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any reason to own a saturn

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The games.

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you buy a console to play games

how are you having a problem with such a simple concept?

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no, build a supergun instead

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any most of games ports. any better on saturn

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avoid ports of Capcom fighters like the plague

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why slow

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lag and messed up frame data

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Theres an everdrive releasing for the Saturn this year.

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Nope. Get a Dreamcast instead.

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If you like fighting games, the Saturn had some of the best ports at the time, though some needed that extra memory card.

Then there's Guardian Heroes, Sakura Taisen, Shining the Holy Ark, the Megamans, Chronicles of Mystara, Twinkle Star Sprites, Burning Rangers, Bomberman, and NiGHTS.

Take your pick.

I'd also follow >>3910582 and look into the Dreamcast too for a good chunk of the games mentioned.

... and by the grace of whatever deity you worship (or don't) if you have a Twin Stick, play the shit out of Virtual-On.

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Forgot the biggest reason:

If you don't, Segata Sanshiro will beat your ass.

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Which is the best Sega console?
I never had one, and I can import from Japan if needed

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Be alive and conscious i 1996 and like vidya.

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once the flashcart is released you bet your ass the consoles will shoot up in price

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the general consensus is:
Dreamcast > Genesis > Saturn > Master System

there all good consoles though.

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I always read here on /vr/ talk shit about arcade ports, is that true for all the consoles?
Or is just some games?

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Some games.

People who bitch about ports from some of the Namco boards and the Sega Naomi boards are full of shit though, since they're the hardware equivalent of the PlayStation and Dreamcast respectively.

And some of the Saturn ports are hella solid, like a lot of the Capcom releases. The only caveat is that they need the extra memory card to run as smooth. The only thing better is a game on Neo-Geo.

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Yes some guy has already cracked the system and figured out a way to bypass using the laser to play games by using the VCD port on the back. Hes releasing the product this year. He also gave all the code he found to emulation makers to make a better saturn emulator.

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wonder how much itll cost

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If its too much, theres a team using all the code he found cracking the system to make better emulators. You could just wait for that.

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No fucking way. DC is a nice console but it didn't reach the glory of the Genesis.
Genesis is the best Sega system EVAR. Can't argue this. Even Segata knows this.

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Why do think the Genesis better?
I'm the anon he replied

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Just the sheer quality and variety of games. It was Sega's best moment.
The other Sega consoles are amazing, I like the DC and I like Saturn even more. Got them back in the day.
But Sega's 16-BIT system is a legend.

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Powerslave/Exhumed alone is worth getting a Saturn for.

I know the game is also on DOS and PS1, but the DOS version is completely different game, and the PS1 version is a port which is infinitely worse.

It's also worth noting that as far as the PAL region goes, the Saturn version is optimized to play at the right speed but not the PS1 version.

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Have you played Congo: The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj?

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No but now I want to. Looks much worse than Powerslave but I'm interested

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The graphics in that are insane for a Saturn title, but it's not all that fun iirc.

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>The graphics in that are insane for a Saturn title

Powerslave has Quake-like level design and it was developed at the same time as Quake (released a few months later).
Doesn't have 3D models like Quake though.

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I meant in Congo. It does a convincing forest at a decent framerate. A lot of that is the fact that you can do more decent looking foliage with sprites on low end hardware than if you try to do it with polys.

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Are all Sega consoles region locked when it comes to games?

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I think that's what ended up losing them the console wars. The Saturn could do some neat stuff, but that gets overshadowed by things like the lack cool import-only titles, being a pain to dev for, and some of the library being just not as fun as the competition.

It's unfortunate though, since it REALLY did have some neat software and hardware. But by the time the Dreamcast came around to really tear it up, nobody cared as much.

I also REALLY liked the spaceship theme the BIOS had. I could watch that spaceship fly around while listening to music for hours.

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For the most part... though some region software will run on certain other region hardware, but not the other way around.

More on that here:

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>like none of the Capcom releases

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No. Just emulate it like the N64.

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At that point, you may as well get shmupMAME or FBA rather than use some garbage Saturn emulator

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For PowerSlave console exclusive content.

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You like shmups? Even a little? Get it.

Games are uber-expensive but ActionReplay + PsuedoSaturn + burnt CD-Rs nullifies this.

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Super Gem Fighter, Dungeons and Dragons, MSHvsSF, SFZ2, and Vampire Savior all say what's up.

And for all the flaws the other ports have, they still blow their respective PSX ports out of the water, serving as some of the best renditions of these games without resorting to emulation.

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So I'm wondering, who are the people (or the guy) salty about Saturn getting good arcade ports?

Every time someone mentions the good Saturn arcade ports, like Capcom's, there's always that one salty shitposters that barks at it, like >>3911142

What's the deal? Contrarianism?

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what specifically got any examples or just talking out your ass again /vr/

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While SSF has improved leaps and bounds, making a bunch of games a kit more accurate, as >>3911230 mentions it's still not perfect. There's still a few issues here and there.

But at that point, >>3911276 is totally right. SHMUP ports on Saturn are hella solid too.

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Same anon as >>3910658.

The thing about arcade ports is that you want an experience that is as perfect if not outright perfect as playing on cab, which is kind of the point of playing a port: you don't have the hardware for the original so this is the next best thing.

That said, the nature of porting a game will not always churn out the same experience unless the target hardware is the same such as with the Namco to PSX or the Naomi to DC conversions.

This is clear when you see a few of the ports on either console that have slowdown or missing frames. Some are even missing features such as the tag feature missing from some of the Vs. series games.

But some people do a damn good job of what they're working with. Some consoles are also really ideal for porting.

SEGA's consoles for example were better for arcade ports because the hardware was just better suited. The Mega Drive/Genesis had hardware that was closer to boards like the CPS, and was more friendly with Neo-Geo software than the Super Nintendo. The Saturn in particular did an amazing job with textures and 2D graphics, while the PSX excelled with 3D rendering. This is why the Saturn is generally considered the better system for arcade ports.

Capcom in particular put out far better results on the Saturn, but they required a special RAM cart to make things run as well as they could. As >>3911282 mentions, those ports are some of the best renditions of their respective games that were available at the time, completely blowing out their competition on other systems.

Maybe some folks get salty because they didn't know that the cart was necessary, especially since the carts wasn't compatible with non-Japanese versions of these games.

It's also easy to look back comparatively since we do have access to certain games via emulation now, but emulation isn't always perfect either. Some games don't run at the proper clock speed, like MvC. Origins is the definitive port in that case.

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This is one of the worst games I've ever played. It's really ugly and disorienting as fuck. Do not recommend

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Alpha 3 is a hot ass mess. XvsSF and MSH also have problems that interfere with the experience even outside of high level play.

And as good as the Dungeons and Dragons games are, they commit the grave sin of missing 4-player play.

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t. Evo 2005 ST tournament

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>Alpha 3 is a hot ass mess. XvsSF and MSH also have problems that interfere with the experience even outside of high level play.

Please explain, then.
Give examples, preferably with proof.

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honestly I don't even care Its still fun to fight your friends Im not some tourneyfag autist

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"tourneyfags" are probably the least autistic gamers in the world

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It's jarring when your timing for certain things like links, rekkas, or anything is thrown off by different input windows. Plus, it just feels good when you play a game as it was meant to be played.

But otherwise yeah, if your friend has a decent port of the game, and it works for you both, then what the hell, right? I'm the same about learning stick: it was necessary back then, not so much now.

It's only a problem if it gets in the way of me having fun.

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>It's jarring when your timing for certain things like links, rekkas, or anything is thrown off by different input windows.
I thought the Saturn ports were pretty good at this though, even the ones that didn't use the extra ram like SFA2, played exactly like the arcade.

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>Give examples, preferably with proof

Select Magneto, press HK, cancel to hcb kick, repeat.

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Nah, I was being general to answer as to why some people prefer specific ports or revisions.

I agree that the Saturn is a godsend for fighters.

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OK, I will try later although not entirely sure what you're trying to imply.
But I was mostly interested on Alpha 3 being a mess. It's considered to be the best port of the game, better than the DC version even.

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the panzer dragoon trilogy

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I'm too casual to notice, I can smash through xmen vs street fighter, marvel super heroes vs street fighter, and marvel vs Capcom all at max difficulty on one credit but im terrible at these games

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I'm an idiot and was thinking of Upper for Dreamcast. My bad.

Saturn's Alpha 3 does have loading problems at the vs. screen and otherwise in between matches though.

XvsSF and MSH have frame dips when things get busy onscreen, and a few links are harder to do because of this. The other Vs. games handle this so much better.

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I think that anon's referring to character-related jank, not porting related jank.

And like I mentioned, I was thinking of Upper. The difference between the two is that Upper was redesigned for Naomi, but that resulted in some of the graphics looking a tad odd.

And in terms of Capcom's ports during the 90s, sometimes they stretch the sprites to conserve on memory. Some games don't do this, some do and get away with it, and then some look like ass because of it. Alpha 3 and the Vs games are a nice comparison for this purpose.

God I need sleep.

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I'm also hella spoiled by the Alpha Anthology port on PS2.

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>muh ports
It's 2017. Play the originals.

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Buying the original PCBs is more expensive than burning a CD-R

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>OK, I will try later although not entirely sure what you're trying to imply.

I was implying that xvssf is a broken piece of shit where nearly everyone has 2-hit infinite combos.

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CD-Rs can permanently damage the laser of your console, anon. If you're too poor for a supergun, get Fightcade.

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Using electricity on your computer or supergun can permanently damage the capacitors and other internal components. You're better not even playing video games and not using any electronic device at all.

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>XvsSF and MSH have frame dips when things get busy onscreen, and a few links are harder to do because of this. The other Vs. games handle this so much better.

COTA, XvsSF and MvsSF skip frames when the action is too busy. MSH and Cyberbots slows down when the action is too busy, and Cyberbots has a different intro. I'm not sure about Alpha 3, I don't like that game. Vampire Savior has a few tunes having completely different arrangements and unskippable VS screens. And all of them run in a lower resolution which either makes the game area smaller, or allows you to walk out of the screen (depending on whether you select Arcade or Saturn screen size). Sound effects are also lower quality in all of them.

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Fightcade released a physical arcade board or what?

>> No.3911516

>Vampire Savior has a few tunes having completely different arrangements and unskippable VS screens.

That's kind of nitpicky. I didn't even notice about any of that and I've played VS on Saturn for many years before I got it on PS3.

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>CD-Rs can permanently damage the laser of your console, anon.

Original discs can permanently damage the laser in your console since they are all designed to wear out. Turning on any digital system can cause permanent damage to the ICs due to electromigration, or due to worn out electrolytic capacitors being unable to filter out noise from the direct current.

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hey, if you like inferior ports, go ahead and play them.

>> No.3911531

DS Resurrection on PS3 is inferior?

>> No.3911536

You're just jelly that you don't own a Saturn and can't play these arcade perfect ports with full animations on dat sweet model 2 Saturn pad.

>b-but 1-second long loading times

>> No.3911563

>You're just jelly that you don't own a Saturn and can't play these arcade perfect ports with full animations on dat sweet model 2 Saturn pad.

I do own a Saturn and have a bunch of Capcom games on original discs. I prefer Virtua Fighter 2 though.

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give ACTUAL proof

>> No.3911616


See >>3911519
There's also a matter of where the data is laid out on the disc itself, meaning the eye has to work harder if it's all over the place, like w/ some of the earlier Dreamcast rips.

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Oh the model 2 Saturn pad is so damn comfy, even for things that aren't fighters.

I played the shit out of Gunvolt and Rabi-Ribi with one. It felt so right.

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>inferior ports

JoJo has me so conflicted. The audio/visuals took such a hit, but that Super Story Mode is a blast. The Oingo Boingo Brothers book was a neat mode too.

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It's a sexy lil(pre-xbox hueg) shit.
Great addition to any entertainment center.

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Yeah man, stick in a music CD and just watch the spaceship soar across your screen for hoooours

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I will pay any /vr/o in the bay area $10 to help me mod my saturn to get it running

Ive already got the AR

>> No.3911728

>I will pay any /vr/o in the bay area $10 to help me mod my saturn to get it running

That won't even cover the cost of gas.

besides all you need is a piece of tape. If you are too stupid to apply that, you should stick to originals.

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>driving in the bay area

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Parroting retarded shit on the internet can permanently damage your brain.

>> No.3912479

I love JRPGs and Shmups.

Convince me with some titles if I invest in a Saturn.

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If anything you should get one and hang on to it. The laser isn't an issue anymore since someone found a work around on that and made a flashcart. Just hang onto one until it launches later this year.

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>living in the bay area

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It's for sure going to launch this year? I thought he had a kid and put the project on hiatus for a while.

>> No.3912536

That's the plan last I heard.

>> No.3912543

apparently he is now a dad, so consider it a good 16+ year hiatus.

>> No.3912572

Actually it appears that he is actually working on it. He has a patreon set up with recent updates.

>> No.3912609

Shining the Holy Ark.

Bonus if you happen to like Motoi Sakuraba and/or Golden Sun.

And while Bulk Slash is more of a TPS/flight sim, it's got this cool Macross vibe where you can alternate between a bipedal mech and a jet fighter.

>> No.3912610

This game has an amazing artstyle but I heard it's not that fun to actually play. Luckily there's a translation faq available

>> No.3912616

Yeah I'd at least get one to hang on to. He saved the system if he ever releases it.

>> No.3912751

A SATURN comes in extremely handy once you try to play SATURN GAMES. Believe it or not.

>> No.3912785

>this cool Macross vibe where you can alternate between a bipedal mech and a jet fighter
Well I'm sold. Now I wait for my next paycheck...

>> No.3912796

lmao word that's what sold me on the game too.

Fair warning: it's a Japan-only release, but the menus are in English so it's not hard to navigate and get the game started.

>> No.3913249

The port of Primal Rage, which is still relevant because the arcade version can't be emulated with the combos due to uncracked encryption.

>> No.3913413

Wait about an extra year and you'll see them on Aliexpress.

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This many reasons OP.

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Wow, it's fucking nothing.

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