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Both great. World is more polished while 3 is more flexible so it's literally just personal preference, and probably can reveal some stuff about the person as a gamer.

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SMB3 is kinda a hard game. Where SMW is piss easy.

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It's just easier to jump straight to the hard parts of 3 so you're not forced to warm up. Probably because no battery vs battery.

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>"You're not allowed to like both of these things simultaneously. You MUST choose!"

Old bait sure is old.

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SMB3, if only because the levels start to feel samey in SMW while SMB3 always is throwing new things at you.

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Those levels after Star Road man.
If you don't grease your controller on those, you're breety gud.

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I prefer World by a large margin, but that doesn't mean I don't like 3 or anything.

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Yeah what this anon said. I love video games.

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Either way, Takashi Tezuka wins.

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You cannot go wrong with either one unless you're a cunt.

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Either way, we win, cause we get to play both games.

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Bros 3

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Anyone who says SMW is piss easy is legitimately not playing the game.

There's way more challenge in World than any other Mario game. Factually.

Plebs and cattle like you who don't think for themselves are always fooled into thinking easy to advance = easy gameplay. What happens when your goal is not to nurse the feather to get through every (mandatory) stage? What happens when it becomes actually taking on the challenges contained within?

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Off-topic, but I want anons on /vr/ to use more lingo like that.

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I always kind of preferred the look and feel of 3. World ranks just under it IMO. There is not a single bad side scrolling Mario game.

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gnarly dude

tre/vr/ definitely uses words like these

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Honestly, the SMW controls are just perfect.
I've yet to play a platformer so smooth and precise.

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Right on, I dig him.

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3 by a wide margin. Nothing in the game is overpowered to the point of being broken, unlike World. 3 is a more well-designed game and I actually consider World to be the weakest retro 2D Mario overall.

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>What happens when your goal is not to nurse the feather to get through every (mandatory) stage? What happens when it becomes actually taking on the challenges contained within?
That rarely happens. The game nothing to stop you from using the cape the vast majority of the time.

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Wendy's Castle, Tubular (if you don't know what do) and Outrageous are the only SMW levels that offer any kind of challenge, man.

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"challenge" depends on each case because for example I don't struggle with any level in any Mario game since I love platformers and I've been playing them all my life, but a friend of mine who is a "hardcore" gamer for genres like fighting and shmup find platformers very hard, and can't get past the first world in Mario 1, let alone finish a game like World.

That said, Outrageous is I think the hardest level in World, I agree. But there's some others I'd consider would put a challenge for someone who is playing the game for the first time, chocolate fortress, roy and larry's castles, valley fortress, and most of the Special World levels.
And for people who are really not used to Mario games or platformers, I think starting from Vanilla Dome the game's difficulty peaks up a bit and keeps increasing.

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Cheese bridge levels can be assholes. Especially when you're drunk.

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Playing SMB3. Game is literal shit. Level design is bad, contols are bad, lots of bullshit. Fuck this game. At the same time SMW is amazing.

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I'll stab you
r shitty nonexistent arguments.
The level design is perfect with each level providing quick and solid platforming challenge. The controls are almost perfect.
It practically obsoletes the existence of any straight 2d platformers that came after.

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It is not LITERALLY SHIT, use the fucking word properly

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>Playing SMB3. Game is literal shit. Level design is bad, contols are bad, lots of bullshit. Fuck this game.
Oh hi James, shouldn't you be making more AVGN videos? Go home, you've had enough Rolling Rock.

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Go home, Oxford. You're antiquated.

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I like both.

Will dump a few pics, SMB3/World era Mario art is the best.

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Well hard to say! there both great platformers! Mario 3 is hard and Mario World improves graphics but either way there both great games!

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Oh, it's one of those "/vr/ can't enjoy two things at once" thread.

You know you like both, you don't need us to validate your opinion.

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The worst Star Road levels in World have the difficulty of the average SMB levels, and the easy SMB2JPN levels

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World is definetly the best Mario game aesthetically.

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What you want me to say? The levels are generic as hell, there's nothing intresting in them, no clever obstacle placing, no exploration. If level has water in it, it's nightmare, if it's autoscroll, it's boring and slow. Stored pickups are useless, momentum is too big compared to SMB1 and SMW.

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What the fuck is this?

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3 is the better game in terms of overall game design. But I just love the aesthetic of World so much. Also Yoshi. I go back to it more than any other video game, hands down.

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Super Mario Bros. 2/USA

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I don't think we can actually objectively say one has better game design than the other.
World has so much intricate shit going on, levels with 2 (or sometimes more) goals, branching paths, hidden stuff. The way you can approach the map is really awesome, you can try modifying your route to Bowser's castle each time you play it and it will always be different. Yeah, you could do this with SMB3 as well by skipping levels, or using the flute, but SMW allows for more crazy interconnected paths.
SMW actually feels like a world, as opposed to SMB3's 8 different smaller worlds that weren't connected to each other.

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3, a thousand times 3.

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>Wendy's Castle
My bad. I meant Chocolate Fortress.

Yes, sure. It may be hard for someone that isn't used to 2D platformers but not for a veteran.

>And for people who are really not used to Mario games or platformers, I think starting from Vanilla Dome the game's difficulty peaks up a bit and keeps increasing.
Vanilla Dome is still ok for a new player imo but Forest of Illusion can be a bit tricky thanks to some exits that lead to nothing.

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>What happens when your goal is not to nurse the feather to get through every (mandatory) stage?
You're nuts, only a handful of cheap cunts ever played like that. The vast majority of the people who have played all the way through the game have done it right normal way and it ain't too tricky outside of some gimmick secret levels.

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You haven't gotten to the later worlds then if you think theres no clever levels.Of course theres no exploration. You are missing the point of Mario 3 if you want exploration in it. It is distilled platforming.

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Maybe not objectively. Though in my opinion, 3 is more sound in terms of level design itself, in addition to its more varied locations and powerups that add to the experience in a way that World doesn't quite match. I've played both with a fairly high level of skill since I was a kid, and I have to say that I never feel any sense of danger in World, whereas 3 can still pose at least a small sense of challenge at times. Coasting through World feels like the simplest thing to do. So in that, 3 comes across as slightly more engaging, with a greater reward for skill.

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Fuck hyperbole it is an awful thing.
Quit detaxizing words just because your too lazy to think of a more appropriate word to use.

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I grew up playing Mario World. when I was 4 years old and first saw Star Road then the Special World I was fascinated by how trippy and colorful the worlds were especially the themes to them. To me I choose Mario World over Mario Bros 3 IMO. However, Mario Bros 3 does have a special place in my heart.

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I love both of these games, but yoshis island is by far the best!

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Your post makes me want to punch a baby.

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Take out the cape and this is still false. SMB3 is harder, this is a fact. That doesn't make a better or worse game, just different.

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3 is more of a challenge. Straight forward platformer, harder controls, but more fun in my mind, especially with two people.

World is more of an adventure, more variaty, for the most part it's easier but it has some very difficult stages. Better replay value.

I grew up with world, but I have to say 3 is better.

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Losing Hamer bros suit, or frog, or tanooki sucks.

Losing flying blue YoshI and two feathers is a 2 min problem.

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>between A and B, which is better?

Kill yourself.

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Hardest-lost levels
Easiest- world
Replay value-world
Final boss fight-world
Other boss fights-2
Best game-3

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Pissing off tripfags is an honor.

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smw's map structure and secret paths are really great, it feels like a cohesive whole

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Look at this tripfag homosexual here

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Did you play beyond world 1? In fact, this statement doesn't even hold true for world 1 so scratch that.

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>theres no exploration
Yes there is, while not as loaded with secrets as World, I spent hours as a kid scouring every inch of 3 to find stuff and was often rewarded with cool suits or super rewarded with a whistle.

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>literally not grasping hyperbole

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SMW was the first game I ever played. I love almost everything about this game but I wish it was longer.

Everyone I know agrees SMW is a better made game but they like Bros3 more, probably because of nostalgia since it came out first.

I like the power-ups in Bros3 a lot more: raccoon, frog, tanuki... a lot more fun, animal-themed hats. But I SUCK at Bros3. For some reason I just can't get a feel for the physics. I think my skill at SMW makes me bad at Bros3 because Mario is faster, jumps higher and accelerates more quickly in SMW. Am I just imagining this or can someone confirm it?

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Read the thread. That's not it.

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You know theres 100s of romhacks

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>Everyone I know agrees SMW is a better made game but they like Bros3 more, probably because of nostalgia since it came out first.

Everything about this sentence is incorrect.

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Oh I was so worried you were going to punch a baby.
Fuck you mate.

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It's an anecdote. How can it be wrong?

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SMW is definitively better because it has save points and you can re-play finished levels.

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Both are hilariously easy to farm infinite lives on with 3 being slightly more obnoxious. World had a couple particularly hard levels that were worse than the small handful of tough levels the end of sm3 throws at you. Something that rarely gets talked about is how painfully easy every single fortress and koopa fight is in sm3 all the way to bowser who is a joke in both games but at least world kept their fights a lot fresher.

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When you play on an emulator Mario 3 has svae points too.

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I like both and would choose World, but if we're talking SNES version of Mario 3, then I'd choose that instead

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Personal favorite is World, it's actually the only SNES game I have and one of the few games I've felt compelled to 100% ASAP

That being said I do love 3 and own it too, it's a great game and I see no reason to belittle one or the other

Do like that World has a map screen and replayable levels, which allows for multiple routes in a single run

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3 is great but so is world. i love them both equally i literally cant choose which is better

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>Level Design

If I had to pick between the two I would pick SMW over SMB3, always have for some reason. Still, I'd pick SMB3 over any other Mario game except for Yoshi's Island, I literally would need a gun to my head to decide that

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This. SMW controls are like a fine tuned atomic clock
SMB3 got that inertia shit

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I cannot pick one over the other, really.

They both have their time and place and I enjoy them both a lot.

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SMB3 had superior level design and the power ups are the best out of all Mario games.

SMW had great level design but it wasn't as varied as SMB3, and the power ups weren't as fun. BUT, SMW overall design and difficulty laid the ground work for every Mario game since then.

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world has better physics, 3's looks like you're floating

>> No.3920670

are there any romhacks for the standalone SNES version of SMW where you can get the actual Luigi sprite instead of just a green Mario?

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Mario 3's last levels gave me more difficulty than anything in World. I have beaten world and it's bonus stages countless times over my life, but Mario 3's last level I cannot beat.

>> No.3921025

>Mario 3's last level I cannot beat.

I don't see how this is possible.

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how dare you be so reasonable

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fuck off

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3 definitely has exploration, it's just less satisfying because branching levels only came after that. I spent a lot of time finding major secrets in Bros 3, but it always bummed me out because I knew it would lead me back to the same end and I couldnt spend too long

The best multiplayer is NSMBWii, too bad it's not /vr/

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World have the best mechanics. Both are top tier though.

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People always forget that the real hardest main line mario game is world 2. Specifically 100%ing Yoshi's Island.

>> No.3924651

>"My dad works for Nintendo and he told me how to 100% SMW!"

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Boils down to personal taste.

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SMB3 is better

>darker, more serious graphics. SMW is the start of the cartoony kiddy trend Mario has had ever since
>no gay Yoshi
>Hammer Bros. suits
>Tanooki suit > generic cape
>more enemy variety
>dedicated ice world

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>dark and serious
Pick one.

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I don't know if it's nostalgia driven or what but just the overall art direction of smb3 is leagues better than world or of any other mario game for that matter.

But I never had world growing up so it's the one I enjoy playing the most today.

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Am I weeb if I say jap smb2? Challenging mario is best mario.

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I choose both.

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Difficulty aside, the level design in SMB2 is romhack-tier shit.

>> No.3926160

>Dark and gritty
>Every level is just stage props

Fuck off.

>> No.3926518

I cant get past the forest in SMW but I beat SM3

>> No.3926521


Eh yeah true. It's just the only mario I can play that doesn't feel like plain toast.

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Thats also my experience.
SMW is not really hard and was one of the first games i beat 100 % as kid.
Here and there is something but if you play patiently it is alright.

While SM3 has some really tough levels if you dont use the flute.
I remember one level near end of the heavenstages in W-5 It was an autoscroller.
That was hard.

>> No.3927790

It's not bait if it's exactly the sort of thing that the kiddos can bikeshed and shitpost about. Just look how many replies the "bait" ended up getting.

>> No.3927805

>Water world
>Pipe world
>Giant world
>Desert world
>Ice world
>Sky world
>Grass world
>Dark world
Each had a fuckload of levels and secrets, and you were rewarded with cool power ups for playing the game through instead of warping to the end.
>Muh red secret levels
Yeah. Nah. The amount of content and variety SMW had pales in comaprison.

>> No.3927808

Artificial difficulty. They made a level out of a half-baked mechanic that rarely appeared in the main game.

>> No.3927921

Smb3 is better
But i prefer smw

>> No.3927950

SMW is the greatest game of all time
if you take into account the hundreds of excellent rom hacks it becomes that much greater

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Super Mario Bros. 2 is better than both games.

>> No.3928337


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Super Mario World is the better game.

Super Mario 3 is the more legendary game.

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Going by your own definition of challenge, Super Mario 64 has significantly more of it than SMW

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ITT: Autists arguing over which piss easy game is harder.

>> No.3928550

Going to do a no cape run today. SMW is very fun but one of the easiest classic platformers.

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