 is PM5/VPX
>thinks he isn't a pleb
Top fucking cuck

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How far up your ass did you have to reach for those assumptions?

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Agreed, as well as more of the early solid state games. The next table is supposed to be Paragon, and then Embryon might be later.

I also hope to see more Gottlieb and Data East stuff. People always piss and whine about the Gottlieb games in PBA being shit, but I've played all of the WMS games IRL, and have acess to several of them nearby. I have never seen games like Lights, Camera, Action! or Bone Busters, so it's a treat to get to play them someway.

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>new arcade opened nearby with Paragon
>average ball time of 15 seconds

And Farsight needs to get their shit together and implement tap passing if they want to do Paragon justice.

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You're suggesting PM5/VPX has the equivalent method of detecting when a single push is too much in the digital realm? (physical mounted tilt bob in a pincab with a kill switch isn't digital)
Some one finally emulated the interactions and motions of a tilt bob, plus their bobs and ring diameters?

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Don't need to look far to see up your ass, it's gaping wide from all the BBC bulls that have stretched it out in order to allow me to see your previous ignorance wherein you believe VP9 is the same as superior versions.

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Saying if you want a tilt bob then build one into your arcade controls. Put it next to the accelerometer.

Not enough discussion here about leaf spring buttons and 1000 Hz USB polling, nor about eradicating debounce.

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What pinball game has audio, very rock like almost group vocals that sounds similar to Flash.. As in "flash aaaa aahh"

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File: 60 KB, 1911x633, arcade-button-logic-fine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TL;DR version: still an open question on what a leaf switch on a 1000ms/s resolution scale would register like with no debounce filter on a digital system
>microswitch acts like pic related, almost 4ms to fully contact on its own without a filter, filter brought it down to 3ms, time between inputs unknown

>The I-PAC firmware gets flack for a 40ms between inputs

With debounce filters being the limiting factor we should also ask what leaf switches perform like in the analog system, is its (de/re)energize perceivable on real machines if the contacts bounce at all?

Perhaps if one were to record, in software, a region of their indicator screen at the rate of 1000FPS. A review if the contacts bounce and/or what length time your debounce filter has between inputs might be possible.

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All I know for sure is that crt_emudriver with 1000 Hz USB polling with a USB keyboard PCB wired to real arcade controls has the same input lag as a real SSF2 Turbo board with real controls, measured with ultra-high framerate camera and lightbulbs to indicate when the button is actually pressed / the signal actually goes out.

We must apply these tactics to pinball.

Also applicable are adaptive sync monitors and ultra-high framerates. G-sync, Freesync…these are DirectX so VPX and VP9 PM5 should rock them properly right? Also, what is DOF and why are people excited about it in VPX? Always think it means "depth of field" and that I should be using 3d glasses / monitor to benefit.

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what a button might register like without debounce

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I like the Monster Bash tune. Mini wizard mode is baller as fuck, the monsters take the stage and introduce themselves with their jazzy numbers then rock the fuck out.

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input lag vs input to input lag.

multiple button combos (special moves) may all have .5ms response time, via I-PAC, but pinball can have 1 button combos and how long between off and just bouncing is the key. That's why I-PACs input to input lag was brought up for shumps, requesting a 32 actions per second [31.25ms input to input] capability since it was shown a real person could accomplish this versus the 40ms input to input filter its shipped with.

I've only recorded a 2/75 (26.6ms) response time for an input/off/input on my PS/2 rubberdome keyboard (which you don't want multiple keypresses on) so perhaps we could contact those who performed the SF test to test what an input to input response is like. Perhaps trying to input a fatality that contains a double press, so fast it doesn't register.

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It was the mighty Spaniard Calamity himself who performed the input lag tests, using his custom ATI/AMD drivers which allow 15.7 KHz RGB output from any AMD video card to one's CRT monitor / television.

Main problem here is that his interests are relegated mainly to accurate arcade emulation and its perfection in the home. Last I heard, he was getting into rotating the output so that the sprites would render faster since the raster draws from top-down (thus he'd be faster than original hardware).

Big thing in pinball isn't just activating a flipper—it's deactivating a flipper at just the right time.

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File: 2.95 MB, 800x600, Timeshockin'.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't played real pinball more than few times over a decade ago, but after plaing PP for over a decade and then trying TPA I was shocked at how bad the physics were compared to games actually made in 90's.

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Holy fuck lads. My first time on /vr/, I have been looking for pinball threads forever.

I try to buy seasons but had to get Judge Dredd, its my favorite after Black Night 2000
but mostly I play Pinball Fx2 hahahaha

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Tell me your favorite table in TPA that you've played IRL, and your favorite that you've never seen anywhere.

For IRL, Swords of Fury. I like the ruleset, it feels like one of the last games that focuses on advancing different scoring features to maximum like early solid state games, rather than completing modes. It does the same great Dungeons and Dragons heavy metal theme as BK2000, but with a much better layout.

For TPA only, surprisingly I've never seen Indianapolis 500 anywhere IRL. Even at an arcade show with 500+ tables, it was one of the few WMS games missing. A great layout and rules, the theme and music are excellent, and it's appropriately fast paced.

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File: 721 KB, 1072x1920, Congo 1.2_VPX10.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even Congo "focuses on advancing different scoring features to maximum like early solid state games, rather than completing modes". Try it sometime, unless you're one of those TPA advocates who refuse to execute the VPX/PM5/VP9/VP8 mega-installer.

>> No.3940060

What do you ladies think of Balls of Steel?
Favorite BOS Table?

>> No.3940086

Visual Pinball is a mess!

>> No.3940118

>implement tap passing
You can already do that. Do you just suck?

>> No.3940210

You must be thinking of something else, because you literally can't. The flippers aren't programmed in a way that make it possible. The game can't even handle proper cradle separations let alone something as precise and situational as a tap pass.

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File: 998 KB, 960x540, Flick Pass.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flick pass is pulsing an already engaged flipper

Tap pass is the opposite, pulsing an unengaged flipper to pass to the opposing flipper

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File: 1.75 MB, 960x540, Pulse Pass.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fav is utilizing an early flip to bump the ball across the drain..

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File: 1.05 MB, 960x540, Hand Off.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

..because it can be used to avoid a cradle separation.

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File: 1.90 MB, 960x540, Rail Pass.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and if you're not any good at those, take advantage of TPA nudges, this one works on just about every table.

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File: 1.81 MB, 960x540, Lunar Pass.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you do bump when the ball is touching the rubber and the rail.. this happens in TPA, FX2 and I heard in real life as well.. perhaps to not as great effect but it may not be suitable for all layouts, as you can tell it threw it into the slings on Addams.

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wtf, this is a video game?

>> No.3940374

Amy want pinball!

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File: 1.62 MB, 960x540, Nudge Catch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TPA catches flack for its nudges lateral strength applied to the ball, especially when it isn't in contact with playfield objects.

A majority of players may pick up on using this move 'at the right time' and not know why it works.

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>control F
>no "Monsters of Rock"


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That's because the game is called Monster Bash you big sausage.

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File: 556 KB, 1248x1362, FullSizeRender.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not an ideal setup, but it was fun to try

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File: 561 KB, 1925x2501, my.oldsetup_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks heavy

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Yeah it's for Visual Pinball 9 (aka VP9) PhysMod5 version. It's designed for 1920×1080 display like that so all the anti-aliasing is done in advance and looks perfect. So since it's PM5 it has the same realistic physics as Visual Pinball X (10)—meaning if you set it up right (or just use your keyboard) you can do all the moves possible on a real table.

Note that some of the above moves in those webms are not possible on real machines since TPA is sort of lazy in its implementation of real tables.

Yeah that Congo table is for Visual Pinball 10.2 and also has the realistic physics. The author of the table is still updating it so that's the new version that came out a few weeks ago. Have to get those diamonds and go for multiball. Oldschool style Trudeau table that's all about score with no modes. Need to get a monitor with fast refresh rate (144 Hz / 240 Hz / 120 Hz) or something so I can fully enjoy it.

>> No.3940513

But I already talked about how much I like the Monsters of Rock song here >>3937970 I think that's the name of that wizard mode but it might be the name of the harder one.

>> No.3940514

nice. it's pretty heavy but I leave it like that to play vertical games on mame

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What are some of your favorite tables on Visual Pinball that aren`t available on TPA? Do you like the original ones or only recreations?

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File: 278 KB, 800x450, 01-PinKadia%20birth[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's pretty ghetto

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that was before I decided if I liked the pinball games enough to get a decent monitor for them.
>still playing them 3 years later

>> No.3942525

It's called "timing". It's not the same as real life, but you can do it. I bet you also think that drop catches are impossible.

>> No.3942657

Can anyone give me an AC/DC tip? If I'm not aiming for Encore, is there any reason to switch songs? Like if I'm doing good with War Machine, it would seem counter-productive to switch out of it. Do the mode points diminish in value the longer a song goes on or anything like that?

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File: 696 KB, 960x540, Drop Catch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's called "timing".
>It's not the same as real life, but you can do it.
It's called broscience
It's not the same as real science, but you can claim its real.

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File: 765 KB, 960x540, Bizarro Drop Catch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We want our bizarro tap pass

>> No.3943238

>I haven't played real pinball more than few times over a decade ago, but after plaing PP for over a decade and then trying TPA I was shocked at how bad the physics were compared to games actually made in 90's.

This, for anyone interested in the best physics go get timeshock ultra on steam it's the best by miles and the game is deep as fuck.

>> No.3943250

I really hope they'll do the other tables. I loved Big Race when I was younger.

>> No.3943354

>tfw we'll never get Python's game where you sit inside a dome and the pinball(s) go around you while you control the flippers with your mind

>> No.3943358

Stern's next game is Star Wars. Steve Ritchie design. Says it's a table he's wanted to make his whole life. Only question is: will the time-tested partnership with Lyman F. Sheats Jr. on code be renewed?

>> No.3943362

Also, since no one gives a shit about routing pinball machines and they're only for the old fart collector now, this means the Star Wars table will be classic trilogy.

>> No.3943456

Is this confirmed or speculation?

>> No.3944040

same i still play big race now, fantastic journey is my absolute fav though.

>> No.3944198

It is known. Heard it from his own mouth that his next game is a theme he's always wanted to do. The Community knows that the next game will be Star Wars, helmed by Steve Ritchie. Thus it is known. Only question is Lyman on the software for another Spiderman / AC/DC.

>> No.3944205

I should add that when he said that a room full of people started sperging out and saying STAR WARS HURRRRRRR and as soon as his hearing difficulties permitted hearing their autistic screeching he became very circumspect.

>> No.3945262

Jesus christ lmao is there a link to this?

>> No.3945323

Might be. Would be a good reaction pic. Let's go to the videotape. It should be right at the end starting here


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File: 48 KB, 768x640, steve.ritchie.star.warsface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3945352

I think you exaggerated that anon, it was only one person, that said his voice was annoying as fuck "star wars?" "Star Wars?!" "STAR WARS?!"

>> No.3945384

If anything it's underplayed. Looks right at the camera in fear that he's given it all away. Then a little playful humor with more spergs fake-laughing along with it. Lots of people yelling Star Wars also.

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File: 1.48 MB, 1224x1632, nofear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of Steve Ritchie, what does everyone think of No Fear? It just showed up at my local place.

I've heard it get flack for being nothing but ramps and lanes, but I think it's great. It feels like an improved followup to BK2000, without the one sided setup. The jump is a cool gimmick, and I like the progression of the three final modes.

>> No.3945503

Not one of my favorite Ritchie games. All the shots feel narrow as hell because there's so many of them crammed onto the playfield. Timing out modes is lame, but ironically I fear shooting for anything since there's so many posts.

>> No.3945685

Lots of the people saying Star Wars were quiet enough to clearly not be autistic and talking amongst themselves. They're not rendered by the microphone's deeds. The autistic screeching, as you see, came from the autistic screecher.

>> No.3947009

Has anyone ever gone so far as to install haptic feedback mechanism and be able to feel the weight of the pinball like a real machine?

>> No.3947131

Honestly, the people who go that far are just compensating for something. All the solenoids in the world won't make up for shit physics, which is a major issue with all virtual pins.

It's a completely worthless feature to add, and it might even fuck up your tilts.

>> No.3947190
File: 694 KB, 1080x1920, Funhouse (Williams 1990) 1.2d VPX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe shit physics are a problem for tables scripted by 85vette but certainly not for those by Javier15 or flupper1 or wrd1972.

>> No.3947346


They made it annoying and awkward as fuck to add friends.

>> No.3947528

I haven't come across related materials on making a private server, nor hosting one.

>> No.3947615
File: 1.46 MB, 1224x1632, robzombie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got to try Spookshow for the first time today. It was pretty good. I didn't much of a grasp on the rules, but I did start a cool 4-ball multiball with a lot of jackpots. The only thing I wasn't fond of was a few modes that penalized wrong shots, stuff like "hit the loops but don't hit the bumpers or slingshots". I don't think any other game has done anything like that.

Apparently the company is making an Alice Cooper game next, which I'm pretty hyped for. Rob Zombie's pretty cool, but I fucking love Alice Cooper.

>> No.3947638

I'm amazed that game even bothers to have a family mode.

>> No.3947729

Black knight 2000, Medieval Madness, Martian attack

all top tier
I cant say for purchasing because i just pirate sorry but its true what you want me to dress this fact up for you well i wont

>> No.3949632

Is this a meme now? Calling a pinball machine by the name of one of its modes?

>> No.3949959

In his defense anon, he is a piratefag, you should've immediately known that he's not the brightest bulb

>> No.3949970

I'd say he's smarter than anyone who willingly gives money to Farsight for their shoddy work. I'm still waiting for them to implement the missing music in Twilight Zone, Scared Stiff, and Whirlwind.

>> No.3949974

Yeah paying money for inferior digital tables is absurd. People can't seem to come up with a reason to do so other than that VPX / PM5 aren't exactly 100% perfect therefore one should pay money to Farsight for making even less perfect tables.

>> No.3950050

>what is playing the mobile version while traveling

>> No.3950065

An invitation to improper nudging at best and tilting all the time at worst. Why not travel to some real machines or seek them out during these travels? If we're in the hotel we're busting out the laptop with the real simulators.

>> No.3950068

Black Knight 2000 fucking sucks. Repetitive bullshit and zero good shots from the left flipper.

>> No.3950070

The fact that he pirated games from Farsight then pirating Balls of Steel makes me thinj otherwise

>> No.3950117

You know, fair enough.

>> No.3950290
File: 1.47 MB, 1224x1632, drdude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3950316


>> No.3951449


>> No.3951635


>> No.3951698


>> No.3951707

so i spent an hour getting VP setup based on the one guy shilling the fuck out of it here.

holy shit what a mess. every table needs to be played on a specific version down to the exact version number. i finally got T2 working and the visuals and sound are pretty cool but the physics are hardly amazing.

i also set up the simpsons and lord of the rings and for some reason the nudge keys change the fucking physics so say i nudge to the left it's like someone is lifting the right side of the table to the point that the table is lying on its side if i nudge enough times. there is nothing in the input mapping about physics and it still happens when i change the keys for nudging.

2/10 experience

>> No.3951989

Farsight shill making things up. Nice effort. We're not buying your shit product.

>> No.3952051

pinball arcade sucks too but visual pinball is just an autistic programming disaster

>> No.3952089

And yet PM5 and VPX have good physics. They all install at once, along with VP8, VP9.2, VP9.9 etc. with the all-in-one installer. Shit probably has VPinMAME in it too. Then .vbs files are easy. Don't forget sam.vbs for rocking new Stern tables.

Bozo, you need the PhysMod5 upgrade of Tipito's T2 table, not the original VP9 version.

>> No.3952107


>> No.3952129


Is the version you want to play using VPinball99_PhysMod5

Not surprised you couldn't find it, since I looked now and can't. But I have it, and have put it here for you.


>> No.3952243

>requires community-driven support just to play anything
>help always comes with holier-than-thou insults
Boy, I sure can't wait to try VP for myself!

>> No.3952372

Your incompetence came with plenty of insults. If you're going to shit all over the physics of a table, try playing the table you claim to be shitting on first.

>> No.3952385

At least with Pinball Arcade you have a nice online leaderboard and the knowledge that everyone else is playing the same tables.

The ability to fuck with physics, table layout etc. means that Visual Pinball can never have a true legit leaderboard. What's the point if you can't compare your scores to other players?

>> No.3952405

These posts don't sound holier-than-thou or insulting

>> No.3952521
File: 3.07 MB, 1080x1920, Guns N' Roses (Data East 1994) Physmod5 1.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweet, this bad boy just come out.

>> No.3952581

>Data East

Star Wars never, sad face

>> No.3952613


Star Wars some time ago. New Star Wars table coming any day now. Steve Ritchie game.

>> No.3952617

Star Wars Shoopity PhysMod.vpt I mean

>> No.3952967

Latest word is that Star Wars will be revealed May 4 at the Stern factory.

>> No.3954938

We've got two digital pinball threads going on now and zero REAL pinball threads. Seems like an imbalance in things. Real pinball will always be superior, to concede to the guy above. I am PM5 / VPX advocate.

>> No.3954978

I was going to start a pinball general after this thread died. There's some real table discussion in this one.

>> No.3955214

Just let this one die then.

>> No.3955289

This one's better than the other one, look at all that dank information about debounce and input lag and 1000 Hz polling rates and leaf switches. That's good stuff. While it may be impossible to have 100% quality virtual pinball, things like this represent goals necessary to strive for in order to make video pinball more perfect. While it's asymptotic in nature and one can only approach perfection without reaching it, nevertheless every bit of improvement is more progress on the curve toward quality.

>> No.3955295

Anyone play Aerosmith yet? Have seen lots of praise from some and lots of butthurt from others. The LCD screen where the band is rocking out with their cheap-looking vector graphic animation (Flash-style) reminds me of Dr. Virjay and the band singing about the fishin' hole and Bobby Lee / Lucy Liu back on Sealab 2021. Not exactly 2017 technology when low budge Cartoon Network was doing it 15 years ago.

The "Pro" version has no upper playfield, "Premium" and "LE" do. People seem to agree in general that the additional $2,000 for an upper playfield with one offset flipper and a loop isn't quite worth it. Heard the code is unfinished as one would expect but not nearly as unfinished as the $9,000–12,500 Batman '66 (aka Dark Knight Vault Edition).

Anyone played it yet?

>> No.3955301


>> No.3955329

It looks really cheaply built in real life. Remember how all the bad guys in Revolution X looked like cardboard cutouts? It's kinda like that.

>> No.3955341

Ever since Stern moved the factory there have been some table construction problems. Playfields first, which are now finally being addressed with a return-and-fix system. Now people have noticed that the cabinets are built somewhat shit quite often of late.

>> No.3955356

Never even occurred to me. Pretty cool anon

>> No.3955393

They sell virtual pinball "starter kits" for $4,995 — presumably they have all that good stuff set up, even plungers that behave like the real thing. Have tried them at a show before, a PhysMod5 copy of Back to the Future (Data East) was running on it. Definitely more fun / accurate the way they had it set up on that cabinet than on the computer. Guy was on Shark Tank I think.

The advertisers on the Visual Pinball (and other simulators presumably) forums always have weird hardware up there meant to make the experience more perfect.

>> No.3955545

>Now people have noticed that the cabinets are built somewhat shit quite often of late.
Stern have been this way since all of the comeback era, every single new stern machine of the 6 a local cade had just broke relentlessly every time the clear result of shoddy workmanship. Tehy even feel cheap compared to old williams/ballys etc

>> No.3955549

That's some piss poor reasoning for playing a terrible product, ultimately you are competing with yourself in pinball anyway and if all you ever played is pin arc you will get a nasty shock if you find yourself on a real machine. propinball for example is so good i good easily translate a ton of flipper skills etc over to when i play real tables on the weekend with a short adaption period.

>> No.3955554
File: 772 KB, 720x1280, sternsnewcabinetquality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old W/B cabinets were top quality, some real CCC shit (Churchill Custom Cabinets) just like the playfields themselves.

Stern makes (at least since the factory move to 10 miles away over the state line for tax purposes) their own cabinets I think. And the joint where the corners come together is being done wrong lately. Moreso than back in the day. Have a ton of these photos I can post—they're all post-factory move.

>> No.3955560

DirectX is all fucked on my computer so I have to use psychic abilities to predict where the ball is going to teleport to. Can do better on real machines at the moment than on my VP setup. Perhaps soon to be rectified with the new computer build. But still, I play TNG in the arcade on default to fairly difficult settings and light (but fail to achieve) the wizard mode. I play TNG in VP99_PM5 and can't get halfway through the modes despite trying several times.

If anyone actually wants to "compete" with other people's scores using Visual Pinball tables with quality physics (PM5 and VPX only) then a simple CRC32 check would verify that the tables are set the same.

>> No.3955563

That's dropping one credit into the real machine and on the first try. 5–10 tries in PM5 and 90% of my balls are sucked down the right outlane. Real life I'm bopping them out. Default nudging in VP is sort of shit and requires setup clearly.

>> No.3955615

All this pinball talk got me fired up for playing. Sucked on Fathom, shooting accuracy just not there. Came back on Attack From Mars. Using jpsalas' VPX version and playing on VPX 10.2. Got 6.2 billion and lit half the blue inserts (all three on the left)—then realized that I'd completely ignored going for Total Annihilation and multiball (got the multiball earlier from a random award on that hole and achieved Super Jackpot). What the fuck, ignoring multiball and TA is no way to blow up saucers. Kicked video mode's ass for an extra ball though, good to know. Hardly got a flipper on the extra ball due to the pinball Fates / Furies.

>> No.3955620

Virtual pinball is as fun as virtual gambling.

>> No.3955626

I always figured the types that play real pinball aren't the types to deal with convoluted windows installations so I'm surprised that shit ever even gained traction

>> No.3955660

The guy who does the professional style cabinets for VP with all the bells and whistles and just the right controls and nudging analog style and the real plungers plus launch button so you can do both, glass over a big-ass LCD display, like polarized glass, and it's goddamn a 3D LCD monitor or TV or whatever depending on the size. Another monitor / display for the scoring / backglass. 1000 Hz physics. With the right way to control them. In a pinball-sized package. 3D. Up to 240fps I'd imagine, using adaptive sync technology (free- / g-). Hopefully 1000 Hz polling on the USB inputs for the controls also, to go with that frame- and physics-rate.

>> No.3955693

pinball is always fun, i play virtual and real life and enjoy it all the same.

>> No.3955802

I know now what I must do with my life.

>> No.3955847

How do you even into this logic?

Virtual gambling you don't win real money so it's pointless.

In pinball your going for a highscore just as you are a videogame.

>> No.3956115

It's just a virtual simulation of a real life activity. Some people will enjoy it more than others.

I can't see the attraction of train simulators yet there are plenty of other people that enjoy them and that's fine.

>> No.3957056


>> No.3958136

The way a shaker motor doesn't fuck up a tilt bob?

>> No.3958181

>I also hope to see more Gottlieb and Data East stuff. People always piss and whine about the Gottlieb games in PBA being shit, but I've played all of the WMS games IRL, and have acess to several of them nearby. I have never seen games like Lights, Camera, Action! or Bone Busters, so it's a treat to get to play them someway.
I'll agree that it's interesting to play them, but that lasts for all of thirty minutes. 90's Gottliebs really do feel like they were designed to be as devoid of fun and low-quality as possible. I have a Waterworld nearby and I'll never put another quarter in it.

>> No.3958208
File: 1.61 MB, 1224x1632, teedoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never played Waterworld, and I remember Shaq Attaq kinda sucked, but on the other, I think Tee'd Off is great. A cool layout with satisfying shots and fun rules with all kinds of different scoring features across the table, no dead space.

>> No.3958365
File: 438 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170430-143532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The pinball arcade website is really good incase you guys didn't know. It shows all your scores and you can add other people.

Gimme your usernames so I have some scores to aim for.

I only really play Judge Dredd properly so excuse my low scores!

>> No.3958432

Is that just fucking glued together?

>> No.3958564

Unfortunately my scores aren't on the website leaderboard as I play on PS4 and it looks like they are currently having issues with PSN scores. They're fine on the in-game leaderboards though.

>> No.3958570

Gimme username.

>> No.3958771
File: 61 KB, 1000x954, scores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Username is Worlds1stGhost

I own too many of these tables, so I couldn't include all of them in the cap.

>> No.3959063
File: 178 KB, 1009x1499, scores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but how much do you like Judge Dredd?

>> No.3959079


>> No.3959206




>> No.3959486

the tables design gives you extra balls because the modes points aren't awarded until you drain, plus doing modes twice doesn't increase their value
>do the modes and drain after collecting EBs
>shoot the left ramp for an incremental increase, eventually surpassing all mode scoring if done without draining
It still takes some amount of skill to do the 7 crime shots to re-earn extra balls. Best I've ever done is up to 120M left ramp value, 240 ramp shots without draining.

>> No.3959518

later on in the game, your crime scene count rolls over at 256 but while climbing above 48 it's worth draining on purpose than doing modes.

some other games bonus over time are worth pumping the multiplier

TPAs framework allows players to get further along than a real experience so we have to invent new strats.. which is partly why I like it.

>> No.3959610
File: 1006 KB, 200x150, whaaaaaat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3959834

So I take it you're 'Relaxation' on the leaderboard?

>> No.3959969
File: 125 KB, 857x790, longest game ever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

names aren't really important. just commenting as a player that got better, over the years, a majority of the top scores are legit so a /vr/ leaderboard isn't exactly required

I gave an example as to how long it actually takes to get a high score on JDredd

there's talk of a leaderboard clear due to tuning updates but no one knows for sure.

>> No.3960226

How many ramp shots do you think that is?

>> No.3960362
File: 31 KB, 816x571, BoP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, I was mainly attempting the viability of a strategy
>excluding the multiball restarts, for big wheels and ball holds
>excluding the random Billionaires Clubs
>excluding the Backdoor Billion (10 Loop Combo)
To Skillshot your way to the rest of the 89 Billion I was after...
>I averaged 4.05B per 256 skillshots or, above average 100K
>89/4.05, 21.9 rounds would have been required meaning...
>roughly 22*256, 5632 heart ramps and skillshots minimum

>averaged 4.05B?
I removed the bonus multiplier entry which inflated the average

>> No.3960364

What is this?

>> No.3960453
File: 14 KB, 401x523, nudge it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>heart ramps to skillshot? that barely happens!
is what someone might think but if you nudge the wall into the ball it'll go down the path you want.

>> No.3960589

why no gorgar? Nice firepower score btw, that's the only table i really like in pin arc.

>> No.3961263

I'm looking at this and I'm not if I'm impressed or scared.

>> No.3961860

People saying Pinball Arcade needs the Data East Star Wars table and being shown that PhysMod5 has it already.

>> No.3963978

PA won't get Star Wars unless they pay huge licensing fees to Disney. Also who even owns the rights to the Data East brand now it's defunct?

They PA guys are still trying to get the rights to Indiana Jones.

>> No.3964276

>Also who even owns the rights to the Data East brand now it's defunct?
Stern owns the Data East pinball rights, as well as Sega pinball. They were basically Stern under a different name.

>> No.3964552

Gary Stern / Stern Pinball Manufacturing.

>> No.3965554

Anyone going to any secret pinball spots or pinball shows coming up? That big pinball arcade in southern New Hampshire just closed. Private pinball collections with limited public access might be the wave of the future.

>> No.3965948

>Private pinball collections with limited public access might be the wave of the future.
i support this desu, generally arcades never have the passion to maintain machines.

>> No.3966005

Those that do just go crazy with pride and end up closing down anyway

>> No.3966909

>Private pinball collections with limited public access might be the wave of the future.
I'd say that's already the reality. It's a shame I don't know anyone.

>> No.3967820

Places like that should be on pinballmap even if they're only open a few hours a week

>> No.3967916

>Have Season 1 pack on PS3
>feel like having it on PS4
>add Season 1 pack to cart

I thought it was supposed to be half price to the account that bought it on PS3. Do I need to download the base game first or something?

>> No.3968009

Sad to see them go. The word is that they had a disagreement over a rent increase and the landlords decided to just give them the boot.

The place in Pelham that just closed did all their own repairs and will continue business as services.

>> No.3968328


>How does the PS4 discount work?
>If you purchased all the tables from Season One individually or through season pack on PS3, you can purchase Season One Basic/Pro on PS4 for 50% off. The discount is currently unavailable in SCEE (European) regions. We have notified Sony and should have it fixed soon.

Try contacting [email protected]

>> No.3968343

Latest word is out on Steve Ritchie's Star Wars. It's from The Great Jody, so it's to the effect of "fuck yourself".

Everyone can stop waiting. It's over.

>> No.3968486


>> No.3968591


>> No.3968601


>> No.3968869
File: 657 KB, 588x663, say_ahhsome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3969820
File: 14 KB, 320x240, 51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /vr/,

How do I git gud at pinball? I do okay on TPA, but whenever I play a real machine, I bomb out almost instantly. I feel completely lost on a real machine. The ball moves erratically, and I can't tell if it's because of spin or a shitty playfield. Everything feels a lot faster in real life as well. I'm also plagued with the constant feeling that I'm wasting money when I could just be playing for free at home.

>> No.3970020

Try playing the same tables on Visual Pinball PhysMod5 / Visual Pinball X to get used to reacting to realistically unpredictable ball momentum and rotation physics.

Pinball Arcade helps in learning the rules of tables, but absolutely destroys your skills on real tables by moddy-coddling you.

Build up those skills. It still won't be as good as the real thing, but at least the ball will make an attempt to behave like a real ball.

Also, watch the PAPA YouTube channel. Bowen's tutorials, tournament play. You'll learn what to do with the flippers when. Watch how people deal with the things that are draining your balls.

>> No.3970146

I don't think lyman is up to being doing the code work for another machine he's already got his plate full as it is with batman 66, Whatever new unnanounced game stern has him working on, and the fact he has to code spike 2.0 platform which all the new games that run with the LCD displays

I'd have to say Dwight Sullivan will be doing star wars, he's done good work before he was responsible For game of thrones with steve which is a very deep strategy game, and salvaging star trek at an earlier point in it's life

Star wars is in capable hands


>> No.3970157

I played aerosmith at an expo a month ago but where the machines were layed out was on a slanted blacktop so the conditions weren't that good but i liked it so far the shots were fun, i liked the music, the ball being kicked into the toychest is a neat ball lock gimmick
from the few games i played, my operator friend got one to route right before the expo so i need to go down an check it out some more

>> No.3970202

Pinball skill is a split between several things
Rulset Knowledge, Shot making, Reflexes, Decison making, and nudging

different games will demand different skils more so than others, Shot making, Reflexes and Nudging are core skills that you need to be good that will help you on a machine from any era

Rulset Knowledge is generally less important in pre 90's era games, but is critical for modern games
Where oppurtunities to activate oppurtunities to increase your score via, Playfield Multipliers, shot multipliers, Add a balls, which extend multiball by adding another ball into play, and relighting ball save

>> No.3970263

You know, after playing a few more games of Waterworld today, I'll take back what I said about it. I don't think I'd call it a good game, but I kind of enjoyed myself. I think it's largely because I like when games present you with really dumb stuff, like literal dirt as an award or the choice between an instant multiball or a "Super Hint."

>> No.3970454

>tfw you trigger the #4 high score to erase and feel like a big shot for 5 minutes until the next player blows your shit away

>> No.3971790

Don't die.

>> No.3972247

But Batman '66 is $12000 garbage and Lyman makes good games with good designers. Why do they bully Lyman and make him work on Dark Knight Vault Edition?

>> No.3972249

>tfw you find a machine with low high scores and low replay score threshold so you can build up free credits and start losing games on purpose in order to get more free plays, making a single credit last hours

>> No.3972380

>Shame the physics are still a little wack, like how easy it is to fully stop a ball with a flipper press at the "right" time.
Sounds just like the original to me.

>> No.3972424
File: 112 KB, 370x640, proxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sounds just like the original to me
The implementation of a simple sounding concept is the issue

When 'live catching' was added on Xenon, this was the closest and furthest from the flipper I could activate their new 'flipper physics' to stop the balls momentum. Watching a ball stop in mid air and drop to the flipper isn't authentic.

Pre flipper physics update I could do this >>3942824 if I was frame perfect (1/60 frame accuracy), obviously it's much easier now.

>> No.3972507

Yeah double clicking an installer, dragging .vbs files into a folder, and downloading tables + ROMs you want to run is hard and autistic.

>> No.3972525
File: 496 KB, 1200x900, bamham 66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the layout for batman 66 is garbage for the price Limited edition and Super limited edition price points, at a premium price i think it will be fine eventually

>Why do they bully Lyman and make him work on Dark Knight Vault Edition?
because he did the code for dark knight so he knows better about the games code than anyone else, also Lyman has earned the reputation of being a game saver, by being the hardest working coder at stern who apparently works on codes for older games that he worked on that would have stopped recieving code updates tradtionally, when he's out of the office.

Considering the state the code was in when stern shipped batman 66 out the door, and growing dissent over the state of some of their more recent games being unfinished code wise, lyman is the coder that can assure customers batman 66 will be finished eventually, if not theres going to be a riot and lyman's reputation is going to be fucked

I'm interested in the game, it was a blast to play when i played it a month ago, il probably buy one eventually after the code is done, when the code is done it'l either be a great modern stern title or a good machine for operators to make some coin on

>> No.3972569

He belongs working on new games from the ground up, not relegated back to his early days at Williams making the swear-laden home versions of ROMs.

Why should he have to scramble to fix inferior playfields when he could design the best games ever from the ground up with the best designer?

Attack from Mars and Medieval Madness with Brian Eddy

Monster Bash with George Gomez

Spiderman and AC/DC with Steve Ritchie

Naw though, let him fix John Borg's smelly dump tables like Walking Dead and Metallica. Not sure how Gomez lost the touch and went from Monster Bash/LotR to Batman TDK / '66 but clearly he's become idle as VP of design.

>> No.3972621

>Not sure how Gomez lost the touch and went from Monster Bash/LotR to Batman TDK / '66 but clearly he's become idle as VP of design.

Gomez's posistion probablymeans theres more focus managerial work of projects than developing projects himself, plus I wouldn't be suprised if he got that posistion because he knew how to make games with a low bill of material cost per game consider every game of his after lord of the rings seems to be average at best

>Naw though, let him fix John Borg's smelly dump tables like Walking Dead and Metallica.

I agree that lyman is long overdue to be working with a legendary designer again soon, But whats wrong with Metallica and the walking dead I've heard they were kinda shit at launch before lyman fixed them, what do you not like about them anon?

>> No.3972660

All Borg tables are ass. Not sure I care for a single one of them. Feel like a Zizzle.

>> No.3972761

How do I into VPX? Isn't there a dedicated website or at least a github for this thing? Sifting through forum threads and trying to figure out what's the most up-to-date version is obnoxious.

Do I need to install pinmame separately, or does it come with VPX? I see a lot of tables that say "updated for 10.2!" Do these tables only work on 10.2? Do tables made for older versions of VPX work with 10.2? Does VPX support gamepads? Is it easy to run in portrait orientation?

>> No.3972830



Visual Pinball PhysMod5 Install Pack 09/06/15

vpforums has everything you need. The .vbs files are in that first link category, the installer, the VPinMAME. The second link is "All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.2.0, VP9.9.3, VP9.9PM5, VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM2.8, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy." So it does everything for you with a single click.

After that, you just need to download tables you want and the ROMs that run them (the actual ROMs from the actual tables). They're all on that site too, and at vpuniverse.com Some tables were tracked down at weird sources by hand or converted by hand to PhysMod5, those are all in the third link. So second link is all you really need, but then you'll need tables and ROMs. Tables go in Tables folder, ROMs go in vpinmame\roms

Sign up to vpforums and vpuniverse with some throwaway account for download access. The VPX 10.2 tables only work with VPX 10.2 but it's in the second link's all-in-one installer.

>> No.3972835

Also, VPX runs in either desktop mode or fullscreen mode. Just change how you want it to run in the settings of the program itself. Fullscreen is way better. Controllers should work. Just get that all-in-one installer, it's a single click.

>> No.3972910
File: 8 KB, 452x96, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I think I have it set up correctly, but I'm having two issues.

1. The DMD is not displaying in the correct place. I have the backglass displaying on my second monitor, but the DMD still displays on the primary monitor. In the backglass readme, it says pic related, but that line doesn't appear in my table's script. What gives?

2. The music is very quiet compared to the sound effects even though the slider is maxed in the preferences menu. Is there a way to boost the music volume short of raising the volume in Windows?

>> No.3972914

are prebuilt virtual pin cabs worth it

>> No.3972971


I believe I've fixed both issues now. Thanks again.

>> No.3973001

Number 2 is easy. It's working just like a real pinball machine, default music volume on DMD era B/W tables is low. Use the END key to open coin door, use 8 and 9 to adjust volume down / up respectively.

Number 1 is tricky. I tend to use VPinMAME as my controller and add the following line


Or else if that exists with a value of 0 change it to 1. This rotates the DMD to match my fullscreen table. To get the DMD in the right position on a backglass, it could depend on how each table author has the table set up. Could even involve setting up x and y coordinates for where it goes.

To change windows on anything though, make what you want to change the active window by clicking on it. Then hit Windows key + left shift to make it switch windows. Works for the pinball table itself, DMD, backglass, whatever.

I only use backglass server (with B2S) when I'm playing an EM game.

>> No.3973007

Also you can just drag the DMD around and put it wherever you want. Add a window border and stretch it out or make it double size. All sorts of options by right clicking it. Can make it any RGB color.

>> No.3973013


It seems like VPX renders two different DMDs though. There's one that you can view in the editor and move around, but you can't move or resize it once the game is running. Then there's a separate DMD which you can turn on in the backglass settings. This is the one you can resize and move while the game is running.

I dragged the first type off the screen so you can't see it. Then I dragged the second type where it needs to go. Maybe I'm not understanding something though.

>> No.3973017

If you want to hide the second one because you're using the backglass, just change Hidden=0 to Hidden=1

>> No.3973136

Why is the only Shadow table for Visual Pinball for an ancient 9.2 version or something with terrible physics REEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.3974516

What are some entertaining stuck balls you've experienced?

I played some Frankenstein recently and had the monster gently lob a ball right onto the habitrail. Sadly, there was a slight bend in the wire, so I had to lift the legs a good 6 inches off the ground to get the ball moving again.

>> No.3975416

anybody discover some neat tricks you can do in some games to extend point scoring oppurtunities?
I just figured out on spider man vault edition you can get one shot on the first doc ock mode to light it, then light up locks for black suit multiball and once your done to two balls with black suit you can start Doc's first mode and it shoots the balls you lost and adds a ballsaver and both modes are running at the same time

>> No.3975494

Where do you buy those tall displays?

>> No.3975504
File: 216 KB, 746x652, P2414H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those are monitors on their sides, >>3942270 has a base that allows it to rotate

>> No.3975556

I have virtually no experience with Spiderman, but isn't the general strategy to do the multiballs one at a time? You work toward the other one during multiball so it'll be ready once you're back down to one ball.

>> No.3975590

You don't want to stack multiballs in Spiderman, you want to start the first Doc Ock and use the multiball to light and achieve Black Suit locks. Then start Black Suit when it's over. Starting Black Suit isn't really risky enough to justify the stack. Bringing a mode in along with the multiballs is what it's all about. And taking down Goblins and Sandmans during them also. In the arcade of course, you'll want to go hard at the first wave of 4 villains in order to light Extra Ball on the left orbit.

>> No.3975591

To expand, the light lock shot is too risky to take without being in Doc Ock multiball. It's a ball drainer.

>> No.3975687

Am I allowed to bring up other games like Pinball FX2? Has anyone played the Doom table?

>> No.3975710

Ok. This shit was the funniest shit I have ever read. Such an honest question but such a simple answer.

>> No.3975781


>> No.3975802

This just in, real pinball machines have debounce programmed into at least their tilt bob.

>> No.3976146
File: 957 KB, 505x306, 'debounce'.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think dataeast games have it more, I find long DMD animations in TPA wont tilt out.

>> No.3976186
File: 1.66 MB, 960x540, put a ball into its scoop and smack it around.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3976210

When I was in high school, two friends and I used to play the Space Jam table at a batting cage place all the time. One day I managed to get the ball INSIDE the left slingshot, as in it somehow squished past the rubber and lodged under the plate.

>> No.3976876

Congo is Williams game though. Those were the era in which the full-table move was able to be performed. Never heard of it being done on a Data East.

>> No.3976881

Further proof that SEGA tables were manufactured with a $200 BoM

>> No.3976942
File: 559 KB, 1024x1562, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3977015

is owning a physical table worth it?

i always wanted one as a kid but now prices for old ones are almost as high as new ones

>> No.3977536

>is owning a physical table worth it?
Are you going to be enjoying the physical aspects of a pinball machine, repair,.being able to look at the playfield in detail, taking the glass off and plunging a ball and rolling it into stuff to figure out things

>i always wanted one as a kid but now prices for old ones are almost as high as new ones

It depends on what you're looking for It sounds like you want the really popular bally/williams 90s games

you can still find nice conditions lesser popular games like who dunnit, Jackbot,, and a wideboy pin like roadshow for under $4000

although if you're deadset on getting some of the really popular or rare bally/williams games
Theres a company "remaking" classic bally/williams pins new to buy so far theres Attack from Mars, Medieval madness, but there a bit pricy $6,500-$8000? but come with a warranty

Honestly I'd just wait until you have enough money to buy pretty much any new pinball machine coming which is about $6200-$8500~, and then you decide what machine or machines to buy with that money, and not worry about the cost till you have the money saved up

>> No.3977552

>you can still find nice conditions lesser popular games like who dunnit, Jackbot,, and a wideboy pin like roadshow for under $4000
If you aim even lower, many Data East and games from the 80s hover around $2000. A classic like High Speed is never too expensive.

>> No.3977558

You really just need to be into keeping the machine working. Because that is one of the reasons why you have a machine like that. To fix it and to mod it.

>> No.3977628
File: 380 KB, 1000x570, USA_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why is Timeshock the only ProPinball release that ever gets talked about? There were like 4 other games.

>> No.3977670
File: 51 KB, 300x300, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I switch which monitor VPX displays to?

>> No.3977679

Might be because it's the only one with an Ultra edition.

>> No.3977707

Hit wndows key > left shift > right arrow key to make whatever jump to the other monitor

>> No.3977728



Next question: How do I tell it to render in true portrait mode (1080x1920)?

>> No.3977756

Found it. Rather than reduce the cost of the bundle in the PS4 store, it allows a person who already had it on PS3 to select a new bundle that is the discounted rate. It's just easy to miss because Playstation Store is bollocks.

>> No.3977770
File: 615 KB, 1080x1920, Spiderman_VPX_1.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preferences > Video options then tell it to. Top left I think. PM5 you need the table itself to be FS / cabinet though like the pastebin ones.

>> No.3977773
File: 4 KB, 213x178, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Preferences > Video options then tell it to.

But it only gives me options for landscape resolutions.



>like the pastebin ones


>> No.3977784
File: 110 KB, 544x650, areyoutrolling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. There's more to those options than the extreme top left and you know it

2. PhysMod5

3. https://pastebin.com/uig05gu1

>> No.3977792


Are you trying to tell me to check the "Use always FS backdrop" setting? Because that doesn't actually change the render resolution. It just renders the game sideways on a 16:9 monitor so you can physically rotate it.

>> No.3977814

So you want it to look like a video on Worldstar shot by someone holding the phone vertically? With 2/3 of the screen black?

>> No.3977823


What? My second monitor is rotated into portrait mode. I want VPX to render in 1080x1920 on that monitor.

Checking that box does not do this. It renders the game on my first monitor in 1920x1080, only sideways. If I switch the game to my second monitor using Win+Shift+Right, it still renders the game in 16:9 and sideways, it just tries to squeeze the window in a width of 1080 rather than 1920.

>> No.3977839

Turn off portrait mode, that's for Farsight hax

>> No.3977840


>Turn off portrait mode

Turn off portrait mode in what?

>that's for Farsight hax


>> No.3977962

Not be me, fantastic journey is my fav by far. I love setting up the multiball on the left and triggering it in line with missions.

>> No.3979275

Turn it off the way you turned it on. Before running VPX. In Windows.

>> No.3979818


>In Windows

But I use that monitor for my daily computing. Why the fuck can't I just tell VPX to render in 1080x1920 portrait like a normal fucking piece of software? Isn't there some .ini file I can edit?

>> No.3979834

Isn't turning it off in Windows every time easier than turning your monitor sideways every time like it's meant to?

>> No.3979841


No, that fucks with the placement of all my windows every time.

>> No.3979851

Write a batch utility that will save the position of your windows and switch back and forth out of portrait mode to landscape. Since I'm looking everything up for you and this is what comes up for those too intransigent to do things as the developers intended.


>> No.3979862


>as the developers intended.

The developers intended for the software to be wholly inflexible and only work in one specific way?

That forum thread answers nothing. I read it days ago.

>> No.3979896

It does. It informs you that if switching out of portrait mode is too hard then you need to write a batch utility in order to switch out of portrait mode.

>> No.3980365

See what Dr. Dude v1.5 and Funhouse v1.3 do. They're rotated funny by default.

>> No.3980415

Rotate it how you want with Backdrop then Options buttons. xy rotate to whatever.

F6 to boot into Camera / Light mode to change values on the fly.

>> No.3981928

Word is out. Stern Star Wars in July. $15,000 for LE version

>> No.3982384

>15,000 LE
I thought that came from from an austrailian or new zealand Distributor and the price was in straya bucks which means the price would be close to $10,000
but if thats not the case

>15,000 doesn't get you the super limited edition
Jesus christ

>> No.3982443

Yeah New Zealand price. 10K by Christmas.

>> No.3982892

They probably intended for you to change a 270 to a 0 if you wanted to

>> No.3983720

I've seen that a lot of modern tables have limited editions. What do these limited edition tables get you compared to regular? I hope they don't affect the gameplay in any way.

>> No.3984038

There's nothing different between Premium and LE machines beyond aesthetics. Pros and Premiums can have some gameplay differences, though. Most notably in the form of an added mini-playfield.

>> No.3984123


No matter what I try, the game is stuck in a 16:9 window instead of a 9:16 one. You can tell the table to render at whatever rotation you want, but that doesn't change the fact that the window is landscape rather than portrait.

>> No.3984156
File: 541 KB, 1080x1754, suffering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pic related.

>> No.3984227

But that's what mine with XY Rotate of 0 in FS looked like in Landscape until I changed them to XY Rotate (FS) of 270

>> No.3984243
File: 34 KB, 716x657, vpx.rotate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this? It should be spinning your FS table all over the place as you tell it to. All the other values here are adjustable while you watch the result by booting the table into Lights/Camera/Action mode or whatever with F6 instead of normal F5.

So you should be able to rotate the table (under FS, not DT — FS because you checked the box that we talked about before in areyoutrolling.jpg yes?) and then tweak it to look exactly like you want on that monitor and it will stay good forever. Make sure the box from >>3977784
is checked

>> No.3984245
File: 1.50 MB, 1080x1751, suffering2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's what mine looks like in FS mode with XY Rotate (FS) set to 270.

>> No.3984253


The issue is that the game only renders to a 16:9 window, regardless of the camera settings. I cannot get the window to fill my 9:16 monitor.

>> No.3984263

Isn't that what you want it to look like?

9:16 is 16:9 isn't it? The picture above looks how it's supposed to look, doesn't it?

Dr. Dude 1.5 and Funhouse 1.3 were set to FS XY Rotate of 0 by default and looked like >>3984156

Turning XY Rotate (FS) to 270 instead of 0 made them act like other tables and look like >>3984245

Then they played right, with improved physics and functioning better on computer than old versions. That picture looks right to me, isn't that the monitor on its side?

>> No.3984273

What about clicking "Disable Desktop Composition" under Options > Video Options under the Fullscreen settings near the bottom right quadrant?

>> No.3984276

Also there's an option to force exclusive Fullscreen support that could have some effect.

>> No.3984318


Those screenshots are a single monitor turned into portrait mode. I want VPX to fill the screen and render the table vertically.

>> No.3984336


>Disable Desktop Composition

Seems to have no effect.


>exclusive Fullscreen

This gives me lots of resolution options, but they are all 16:9 because VPX assumes I want to play on Monitor 1.

>> No.3984348

Try making the portrait monitor your "default" monitor in Windows or something first?

>> No.3984375

You could always switch out of portrait mode to landscape though. Fuck your windows. We're playing pinball.

>> No.3984801

theres never a "gameplay" difference between premium and limited edition

Limited edition game might come with different Cabinet, and translite artwork, for stern they have the designer sign the playfield, and put a plaque on the machine that says limited edition of example #34 of 500

the only times i can remember that a limited edition had a different features than a premium is with star trek and batman 66

>> No.3984806

Jesus i worded that bad the only games with actual additional features that i know of are star trek with a little Tube of Lights on the side of the game, and batman 66 LE with a topper, and both premium games lack these features

>> No.3985296

Sometimes the LE is way worse than the Premium, like with Game of Thrones. Imagine paying $2000 extra for that disgusting normal-colored playfield instead of the dank Premium blue one? $2000 extra for a line of eunuchs on the backglass. Hilarious.

>> No.3985417

There's nothing more infuriating than playing a game with overly sensitive slings. No fun allowed.

>> No.3985515

Almost got to the final wizard mode in Medieval Madness, Battle for the Kingdom or whatnot. Finally got to play the video mode. Only missing Catapult master qualification and Master of Trolls. Almost nailed Royal Madness too which would have been a nice touch. Wish I'd picked up some of the 10 or so different ways to get extra ball other than the video mode nab and the normal 2-castle one. Like with however many hurry-ups you need to light it or nailing 5 super jackpots in castle multiball (or at least lighting them for some extra points). 120 million + using that Medieval Madness VPX Remake - Tom Tower & Ninuzzu rev2.3

Anyone think the wizard mode is a grindfest? Or the game? Seems like castle gate hits get 700,000 after Payne is gone though, with the first destruction after that being 7,000,000 it seems.

>> No.3985553

Bringing the trolls into Multiball Madness is pretty much required if you want that completion, but they drop like flies once you have Troll Madness going. And be sure to save a troll bomb or two for the final battle if you don't want to shit yourself in frustration.

>> No.3986302

Getting Smash-A-Troll makes it easy to get to 10 also

>> No.3986382

It's pretty hard to hit Catapult on purpose. More of an accidental shot. Backhand is best. Don't think I've ever aimed and hit it from the right flipper...just screamed the ball around the playfield as a result.

>> No.3986713

Yeah, the catapult is always a shot that's dangerously close to the tip of the flipper. Can you still hit the standup at the back with a backhand?

>> No.3987239

Best GBA Pinball game

>> No.3987517

Nigga I can hit the Merlin hole with a backhand from the right flipper first try on a real table set up hard. Had to try since Bowen said it's impossible in the tutorial. Can hit anything backhand.

>> No.3987626

Im genuinely thinking about applying for a vias to america for 6 months just so I can play pinball machines lol

>> No.3988158

I know this is a slow board but I'm so glad this thread is still alive after almost a month.

>> No.3988890

Glad people are trying other ways to simulate real tables other than Farsight's mobile game. Real tables are everything.

>> No.3989945

My local place just got a HUO Theatre of Magic. They're probably gonna trade it again in a couple of weeks, but god damn does it play buttery smooth.

>> No.3990019

Tangent on Twitch said that a pinball arcade near him is going out of business and selling all their cabinets. He's in Boston MA, just a heads up.

>> No.3990646

Stop snitching

>> No.3990664

Any of you lads like Zaccaria Pinball? I'm really liking the Pinball Champ table

>> No.3991691

I believe the physics there are somewhat poopy as well. Harder to get recreations of wop tables otherwise though. VP8 / 9 maybe but not much for good physics versions.

>> No.3991708

My answer is that Black Rose's receation in visual pinball seemed really, really off compared to what I remembered as a kid. The Farsight one was more accurate.

Then again, I stole the farsight tables, so it's not like I paid money for it

It's got good music and it's a huge step up from Black Knight 0000

>> No.3991712

real tables are expensive as fuck and I'm too much of a pussy to go to arcades alone

>> No.3991720

Have to wait for someone to make a Black Rose for VP9.9_PM5 or VPX though. Only half of Brian Eddy's tables exist for good versions of Visual Pinball. We have to wait for Black Rose and The Shadow.

Visual Pinball is free though. Plus you don't have to be a slave to Kickstarter license fee scams and can just download what people have made for free with no holdups.

>> No.3991736

>Visual pinball is free though.
Yeah, but I'm the other person you replied to

It was also years ago that I tried visual pinball for Black Rose. I think it was version 9.02 or 9.15.

>> No.3991758
File: 3.36 MB, 1199x1919, Black Rose Night Mod 1.1 - VP9.9 - 10.25.14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3992187

>you don't have to be a slave to Kickstarter license fee scams

No one is forcing you to contribute to their Kickstarters but they're a small independent team so it's reasonable they would need help to generate enough money to buy some of the bigger licenses.

The tables aren't free but at least there's consistency as they're all made by the same team. You don't need to download this table with that mod or that table with this mod to make them playable. It's just pick up and play and it just works, you don't need to fuck around with anything. Everyone is on a level playing field which is great for the leaderboards.

If I had a decent enough PC I would certainly give VP a try but in the meanwhile I still enjoy playing Pinball Arcade on PS4 and I don't think it deserves the amount of shittalking it gets.

>> No.3993415

They're forcing you to wait for the company that made Action 52 to collect millions of dollars from sucker donators before they release single tables

>> No.3993535

If you look at their Kickstarters you can hardly say they've received "millions of dollars" in donations.


>> No.3993562

>I don't think it deserves the amount of shittalking it gets.
go play pro pinball from 97 and you'll see why.

>> No.3993617

Heard the goal for Twilight Zone was $85 million.

>> No.3993670

The goal was $55,000. They raised $77k. Not exactly $85 million.

>> No.3993768

>It's got good music and it's a huge step up from Black Knight
Take away the music and 2000 has literally no advantage over the original.

>> No.3994069

>The comments for the AC/DC kickstarter
wew lad

>> No.3994132
File: 2.70 MB, 1080x1909, AC-DC_PhysMod5_Helen_rev.1.1c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus Christ, why would anyone want AC/DC with shit physics when javier15 already gave us the Pro version with quality physics (a) year(s) ago.

>> No.3994531

Brings up an internal error when I try to download it

>> No.3994539

Have you tried registering for download access at vpuniverse?

>> No.3995575

Aside from the stuff on steam and gog, what other fun pc pinball games are there? Doesn't have to be real tables.

Only one I know of is Full Tilt/Space Cadet

>> No.3995930

Visual Pinball, read up in the thread. PhysMod5 edition of 9.9 and version 10+ get them and tables at vpforums.com and vpuniverse.com — link to mega-installer of the programs needed is above also

>> No.3996814

I used to play Sierra's Ultra Pinball games when I was young. I can't remember if they were any good, but one of them had dinosaurs and you can't go wrong with dinosaurs.

>> No.3996869

Give them to Borg, he'll find a way

>> No.3997682
File: 960 KB, 1836x3264, 20170516_040913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playing a PM5/VPX game like this makes TPA look like complete dogshit. I can't stress enough how fucking fun this is. If I had a dedicated DMD screen and a bigger main monitor, it'd be even better. I must have nearly pulled an all nighter yesterday just playing Royal Rumble and Back to the Future.

>> No.3997989

>makes TPA look like complete dogshit.
because it is, they lucked out on filling a niche with free reign and no real commercial competitiors. Farsight have always had dodgy production, they did a ten pin game that was shit to.

>> No.3998565
File: 107 KB, 799x531, Action52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least they've made quality video games before

>> No.3998586
File: 282 KB, 1024x504, 6a34e272-fa5a-4124-a8ba-32dfa0cebcfd[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scarface was pretty fun

>> No.3999958

See this guy knows

>> No.4000037
File: 1.55 MB, 1224x1632, simpsons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got to play Data East's Simpsons for the first time tonight. Pretty good game. The rules are a little bit too simple, and the "reverse hurry-up" jackpot is bizarre, but still fun overall. Best of all is the sound design. The speech is a bit repetitive, but the music and sounds are fucking nuts. Data East games always feel extremely chaotic with awesome deep bass, loud crashing "thunder" sounds, and ridiculous light effects, too.

>> No.4000112

Data East games actually had stereo sound, unlike the Williams games of the time.

>> No.4000153
File: 338 KB, 1024x1365, simpsons.pinball.party.playfield.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then DCS on B/W machines made Data East irrelevant and it got BTFO so hard that it had to change its name to Sega.

Then it changed its name to Stern and made Simpsons Pinball Party in 2003. Keith P. Johnson software rules with Dwight Sullivan backup. Keith P. Johnson playfield design, do you understand? The only other to do such a thing was Brian Eddy on Shadow. Do you understand? Like Lord of the Rings. Deep game. Epic. Seek out that Simpsons game for the best, among the best in pinball it's agreed. Top tier like the good colleges, always in the top numbers for all time ratings everywhere. Such modes, such deep.

>> No.4000184

DCS was years later. I'm talking about alphanumeric era machines. I like System 11 as much as the next guy, but in terms of audio, DE outclassed them.

>> No.4000197

DCS = 1993 and Simpsons by Data East = early '90s

>> No.4000314


Neither of these have VPX tables? Lame.

>> No.4000972

Simpsons has PM5 table and I hand-converted Simpsons Pinball Party to PM5 so you're the lame one.

>> No.4002027

I must learn to build tables because no one will ever build the tables I wish to play. Why do they bully The Shadow? Get get damn King Kong by Data East which had how many tables produced, 9? You're telling me people would rather play a 9-table game than a 3500-table game?

>> No.4002080

Simpsons was 1990. So yes, DCS was years later.

>> No.4002117

I saw Pinball Hall of Fame: the Williams Collection (ps2) for sale for 5€. Is it worth my money?

>> No.4002129

I'd pay money not to play Simpsons by Data East. Go suck on Kamincow's nuts.

>> No.4002134
File: 481 KB, 225x225, not ohgey.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a Data East simpsons?
Oh no...

>> No.4002136

Is pinball really /vr/? I love pinball, don't get me wrong, and it is indeed of the appropriate era, just not really a vidja

>> No.4002147

The Whitestar system was designed and implemented by Sega prior to 2000 / 1999. So are you arguing that SAM games are not allowed on /vr/? P-Roc? Everything else is literally video game software that runs on literal video game hardware.

>> No.4002153

It literally takes the "video" out of "video game". So yes, I'm saying those are not /vr/.

>> No.4002157

It's in the sticky.

>> No.4002161

You can check the catalog and see if there's already a "meta" thread and then you can try to change the rules of /vr/ since the rules in the sticky permanent post indicate that PINBALL is allowed on this board and that this board is the place to discuss PINBALL. The only footing you had to stand on was SAM and later systems having their hardware designed after 2000 but you've chosen to challenge the rules of the board itself.

This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

>(including pinball)
>including pinball

>> No.4002162

That it is. I'm not really trying to say it's a rule violation per se. I'm just moreso looking to discuss the validity of pinball as a "retro video game". Really feels like its own entity, though one that is closely related to video games and certainly retro.

>> No.4002169

Okay, you have been so triggered by this that you have completely gotten off track from the discussion I wanted to have. I can hear your autistic screeching from here, anon.

>> No.4002181

Mods can't hear yours because you're too afraid to try to change the rules of the entire board just to get a thread you don't like removed.

>> No.4002190

>a thread you don't like
Just a reminder that I literally said I like pinball in my first post on this subject. Perhaps some reading comprehension is in order?

>> No.4002193

Would have certainly helped prevent your looking like a retard if you'd been capable of reading the rules of the board. Would have prevented you from spearheading a retarded crusade to eradicate pinball from /vr/, its home since the inception of the board. Read my nuts.

>> No.4002197

Does anyone have any tips for fixing the ball flickering on Physmod5 on a two monitor setup? It's driving me nuts and I can't get on that stupid Vpfourm site to find a fix

>> No.4002201
File: 14 KB, 119x125, (you)hat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4002203

This is what literal autism looks like.

>> No.4002238

Go try to get XBox and Game Boy Advance and Gamecube and PS2 added to /vr/ while you're hewing to the task of eradicating your pinball nemesis

>> No.4002242

Never had any ball flickering. Preferences > Video Options should have a bunch of ball options, stretch ball to table, don't stretch ball to table, do this to the ball, do that. Mess with those.

>> No.4002416

Are you even real? I just walked in here and already think you're the most retarded poster here.

>> No.4003472

hmmm honestly i don't think so, the ps2 efforts had even worse physics and were buggy. It's better than the gottlieb one they did which i have to but still not that great, just get pin arc on pc or setup vp.

>> No.4003478

who fucking cares you gay cunt?

>> No.4003678

You guys made me actually get this thing from steam. It's the free version though, but I'm thinking I could spend some money on it. Haven't been this hyped for pinball in decades.

I also found a site that shows all the pinball machines in public use in my country. Might check the few ones out in the closest cities. The closest place seems to have Transformers, Star Trek Pro and Road Show. Then in a another city there's a Johnny Mnemonic. Gotta check those out the next time I'm driving around there.

>> No.4004160

This guy gets it. Careful or all the GBA and anti-Dreamcast weirdos will call you autistic for speaking sense.

There's some sort of mechanical flaw in Johnny Mneumonic that will allow you to rack up a massive score if you can exploit it. I suggest looking it up so you can cheese your initials onto the machine.

>> No.4004221

AC/DC coming back. Pro and Premium. NIB Lucis were going for $16,000 a few days ago. Now Premiums for all at $7,000. Big news and gives Shao Khan more time to finish Star Wars right. Still hoping for Lyman to continue the 5-year pattern. 2007, 2012, 2017.

>> No.4004403
File: 1.39 MB, 500x300, tumblr_odcodpkk3t1rx6jpwo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do we need so many fucking star wars pinball games? Where's my Evil Dead and Mystery Science Theater 3000 pinball?

>> No.4004448

Star Wars Trilogy sucks the root, Star Wars Episode 1 sucks the root (muh Pinball 2000).

Star Wars as a real Steve Ritchie game? Why do we need it? TIE fighter spinner that's why. Goddamn flow so tight you'll feel like you're navigating the Kessel Run. LCD screen. That's damn why.

Stern buys licenses people care about. People with money to spend on useless prestigious shit that costs what a car does. Evil Dead / MST 3000? A license that Showtime has? A license that Netflix has? Shoddy. Disney sells. HBO sells. Even AMC sells with all the damn walking plebs out there. And they were too cheap to pay for it so the game sucked the root too.

Steve Ritchie cares about Star Wars. Why did we need an AC/DC pinball? Who the fuck cares why, it was fucking awesome. Evil damn Dead, what are they going to do, compete with their own zombie game? MST3K? What is that even supposed to be as a pinball machine

>> No.4004451

Also, Wil Wheaton voice acting? Felicia Day voice acting? Patton Oswalt voice acting? People would pay money not to own that, or to play it. Your .gif says tumblr on it, Gary isn't going to pay money to become tumblr.

>> No.4004460
File: 254 KB, 625x830, 1444959690304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Evil damn Dead, what are they going to do, compete with their own zombie game? MST3K? What is that even supposed to be as a pinball machine

You're talking about an industry that has games based around movies like the shadow and demolition man. Fucking Big Lebouski has a pinball machine now, so why are we treading on the same shit over and over. Evil Dead didn't have zombies in it and there's a ton of scenes that could translate to modes. MST3K would be awesome as a pinball machine, modes based around bad movies and experiments? It'd be an awesome theme.

Type in anything + gif and chances are tumblr will be in the file name. Oh, and gotta love how I said new MST3K exclusively. How are you enjoying that Ghostbusters pinball? Don't you love how completely based on the new movie it was?

>> No.4004486

>Evil Dead
I could see Spooky Pinball taking a crack at that.

>> No.4004492

Lebowski never, especially with the class action now from everyone demanding their money back. Why try for a difficult license when you can get one that you project will sell better for cheaper? "Monster Mash" song writer demanded $1,000,000 for the rights to make it. So they paid Universal instead with the standard flat rate of however many dollars per machine instead. And Monster Bash was better for it, and we are as well. We are not improved, nor are machines, by licenses that are readily, costly available + will sell.

And make a .webm if you're avid enough to watch the old series. No video content handy? No DVDs when they could be bought a lot cheaper than a pinball. Scale it up to see.

>> No.4004554
File: 497 KB, 640x480, Joel_annoyed.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I got webms and I got every episode, I just didn't feel like hunting for them. Sucks about that class action, man I wanted to play that game so badly. It's been a while since there was a license I actually gave a shit about getting a pin.

>> No.4004557

They couldn't hold the license

>> No.4004558

It's really annoying. I spend more time messing with settings and looking up and downloading fixes, trying to get this damn ball to stop flickering than actually playing fucking pinball.

Kinda just stuck with VPX and Pinball FX at this point, for whatever reason VPX has no problem.

>> No.4004565

(continuing) Forgot to remind you that they just have to ransom the license back. But now some people want their money back and no one knows what's going on. Means more time. Funny since I played two different machines a year ago.

>> No.4004839

>Kinda just stuck with VPX and Pinball FX at this point,

Get pro pinball timeshock ultra on steam, as real as it gets.

>> No.4005283

It's just one table though

>> No.4005426

so? it's still the best by fucking miles and the game is extremely deep. Your attitude sounds casual pleb fag to me.

>> No.4005540

Says the guy saying to buy abandonware

>> No.4005874

>modes based around bad movies
So like Creature from the Black Lagoon but with a more mocking tone and more focus on the movie(s)?

>> No.4006073


>> No.4006498
File: 217 KB, 1402x925, nvidia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did manage to fix this by copying this guys settings. I think it was the transparency setting being on giving me issues.

>> No.4006521

what does that even mean you dumb fuck? It's a masterpiece in it's own right, it astounds me that an apparent "pinball fan" would not be playing the most realistic and well executed simulation available to them.

>> No.4007015

Pro Pinballs release is half-baked, just as is TPAs 'new UI'. Both seemingly 'abandoned' with no update for a year.
>Unit3d pinball also became abandonware

>> No.4007759

VPX and VPinMAME seem to be regularly updated and supported, with a vibrant and robust community behind them.

>> No.4007959
File: 126 KB, 2737x566, AFM_TOP25_FS_VP9_scores.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a nostalgia trip made by hobbyists emulating an expensive hobby that has no competitive base.

>> No.4007970

>no competitive base
You sound like you're afraid that a 13-year-old Jewish kid or a literally autistic kid from Canada will blow you the fuck out. You wish those tens of thousands in prizes they earned with their world championship victories were yours. They are not.

>> No.4008150

not interested in reimbursement of travel expense and league dues for a game that has a pay to play format so their expensive machines keep running.

>> No.4008206

>I can't succeed at real pinball so it's everybody else's fault

>> No.4008263

>keeps moving goal posts
No local scene, and VP has no competitive scene

>muh sourgrapes
no one but you claimed I was great or could win prizes, I'd like scene that wasn't dead.

>> No.4008481

>expensive hobby that has no competitive base
You're the one who said that pinball has no competitive scene you walking coffee enema. Fuck yourself, get the fuck out of this thread.

>> No.4008534

If you're looking for something like Terminator 2 where they ran a kickstarter, it's better value to go seasons. Still, that shit adds up so it depends on what tables you like.

>> No.4008592

>VPX and VPinMAME seem to be regularly updated and supported, with a vibrant and robust community behind them.

>shilling VP which clearly has no competitive base
>source: http://www.pinemhi.com/hiscores.php the only leaderboard effort for VP/FP

Continue showing us your mental gymnastics.

Just admit VP is a nostalgia trip and the limited run collectors items being used for the snob sport is just a shitty situation for a level playing field which is unable to reach wide spread competition.
>TPA has more than double the PAPA entries on just a single platform, monthly.
desire to compete is there, perhaps they don't want to deal with the baggage that comes with 'real pinball'?

>> No.4008617

You're the one who thinks that pinball has no competitive base and that the only REAL competition happens on a mobile app. I told you to get the fuck out of this thread, never reply to me again.

>> No.4008625

Goalpost-shifting "Pinball Arcade" faggit thinks that pinball is about competing with people rather than yourself. Sad! VP community is about getting to play tables. All that matters.

>> No.4008974

I love Mike, but Joel is my favorite.

>> No.4008984 [DELETED] 
File: 92 KB, 640x361, 22786656988_c68b4ec681_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come to Orlando. We have pinball leagues so good that they make fighting game tournament losers green with envy. Places like Pittsburgh and Las Vagas are even bigger.

>> No.4010579

A lot of these VPX tables have ball weight set too low and friction set too high. The new Funhouse 1.3 and Dr. Dude 1.5 tables really nail it though with improved physics.

The question is, how to export physics from them and import into another table? I tried and it make my global physics broken as fuck, had to switch to Set 2.

>> No.4011787
File: 2.99 MB, 256x192, ArinoDancin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping this one

>> No.4012953


>> No.4012962

Oh shit senpai, I knew the iOS or whatever version was out but didn't know it was on Steam. I fucking love Timeshock and I own both the PC and PS1 versions. Played it with my dad for hours growing up. Best pinball sim ever

>> No.4014194

Do you recall which episode this is?

>> No.4014686

157 or so, Mickey's Magical Faggot Adventure

>> No.4015370

There's also an episode where the arcade segment sees him visit this old Japanese man who collects pinball machines. He gives Arino a lesson about nudging and trapping and everything. I can never remember which one it is.

In a more recent episode he completely ignores a Jurassic Park machine. Wish the Chief would care more about pinborro

>> No.4016034

>Pro Pinballs release is half-baked
Fuck me you haven't even tried it have you? It's fully fucking functioning with every view available at every resolution, everything is complete you stupid cunt.

>> No.4016849

>It's fully fucking functioning
>everything is complete
weird, so why is their forum (and steams) mum on when the promised physics update will happen or when full controller support will happen?

it's almost like it isn't finished.

I've played it and confirmed I can do this >>3940332 just as easily.

>> No.4016863

all you do is argue, do you even play games? gb2 >>>/v/

>> No.4016871

As if I'd ever dream of playing your bullshit fake table game, shill

>> No.4017058

I can't even rebind my keyboard controls in game without googling the damn fix

>> No.4017114
File: 174 KB, 763x229, Free.2.DLC.Unlockers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As if I'd ever dream of playing bullshit fake table game
>vp is about playing tables for free reeeee
even if you paid nothing?

>> No.4017135

I used to hate Bram Stoker's Dracula because of how ball-bustingly difficult it is, but I'm starting to see the appeal. It takes a lot of effort to get a good game, but it's so satisfying once you get the ball rolling. Still has the best video mode, too.

>> No.4017210

Found it


>> No.4017220


>> No.4019419

Jersey Jack shills trying to slide this thread because Stern gets more talk. Pat Lawlor stole Rudy's head from Python. He break into his office while he was on a feeshing trip in Canada.

>> No.4019425

Beatles (2017/8) — Stern — John Trudeau

Deal with it. Proof is the turtle.

>> No.4019832

I'll fight you. That's a good movie.

>> No.4020551

>arcade finally fixes busted ramp switch
>but the left flipper is now completely dead

>> No.4021009
File: 75 KB, 440x660, sadpuppers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucking thing

Listen; in so far as pinball emulation goes it is really fucking solid and a labor of love.

HOWEVER...I miss the way it use to be. Now that they have locked cocks with GOOGLE PLAY the biggest beef I have is that, even on tables I have payed for, I still get bullshit advertisements. WTF?

>> No.4021897

I don't get any ads when I'm busting sick flipper maneuvers with my accurate physics by means of VPX / PM5

>> No.4022403

How do you play VP on Android?

>> No.4022408

>in so far as pinball emulation goes it is really fucking solid and a labor of love.
no it fucking isn't, it's a shit project niche they lucked out on and suck the teet of for many many years that offers abysmal 3d, unoptimized code and physics that aren't even half as good as games twice it's age.

>> No.4022413

>weird, so why is their forum (and steams) mum on when the promised physics update will happen or when full controller support will happen?

It's still fully functioning, the physics is already top tier but an ever newer model was talked about which altrhough nice is not in any way required or a hindrance when its already so damn good. I don't have any issues with controllers either. You should try fucking playing things for yourself instead of being a reviews sponge cunt with the attention span of a sock.

>> No.4022739
File: 310 KB, 580x282, this is fine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Timeshock Ultra can take over 4 years to only deliver a demo of the promised game

I'm glad they're not Zidware and attempt to make other kickstarters to fund their first game.

>> No.4023492

How can I craft my own pinball table?

>> No.4024186

Wow, a PA update with a bunch of proper bugfixes. I never thought the lazy devs would bother.

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