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Hiro says we can have one.

When can we properly discuss all the gen 6 consoles and games like the PS2? Discuss.

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>Asking about the PS2 first, before the GBA.

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Check the archive, we did this like two weeks ago. It won't go anywhere and will become the shitpost general.

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Not in 100 years fuccboi.

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>Board discussion thread
>"oh boy, I can talk about how much I love /vr/ now"

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>6th gen on /vr/
Eh, may as well at this point. The fucking /v/ermin have long since nestled in and won't leave anytime soon, not like this board is going to improve even if they kept 6th gen shit out for another year or two.

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Delete /pol/

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I vote for any game 15 years or older being allowed.

>keeps every game talked about old
>allows for regular new content to be discussed
>removes the question of "when will we allow X"

Screw the whole console thing, it's a poor way to set up the board. Pier Solar and Cave Story Genesis don't fit here as well in my opinion.

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I think you don't understand the reason for making a containment board. Deleting /pol/ just floods the rest of 4chan with them. There they're kept in their semi-reddit style board where they can all circle jerk with trolls till they're blue in the face where they belong.

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Fuck off.

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never ever. it may be old but it will never be "retro" in the same way pre 6th gen stuff is.

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>there are 5 already finished game generations considered retro
>there are 3 (2 considered finished) non retro generations

this is so pointless all this bullshit would solved if they rewrite the sticky and put in big red letters "Only discuss until 5th gen consoles" and arcades until 1999 - no exceptions

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The thing is, games haven't progressed nearly as much in the past 15 years as they did in the 15 years before that. A 2002 PS2 game is still very similar to a 2017 PS4 game, except for the graphics improving. On the other hand, games from 1987 are almost a completely different thing.

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Pier Solar belongs here way, way, WAY more than PS2. You're unbelievably wrong. In fact, repent. Buy a cat-o-nine-tails and get cracking. It's actually a 16-bit game that runs on the Sega Genesis, which, you know, is fucking /vr/.

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They don't stay inside their containment board and they just keep growing like cancer

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This. Having NBA2K be fine for discussion just because it came out on Dreamcast when we can't talk about Castlevania Circle of the Moon which was released earlier is idiotic.

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I fucking hate /v/.

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Doesn't mean that getting rid of the thing trying to contain them will help though. It's not perfect, but it's what we're stuck with.

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>e thing is, games haven't progressed nearly as much in the past 15 years as they did in the 15 years before that.

That's highly debatable.

> A 2002 PS2 game is still very similar to a 2017 PS4 game, except for the graphics improving.

Also highly debatable, but really a discussion for /v/.

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I honestly like this concept because the board would seem fresh constantly with "new releases" appearing on their anniversary date. The down side is that some current content would become verboten but by 2002 even Playstation and Dreamcast releases were petering out. The retro police would have to stay on their toes about release dates and only homebrew and fan games would lose out. New translations would be okay still and they're probably the most valuable romhacks anyway.

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Then we disagree completely. I think early GBA games belong here far, far more. Yes it runs on old hardware, but it's a new game.

Are you going to say the same for Cave Story? Not appropriate here for most of it's existence, but once it gets a port to an old system it is? I'm sorry, I think that's just stupid. This board should be for old games. Period.

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>muh /pol/ boogeyman

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>I honestly like this concept because the board would seem fresh constantly with "new releases" appearing on their anniversary date.

This is kind of what I was thinking. For for example next month Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis would turn 15 and it would be a nice reason to start up a discussion. Maybe get some people into it.

It keeps things both fresh and old at the same time, which is what I think this place should strive for.

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There's a reason there's a containment board for them and that that board is set up different from the rest of 4chan. Moot hated /poltards.

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>once it gets a port to an old system
Porting to old hardware is not easy. And the limitations of that hardware ensures that the Genesis port of Cave Story, or any such game, is way more colloquially "retro" than an ever expanding /vr/ audience of Halo babies and inevitably Duderaider fags. No thank you. Never ever.

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not retro

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I'm sure moot would have said the same thing.

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>I honestly like this concept because the board would seem fresh constantly
I don't think you get the point of this board. Just go to /v/eddit and don't look back, please.

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This. It always happens and nothing ever changes. These threads have been appearing ever since they started allowing Dreamcast threads.

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Not retro

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>Porting to old hardware is not easy.
I didn't mean to imply it was.

>And the limitations of that hardware ensures that the Genesis port of Cave Story, or any such game, is way more colloquially "retro"

That still doesn't make it an old game.

> than an ever expanding /vr/ audience of Halo babies and inevitably Duderaider fags. No thank you. Never ever.

I see, you want this place to just be a hugbox of ohh how terrible kids are. It's your ilk giving us other older posters around here a bad name. I honestly think you're pathetic and welcome talking to more Halo kids than having to hear more of your bitter bitching.

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But you want the latest 2017 Genesis belt scroller to have endless threads because SO RETRO IT'S ON OLD HARWARE!!!! lol.

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We should have a board for 7th gen gaming, or rather 00s gaming that would include PS2/PS3/GBA/DS/GCN/Wii/Xbox/360.

Because /v/ is too young to know of those, and /vr/ does not want to discuss those.

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Only for a brief period in winter 2014-2015 after he got that girlfriend and before he polished this turd up enough to make it salable

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Have you not read the sticky. Platforms, my man, not games. This place is about old platforms.

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>6th gen consoles
Just wait, there will be a Melee general that will be more popular than the Doom one.

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>where they can all circle jerk with trolls till they're blue in the face

I think you mean red in the face.

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He has complex views like most people, but I actually knew Moot ever so slightly, I've heard him rant about the Stormfront debacle that's the root of all this. He was generally very against them.

So smart for selling this place when he did though.

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If they're circle jerking, wouldn't they be white in the face?

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>This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games.

Maybe we read different stickies?

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/v2k/. All 6th (including Dreamcast) and 7th gen discussion. Maybe even allow some 5th gen crossover. "It's too niche" or "the are already enough boards" are hardly valid arguments when boards like /po/ and /i/ exist.

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Do tell me what the point of this board is. Is it to become a sargasso where the only shit that isn't stagnant is trash that washes in from other boards?

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Yeah but the cutoffs aren't based on games, they're based on platforms. We can discuss any game for the Sega Genesis, whether it came out in the 1990s, or the 2090s.

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That's the worst idea.

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It's the only idea that won't lead to this being "the board for anything that isn't current gen".

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>split /v/ into more boards
Please no
>"It's too niche" or "the are already enough boards" are hardly valid arguments when boards like /po/ and /i/ exist.
Both made over 10 years ago, and the former being infamous for barely being used

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GTFO of /vr/

If you don't want to talk about RETRO games then why the fuck are you here?

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If 6th gen is allowed then this boards demographic will slowly change and after 2-3 years will be completely unrecognizable. 70's/80s/90s posts will become rarer and rarer and will be buried by a avalanche of devil may cry/metal gear/pikmin/Halo/Resident evil 4/Melee etc etc etc.

I do like the 6th gen and I wish there was a place away from /v/ to discuss it but it can't be here! This board is unique and should stay that way.

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except it's not

>/vr/ keeps talking about old hardware
>/v/ keeps shitposting about numbers and specs for current gen consoles
>don't give a fuck about /v2k/ will do, it's up to them

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Yeah, which I'm saying is a bad way to set it up because it lets in games that aren't necessarily retro or classic. That's not enough.

If someone ports Undertale to SNES that doesn't suddenly make it a classic retro game. It's still very clearly a product of it's era.

You could make Peggle run on a Genesis if you really tried. It wouldn't make it an old game or even an old style game. Going by platform is just plain silly.

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Making it a board for ogames that are at least 15 years old would.

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>split /v/ into more boards
This is absolutely not a problem at all when /v/ is such a fucking monstrosity of a board as it is.

>Both made over 10 years ago, and the former being infamous for barely being used
That's exactly the fucking point. They've been around for ages and still have less than 600,000 posts. Yet they still exist. And they have no chance of being deleted.

If you want a more recent barely-used board, see /3/.

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Fuck no
PS2 is and never will be retro
The cutoff point is 2000 and that's it

>> No.3917186

That's not how it works. "Containment boards" provide a convenient place for interested parties to congregate and coordinate themselves, which means people of similar interests will be drawn to them and then spread their shit to the rest of the boards. Board splits make sense when another board has so much discussion of a particular topic that it makes sense to break them off so they aren't hurting other discussion, but if you're trying to contain some assholes, /trash/ works better.

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allowing /vr/ to discuss PS2/GC/XBOX will destroy the board just like allowing WWE in /asp/ destroyed said board. Prepare for a 80/20 ratio (most optimistic) of threads talking about newer stuff

>> No.3917190

Now you're gonna make me email Popcap with an offer they can't refuse, and I'm gonna have suck an office full of business casual cock just so I can shitpost with Peggle threads to piss you off.

>> No.3917191

The problem with that is, in 3 years we would start seeing Xbox 360 games on this board. Xbox 360 is absolutely not a retro console. Other than being underpowered compared to 8th gen systems, it is entirely a modern gaming platform.

>> No.3917196

>The problem with that is, in 3 years we would start seeing Xbox 360 games on this board.

That's the thing, I don't see that as a problem. It's no more an 8th gen console than NES is a 16 bit console.

Jokes on you, I think Peggle is fantastic. It's just not retro.

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It's not an 8th gen console, but it isn't a retro console. It is firmly planted in the realm of modern gaming. And that would destroy this board.

>> No.3917212

The same could easily be said about the Dreamcast. Personally I think the history of gaming is far too complex to just lump everything into either retro or modern. It's been decades of continual small changes that build up over time.

To me anything 15 years old could be considered to be dated enough to work for a board dedicated to older games. I would be just as happy with 20 years but that would remove a lot of what's already allowed here and I think 15 is enough.

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Never, 6th genner.

>> No.3917219


I'm sick of having to switch between /v/ and /vr/ so I can't talk about 5th and 6th gen games.

The largest percentage of games I play are 5th and 6th gen with a bit of 7th here and there and I would really like it to just main /vr/ since /v/ is full of fucking faggots. I want PS2/Xbox/GC/Early 2000's PC games to be discussable here.

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>I'm sick of having 2 tabs open in my browser

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There needs to be a /v2k/ board. Otherwise /vr/ will become /v/.

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Once the 9th gen is fully underway (when PS5 releases) there'll be no excuse not to allow 6th gen on here.

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Y'know, /vr/'s quality will definitely drop once 6th gen is allowed.

Mellee generals would be allowed, Halo would be considered retro, a lot of literal underage /v/ermin will be migrating here since the consoles THEY grew up with would be allowed.

Allowing 6th gen might make things "convenient" for you, but it will also take away the quality of the board you've come to love.

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so could you guys stop posting here until there?

>> No.3917258

>Y'know, /vr/'s quality will definitely drop once 6th gen is allowed.

Yeah we'd hate to miss out on more Castlevania shitposting threads. Considering the number of 30 somethings here who act like 5 year olds already it's hard to imagine the state of things possibly getting worse.

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You don't have to imagine, just go look at /v/.

Whatever you see on /vr/ that looks bad, just remember, /v/ is one hundred times worse.

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This. I take more halo kids over OHH MY GOD MODERN GAMES ARE KEK CANCER all the time.

>> No.3917262

>You don't have to imagine, just go look at /v/.
I'm a regular poster on most 4chan boards. /v/ is legitimately more friendly than /vr/ most of the time. The fact that some of our worst shitposters here are fellow older gamers disgusts me.

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Even someone who was 6 years old when 6th gen ended would be turning 18 this year and thus not being underaged. And someone who was 6 in 2005 wouldn't have that much nostalgia for the 6th gen since they'd mainly grown up with 7th gen.

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Personally 20 year old games only or fuck off

>> No.3917275

The PS2 is not retro. What would be the difference between that and /v/ at that point?

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File: 276 KB, 640x480, おジャ魔女どれみ♯ 第19話「どれみとはづきの大げんか」(DVD 640x480 WMV9).avi_snapshot_08.54_[2017.04.10_16.18.56].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If by "at times" you mean 0.1% of the time. You're not fooling anyone. I've stopped browsing /v/ a few years back and I pop in every now and then... It's the same bullshit still being posted just revised for newer games. /v/ is legit one of the worse boards on 4chan, and I will not stand for you defending it and thinking it's anything but a steamy dog shit. I was just like you, defending /v/ and considering it my homeboard, until I realized it was not worth it and decided to just stop browsing it. It was the best decision I've ever made in my life, because I was just all-around happier. I didn't have to tolerate anymore newfag nonsense, bait threads, and shit taste. It was all behind me. Sure I couldn't talk about my favorite games but I could predict exactly what type of responses my thread would get anyway

>"what game is this"
>off-topic shitpost

I don't think it's worth anyone's time, not even yours, to browse or even care about /v/. If you're wondering what /v/'s talking about, it's probably the same thing as yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that too.

What you're complaining about? Frivolous in comparison. /vr/ has a lot of good threads, some quirks, but nothing maddening to the point of insanity. You don't get autists screeching at the top of their lungs over a game made by a tranny being posted, you don't get floods of shitposting and dozens of threads in a DAY over an e-celeb's tweet, you don't see fags trying to make everyone mad in every god-damned thread, you don't see half of the catalog filled with off-topic drivel. This is /vr/, NOT /v/.

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We are already fresh with our Doom threads focusing so much on recent mod releases instead of the 90s classics.

>> No.3917283

It just depends which threads you go to. Threads about old RTS and games with cute little girls are always good.

>> No.3917290

But that would make the PS2 retro retro shouldn't be used here as a word anyway

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Fuck you not even those are safe from newfag try-hards. Because I come onto 4chan to get told loli ISN'T okay. Absolute nonsense.

So I hope you reconsider ever browsing /v/ again, settle for /vg/ if you must but never /v/.

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doom general is a shitty containment thread. we don't need more.

>> No.3917293


>> No.3917295

I honestly wish there was more separation between boards. I see a big difference between Unreal and a classic NES title. As it stands, the latter titles tend to get overwhelmed by the former.

As for RE4, there is a post almost always in /v/ related to that. I think that is one of the most popular games there. If anything, this shows we don't need to expand here.

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Meh. Every board has a bunch of threads I ignore, /v/ and /vr/ are two peas in a pod from my perspective. The flavours vary a little, but it's all 4chan. I like all of it.

>> No.3917304

>I honestly wish there was more separation between boards.
That's why ribbit exists. Tons of subforums for every little thing. It's not the 4chan style.

>> No.3917308

I think it's inevitable. When /vr/ started, it was all over the NES.
Now? Not so much, more like SNES/Megadrive at the oldest.

>> No.3917309

Awful idea, in a few years the entire board will be COD and LOL. NES up through PS/Saturn/N64 was a very different and influential era in gaming history and /vr/ is for the discussion of that era. The actual number of years something was out is irrelevant to that.

>> No.3917313

/vg/ is like reddit, good for tutorials but the circlejerk discussions aren't worth it.

>> No.3917316

really if it's 3d it isn't retro and you're all shit posters that belong on /v/

this should only be 16 bit games AT MOST

>> No.3917317

How fun is Mega Man Legends 2? I've only played the first one, is the second just as good?

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/v/ doesn't care about 6th ge-

>> No.3917320

>NES up through PS/Saturn/N64 was a very different and influential era in gaming history

Every era of gaming is distinct. Dreamcast is far more similar to 360 than it is to Atari 2600, but they're all very different from each other.

Pretty much.
Animal Crossing General is super friendly and oddly not perverted. Fighting Games General is posers talking about waifus all day every day.

>> No.3917329

>playing the only Onimusha game that's not good
>complaining about Fatal Frame
>emulating FFX instead of playing the superior PC ports


>> No.3917330

Cool, now start a GBA thread.

I haven't seen one go over 60 posts before getting archived.

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Gameplay is better but the "anime" aspects that make it like a saturday morning cartoon are worse. Not even by alot, but its there. It does have brown lolis though.

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I don't agree at all. /v/ is one of the least 4chan board on 4chan. It is FAR below 4chan standards but newfags coming from ghetto websites such as 9gag or reddit wouldn't know this, since all they see are /pol/, /v/, /b/, and maybe /r9k/ too.

Every single fucking day those faggots make a rec. thread on /v/ saying "What are some games where..." and the end of that phrase could be anything from a sincere question to an excuse for another off-topic thread. Either one is complete fucking cancer for it encourages newfaggotry and just faggotry in general.

If one of those niggers tries to make a thread on /a/ that asks "what anime is good" they're gonna be told to fuck off to >>>/wsr/ and the thread will get deleted. Maybe they'll even get banned for a day if we're lucky. If they try to act like a /v/ermin on any board that isn't known for being cancerous their thread's going to get deleted and the OP will be told to fuck off back to /v/ where they belong, rightfully so seeing how /v/ acts compared to the rest of the boards.

The way I've been talking makes you think that it's just /v/'s audience that's complete crap but some of the mods and janitors that regulate the board share the blame as well, for actually sharing in their schizo mentality, deleting good threads and not bothering with threads that need their attention, and banning the wrong anons too. This insures that /v/ will remain a bad fucking board from now until who knows when, probably never.

I could go ON. /v/ was my first board on 4chan, but the way it is now I would strongly advise against continued usage seeing how a lot of their stupid will rub off on you.

>> No.3917367

I explained this before.

PSX was released in 1994
PS2 was released in 2000
PS3 was released in 2006

Roughly, each generation is a span of 6 years. Talking about current gen would defeat the purpose and 2 generations behind is still a little too recent to warrant being called retro. Three generations behind is where you start to get less talked about hardware\games which is the point of this board, to have a place to talk about the stuff people on other boards don't talk about.

So 2017-18 years(3 generations) is 1999. So next year I think it'd be reasonable to talk about PS2 and so on. Having a sliding scale for what is considered retro as time moves on makes sense, right?

>> No.3917374

A new board for the ps2, xbox, gc, gba, hell even the Dreamcast.
Leave /vr/ for the the more retro games before 2000 or until the "64bit" era.

>> No.3917376

>but newfags coming from ghetto websites such as 9gag or reddit wouldn't know this

Ahh yes, the classic "I disgree with you so you're new" I'm shocked you didn't pull out underage as well. This is why I say the two boards look so similar to me. It's not that /v/ doesn't have annoying trolls who fill the board with childish bitching, they're there for sure. But /vr/ has you and your ilk who I see as just as bad.

Also consistently around here, the posters who complain about younger board members are some of the most vitriolic and childish in their expressing their attitudes. Thinking niggerfuckcancercuckfagwoman is perfectly acceptable so long as it's directed at someone who happened to grow up with Halo. Pathetic.

>> No.3917379

Not him, but clearly it's too late for you.

>> No.3917381

Can we just make the cutoff a flat 15 years ago already?

>> No.3917382

This may not be the website for you, buddy.

>> No.3917383
File: 209 KB, 312x340, 1381943575430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4chan is different from other websites, it's a website where that kind of language is accepted for it is a part of the website's culture.

Say you enter a land where everyone wears a hat.

You decide not to wear a hat

Everyone sees you as an outsider and you decide to complain that everyone SHOULDN'T be wearing a hat.

On what grounds?

Because you see them as silly.

No one's going to stop wearing the hats they've been wearing for years if you just see them as silly.

If you think our hats are silly then you don't belong here.

>> No.3917386
File: 2 KB, 48x97, Joe-moon1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except that I've been coming here practically daily for over 10 years and continue do so because I always like it. Not saying that weak shit eating trolls like him aren't pathetic.

My Ecco thread is going swimmingly. Does that mean we should keep Genesis there as well?

>> No.3917390

I think you're completely missing the point.

>> No.3917391

>My Ecco thread is going swimmingly.
I would curse you, but you're already playing Ecco. I'm content with this punishment.

>> No.3917392

You're missing the point. Complaining that /v/ is a complete shithole when you are making /vr/ a shithole of an only slightly different flavour riddiculous.

If you can't handle /v/ you really shouldn't be on /vr/ either. Which isn't to say you're not allowed, but complaining about it is weak.

>> No.3917395

lol Did you get stuck on a glyph?

>> No.3917401
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How the hell am I making /vr/ a shithole? Is being sick of /v/ NOT acceptable? I don't care for it, it used to be good but now it's not so I don't care for it. I do not see how that is making /vr/ worse or how it makes me worse for not being able to tolerate the same repeated stupidity for years.

>> No.3917402

- generals to discuss modern installment entries
- crt recommendations
- Why second hand old games are expensive.
- Mario games are actually spooky.
- Have we discussed about this tiny and niche aspect of this game yet?

>> No.3917409

>My Ecco thread is going swimmingly. Does that mean we should keep Genesis there as well?

Are you retarded?

>> No.3917434

>If you can't handle /v/ you really shouldn't be on /vr/ either.
Apples and oranges. /int/ here, we got a merge with those retards for like 5 hours and it was the worst thing ever

Meanwhile /vr/ is still pretty tolerable.

>> No.3917446

The second we add anything new, the board will be flooded with shitposts by people trying to make the newcomers look bad.

The same thing happened on /v/ when /vg/ was created, and moot wanted to make the rules on /v/ stricter.

>> No.3917456

>I just got here from reddit

>> No.3917621

Problem is, it didn't help /v/, and most of the /v/ splits ended up becoming shit eventually, even /vr/.

/vr/ used to have pretty cool threads, the best being the search parties for long lost games like Chu Teng and Garage, but of course now there's more threads that are basically just bitching about dumb Youtube channels, how shit the retro vidya market is, emulation, etc, than about stuff that is actually interesting.

Also if /v2k/ is going to be made, you might as well just make a vidya board for 7th gen as well, and while you're at it, segregate 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st gen into their boards.

>> No.3917626
File: 27 KB, 329x356, 1416920435661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>now there's more threads that are basically just bitching about dumb Youtube channels, how shit the retro vidya market is, emulation, etc, than about stuff that is actually interesting.

Those are seriously not that bad and also few and far between. It's not like you're the only one that doesn't like them either.

>> No.3917637

>Also if /v2k/ is going to be made, you might as well just make a vidya board for 7th gen as well

7th gen is 2k.

>> No.3917638
File: 453 KB, 250x188, way.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This 1000%.

V2k needs to happen!

It would stop people from starting these threads and posting shit that doesn't belong here!

>> No.3917640

You can talk about any video game regardless of age on /v/

If talking about PS2 and Xbox is that important to you, do it there.

I really wish these threads constantly lobbying to talk about newer gens would fuck off already.

And it's not like I disagree with the idea but it's not going to goddamn happen. Let it go.

>> No.3917647

>And it's not like I disagree with the idea but it's not going to goddamn happen.

Not if we

>Let it go.

Fight the good fight. Let's make some good changes to this place.

>> No.3917651
File: 32 KB, 304x224, 195740-the-king-of-fighters-2000-neo-geo-screenshot-game-paused-when.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think adding in 6th gen would be a terrible idea because as several others have mentioned the sheer amount of shitposting being done from 6th gen lovers will destroy the little bit of quality this board has. But saying it will be the worst board is out of proportion because there are clearly worst boards like /a/ /tv/, /b/, /pol/ and /v/. I think that as much of i love the dreamcast but dreamcast and the rest of the 6th generation including GBA, DS, and PSP should have their own board v2k and leave this one alone.

>> No.3917653
File: 112 KB, 485x243, 247058030-image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't get it! Talking about 7th Gen on /v/ has cancer causing implications. What if i wanted to have a discussion on blue disc ps2 ganes? /v/ would duck that thread up, or it would die a quick death.

/v2k/ is a great solution to an actual problem. If you don't think so, then why is this thread always popping up?

I don't understand people who are not on board with /v2k/, are they mental?

>> No.3917660

>and while you're at it, segregate 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st gen into their boards.
No one is saying that, faggot.
/v2k/ would be 6 and 7th gen to start, and probably expand to include generations that are no longer current.

>> No.3917664
File: 251 KB, 402x405, 1227911698445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We really should try to lobby for /v2k/.

But you can't post on /qa/ anymore...

MODS if you're listening, please tell Hiro to try /v2k/ out.

>> No.3917665

I don't know if this has been brought up, but I think it might be a good idea to make a note in the sticky about dealing with non-retro posts.

Simply replying with "not retro" doesn't work. It fucks up discussion and further encourages trolls. People need to report posts/threads and let moderation take care of the rest.

>> No.3917669

There are plenty of overlap between /vr/ threads and 6th gen.

If someone asks for a game with X mechanics, I want to post an appropriate GBA or maybe even PS2 game without getting lynched or sheepishly adding but I know it's not retro.

Same thing with things like cables.
>What's a good 3rd party cable for a SNES?
>What's a good 3rd party cable for an original xbox?

It's bullshit. The rules don't need to change, I just wish people would grow the fuck up.

>> No.3917671
File: 45 KB, 601x513, 1425755016982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Quality of posts: detailed and constructive criticism in WAYWT threads is always preferable to buzzwords or simple insults. Likewise, one word ratings contribute almost no value to WAYWT threads. Feel free to be critical, but put some thought into it. -/fa/'s sticky

I think it'd be okay to put a few words in.

>> No.3917676

>I think adding in 6th gen would be a terrible idea because as several others have mentioned the sheer amount of shitposting being done from 6th gen lovers will destroy the little bit of quality this board has.

>The evil kid boogeyman.

>7th Gen on /v/ has cancer causing implications

You people are in no position to be complaining about other posters. You're at least as bad as the people you put down.

/vr/ doesn't have a problem with younger posters. It has a problem with older posters relentlessly shitposting anything they don't like and blaming it all on "cancer".

>> No.3917678

Stop talking about 9gag when you use 9gag approved pictures. Fucking embarassing.

>> No.3917683
File: 57 KB, 720x480, 1409987012965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's an old image from my /v/ folder. I've never saved anything from 9gag and do not stay current with it so I wouldn't know which images you would classify as 9gag or not but the image I posted was originally posted on /v/.

>> No.3917684

Here's my thoughts.

/v/ used to be impossible to get any kind of reasonable discussion on due to its speed and low number of threads available.

This isn't the case anymore. The expanded number of threads allowed alleviated some problems, and /v/ has significantly slowed down in the recent year.

It's reached a point where I"ve gone to work and come home, or gone to bed and woke up and the thread was still alive.

Theres no need to further divide the board into /v2k/ or whatever you fags want. /v/ is fine for discussion on those things, and things like Crazy games General you can actively discuss things like the DMC series and God Hand.

Having any game 15 years or older is too complicated for the board. You can't expect people to look shit up before posting, and if they see any PS2 game they'll bring up any ps2 game.

>> No.3917694

>Having any game 15 years or older is too complicated for the board.

This is a depressing statement.

>> No.3917707
File: 264 KB, 148x111, 1440948415683.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We currently have a thread about people arguing over what color the sky is.

Let that sink in for a moment.

>> No.3917709

This. It's like these snowflakes can't ignore anything. If you're not already subconsciously scrolling past shitposts with the briefest of glances possible then you may need to lurk more. Plenty of decent discussion happens on /v/ these days.

>> No.3917710
File: 239 KB, 500x417, 1429412522281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3917712

You cant expect people to do the legwork.

The second you make things more complicated, the more you open it up to more shitposting.

I can see it now, a game will be 14 years old, and people will just go

>come back next year
>is it currentyear+1 already?

Regardless of how you feel about it, having the cut off be by system makes so much more sense than by year. Granted, there are some issues, like PC essentially being a continuous thing.

Either shut down all posting about the generations, or open it up to PS2/GBA-era and never touch it again.

>> No.3917713

The arbitrary bickering has gotten worse recently. I used to come here and discover some really great lesser known games, or better appreciation for classic ones. That feels like it doesn't happen any more, and I just keep coming here out of habit.

>> No.3917719

The shitposting has been here since day 1

>I used to come here and discover some really great lesser known games

If you're coming here to get hidden gems friend, maybe you should checkout youtube instead.

>> No.3917720
File: 19 KB, 477x321, 1413101701017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to get some interesting shit happening by finding someone that can help me hack Quiz Naniro dream's PS1 ISO so I can translate it and there's another thread that's looking for voice actors to dub The Legend of Xanadu. Not only that but another thread has a dude making cool OC for the board by turning classic vidya characters into virtua fighters.

I think the problem here is you're ignoring those cool threads and choosing to acknowledge the lame ones.

>> No.3917721

I feel the same way. Too many threads about splitting hairs or shitting on anything new or complaining about game prices.

I really want /v2k/. Just an old games board for people who play games that are fun, not because they're brand new or just old enough.

>> No.3917724 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 420x240, 8ingchan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just move to Atechan's /vr/ board if you want to discuss early sixth gen shit.

>> No.3917729

Isn't that place dead as fuck? Why even bother bringing it up?

>> No.3917732
File: 15 KB, 349x344, 1486038567295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/v2k/ will be a magical board free of shitposting

>> No.3917736

>Isn't that place dead as fuck?
It doesn't have to be. Why stay on this shithole?

>> No.3917739
File: 269 KB, 640x480, [Doremi].Ojamajo.Doremi.06.[640x480].[72184B86].v2.mkv_snapshot_05.28_[2017.01.21_22.54.40].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... Nice try, buddy.

>> No.3917741

I said "worse" not "never happened before but now its happening omg," so stop overreacting. There are still cool threads, but it's slowed down. I've been here since the beginning of the board and do what I can to contribute, but the board is just getting more hostile and confrontational as a whole.

I don't know if /v2k/ is the solution, but I guess I don't have an alternative.

>> No.3917746

I can stand the average shitposting, but I'm getting sick of /vr/'s autistic style of shitposting.

>> No.3917749
File: 45 KB, 468x351, 103913-dawson-crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really don't think it's too much to ask of normal people. But you make a good point that many of the folks who come here are straight up retarded and asking them to do simple arithmetic would probably send them off the deep end.

>> No.3917758

/v2k when

>> No.3917760
File: 14 KB, 211x200, 1421857856698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now anon I don't think that's very fair to the rest of the board. They split hairs because they care and if you would like to learn about why they care so much the most direct way of knowing would be to ask. It's not as if you'll be ridiculed for asking. Why, just take a look at >>3917274

Maybe on /v/ that poor soul would get memes thrown at him but here /vr/'s full of mature level-headed posters that don't fall back on ghetto /v/ermin memes to back up their statements. If you have questions all you have to do is ask.

>> No.3917772

Go back to ribbit if you want niche subforums.

>> No.3917781

After you kill yourself

>> No.3917784

The only way in which /v2k/ would be any good is a containment board for all the people who keep trying to force it here.

>> No.3917790
File: 24 KB, 287x285, 1364226898674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now don't bully anon there too harshly, remember that Futaba has a ramen board.


As such I don't think it very fair to compare the notion to reddit alone.

>> No.3917793

Well there is some complexity to it. Sure 15 years. But is that 15 years from the original release date, or the particular localization you want to discuss? Are ports ok to discuss if they're ports of a 15-year old game? What about remakes? Emulators? New games for 15-year-old consoles. Later expansions and DLC for 15-year-old games? New, user created content for 15-year-old games? The same stuff people argue about here, would still be an issue there, especially for edge cases.

Plus, we'd have to have a mod care enough about it to actually codify the rules.

>> No.3917795

>What about remakes?

Remakes have always been allowed

>> No.3917802

ramen is serious business, motherfucker

>> No.3917807

>You people

Yeah, there is enough of us that this whole thing is becoming a problem, you fucking dipshit.

Why do you even care about having a /v2k/, it seems a solution to things you hate. I guess you just like bitching about shit without offering a solution. Until you get it through your thick skull, these threads will continue to pop up, people coming to /vr/ asking gba, ps2 and questionable content will keep getting posted. You tell them to go to /v/, but rarely does /v/ keep a stable thread about anything. You expect people to talk about 6/7th gen there, when you think /v/ is cancer. Ohh and people who want to talk about 6th gen are cancer. What does it matter to you if there's a /v2k/.

>> No.3917809
File: 246 KB, 852x754, Why sixth gen should never be retro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hopefully never, and this is why.

>> No.3917813

I'm really glad that got screencapped.

>> No.3917814
File: 82 KB, 640x480, 1115385817873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But is that 15 years from the original release date, or the particular localization you want to discuss?

15 years from original release seems reasonable and understandable to anyone who isn't an idiot.

Ports and remakes of every fashion already get talked about here, I don't see how that would change anything.

>Plus, we'd have to have a mod care enough about it to actually codify the rules.

The rules could be even simpler than they are now.
>This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games.
>"Retro" games count as any game that was initially released at least 15 years ago.

>> No.3917815

But /vr/ already has waifufag threads though.

>> No.3917816

Don't let those youngsters wear you down. They need to learn that whining doesn't deserve anything. Do not let the in/v/aders win!

>> No.3917819

So basically /v/ becomes 8th gen only and /v2k/ is not that much different from /v/ now, besides the lack of anything post 2010

>> No.3917820

>Why do you even care about having a /v2k/, it seems a solution to things you hate.

I don't want /v2k, I think that's a terrible idea and 4chan doesn't need another gaming board. I do think changing the rules to allow games of a certain age instead of console makes perfect sense and clears up many of the issues people have here.

>> No.3917829

>15 years from original release seems reasonable
So you're OK with Xbox 360 launch games being on /vr/ within three years.

>> No.3917830
File: 129 KB, 504x480, Neopoke Kun grinding his teeth.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think changing the rules would settle anything. A lot of people don't view dreamcast as retro and just barely having that allowed is giving everyone else ideas. Keep the rules as is because they're not broken.

>> No.3917835

Have you looked at the /vr catalog?


Who the fuck do you think you're kidding?

>> No.3917842

>a lot of people don't view dreamcast as retro
Well they're just idiots then.

The Dreamcast is essentially the home version of teh Sega-Naomi arcade hardware. Even if you considered it a part of the non-retro generation, it should get a pass simply because it falls under the arcade blanket

>> No.3917847

Yeah, I know. I'm just saying.

>> No.3917850

If it's 15 years old, yes. That's how things getting old works.

Note that I also said I think 20 years would be perfectly acceptable as well. But that would cut out part of what gets talked about here already which would ruffle feathers. It's more about making a set of rules for the board that actually makes sense and can continue into the future. As well as do away with the endless question of when game X will be allowed.

>Keep the rules as is because they're not broken.
I disagree, but that's why we're having this discussion.

>> No.3917856

this board will go to shit once the ps2 is added

>> No.3917869

What if we allowed one 6th gen containment thread?

I noticed the containment thread for e-celebs and figured this might be fair.

>> No.3917874
File: 44 KB, 1024x576, tumblr_myv4mviJDz1so20l7o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with you, but so many people here dont want to change. I would say the majority of /vr/ dont want things to change.

With the release of the switch and the ps4 slim/scorpion, we are getting closer to the newest gen. Should /vr/ wait until these new consoles drop/2020 for 6th gen to become acceptible or will /vr/'s cut off line stay at 1999? The ps2, xbox, gc and gba have a lot of games betwixt them, not to mention the pc games of the early 2000's. This extensive library merits some kind of notoriety, hell, the ps2 alone could have board dedicated to it.

I think that if /v2k becomes a thing before the next gen drop, it should be just 6th gen. Once the 9th gen drops, then 7th gen could be implicated aswell.

This shouldnt be such a hard topic to discuss. Why is everybody so hateful towards this idea? Its going to happen, and if it doesn't than /vr/ will eventually become what it dedpises!

>> No.3917880

/v2k will actually be a cool board where we can talk about all the good armored core games and say "play God Hand" as a euphemism for masturbation

>> No.3917883

I just want GBA, to be honest.

>B-but /v/...
GBA is literally a portable SNES with good exclusives and even some Arcade, Sega Genesis and Playstation games. There's no Halo or Smash Bros. and the only Cowadooty and GTA games are really obscure and shitty.

>> No.3917884
File: 2.60 MB, 576x446, tempO PEE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The e-celeb containment is a beautifully brilliant idea on /vr/'s part. But I don't think making a 6th gen general would really be the same thing.

>> No.3917892

If I could just snap my fingers and will a /v2k/ into existence I think that'd be the best solution, but it isn't up to me. I'm not sure Hiro would even bother. I wonder how many other boards are having debates like this.

I could stomach GBA being allowed. It's the consoles that I can see causing a real problem. While I love them and would like to discuss them here, I'm a bit nervous about the kind of people who would show up.

>> No.3917894

Now that I think of it, a global 6th gen containment might collapse on itself from console-warring. That's no good.

>> No.3917901

>I would say the majority of /vr/ dont want things to change.

Considering how often this thread gets posted I don't think you're right.

>> No.3917903

it is and has always been, shit.

>> No.3917905

>/vr/ is one person
For all you know, it could be one guy really pushing his fucking agenda.

>> No.3917906
File: 2.93 MB, 640x480, mad hatter char acting.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was some good out-of-the-box thinking though, anon. Very creative, even if it isn't the solution.

All it takes is one jerk to make a thread y'know.

>> No.3917916

Thanks. I just wanted to help, but there's not much I can do.

I hope we find a compromise someday, whatever it is.

>> No.3917919

We can have one meta thread, but meta posts in other threads are deleted by shit mods?

>> No.3917925

So, am I the only anon who sees a possibility for compromise here?

Allowing 6th Gen posts will irrevocably alter the spirit and culture of the board.

Not allowing them seems to be an arbitrary 'Only kids born in '89' are real 90's kids' decision.

Why not have a weekly sticky'd 6th Gen thread that has an unlimited post count?

You can get your fix in there, and meanwhile the board stays clear.


>> No.3917928

One thread yes, but this many threads that get this much reaction?

>> No.3917932
File: 326 KB, 640x480, おジャ魔女どれみドッカ~ン! 第24話「愛よ正義よ!私たちマジョレンジャー!」(DVD 640x480 WMV9).avi_snapshot_15.05_[2017.03.27_17.35.43].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know, no one would even be petitioning for 6th gen here if /v/ wasn't so crap.

>> No.3917937

Yes they would. I like /v/ and I still think this place needs a rules change.

>> No.3917941

I think that's dumb, anon. I really truly do.

>> No.3917962

/v2k/ is passing the buck. Eventually people will want 7th gen games, and /v2k/ will have the same argument we're having now.

>> No.3917971

/v2k/ would be 6th and 7th gen, as well as 8th gen when /v/ stops discussing it.

>> No.3917976


And what happens when /v2k/ doesn't want their board drastically changed overnight?

>> No.3917978

We create /v2k10/, for all games made between 2010-2019, of course. :^)

>> No.3917983

Theres way too many things to discuss. It would be a horribly erratic thread, where no real discussion about things could happen. Halo mixed with pikmin and smash/mariokart, sprinkled with fat vs slim ps2 talk, best ps2 jrpg, blue disc ps2, morrowind on xbox, fable, armored core 2 which version is better, is oni a good game, mgs 2 sucks, kingdom hearts, wind waker vs twilight princess, killswitch is better than halo, splintercell, ffx, gba remakes, deus ex is best game ever, unreal tournament, time splitters 2, baldurs gate dark alliance, re4 ps2 or gc, marvel vs capcom 2k mark of the millenium, gta3/vice city/san andreas, katimari damacy, metroid prime, soul caliber 2, knights of the old republic/outcast, viewtiful joe, alien hominid, mgs twin snakes, prince of persia sands of time, animal crossing, def jam, half life 2, shadow of the colossus/ico, mario & luigi superstar saga, shin megami tensei,guitar hero, max payne, okami, dbz budokai, god of war, golden sun, civ 4, sonic 06, midnight club, etc....

>> No.3917993


Also, why would anyone come to /vr/ instead of /v2k/ if you can discuss retro gamers in the latter? And if you can't, who is going to use a board dedicated solely to 2000-2006 games?

>> No.3918002

/v2k would be everything from 2000-2009 obviously

So it would be Demon's Souls, God Hand, Ragnarok Online, Metroid Prime, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3, Blue Dragon, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.

sounds pretty good to me desu
there would be plenty to talk about

>> No.3918004

I don't get the argument that the board is about old games. Penny arcades had a place in time. Pinball had a place in time. The early years of video games had a place in time. There's a certain irrevocable spirit to it. If it's just a revolving door of thrift store throwaways and "remember X?" that's not the spirit of the board, that's not why anyone is here. It's not special because it's old, it's special because of the zeitgeist. PS2 may as well be the end of history. The fucking Walmartization of interactive entertainment. We argue over where the red line is--some say it goes way back, some a little further than where we're at. But there is a red line.

>> No.3918018

>yknow /vr/'s quality will drop
really? it's the same fucking repeated threads every fucking day. it needs to move either up or down in quality I'm tired of this shitty neutral quality where all we do is repeat the same threads every couple of days.
>the console war thread
>replies full of ">console war in current year"
>is it PS, PS1, OR PSX, /vr/???
>obligatory failed Jap console in the replies
>MEGA64 HAHAHA BTFO also in the replies
>is MegaMan legends good???
>has anyone here played Castlevania sotn?
>"I liked it before it was "Metroidvania""
it's the same fuckinf threads every few fucking days. I need new content.
I want to talk about the 2d Metroid series in its entirety (fusion and zero mission)
i want new games to be added. why don't we just have a fucking list on the sticky with games that are allowed this year, like someone said, 15 years minimum? or some pastebin and Ctrl+f to find if the game we want is allowed to be talked about?

>> No.3918031

really makes you think about which would be the more popular and successful board huh?
I think there should be a progressive /vr/ called /vrp/ or something, and we should just impliment the anything 15years and older rule there while /vr/ becomes the containment board for people who like nostalgia- not games and those like that guy who says that any non vr game is objectively worse than any modern game ever made (which is 1. subjective, and 2. implies any and every game past 1999 is utter shit)

>> No.3918038
File: 1.79 MB, 273x275, 1490481501456.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/v/ is so much fucking worse than this place that it is pretty funny hearing people complain. Why don't we just keep doing what we already do, that is, discuss sixth gen shit under the table in threads where it's appropriate?

>> No.3918047
File: 17 KB, 350x277, shrug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>every game past 1999 is utter shit
I also have trouble listening to albums past 1994 due to brickwall limiter abuse.

>> No.3918049
File: 9 KB, 300x415, 1411242654504.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'know, I can be annoyed at repetitive threads too. It's a huge reason as to why I hate /v/.

The beauty of /vr/, however, is that you could make a thread about literally any game and have it discussed to wonderful lengths. Sa Ga? Shining Force? Wizards and warriors? Monster Rancher? Neopoke-kun? Quiz Nanairo dreams? Because this is a slow board you could explore and talk about all of these games at a comfortable pace. I think that's really nice, so the real solution to that is to encourage more creativity with threads because there really is quite a few games that fit the board's retro criteria that quite a few people don't talk about.

>> No.3918057

because unlike /v/ and off-topic posting, non-retro posting on /vr/ is the equivalent of walking through a minefield without a radar and expecting to come out in one piece.

>> No.3918058

are you guys so new that you think hiroyuki gives a shit what you think LOL


you know why /v/ is so fucking? because you faggots keep cutting it up into tinier chunks

fuck this shit. as much as I like /vr/, it was completely unnecessary as a board. fuck generals, fuck /vg/, fuck /q/, fuck moot

>> No.3918059

except that people do it all the time?

>> No.3918061 [DELETED] 

I agree. If /vr/ would just slow down with all the shitsliding threads then 6th & 7th gen threads probably would actually get some traction. What they need is harsher mods and anchored threads

>> No.3918065

I agree. If /v/ would just slow down with all the shitsliding threads then 6th & 7th gen threads probably would actually get some traction. What they need is harsher mods and anchored threads

>> No.3918067
File: 80 KB, 320x224, Final Fantasy VIII (USA) (Disc 1).ss1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant talk about morrowind here, mod lists, lore, character builds.

Mgs2 & 3? Nope.

Starcraft 2? Nope

Star wars kotor? Nope.

Animal crossing? Nope.

Gish? Nope.

Mario and luigi supetstar saga? Nope.

Ut2k3/4? Nope.

You see, theres much to discuss and /v/ isnt a good place to talk about modding ps2s or getting opinions of ps2 jrpgs. Talking about pc games from 2000-2005 or why civ 4 is so awesome. Halo 2/3 threads and fable talk.

/V2k/ is a good idea.

>> No.3918072

Technically you could talk about Animal Crossing here, since everyone's more lax about remakes and AC started as an N64 game.

>> No.3918081

Well possibly, but what about everything else.

What about all this >>3917983

>> No.3918082

Isn't GC AC more of an enhanced port either way?

>> No.3918086
File: 187 KB, 521x569, 6892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably not. But AC yeah.
Yeah, it actually is. Barely any difference. Probably why the fan translation for the N64 version just stopped.

>> No.3918091

The problem with /vr/ is that the general usebase is split between two general types.
The ones who talk about games they played when they were kids and rarely play anything other than those and the ones who are actually expanding their libraries and tackling their backlogs.
Problem is the former far outnumbers the latter type of /vr/ trooper, so while it's true /vr/ does indeed talk about lesser discussed series, like SaGa games or Monster Rancher as you said, that kind of discussion is drowned by six different Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger threads which are basically the sympton of /vr/ Alzheimer since the posts are quite literally about the same fucking things all the time.
Hell, I've discovered plenty of cool games thanks to /vr/, especially thanks to general threads like the PC88 ones, but I can't hide that /vr/ is at large made of endlessly recurring threads about games everyone played already and there's really little to talk about, even the Doom threads at least spice it up a bit by posting new wads and keeping people up to date with the release scene, same with the SaGa ones or even the DQ ones, which are full of people who are more than willing to help newfriends out.

Honestly, I'd say we should allow the 6th gen in 2020, if we're still around that is, otherwise this board will die out spontaneously.

>> No.3918102
File: 236 KB, 1280x360, DungeonSiege_Banditti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like 90s PC games but there isn't much discussion here of stuff for PC before 2000, save for >DoomGeneral.

There are a lot good PC games in the 2000-2003 period that would not be discussed elsewhere for lack of traffic.

On the one hand it would be nice to see threads about them here, but on the other, there's this hard core of people who get furious when they see post-2000 games mentioned here, and it's amusing to see them spaz out. So I guess I'd prefer that there be ongoing controversy and accusations of rule breaches, rather than having a formal guideline.

>> No.3918103

why would we need to discuss 6th generation games when you pricks haven't even discussed all the older ones? Sounds more like younger kids that just want to discuss their childhood games here cause most of them don't talk about shit apart from Mario and Zelda anyway.

>> No.3918108
File: 41 KB, 371x348, 1416667777443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Honestly, I'd say we should allow the 6th gen in 2020, if we're still around that is, otherwise this board will die out spontaneously.

No way Jose, we just gotta discover and play more of those old games. That's like buying more spaghetti when you still have spaghetti you haven't unboxed in the cabinets.

We just gotta revitalize the community bit. Pictures and WebMs help. Imma' do my part and translate QND once someone can help me with the other bit of it that I can't do.

>> No.3918113


Agreed, ive tried to start text adventure threads and frontier elite threads, but they get over shadowed by mario/zelda/doom.

I dont mind the doom threads and even to an extent the mario threads, but the zelda threads have become horrible.

>> No.3918128
File: 103 KB, 800x1071, 1489129868076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know, I expected this thread to be complete fucking cancer. But then it actually turned into a pretty informative insight into how we could make /vr/ a better board.

>> No.3918131

>we just gotta discover and play more of those old games.
Pretty much all that remains is JP only games, 99% /vr/ doesn't know JP and isn't motivated enough to learn it, so your best bet is that somebody puts out a translation, otherwise even if you make a thread about JP only games you'd be lucky to even get a reply unless they're games a lot of people know or are waiting for like Aconcagua or MOON.

Sure, I'd love to talk about all those little games like Lady Sword, Velldeselba Senki, Bardysh or even some kusoge like Rayblade, but realistically speaking nobody gives a shit because they don't know moon and many of them are too weeb for most people.
Even VNs who got translated like Bloody Bride don't get enough attention to sustain a thread now, what makes you think they ever will? And in 2020 even the PS2 could be rightfully considered retro.

>> No.3918140

By their standards, I still think PS2 is pretty modern. I don't see the retro on it.

Somehow tho I think PlayStation is riding the edge of "retro-not retro", how smart is to use the amount of polygons in defining something being retro or not?

>> No.3918159

Zelda threads are always horrible because Zelda fans are horrible, at least the Mario threads are discussing which level you like best in a game or what game is better than the other. Sometimes you just got to wait for the right timezone to wake up cause the Europeans always know good obscure PC games or whatever.

bullshit, theres tons of good windows 95/08/Saturn/playstion games that never get discussed cause console babbies don't leave their safety blanket Nintendo consoles

>> No.3918160
File: 23 KB, 600x450, 1417018641782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen anon, even if what you say is true, that there's only JP games left, let me just say that if it's interesting than people will eventually flock to it.

Perhaps it's hard to see now, but /vr/ has quite a bit of potential in it. Why, it could be capable of something beyond our wildest imaginations. We could be one of the more elite boards on 4chan by getting shit done and having fun every day doing it. What this thread is all about is trying to make the board more "accessible" to a wider audience, to bring in fools that only want to talk about 6th gen and nothing more. Does that sound appealing, that this niche will disappear forever by being buried under newer creations? I think you know the answer.

>> No.3918167

/v2k would take a lot of that heat off by splitting the focus of discussion and dividing people's attention based on their interests. It would also make it less justifiable to talk about the same shit all the time instead of taking it to /vg

if /v2k existed, /vr would become even more retro oriented

>> No.3918176

>have this same inane discussion every week
>nothing ever changes

Why do you people love wasting your time?

>> No.3918180

>this board for my favorite topic is shit
>should I try doing something to make the place better?
>no, I better refuge to a different board and change it into the board I am leaving from
>surely the shit will not follow to my new board, why would people go to a board about same topic but without the shit reputation?

>> No.3918204

>theres tons of good windows 95/08/Saturn/playstion games that never get discussed
I know and that was part of my point when I said that the majority of /vr/ posters are simply driven by nostalgia, but you can't solve that, it's just who they are, they didn't change in 4 years, they won't change after other four years either and this will go on and on, some people are like that and you can't do shit about it.
>What this thread is all about is trying to make the board more "accessible" to a wider audience
I disagree, partly because even the /v/ infiltration is considerably modest and partly because adding another gen doesn't necessarily entail bringing cancer, which is a constant factor in everything anyway, see how the SHMUP threads devolved into shitflinging contests without having anything to do with 6th gen consoles, or the usual consolewars threads which have appeared since a few years.
>Does that sound appealing, that this niche will disappear forever by being buried under newer creations?
I honestly don't believe it will, if you yourself believe in the potential of the board you should know better than me.
People like you and I will keep digging through oldass archives and post stuff either way because we have a genuine interest in doing so and sharing stuff with others, which is what made me appreciate this board back when it was younger, adding another gen doesn't necessarily change that, just like the Dreamcast didn't, in fact I discovered many cool Dreamcast games thanks to /vr/ sparking my interest for the platform, and I still learned a lot about other old consoles like the C64, expanded my Amiga library and so on, looking back it was a net gain for me, and I am certain this won't change as long as people like us are in this board.

I still mantain that by 2020 we should admit the 6th gen, not doing so means being willingly blind to the passing of time, as I see it that would be a big mistake in more ways than one.

>> No.3918231

True, anytime i learn about old good pc games, its a european.

Why do zelda fanbabies have to be so disgusting? They are a fowl bread of nintendo faggotry, like the nostalgia goggles were surgically implanted by the borg. They are borg-like creatures with severe mental problems.

Before you try and attack me over my opinion. Consider this: i like zelda, but im not blinded by its flaws.

>> No.3918239

Well I see we both have a common interest in seeing the board grow but by completely different means.

Mark my words /vr/ shall grow, and without having to allow 6th gen.

>> No.3918257

I think the question is: should /vr/ change its rules to allow games from newer gens, but are still "old"?

Who is the arbiter of what retro videogames are? It reminds me of the different eras of art, and how modern art isnt modern, but a title to describe an era. Where as contemporary art is what is actually art of our time. Will contemporary art become a title? Then what will we use to describe the next generations art? Will it be called neoteric art? Its all quite confusing.

Should /vr/ be a title to describe an era in video games or should retro be encompassing of video games that are "15 years or older"? Its quite a predicament that needs to be solved. I personally think retro should be encompassing, as we already have generations to distinguish time frames.

>> No.3918265

Oh if that's the case then we should just come up with another name for games in 2000 and beyond.

>> No.3918273

The (possibly stupid) suggestion I made last thread is to allow GBA games in exchange for a 3-4 year moratorium on discussing any other inclusions..

>> No.3918307

What the fuck happened this year? And I thought the '13 influx was bad...

Might as well rename this place to Facebook now 2bh

>> No.3918337
File: 236 KB, 882x998, 1487087436678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a date (point in time) is only a metadata for easy and unambiguous pinpointing the limit and stating a rule, even if it's slightly inaccurate to the actual principle

otherwise it's the principle of older design principles (not used anymore) against new ones (still used today). but you can't make a good rule out of something you have to analyze.

rules should be simple. "up to 5-th gen / 1999 release date for pc" is a simple and straight-forward rule. even if a few games that would still apply to the 'old' principle don't cut the date condition

>> No.3918340

I love zelda too, I just get very annoyed when trying to discuss another game I like while "Why is links hair pink" gets 200+ replies.

Ive been in favor of a v2k for years now I would post on both boards I love that generation of games I just have a feeling if we allowed them in here the retro would get lost in the mess because we already have enough nostalgia fags adding more would just make more junk threads. 2 boards with junk threads is fine though at least you have some space for good stuff.

>> No.3918363

thats the fucking shills /pol/ is all shills now

>> No.3918367

moot is a fucking cuck faggot anyway. he got fucking cucked by his stalker. Pathetic

>> No.3918456

>Y'know, no one would even be petitioning for 6th gen here if /v/ wasn't so crap.
Stop making shitty threads on /v/. It isn't difficult AT ALL to have a quality discussion on /v/ about 6th gen games, and if you think otherwise you aren't fucking trying.

>> No.3918480

Avatarfagging is against the rules.

>> No.3918481
File: 2.60 MB, 330x248, 1388847461212.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't make threads on /v/ anymore anon.

>> No.3918484


How to spot a newfag/cripplechan user.

>> No.3918492

Is that how they do things over there? Thanks for the info. And don't let 'em get to ya' anon. Their website's dead as hell so just report any attempted advertising and janny'll get to it. Janny got to the one itt, didn't he?

>> No.3918506

Just pointing out the blatant signs.

>> No.3918515

Ah. I understand.

>> No.3918524

Not retro.

Fuck off.

>> No.3918528

Learn to sage, dude.

>> No.3918549 [DELETED] 


>> No.3918550

Allowing Dreamcast was a mistake.

>> No.3918556

>I don't make threads on /v/ anymore anon.
So don't complain about /v/ being shit if you aren't going to attempt to do anything about it.

>> No.3918560

Why does this place have e-celeb threads?. I recently started using /vr/ like since the last months of 2016
I was shocked to see such threads on /v/ when I started to go there a year ago
So far /vr/ is a better place to talk about games than /v/, and I have stopped going to that shithole since I came here
I have noticed that sometimes threads pop up here with reddit links. and are left alone without being deleted. why is that?

>> No.3918561
File: 24 KB, 332x310, 1396044280613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried a long time ago and gave up and left. The cancer was too strong and has only gotten stronger. It would take a miracle to save /v/ at this point.

>> No.3918592

It really is as simple as this. Already in /vr/ we don't see much discussion of the real early gen titles. Adding new content to the list of allowed topics would only serve to push the quieter threads off the board entirely.

If you're concerned because you can't post a thread about PS2 shit on /v/ and keep it alive, the best option I've heard is for a /v2k/ board, one specifically for ps2 onward, stopping shy of modern/current gen.

>> No.3918597

We're seven years in to the '10s. There's plenty post 2010 to discuss. Plus it's not like posting older shit to /v/ will get you banned.
Just like right now, if it's videogames, it's acceptable, but that gives you no guarantee that you'll be able to keep the thread alive.

>> No.3918615 [DELETED] 


>> No.3918627

Lurk forever.

>> No.3918631

>The Dreamcast is essentially the home version of teh Sega-Naomi arcade hardware. Even if you considered it a part of the non-retro generation, it should get a pass simply because it falls under the arcade blanket

If you want to make that argument, then the Gamecube is essentially the home version of the Triforce arcade hardware.

>> No.3918634 [DELETED] 

Says the redditor
Kill yourself

>> No.3918637
File: 27 KB, 245x246, 1491190624001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hiro has said one gorillion times that he wont make anymore boards because theres no money
>the first thing autists do is spam /v2k/ like if a single gen would have a board to discuss rather than doing the normal thing to joining to the retro board

I would have no problem with gen 6 joining in 2018/2019.

>> No.3918639 [DELETED] 


>> No.3918642

/v2k/ as an idea was created becuase the >NOT RETRO autist staunchly refuse to let anything change their precious /vr/

Personally, I'd like to see the rules update here, but I could also be fine with /v2k/

And if /v2k/ was made, it would be sixth and seventh gen, and would expand to include the 8th, 9th, 10th, etc gens as time goes on.

>> No.3918672

>Hiro has said one gorillion times that he wont make anymore boards because theres no money
You really believed him? Did you buy a 4chan pass when he begged everyone to, too?

>> No.3918682

You underage can't properly discus what we got now. Adding more could only make it worse. Obligatory fuck back off to /v/

>> No.3918689
File: 22 KB, 400x300, Onizuka_Smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Incredibly weak.

>> No.3918691
File: 71 KB, 400x465, 1453773033185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I like reddit cock
>I love e-celeb shit
That is you

>> No.3918698

Are you kidding?
We can't even have good obscure game discussions anymore because all the /vr/ regulars already know them all.

>> No.3918702 [DELETED] 

Sixth gen will literally never be retro and you will NEVER be allowed to talk about it here. :^)

>> No.3918710
File: 66 KB, 380x563, inokuma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like flies to honey, the newfag can't help but swarm. Gimme one more before I pass out for the night.

>> No.3918751

>Pro 6th gen side presents arguments for updating the sticky

>Anti 6th gen side: NO, NEVER, Muh feelings!

>> No.3918760

OK, the 6th gen has been added. Now there are posters whining about the Xbox 360, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo DS not being allowed on /vr/ because they came out before the 6th gen ended. We allow those platforms. Now people whine about the PS3 and Wii not being allowed because they came out during the lifetimes of the X360, PSP, and DS. We allow those. Now people whine about the 3DS not being allowed because it came out during the lifetimes of the PS3, PSP, X360, Wii, and DS.

If we keep allowing these newer and newer systems, the line between /v/ and /vr/ becomes increasingly nebulous. Why should /vr/ exist at all if the line keeps moving? You may call my argument a slippery slope (and it is), but it's exactly what fucking happened before the Dreamcast was allowed on /vr/. People whined that the Dreamcast should be allowed because it came out in 1999. The line needs to be firmly drawn somewhere.

>> No.3918789

But even my OPINION is fallable and im just really not sure what to do about it. So, i just have a reasonable OPINION on the subject.

>> No.3918796

Ive been pretty vocal in this thread and even though i like/want your suggestion, i feel like people of /vr/ shouldnt have to be stifled by ps2/xbox/gc/gba/pc 2000-2006 talk. Frankly, i like /vr/ as is, but there is a conundrum going on. I want to have /vr/ paced threads about said platforms. I will try and make threads on /v/ and /vg/, but it seems pretty usless. What else are people like me going to do when this subject pops up, twiddle our thumbs up our butts?

/V2k/ most likely wont happen, but people who are like minded should try /vg/ it does seem like a solution. My only gripe is why make /vr/ so limited in the first place? Time doesnt stand still and now it feels like 6th gen is being snubbed.

>> No.3918798

>They need to learn that whining doesn't deserve anything.
He whined.

>> No.3918807 [DELETED] 
File: 327 KB, 640x480, おジャ魔女どれみ♯ 映像特典「歩きだそうよ」(DVD 640x480 WMV9).avi_snapshot_01.28_[2017.04.10_20.19.29].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.3918812
File: 83 KB, 328x595, shrug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's honestly really funny to see the contrast of arguments between each side.

The people arguing for a limit based on age rather than a hard limit of <2000 are proposing their ideas and legitimately trying to make it work.

Meanwhile the people in favor of a 1999 cut-off seem to be limited to shitposts and arguments akin to sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting.

It really is quite telling.

>> No.3918813

Well I don't think you're reading very well.

>> No.3918814


>> No.3918816


This, but raise the limit to 21 (if you're too young to drink in America, you're too young to be retro) while including a grandfather clause. No Halo for 5 years.

>> No.3918824

Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.3918829

>people who are like minded should try /vg/ it does seem like a solution
Creating a single thread to encompass and entire console generation is a bad idea. It's not nearly specific enough to work, especially on a board like /vg/ which is essentially Q&A - The Board.

>> No.3918830
File: 134 KB, 900x771, 1419090321986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are not proving anything by saying "All of this side is smart while all of this side is dumb" without really going into any detail as to how or why that is the case. This is not twitter, you do not simply say things and fuck off without any elaboration. You have all the time in the world to illustrate to us your point. There is also the fact that there are quite a few wordy posts that we are expecting you to have read and have taken into serious consideration without having just went "yeah nah" which seems to be what you're going for but if that's not the case then by all means go ahead and prove me wrong. Regarding my reply to your post; I don't believe it has proved any points for your post is all dull-edges.

>> No.3918832

There are plenty of totally reasonable points for both sides of the arguments. If you can't see that you're probably not as intelligent as you seem to think you are.

>> No.3918835

>without really going into any detail as to how or why that is the case
Well I don't think you're reading very well.

>There are plenty of totally reasonable points for both sides of the arguments.
Every argument I've seen opposing the idea is either
>lol underage
>go back to /v/
Not a great track record.

>> No.3918836

the only argument for not making /v2k is "I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I fear change"

>> No.3918840

And Hiro won't make any new boards, which is a good argument.

>> No.3918841

Did he say that? That's a bit odd.

>> No.3918842

No money, no new boards.
If I recall, he actually wanted to prune some boards.

>> No.3918846

this kills the discussion

>> No.3918852

What discussion? Users have no control over the creation of boards, or their rules.

>> No.3918853

Nothing discuss. 6th gen will simply never, ever, EVER be retro. Sorry!

>> No.3918857
File: 78 KB, 600x443, 61a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A thousand times this.

>> No.3918860

Fuck the janny. He can delete posts but he can't censor reality.


>> No.3918861

That doesn't really make any sense. At the size of 4chan, new boards doesnt necessarily mean more traffic, it just means we are more organized.

>> No.3918863
File: 494 KB, 640x480, [Doremi].Ojamajo.Doremi.34.[640x480].[1C2C29B8].v2.1.mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2017.04.06_20.41.06].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my deleted posts full of typos or regretful behavior are on full-display
How embarrassing.

>> No.3918864

the PS2 fanbase is insufferable they will ruin this board if that console gets included.

>> No.3918869

That's bullshit. He bought 4chan and gets tons of money by using us for data-research. Every reCAPTCHA is worth more than the cost of hosting the post it's attached to. That's not even addressing the wealth of marketing data and political leverage that's available through the site.

Things that are unprofitable don't even sustain existence.

>> No.3918870

6th gen shouldnt be allowed because thats where modern gaming started. i dont even think the dreamcast should be allowed here.

>> No.3918875

The only thing truly wrong with /vr/ is the constant shitposting about the board itself.

It seems you nancy boys won't quiet down until you get your way and the definition of retro as it pertains to /vr/ is changed. Except for the fact you faggots can't even agree on what the definition should be

>15 years
It's been mentioned, but this is a really shitty metric. It would mean you could discuss Ratchet and Clank, but you better not fucking talk about Going Commando, Up your arsenal or Deadlocked until 2018. 2019, and 2020. It is completely unreasonable for this userbase to limit its discussion of a series simply because of an arbitrary 15 year rule.

Having to do background checking of whether or not a game is retro or not is going to just cause a bunch of people to post shit regardless.

People will see FFX be discussed, and assume that X-2, 11, and 12 are fair game when they are arguably not based on that chosen metric.

>Let GBA in, but not PS2/Xbox/GCN
Another retarded solution. since the PS2 is older than the GBA and no matter what metric you use, is arguably more retro.

If your argument that 2D is retro than you're just splitting hairs, and then you can make a strong case that anything 3D shouldn't be allowed here.

My proposed solutions:
>Discuss retro games on /vr/, and discuss anything not retro on /v/ or /vg/ as it was setup
>If you want to have sustained discussions on non-retro defined games and refuse to go on /v/, there are plenty of other forums and boards to do that in.

>Hiro doesn't want to make new boards
If you've paid an iota of attention to 4chan it's pretty fucking clear Hiro is a money grubbing jew who is only interested in cash. Did you not notice how fucking unusable the site is on mobile once he took over? More boards = more site maintenance with moderators and janitors and he doesn't want to deal with that. Especially considering /v2k/ will be just as slow as /vr/.

>> No.3918878
File: 543 KB, 540x399, slowly drifting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, where are you getting these Doremi episodes? Are they're any good subs?

>> No.3918882
File: 2.73 MB, 640x480, Naisho ED is so good.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I downloaded some RAWs on nyaa. That's not to say they're not translated, as the whole series is on bakabt, just with hard-subs (besides season 1, sharp coming soon I think)

>> No.3918889

psst tokyotoshokan

>> No.3918893
File: 570 KB, 634x484, sad blue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a shame. Really wanted to give this a rewatch after the 4Kids disaster, I love uber-cutesy animu like this, seems no-one wants to sub kids shows at all.

>> No.3918898
File: 2.47 MB, 640x480, why won't boys wrestle with me.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nonono, I think you're misunderstanding. The entire show is hard-subbed with the exception of the first season which is soft-subbed. You're good to go. Watch it, it's the best anime I've ever seen in my god-damned life and I truly mean that.

>> No.3918901
File: 331 KB, 527x447, sphincticus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, thats not what i meant at all! Make a single topic, like blue disc ps2 games, or gba general. It doesnt have to encompass everything!

Wtf is with all these extremist talk points, its like people cant have varying details or nuance?!?!?! Fucking imbeciles!

>> No.3918903
File: 966 KB, 928x2967, doremi guide v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also you're gonna need this

>> No.3918904
File: 60 KB, 326x500, 61k0J2BzPpL._SL500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, good. I'm trying to find more shows like these, there's one in particular that seemed to star a witching character but I can't remember the name for the life of me.

I especially love that one of my favorite character designers worked on Doremi, who's also done a decent amount of /vr/-era stuff.

>> No.3918906


If you want /v2k/ because you want /vr/ untouched, then it's you who has obsessive compulsive disorder and fears change.

It is not a compromise, it's a way of foisting this argument onto another board. Because eventually, there's going to be calls for /v2k10/.

>> No.3918915

I'll keep this bookmarked for future references but I've gotten all of my Ojamajo fix from nyaa by just searching in 日本語

>> No.3918927

I understand your point, but allowimg ps2 alone would flip this board upside down. /V2k/ is the real solution, but as it stands, /vg/ is the only possible solution.

>> No.3918928

correct. nice use of allegory.

>> No.3919054

>How the hell am I making /vr/ a shithole?
No him, but you could perhaps dispense with the modern anime avatar faces.

>> No.3919065
File: 70 KB, 960x720, 1285017465675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you the kind that prefers retro faces? Can't blame ya' but I also think you should respect the doll anime, it's an important part of 4chan culture.

>> No.3919069
File: 8 KB, 323x243, 1268268558871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish questioning the board rules was bannable. Do we really need a 24/7 thread up where people beg to change the rules to whatever console they feel is retro? Is it that hard to follow the guidelines and accept it?

>> No.3919076

Autism knows no boundaries.

>> No.3919079
File: 60 KB, 960x720, 1441296177799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just use bakabt.

>> No.3919082
File: 235 KB, 640x480, Crayon momo chan.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too but Baka doesn't have Raws.

>> No.3919083

Oh wait, I get it. Because modern=/=retro

I get you, anon.

>> No.3919094

vg is on the verge of dying. In one year it won't make sense any more to make a new board.

>> No.3919106

There are not plenty of arguments, only one: Don't want to change the limit to avoid more younger visitors.

vr is quite hypocrite. Have a look at hand helds threads, dragon quest, megami tensei, saga, doom, and so on. Half of these threads are for discussing new titles, yet you won't see vr complain. Why? Because they actually don't mind as long as none can notice it. And these threads are the only one that saves the board from the death.

>> No.3919265

You mong, /v2k/ was thought up because /vr/ rulefags have refused to budge in nearly every previous thread.

That was our compromise.

>> No.3919313

6th gen doesn't belong here. Hell if I had my way, the Dreamcast, Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Saturn wouldn't be here either.
The only thing bigger than the difference between a Genesis game and a PS2 game is the difference between the demographics. You instantly kill this community if you allow that here. If there is a demand for it make a new board, don't replace an existing one that's fine as it is.

>> No.3919323

>we can't even have good how do you turn on your console discussions anymore because all the /vr/ regulars already know how
I don't have a problem with this

>> No.3919325

If we do get the rest of 6th gen, can we autoban halo?

>> No.3919407

>Because this is a slow board you could explore and talk about all of these games at a comfortable pace.

This is why you shouldn't be on 4chan.

>> No.3919410

>/V2k/ is a good idea.

No because we should just be able to talk about them here. If you want a place with many tiny specific boards and a small community where you can make a thread, bump it once a day and have it last for weeks, Redditt or somewhere similar is set up exactly for that.

4chan isn't and shouldn't be.

>> No.3919416
File: 108 KB, 350x352, 1489430756956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No because we should just be able to talk about them here.
But you can't.

But, hey, good thing you have a whole board dedicated to general video game discussions!

>b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but i can't talk about them there

Then I guess you're just shit out of luck. Deal with it or leave.

>> No.3919417

>This, but raise the limit to 21 (if you're too young to drink in America, you're too young to be retro) while including a grandfather clause. No Halo for 5 years.

I fully support this. 21 years seems perfect.

Also 4chan is an 18+ site. So anyone posting here should be capable of basic math.

>> No.3919420

>But you can't.
We should though. That's the point.

I already like and post on /v/ and have nothing against it, but I seriously think the rules here need a change and expanding them will bring in more posters and much needed variety to the board.

>> No.3919425

>and expanding them will bring in more posters
You say it like it's a good thing.

>> No.3919426

>We should though
I disagree.

>will bring in more posters
We don't need more posters.

>> No.3919431

>You say it like it's a good thing.
I think it is a good thing. I love /vr/, but it gets stale and boring seeing the same handful of people giving the same handful of opinions in thread after thread.

This one is a perfect example. This comes up every couple of weeks and the same people chime in to say the same things. A thread about Castlevania or Sonic gets posted and you can predict half the responses it will get just from the OP post.

>We don't need more posters.
Clearly we disagree on many things.

>> No.3919435

You do realize how many underage flood the site, right?

>> No.3919437

Yeah so this would be a good filter. Anyone who can't do simple math is clearly underage and enjoys a ban for posting OT.

>> No.3919442
File: 942 KB, 550x778, 1328117245481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sixth gen (minus the Dreamcast) will never be considered retro and be allowed on /vr/ for the same reason that Silver Age comic books will never be considered Golden Age, no matter how many years pass.

I really don't know how this is such a hard concept to grasp

>> No.3919445

You can wait until 2030 for /v/2.0 that covers sixth gen and whatever gen that ends around 2029

>> No.3919446

Retro isn't a synonym for golden age.

>> No.3919542

It is here.

>> No.3919602

Is it? because 2nd gen is included, which did so poorly in America that it crashed the market for home consoles.

I don't think the 2600 would be considered a golden age console.

>> No.3919630

To be fair, it is the older console.

>> No.3919670

True, but the GBA is what started this shitfest.

Also, the GBA would be a better fit for /vr/ than the PS2.

>> No.3919706

Why not turn /vg/ into /v2k/, probably wont die then.

>> No.3919713

I actually like the idea of /vr/ becoming 4th gen and under, while /v2k/ could be 5th gen - 7th gen.

>> No.3919724

Use the 15 year old game cap, but only for PC games.

>> No.3919731

No it isn't though.

>> No.3919754

Because you want a board with hardly any posters so your 2600 thread can sit around for days without needing to be bumped and you hate the thought of having to share this space with anyone who has a different perspective.

>> No.3919784

I dont like 2600, assumption much!

I would like more amiga, dos, cpc and c64 threads though.

>> No.3919787

The sentiment was correct and the rest was true though. You hate the idea of more posters coming here because they might be younger and have a different perspective.

>> No.3919802

he totally did.

>> No.3919806

No, your wrong again.

I would like more threads about varying diversity.

You do realize there are four nintendo threads on the front page rn? While thats not necessarily bad, they are repetitive and boring. The same troll blue vs purple sky smb, ocd smb 3 not 2, whats your fav smb 2 character, famicom vs nes.

Its fucking ridiculous, and you tell me i want less people that dont ahare my views. Wtf is wrong with you.

"Your brain is bad... get a new one!" ~ Magog

>> No.3919810

cute shit is fucking gay what is wrong with you?

>> No.3919817

>I would like more threads about varying diversity.

Then we want the same thing. >>3919431
But I see getting more diversity by getting more new posters in here and one of the best ways to do that is to expand the rules some. Making /vk2/ would do the opposite of that. It would make this place even more insular and repetitive, driving potential new posters and variety to another board.

>> No.3919821

I know the feeling, I've been watching this cute show called Princess Pring but my korean is awful.

>> No.3919836

Anon don't be a tool. Girl's are cute. Real men like Girls. Therefor real men like cute shit. What are you some sort of masc4masc faggot?

>> No.3919837

Diversity kills and will attract more beamdoge and interactive homocide employee shillers

>> No.3919840

That sentence makes no sense.

>> No.3919841

PS1 game is very similar to PS2 game, much more than to SNES game.

>> No.3919845

It would be nice, but if the rules expanded ill never have a good cpc thread. At the same time i want good ps2 threads. You see my predicament.

/V2k/ is an obvious solution, but it would probably kill /vr/. I propose to make the pokemon board into Nintendo general, cause /vr/ has an abundance of nintendo threads that usually suck. Then expand the rules on /vr/. Killing my want of cpc threads, but bringing in enough new contet and posters to have varied discussions.

Im just spitballing here.

>> No.3919848
File: 543 KB, 640x480, WAFFLES.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, you don't know jack. That kind of close-minded thinking will prevent you from indulging in some of the most beautiful masterpieces mankind has ever come to create.

>> No.3919852

I like women, little girls are for neckbeard MLP fan permavirgins

>> No.3919865

>It would be nice, but if the rules expanded ill never have a good cpc thread.

I think it gives us a better chance of having them. Not everyone new who comes will be young and not every young new person who comes will only be interested in PS2.

The very idea of expanding things to attract new posters here is that even if they're mostly interested in PS2 or whatever, they will then see other threads and some will be interested.

Sure if /v2k happened those people won't be here to push the Amstrad threads off the board as quickly, but they also won't be here to get potentially interested by them. So it's not like you're going to get more discussion going on in the thread. It will last longer, but what's the point if no one ever reads or posts in it?

>> No.3919868

Yeah, I masturbate to Child Porn too, senpai. Like any true patrician would.

>> No.3919871
File: 88 KB, 640x480, 漏れちゃう.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No way Jose, MLP's garbo sure but this show's nothing like that. This show kicks fucking ass. What's MLP about, "Friendship is magic"? These girls actually don't use magic as often as you'd think, in fact later on they make an effort to not use magic for certain things even though it'd be one hundred percent easier to do so. Why? Because these girls know that magic isn't friendship, it's soulless bullshit.

>> No.3919873

The argument that the board would be better if it was faster and had more posters is so stupid it hurts and is instantly proven wrong by looking at the state of /vr/ now vs year one.
More diversity in this instance means less people talking about retro games. The question remains, why come to a board for discussing retro video games if you don't want to discuss retro games?

>> No.3919874

Retro goes up with age, we want to discuss 6th gen retro now.

>> No.3919875


Good point. But, whats the likelihood of /vr/ changing the rules? Possibly if more people have these discussions, this is the best thread about this subject we have had so far.

>> No.3919878

>But, whats the likelihood of /vr/ changing the rules?
We need to keep having more philosophical discussions about what's "retro" if we want to advance.

I expect 6th gen soon.

>> No.3919879

>Retro goes up with age
No, you've made a mistake there. Retro doesn't go up with age, you want retro to go up with age.

>> No.3919884

Thanks, for phrasing it better, anon. English isn't my first language.

>> No.3919889

>I have to fuck all the things I like
Do you fuck dogs and steaks and cars too?

>> No.3919894

>Philosophical discussions about what's "retro"
That's a funny way of saying "pretending to not see the difference between PS2 and Spectrum games to get your way" which seems to be the crux of most pro 6th gen arguments.

>> No.3919895

>Retro doesn't go up with age
>implying retro is a set point in time
spot the retard

consoles literally start being considered retro with time. i'm sure that at the start of the 6th gen people weren't fully ready to consider the previous generation retro. they gave it time.

>> No.3919904

Retro will stay 5th gen and below on /vr/. 6th gen should not be considered retro until at least thirty or fifty years from now.

>> No.3919906
File: 244 KB, 430x181, Roger-Sterling.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you mental?

Things age, deal with it!

>> No.3919909

we didn't wait 30 years for 5th gen to be considered retro

>> No.3919914

The n64 was only 16 years old when /vr/ was made

>> No.3919916

There's a huge difference between the 2nd and 5th gens too, and both are considered retro.

>> No.3919917

Indeed, we should transfer that time we could've waited for 5th gen to become retro onto 6th gen as well.
Because advancements in technology are not as noticeable when it comes to video games. You see the leap from Saturn to dreamcast and it's remarkable. You see the leap from PS2 to PS3 and it's less so.

Retro should be considered retro not because it's a certain age but because it meets certain criteria.

>> No.3919918

All the more reason to fold 5th gen and beyond into a new board. :)

>> No.3919919

I don't want newer generations here because I don't want younger people here. Kids right now are dumb as hell and everyone was saying how smart and technologically savy they would be, well common core and cellphones have turned them into idiots. Kids don't know how to use technology apart from youtube on their phone. I was building PCs and flashing my own firmware to chips when I was their age.

>> No.3919921

Hello, beamdog

>> No.3919923

>But, whats the likelihood of /vr/ changing the rules?

Who knows? But the chances are zero if we don't say we think they need changing.

Well "retro" doesn't actually apply to the vast majority of games that we can talk about here already, that's part of the problem. Some people take it to mean "old games" and others take it to mean "classic era games" and then they have their own ideas of what "classic era" means. Neither of which is "retro" but that's the word we got stuck with.

Personally I think this place should be for talking about old games. Obviously there was a time when all these games were new, but over time they get old. The same way if this "retro" board was formed in 2000 it almost certainly wouldn't have included N64 or PS1 and definitely not Dreamcast. But that was a some time ago now and those systems are old now.

>> No.3919926

>Because advancements in technology are not as noticeable when it comes to video games. You see the leap from Saturn to dreamcast and it's remarkable. You see the leap from PS2 to PS3 and it's less so.

Strongly, strongly disagree. Every generation of gaming has been very distinct, now is no different at all.

>> No.3919927

>we should transfer that time we could've waited for 5th gen to become retro onto 6th gen as well
Why? If we would wait for consoles to be 30 years+ this board wouldn't even allow the SNES, or most of 4th gen.

This seems to be a popular opinion even in some retro game forums.

>> No.3919929

Yeah, well look at the difference between the gamecube and the Switch.

The switch is a handheld console capable of emulating the gamecube.

The PS4 absolutely blows the PS2 out of the water.

>> No.3919936

I play games from all times, and spent more time on the game the more recent it is.
But there's shitton of interesing discussions on /vr/ and nothing at all on /v/. Why is it I have no idea.
I wish I could discuss modern games with you guys and girls.

>> No.3919937

>You see the leap from PS2 to PS3 and it's less so.
Games like Contra Shattered Soldier are non-existent in 7th gen. And shoot 'em ups pretty much died completely in the 7th gen. Shmups are the quintessential retro genre imo, and ps2 had some new shmups.

>> No.3919938

Ps1 to ps2 has a similar feel as saturn to dreamcast and dreamcast is considered retro.

Gba, ps2, xbox are retro, Unless you are a literal retard that cant cope with how things get older because time is a thing.

Retro shouldnt be a title like modern art. Things become retro after a certain point in time. You dont get to arbitrarily define retro because you have mental health issues.

>> No.3919939

Have all your classmates been doing the same?

>> No.3919945
File: 17 KB, 416x416, z9wkMCP1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You dont get to arbitrarily define retro because you have mental health issues.

But you are doing the same thing. Whys it gotta be 6th gen? Why now? Why ten years from now? Why twenty?

>> No.3919946

>Gba, ps2, xbox are retro
Not according to the sticky :D

>> No.3919947

I'm 18 and I mostly play "retro" games, your point? If you want to talk with actual hardcore 30+ year old retro gamers, there are some dedicated forums for that.

The average age in atariage is like 25+

>> No.3919949

Dreamcast wasn't allowed

We are having these daily discussions to change that.

>> No.3919951

You have to answer first why 5th gen is retro if it's so much different from 1-4th gens but is similar to 6th.

>> No.3919953
File: 423 KB, 800x873, 43251826_p4_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So as the rules will not change for a long time.

>> No.3919959

>The average age in atariage is like 25+
Just like on this board? I thought you were talkig about some communities whey you actually have to be certain age to attend.

>> No.3919961

>Just like on this board?

>> No.3919970

Im not arbitrarily defining anything.

Definition of retro
relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past : fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned

Ps2, xbox and gba are old enough for people to feel nostagic about!

What is it you dont understand about that. People call ps2,xbox old or outdated. They are not new or revolutionary anymore, they are by definition retro.

The sticky isnt the arbiter of retro, and using it as such is a disingenuous tactic to defend your obsolete opinion on the matter.

>> No.3919975

some of you are okay I just mean most of them are idiots. boasted as going to be so technologically savy, they were babied by cellphones and easy interfaces most of them don't even know how to use a pc for games

>> No.3919976 [DELETED] 

Shut up you lose. No one thinks of the 2000s as retro when it comes to fashion, they always think of the 90s or earlier.

You're also trying to define retro again.

>> No.3919979

Pup up you loser. No one thinks of the 2000s as retro when it comes to fashion, they always think of the 90s or earlier.

You're also trying to define retro again.

>> No.3919980

Is this board called "Retro game and fashion"?

>> No.3919982

>No one thinks of the 2000s as retro when it comes to fashion
according to whom?

Are you retro fashionista?

>> No.3919985

>You dont get to arbitrarily define retro because you have mental health issues.
Retro has a specific meaning, but it's not the way it's used here. It doesn't mean old and it doesn't mean classic.

Shovel Knight is a retro game. Mega Man 2 is an old or classic game. That's not opinion or debate, that's simply what the word means.

>> No.3919986
File: 32 KB, 640x400, 1473249319053.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It should be.
My mom is.

>> No.3919989

>You're also trying to define retro again.
The whole "retro" community needs to come in accordance to what the fuck "retro" is. Retro being a set point in time is just retarded, because nothing is considered retro without being old in the first place.

>> No.3919991

>You're also trying to define retro again.

He's trying to illuminate you that retro is a real word with a real meaning.

>> No.3919992

Retro is different thing to every person.

>> No.3919993
File: 420 KB, 640x480, [Doremi].Ojamajo.Doremi.Sharp.08.[92F8C1F8].avi_snapshot_11.22_[2017.01.21_22.41.13].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No he's trying to add stuff to the definition. I SEE what he's doing.

>> No.3919995

00s fashion is pretty retro, senpai

>> No.3919996

00s was 7 years ago.

>> No.3919998

Wtf are talking about, i used the miriam websters definition.

This Fashion argument you are using is just a red herring. Fashion is hardly relatable to video games and trying to make it as such is stupid. Also when the ps2 was released people still wore 90's fashion, your argument is invalid.

>> No.3920002

I know that, but the majority needs to agree (and argue) on what "retro" means for video games. That way we can end these discussions.

>> No.3920005

We already did. Hence the sticky. Hence the protests at Dreamcast's inclusion. Hence the continued disagreement whenever somebody suggests more 6th gen.

>> No.3920012
File: 418 KB, 640x480, Ojamajo.Doremi.10.[NDK][EBD3B580].avi_snapshot_03.11_[2016.12.20_02.26.20].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should take a poll at other retro communities, see what they think.

>> No.3920013

If you're too stupid to pick up a dictionary and learn what the words you're using actually mean why should I take anything you say seriously?

>> No.3920015

>We already did.
It's open for discussion again. Which is why we're arguing pro 6th gen. Which is why we want to know why "retro" doesn't (or does) go up with age. Which is why we're curious to know what "retro" actually is.

>> No.3920016

but WHY should xbox be considered retro, huh? Why would anyone say such a thing? What do YOU consider old? What IS old? Are you OLD? Am I? Is 4chan? What the fuck is retro and why should anyone here decide?

>> No.3920017

>The average age in atariage is like 25+
More like 30+.

t. anon that lurks atariage

>> No.3920018

>It's open for discussion again
It's only "open for discussion" because you said it is.

>> No.3920020

no, only because Hiro allows these thread to exist. that way we can build up on our pro 6th gen arguments

>> No.3920021

>retro is a set point in time
Is there a more retarded argument than this?

>> No.3920024

Pretending to be critically retarded really doesn't help your case any, sorry.

>> No.3920025

Yes, "6th gen should be allowed on /vr/"

>> No.3920026

/v2k would be a lot better.

>> No.3920027

(you) tried

>> No.3920028

And being a rudy patooty isn't helping your's

>> No.3920030

Isn't it better to draw the line between 2d ad 3d?

>> No.3920031

>50 years from now retro is still reserved for 1st to 5th gen consoles
lol no

things become retro with time

>> No.3920032

>/v2k/ is too niche, 2 generations can not sustain a board.
>allowing 6th gen on /vr/ would leave /v/ as a 2 generation board

Can you just admit you're embarrassed /v/ shitters so we can get on with our lives?

>> No.3920051
File: 12 KB, 640x400, arcticfox_9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No because there are old 3D games and new 2D games.

>> No.3920053

Nope, too many memes. Only reason Dreamcast counts is because Sega stopped. The year you should be seen as a catch all to prevent people posting that never lurk here.

Maybe next time. Also GBA has an easier time being accepted; baby steps

>> No.3920057

Ok, between 4th and 5th gen then.

>> No.3920058

There great 3d games that are older than the n64 ps1 and dreamcast. Elite/elite frontier, damocles mercenary 2, midwinter 1 and 2, Daggerfall, wizardry.

On a different note, the last ps1 game was released in 2004. The laast n64 game was released in 2002. The last dreamcast game was released in 2003.
Not exactly "retro" under your own definition. You want a convoluted defenition of retro, have fun with your mental gymnastics.

>> No.3920062


Three generations thanks to the Switch, and counting. /v/ will accommodate more generations as time goes on, /v2k/ won't.

>> No.3920063

The last PS2 game came out in 2014, so have fun with your progressive retro idea and I'll see you in 12 years.

>> No.3920064
File: 86 KB, 680x680, 0ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>will be buried by a avalanche of devil may cry/metal gear/pikmin/Halo/Resident evil 4/Melee etc etc etc.
This is true. Plus /v/ still has plenty of discussion for those games.

Maybe you could add 6th gen in another five years or something but now's really not the time.

>> No.3920071

The last NES game was released in 2017.

>> No.3920073
File: 377 KB, 450x553, IMG_2783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3920076

6th gen very much has a home on /v/ right now. It doesn't need to be brought here.

>> No.3920081

I agree the ps2 last game not being retro. But thats not really arguing a point. A good solution is the 15 years or older titles. That encompasses the ever evolving retro realism.

>> No.3920083

you're just being contrarian for no reason now.

>> No.3920086

No, that's the most logical thing. Never before or after video games changed so much

>> No.3920089

it would be stupid to have to look up release dates all the time and would generate endless bickering.

/v2k would be 6th and 7th gen and every indie/PC game made 2000-2009, that's a huge wealth of titles. once we have PS6 or whatever dumb shit, /v2k would be expanded to cover PS4, and /vr would never, ever change.

>> No.3920093

It's not about the games as much as it's about the cultural generation that played them and whether they were born before or after the internet exploded in popularity.

>> No.3920102

This is good too. As i stated before /v2k/ is the best solution, but its very unlikely to happen. So, expanding /vr/'s definition would be a plausible answer to this problem, as is posting in /vg/.

>> No.3920104

>/v2k/ is the best solution, but its very unlikely to happen
stop being such a fucking pussy. lets just start a petition and drop one link on each v-board

>> No.3920105

How about allowing a 6th gen general thread here?

So all discussion of those games and consoles is banned in all topics other than the general, and there can only be one general at a time. That way, all us 6th gem fags can argue about ps2, gcn, xbox, gba and etc in peace. Like a containment thread, if you will.
And make it a bannable offence for anti 6th gen assholes to post their bs in the general.
So, if some ass pipe starts spouting "not retro, never will be" then he gets a 1 week ban or something.

I think that's the best solution for everyone, overall.

Also, people saying there's 6th gen on /v/ are overloking the fact that it's the same 5 fucking games that get talked about there. And usually just in passing. Oh, and usually just mindless shitposting as well...

>> No.3920108

Give me the link, ill post it.

>> No.3920110

If nobody else does it I'll write the thing up myself but right now I've got exams to worry about

>> No.3920114

because that won't be a big enough container for all that shit you fucking idiot

>> No.3920140



>> No.3920154

See now that you've done that you have to wait for this thread to die, then start a new one, and cross-post it on /v, /vg, /vr, and /qa, making the topic specifically about the idea of starting /v2k and dropping mention of all these other contradictory ideas.

>> No.3920160

I dont know if /v/ will allow this thrwad, but i made one on /vg/. Next is /qa/

>> No.3920183

>>50 years from now retro is still reserved for 1st to 5th gen consoles
if there's no significant jump in video games development since the last few gens (which isn't impossible), yes

doesn't look like there's going to be any big jump soon, not as big as going from 2D and simple 3D to hardware-accelerated 3D

>> No.3920186

Wouldn't the PS2 be as old next year as the PS1 was when this board was made back in 2013?

>> No.3920193

I think the fucking hilarious thing is this "meta" discussion is entirely based around the rule of whats defined as retro, rather than actual problems with the board.

>the Doom general, which should absolutely be on /vg/ by fucking definition, yet it's here
I barely give the CRT thread a pass since it's mildly valid to the idea of "retro games", but Doom should absolutely be on /vg/. I also don't mind the repair general since maintenance is part of retro gaming.

>tons of shitposting, arguably more than /v/ based purely on %

>Tons of the same threads, or same threads being discussed over and over again
There was a time when there were multiple final fantasy threads up at the same time for the same game.

These are just some of the problems with the board. Arguing about what is/isn't retro is so fucking immature and childish it's pure whining.

>> No.3920205

without those generals maintaining some people's interest in /vr itself the whole board would probably die from lack of activity. It would be all shit posters after the content posters and experts left.

>> No.3920207

ITT: Every side trying to create the illusion of a consensus.

>> No.3920210

You're so right. Generals are fucking cancer.

Bull shit. The slower the board, the less incentive people have to hang around a shitpost. It's a much better use of your time to troll on faster boards.

>> No.3920218


Everyone agrees about what constitutes the Golden Age of comic books, but nobody agrees on what a retro game is.

For what it's worth, the actual Golden Age of video games ends around 1985.

>> No.3920223
File: 156 KB, 1280x720, slugfucker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Bull shit. The slower the board, the less incentive people have to hang around a shitpost. It's a much better use of your time to troll on faster boards.

The slower the board, the easier it is for just one person to ruin it. Just ask /vp/.

>> No.3920260

/vp/ is a fucking containment board. If that shit was still on /v/ it would be even worse.

>> No.3920591
File: 121 KB, 593x647, 1413677560560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sign the petition you motherfuckers we need to put an end to this loop of bullshit arguments running in circles


>> No.3920604

god fucking damnit wayne you dense motherfucker fuck

>> No.3920613
File: 71 KB, 500x500, 1416163010618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't bump this thread anymore. It is easily the worst thread on /vr/ at the moment.

Even if a /b/tard randomly showed up and posted gore while talking about how awesome gaia online and his furry persona is, this would still be the worst thread.

>> No.3920617


I would sign a petition to
stop your petition.

>> No.3920618

I'd like to, but I'm not about to go throwing my email address around.
It wouldn't accept my burner address either.

>> No.3920640
File: 1.58 MB, 400x300, 1491943894271.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A week from now we're all going to pretend this never happened and I'm going to start a thread that just says "meta thread referendum for /v2k" and your post itself will be the signature. Like I already meant to until wayne fucking autismed this shit up

fucking wayne I swear to god man

>> No.3920646

>Hiro says we can have ONE.
We literally just had this exact thread, stop spamming this please

>> No.3920649

You know, the frequency at which we have these threads shows that it's not some niche interest.

>> No.3920653

This is the same OP making the same thread as last time, with the same anons having the same pissing match.

>> No.3920657

How about you fuck off? I'm tired of you faggots posting this shit.

>> No.3920659

>You know, the frequency at which we have these threads shows that it's not some niche interest.
The frequency at which we have these threads means someone knows it's incredibly low-hanging fruit that people will bite onto.

>> No.3920660

Fuck off, you did not, he did not and you're a faggot.

>> No.3920662

the same 117 anons right?

>> No.3920667

>I wish questioning the board rules was bannable
>I wish making a thread to discuss the board like Hiro said we could was bannable

I wish you were dead.

>> No.3920668

>good changes

Oh hell no. This thread is full of assholes that probably don't post here regularly anyway, whining that they can't shit this board up too.

>> No.3920669

>don't post here
>bitch about the people that do


>> No.3920672

>board's target demographic


>> No.3920673

How about they clean their own board, then, instead of lobbying for the ability to shit this one up?

>> No.3920676

No, you're having this daily discussions to trigger /vr/'s main userbase, faggot. No other reason.

>> No.3920681

And I wish you trolling faggots would stop posting this. There's more productive uses of your fucking time, for fuck sake.

>> No.3920683

This is some serious baby duck syndrome.
Get help, friend.

>> No.3920996

jesus christ it's real, no wonder the last year's been such a shit show. stupid fucking trumpets killed this site for the 10th time over.

>> No.3921012

6th gen has more in common with 5th gen then 7th.

Still sd
Still made for crts
Still mostly offline
No installing
No dlc?
No day 1 patches
Games came complete, bugs are forever
Now over 15 years old
All games came on physical copies, very few downloadable games?

Prove me wrong /vr/

>> No.3921017

Does not matter.

They are where modern game design started to form and old gamedesign paradigms were abandoned.

>> No.3921023

We need flags. The flags solve all.

>> No.3921035

No, that's 5th gen.

>> No.3921164

All shitposting is bad. Shitposting about younger posters is a daily occurrence here.

And no, older posters are not the target demographic. People who like retro games are. I seriously miss the days here when age wasn't brought up constantly and used as a cheap tactic to try and win an argument. You and your kind are equally as bad as the people you call "cancer".

>> No.3921168

Can you post at least one reason or example, I keep seeing people post this but not explaining why, did not one you learn to explain yourself thoroughly in school?

>> No.3921173

Flags would be shit here with our Australian bogyman epidemic.

I'd say people who just try to dodge topics by calling people underage, newfags etc are worse shit posters cause they dont actually have the intelligence to counter argue anything and should really have posts deleted but the mods never do shit.

>> No.3921239

t. shillary

>> No.3921250

>I'd say people who just try to dodge topics by calling people underage, newfags etc are worse shit posters cause they dont actually have the intelligence to counter argue anything and should really have posts deleted but the mods never do shit.

Yes exactly.

>> No.3921263

Flags only exist on /pol/ for a reason. Get the fuck off 4chan.

>> No.3921274

(/int/ too)
(and /sp/)

>> No.3921304

>No dlc?

Some Dreamcast games had DLC, but it was free. The vast majority of Xbox Live DLC was free, the one game I remember that had paid-for content was Project Gotham Racing 2.

>> No.3921308

Leaf suspected but can't confirm.

>> No.3921309

We do need them so Austrailian, Canadian, British, and Brazilian threads can safely be ignored and hidden.

>> No.3921325

These threads are fun since it's always the same bitter man babies and their rose tainted elitism doomsaying. Yeah, vr ia full of dumb kids but it's also full of elitists with arbitrary standards on what constitutes a new game. The board isn't going to die or your fave game not discussed just because people are talking about gba or Xbox games. The board is dying because most of you treat this place like a e peen pit for people with arrested development. That and the aforementioned kids.

>> No.3921363

Leave anytime.

>> No.3921373

>has no argument
>instead just says "leave anytime"

You're also kind of proving his point.

>> No.3921375
File: 1.55 MB, 1440x1080, 1409992311204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see anon being sick of all this nonsense 6th gen fags are trying to push onto the board. I wouldn't want to reply to jack-asses like him seriously either.

>> No.3921386

/vr/ allows too many generations desu. /v/ has exclusive control over the 6th, 7th and 9th gen systems including all /vr/ generations. If you want to talk about 6th gen stuff, talk about it on /v/. It's not that hard guys.

>> No.3921392

In b4 a rant on how the dudebro strawman is gonna ruin everything. It's honestly pathetic how many of you still have the jock vs nerd mentality. Like you're mentally stuck in highschool.

>> No.3921403

Part of what's killing this board is the plethora of elitist manchildren who shit talk and silence anyone who doesn't play/collect according to their standards. Check the shoot 'em ups threads to see what I mean. It gets annoying when threads are derailed by virtual signaling faggots who are trying to turn this board into their own little clique.

>> No.3921415

>Part of what's killing global society is the plethora of elitist jews who shit talk and silence anyone who doesn't play/collect according to their standards.

>> No.3921416

ITT a bunch of faggots who forgot the year 2000 was 17 years ago.

PS2 and GCN are considered "retro" by today's standards, whether you agree with it or not. I don't agree with it, but it's how it is. You can't have actual discussions about the systems in question on /v/ and splitting the video game board base AGAIN by making a /v2k/ is just idiotic. We saw what splitting /vg/ did to /v/ in the long run. Discussing 6th gen should be allowed on /vr/ at this point. It won't push out threads about older gens.

>> No.3921421
File: 326 KB, 500x269, 1429747582638.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Argue with what? I really don't care. The board's not dying and anyone who doesn't like the community should just leave.

>> No.3921423

>We saw what splitting /vg/ did to /v/ in the long run.
exactly, all the bullshit got concentrated more heavily into /v and it siphoned quality posters onto the boards that split off of it.

That's great. /v should absolutely become a hive of underage degeneracy and meme-posters. That's what it's supposed to be. /v2k would even make the /vr grief posters have to pull double duty. That's also great.

>> No.3921425

And that's why you don't belong here. True anonymous discussion is more than you can handle.

>> No.3921427

I was waiting for a new console gen for this, but seeing the switch presented as the successor to the wiiu and 3ds, the scorpio to be superseding the one, it may just be time for us to allow the sixth gen, particularly if sony announces a super pro or something.

>> No.3921431

>You can't have actual discussions about the systems in question on /v/

Yes you can and it happens all the time. Starting to feel like you sensitive types are incapable of ignoring shitposting altogether. There are plenty of normal dudes amongst the trash on /v/ willing to discuss this stuff.

>> No.3921436


>> No.3921437

No it's not retro. Let me tell you why by nitpicking, moving goal posts and grasping for straws. Only the things I played during MY childhood are retro.

>> No.3921449

It's completely anonymous. You can't track individual posts by knowing the country of origin.

>> No.3921453

what the fuck is cripplechan

I've been here on and off since 2003 when there were 2 boards

but I also make no attempts to blend into any societies, mainly because I'm somewhat incapable of it

>> No.3921469

who gives a fuck where the doom general thread is, its a thread about doom so it should be in here. ITS ONE THREAD, I hate the doom general and shitty doom babbies but that is one god damn stupid idea. It's like saying talking about blades of steel belongs on /sp/ because its sports. fuck off kid

>> No.3921486

I'd be fine with this.

>> No.3921490

I propose anyone bitching about gen 6 and beyond not being allowed gets a perm ban. And a few new mods to enforce current rules against shit posting and baiting. Make /vr/ great again like it was back in 2013.

>> No.3921493

Honestly I've been anti-6th gen but I'd compromise allowing GBA in return for NEVER allowing any additional consoles on /vr/. Forever.

>> No.3921495

Read the post I was responding to, retard. That's exactly why he wants them. Pure weakness.

>> No.3921498

GBA is just ass 6th gen as PS2 or Gamecube. Just because it has limited graphics doesn't change where it falls on the gaming timeline.

>> No.3921503

I know. So? The comment still stands.

>> No.3921510

It's a pretty stupid comment then. Outs you as a graphics whore with a limited understanding of gaming history.

>> No.3921515

Palfag pls go

>> No.3921518

Make me :)

>> No.3921524

GBA is mostly SNES shovelware so it's acceptable to include. Stop getting your fedora in a wrinkle.

>> No.3921529
File: 27 KB, 1177x892, ba8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is how palfags actually debate

>> No.3921547

>please take me and this troll image seriously!

>> No.3921549

Why not just make a /v2k board and then change /vg into /esp (eSports)

>> No.3921580

This will change nothing. Nothing is stopping rulechanger faggots from posting on /v/ this very minute, they just want every board to cater to them.

>> No.3921667

>they just want every board to cater to them.
pot to kettle

>> No.3921668

gba should be allowed

>> No.3921670

Actually it shouldn't

>> No.3921678

It really should though, there are plenty of reasons.

>> No.3921693

Agreed 1000%/

>> No.3921724

lets get rid of /vr and all post on /v then

make a petition to delete /vr

>> No.3922130

lol. The userbase on this board is sad as fuck

>> No.3922765
File: 258 KB, 1215x507, containment_boards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3923086

But you're wrong

>> No.3923521

This would not be a problem if /v/ wasn't bad.

>> No.3923636
File: 1.59 MB, 360x260, 1491338180279.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hiro needs to make /v2k/, and this post explains the situation perfectly

>> No.3923642

>posting in 2035 about how ps2 shouldnt be on /vr/

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