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Post glorious 90s edge.

Why don't we have glorious 90s edge anymore?

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>Why don't we have glorious 90s edge anymore?
Some kid cut himself on the edge, parents complained. Same reason we had to get rid of Lawn Darts.

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Kids these days literally can't handle it. Look what they did to Duke and Wang let alone anything hardcore. Fuck we live in a world where they toned down super soakers.

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this, kids today are fucking pussies and I thought it was bad when we were kids and couldnt get dope ass chemistry sets to blow shit up

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>Fuck we live in a world where they toned down super soakers.
Welp what did they do?

So it's columbines fault?

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I remember it had that shitty metal band music video or something. But this was my top favorite with Jedi knight 2. And who the fuck was JoJo

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can't get edgier than the first postal

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Back in the day Super Soakers were pretty damn powerful right? you point it at someone they're going to get fucked up well now they barely have any pressure at all.

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in Canada as a kid we had these things called GT snowracers which are crazy ass tobaggans and they stopped making them for a while because they were dangerous. Leaf kids of the future will get to experience them again as they started making them again thank god. We used to tie two of these behind the snowmobile and have roman style chariot battles between each other.

I remember the super soakers of the 90s my cousin had the backpack one, thing was like getting blasted with a firehose

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i actually split my head open thanks to one of these

good times

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Because it's not the 90s anymore?

That and 9/11.

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Vidya today aren't less "edgy," they're less splatter-horror and goofy. Basically, graphics got more realistic and gritty realism took over. And before anyone spergs out, of course there are exceptions, I just mean as a general trend. Violence and gore in the 90s was more fun, almost Mad Magazine-style at times, violence in games now tends to be gruesome and nasty.

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Harvester my man.
Was a bit dissapointed, I thought the game was called cyber dilldo and got pretty interested.

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soldiers of fortune had some fun gore

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Super soakers were fucking awesome. I had a pretty good one but one of my friends had the yellow tank one that you where as a backpack. I was so jealous of that fucking thing, it was too good.

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90s as a whole were all about being edgy though. It used to be cool to be edgy. This isn't the case anymore. Now people are mocked for it.

Just look at the 90s mtv music videos. Edgy af. Grunge and alternative were built on edge. Even video game adverts were edgy af.

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Forgot pic

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>Why don't we have glorious 90s edge anymore?- 17 posts and 6 image replies shown.
because we're not in the 90s anymore

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>Hurrrrrrrr durrrr herp derppp hurp durrrr herp derrrrr

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>getting this mad because you cant accept some things can go obsolete

Also Blood isnt famous for the themes but for the gameplay. Look at Postal, is a terrible shitty game that not even the edgy story can save it.

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They started making GTs again? I was more of a crazy carpet kid, but those things were fun.

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>the le 90s edge meme

FEAR 2, Dead Space, Condemned Bloodshot, No More Heroes, Manhunt, Alice MR, etc, are much gorier and edgier than anything in the 90s. I don't really understand how people can have such an opposite perception of reality. have you faggots even played a modern game?

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matrix is more 2000s to be honest
all those mods for HL that had neo in it

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We have/had those in Sweden as well (not sure if we do still, wouldn't be surprised if they banned them here as well). They were very hard to steer imo, I was not a huge fan as a kid.

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Don't sperg up the thread, please. Do you honestly believe we don't know what year it is? OP obviously want to lament and reminisce about a lost cultural aspect that he enjoys, that's what this thread is about. The thread is not about answering the question with "It is not the 1990's because after 1999 it became 2000, beep boop"

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>Why don't we have glorious 90s edge anymore?

It proved to be ineffective.

Except when marketing to kids, but 90s kids didn't have money in the 90s.

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muh nugga

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You are missing the subtly of 90s edge. All of those games have gore yes, but they are missing the key ingredient. A give-no-fucks attitude and radical clothes.

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none of that is subtle at all

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The real thing is that it wasn't supposed to be taken seriously in the first place.
Sure, we had the usual bible thumpers and moral guardians complaining about it, but back then it wasn't that much of an issue. At worst they had to deal with hacks like Joe Liebermann and Hillary Clinton threatening to ban games altogether because of it.
Then came stuff like Columbine, Woodstock 99, 9/11 and the moral guardians' change of ideology. Now all the "edge" is portrayed as serious business and some kind of holistic analysis of the human behavior and the place of people in society and all of that academic bullshit.

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>Also Blood isnt famous for the themes but for the gameplay
It's famous for both.

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>toned down super soakers
That was apparently because Nerf bought the brand and patents and whatnot and based their super soakers on designs used for Nerf-guns. The patent is expiring next year though I think.

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Are there any working reimplementations of Blood?

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Because in this day and age, even stating an opinion on twitter is enough to cause outrage.

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Some faggot will now recommend a shitty eduke32 mod called bloodcm, which isn't blood at all. Just play on dosbox you weenie. Virtual machine set up with win 98 if you're extra badass. If you can't set up dosbox and customise blood via its setup.exe go ahead and leave the board, thanks.

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Art was awful. Makes me wanna play HATRED instead.

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Also syndicates were cooler

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We got rid of lawn darts because it turns out they can kill people.

We have plenty of edge, 90's edge just seems childish now though.

For what is worth I'm starting Episode 4 of Blood right now and loving it.

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Is it just a steerable sled? How is that more dangerous than any other sled?

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The subtleness is in the unsubtlety

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That's ridiculous.

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Some Czech guys wanted to translate Doom and well, they did. Kinda. I love my country.

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This seems to be the current port they're working on and it's the most promising one yet.

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Can we just agree that Atari should get stabbed with a pike in their ass for sitting on the source code for a twenty year old game and not releasing it for some reason?

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Because, for some reason, "edgy" transitioned from a buzzword that every media wanted to a pejorative for fan-fiction.

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oh god ahahaha

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Too much violence became something that killed sales instead of helped them.

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Halo's fault prob.

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Pointy thing sticking outward.

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that kind of makes sense actually

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wasn't madworld just a crappy game

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Have some edge for that razor kid

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So 9/11 happened and suddenly everyone turned into a major pussy?

Makes a lot of sense.

I remember they toned down the console version of gta 3 by removing the severed limbs and heads. The pc version came out a while later and had it though.

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>I remember they toned down the console version of gta 3 by removing the severed limbs and heads.
The devs even said they did this because of 9/11.

Columbine was another thing that got fags all upset about edge. Fight club came out soon after it and people were really turned off by its nihilism, the creators thought it came out too close to columbine for American film goers to stomach at the time.

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>Virgo blood
That's not how vaginas werk.

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I thought the pickup sound said Glasgow and I assumed it was made by the Scottish. Guess not.

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Matrix came out in 1999 so it's expected all the influences and copycats would come out in the 2000s. In fact culture bleeds over to the next decade very early on, it's not like once the calender hits January 2000 and it's a totally different era. A bit of 80s came into the early 90s.

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This is now a FEAR webm thread.

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Twitter exists and people whine about everything on it. Before that, developers could just ignore conservative Christian moms whining for the most part.

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Yeah but this board has a hard deadline and people sperg out when you talk about post-1999 games as if things magically changed for gaming in the year 2000 even though I was playing the same now retro games years after they came out online with other people.

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Chem sets never contained combinations of chemicals that could be made to explode unless the manufacturer was somehow monumentally incompetent.

Many of them could be rather toxic, though.

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In a climate that'll fuck your shit up with nothing more than slippery sidewalks more than half the year you'd think they'd have a more reasonable level or risk aversion.

>shoot someone in the dick
>they react pretty much how you'd expect

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I know it's not /vr/, but I miss hyper gore edge anime
I sure do miss Japans bubble economy

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>Blood isnt famous for the themes but for the gameplay.

Iunno, I realize this is an unpopular opinion but abusing the shit out of janky AI/engine limitations to get through Hitscan Enemies Around Every Corner: The Game always seemed way cheesier than it needed to be.

The soundtrack is also a complete turn-off if you're not into that sort of rap.

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The 90s edge was based on the actual dynamics of the 90s society in general which would fit in the category of not politically correct.

I mean, the byproduct of that era was the rise of the emos, which boomed in the early 2000s lol

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>The 90s edge was based on the actual dynamics of the 90s society in general which would fit in the category of not politically correct.

Which was a reaction to 80's mainstream culture, right?

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>hurr where's my edge
>the latest entries of Mortal Kombat and GTA have sold like hotcakes

You people are fucking stupid

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>abusing the shit out of janky AI/engine limitations to get through Hitscan Enemies Around Every Corner: The Game always seemed way cheesier than it needed to be.
I wouldn't call having an understanding of how a game's AI works 'abusing its limitations'. You say it like anybody can do something like webm related, when in all honesty I haven't seen anybody else play the game this way, to the extent that these webms even make some people mad with messages like, "why is this autist jumping? why is this autist ducking?" etc.

I'd argue webm related is no different than being prepared to strafe out of the way when you see an imp winding up a shot for his slow ass projectile. It's merely understanding how something works, except this is actually deeper than the imp example. Every combat based single player is about understanding how enemy AI works and then responding appropriately. When people bait revenant punches is that also 'abusing the AI'?

I would like to see your Blood gameplay. Why not upload a playthrough of the first episode on Well Done and we'll see just how well you're able to 'abuse these limitations'?

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That's bullshit mom

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>underage pretending to understand what 90s edge was

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>Put in all the effort it takes to make dosbox not shit
>Get burned out before even playing it

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I'm sorry but you're going to have to list the "janky AI" and "engine limitations" you can abuse in Blood since you seem to know it so well. I'm especially interested in the latter.

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cheese and crackers the mods in this one

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/uxyPzqEuBDE?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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They don't have to be underage anymore m8...

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uuuuuuhh. This post could be an entire thread about this struggle.
>smart enough to figure the shit out
>spend hours setting it up
>get bored with the game
>set it up
>get half way through
>no solution

I spend more time tinkering than actually playing games

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