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The remake of one of the best 8-bit games ever made is almost here.

Who else hype?

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It looks fucking ugly

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Out of all the shit you could've said about it you decide to call it ugly? Well maybe the backgrounds are but the characters themselves look good and well-animated.

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Slight hype
I don't like the beady black dot eyes; wish they had color like in the original illustrations.

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Not that anon, but the game looks like a ripped off maple story.

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Nope, they look like ass.

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this. flash animation always looks ugly to me. The artists style also reminds me of deviantart.

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Why does it look like an app game

This is why I hate modern gaming

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>one of the best 8-bit games ever made is almost here

Nigga ain't wrong. I lost many nights sleep playing this as a kid. I recently bought a Switch and I'm looking forward to playing this again. I especially like the fact you can seamlessly swap between old and new graphics and music.

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Could they just not decide on a visual style, or what was the problem here?
Going with drawn sprites is not a bad thing, it works out really well for a lot of games, but at least try to make it look good.

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Serious question; what's the best version of this game? The Master System original or the PC Engine port?

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They're both mostly the same... the main thing to know is that the SMS version runs at 30FPS whereas the PCE version runs at 60 and also has a save feature instead of passwords.

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It looks like the background artist fucked the foreground artist's wife, and now they don't work in the same building and never speak to each other.

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The game is gonna feel like shit because of bad physics and collisions

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That's by design, you fucking moron ass stupid god damn piece of shit dead head faggot loving queer retard.
By having the background less detailed it makes the foreground pop more, which makes identifying foreground interactive objects easier to identify.

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found the foreground artist. when does your wife move out?

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People really think this game looks bad?

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PCE, but I also like that one's OST better.

MS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxBmduOu3YQ

MS FM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecr8TPvVOkc

PCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqiSh6tET3k

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Is /vr/ obliged to hate things on principle of existing after 1999? I don't know how good it will be but It looks like a French cartoon and I like the aesthetics.

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The outlines and lazy coloring bother me because some parts of the background dont even have outlines. It mostly looks unfinished. They just need to clean it up the art a little and it would look decent. Like dude at least color within the lines I learned that in preschool art class.

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That's a water color aesthetic. It's meant to make objects have an expressive and free form.

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>It looks like a French cartoon and I like the aesthetics.

I'm glad someone else spotted that. The game's euro art aesthetics seem obvious. Is this why ameritards are triggered?

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I disagree. It does not look like watercolor at all. It looks like somebody just got a wacom tablet and drew this in photoshop with the stock default paint brush. Sorry just what I notice using photoshop its easy to be lazy as an artist.

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I think Dragon's Trap looks amazing and I can't wait to play it. I really like the style and even though it does look a bit like a flash game it has such a solid amount of charm and style that I'm picking it up to support the team and hoping the next game is even better.

Don't forget that when this project started it was an original game that was a Wonder Boy homage till the licensees saw the prototype game and wanted in so it became an officially licensed game.

Now compare that to the OTHER wonder boy remake coming out. THIS looks like a fucking phone/app game.


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I haven't opined on it success, but its standard to water color to have color transcend the lines of the object. Whether it succeeds or not is not another matter, its clearly done in a digital program in a similar way to how comics artists attempt this style.

My thought on it is that it there doesn't really appear any serious aberration in that shot.

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I understand that traditionally watercolor goes out of the lines. Thats fine. However this games art does not look at all like watercolor. The art is inconsistent. Some parts are colored inside the lines while other parts go outside the lines. Most digital /co/ related stuff suffers from laziness in the art. I feel that if they took a few weeks to just clean up the linework and coloring issues and pick a consistent style it would look a lot better.

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Reminds me of this. That "HD" "enhanced" look in Street Fighter 2 HD REMIX.

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I'd rather play the original versions. This looks like shit.

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I'm getting it but I'm not sure if the new graphics will present problems, like having elements that look like they're in the foreground but are actually in the background.

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The only thing that comes to mind when I hear this song are those fucking gay ass flowers that shoot you from off-screen, and then there's the one fucking asshole that's shooting your knees too to fuck with the pattern. Literally the worst things ever even though there's much more bullshit going on after that part.

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>THIS looks like a fucking phone/app game.
I thought it actually was

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That isn't bad by itself but I think it seems too westernized for what was supposedly a Japanese developed game. There's a certain uncanniness to it for me because of that. I still think it's done better than the FDG remake and a ton of other retro modernized remakes.

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is this a joke

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I'm excited to see it. My dad just passed away. I remember playing it with my older brother in front of him. We really wanted to show him we could beat it. I was very young. My brother was right at the end and asked me to pause so dad could see. I was so excited and young I hit the reset button as the pause button was on the system itself. Fuck

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Move people, there is nothing to see here.

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>you will never get actually good remake of actually the best 8 bit game ever made

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im sorry for your loss anon. im sure he loved you even if you were a little dumb.

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You can play with the original graphics btw.

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Every normie friends I have who tried ML3 fall in love with it.

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So, remakes aside, what makes this game good?

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>looks like shit

talk about being fucking jaded beyond belief.

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Is this still coming to PC? Their site only lists consoles on the splash and I don't really buy crap on PSN if I can avoid it.

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Some parts of the background that aren't outlined or outlined boldly is due to it being in the background and not the midground or foreground.

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I'm looking forward to it but I wouldn't say I'm "hyped".
I'd peg myself at moderately excited.

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Imagine Mario with Metroid-style open-ended gameplay and some light rpg elements.

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On what platforms will this release?

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If it was pixelart you guys would say shit like "I hate this indie trend of pixelshit" or something along these lines.

I personally think it's pretty acceptable, it's not like the original was masterpiece visually, at least this one has some personality going on instead of being copy/paste.

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PS4, XBone and Switch.

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The art style looks great. Seriously, what the fuck people?

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i don't like the sprites so much but i'll buy it for the remasterization of one of the best OST of all times

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>you can seamlessly swap between old and new graphics and music.

Is the original music from the MS fm chip?

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PC also, though without a date so probably several months off.

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MBatCK actually looks to be the more interesting game.

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they annouced that the final version will have FM option

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There are plenty of modern games that adopt a retro style that are perfectly fine. Like Pillars of Eternity or Shadowrun, coopting the old CRPG look. If you want an example of how this game should've looked, search no further than Shovel Knight.

It looks like a cheap flash game.

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I definitely would call it indie pixelshit. Any way you slice it, this is another unnecessary port butchered by some indie fags. And I don't even like this series.

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Please tell me that's a troll image and Disney didn't really fuck up the animation quality of their greatest animated film.


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Show us a flash game that looks like this then. I haven't seen many cheap flash games that have this many keyframes.

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Another game ruined by hipsters.

It looks like shit.

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you obviously haven't been on /co/ long enough.

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it's literally impossible to please people with any form of 2d nowadays, there will always be someone who will scream "pixelshit", "flash turd" or "meme artstyle"

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because western games look really fucking ugly you moron.

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>It looks like a cheap flash game.

You are super retarded if you think flash games look anything like that.

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yeah instead it looks like they just reused concept art, tossed a filter over parts of it, and called it a day. It's really ugly.

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>it doesn't look like my japanese animes so it's bad
alright i guess

>> No.3911194

>yeah instead it looks like they just reused concept art

you clearly have almost no idea what you're talking about lol

A painterly style =/= concept art

>> No.3911196

nope, it's because westerners get basic concepts wrong and you are a perfect example of that by mistaking pixel shit for what it actually is - minimalist garbage.

you're a philistine

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>he doesn't know pixelshit is not synonymous with pixelart

>> No.3911203

>it's because westerners get basic concepts wrong
The only westerner getting basic concepts wrong here is you.

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This is pretty much my feelings on it too. The artwork is fucking ugly. Yes, I suppose you can play it with the original graphics, but at that point I'll just emulate the original versions. Doesn't this game have an option to play as a different gender too?

>> No.3911213

it wouldn't be called pixelshit if it wasn't the trademark western style of minimalishit.

-t. undertale fan

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>Doesn't this game have an option to play as a different gender too?
Yeah, just the human form sprites that change though. I'm sure somebody will find a reason to be upset over a cosmetic option though.

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I haven't been on /co/ since 2010. MLP, Homosuck, etc ruined the board for me.

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Hype? Why? The original game still looks good and if I want to play it, well, I'll just play it, as it is easily accessible.

This remake brings nothing new.

What I want is a NEW Wonder Boy, with 3D graphics and gameplay. Maybe an open world, but with emphasis on platforming.
I'm tired of this nostalgia pandering rehash crap.

>It looks like a French cartoon
I'm like games that look like games.

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What's the problem exactly?

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What isn't?

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anon the reason for using unity is an economic one.

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Me neither especially Steven Universe. Undertale ruined /v/.
It wasn't just Disney although they are the worst offenders.

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wasn't akira BD butchered also

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No, that BD is fine.

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>hey guys let's take old games and make them worse because we ran out of all creativity and talent


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I worked on booklets for Gits and Jin roh bd. when I got the press release I was horrified to see the Telecine was 1040p so you have a black frame around the screen.

Corrected by stupidly stretching the picture 2 years later for gits reprint. International versions of the too use the old framed shit.

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>Undertale ruined /v/

No... Wrong. /v/ was already ruined by the time undertale came. It was a combination of /v/'s RAGE being exploited by trolls that enjoy /v/irgins getting upset and having the board flooded with newfag retards since /v/ was seen as a softcore alternative to /b/abby's first board. events like gamergate, and the fappening sealed /v/'s fate and now there's just no recovering.

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>akira BD
There are so many versions of Akira I really dont know which is best. Looks like they cropped it a little and fucked the colors up but removed the grain.
Why do they always fuck up and crop the border or stretch it when going to 16:9 just leave the fucking black bars alone.
I remember the gamergate shitshow but fappening was definitely more /b/.

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BD specs have obvious holes, like no anamorphic and no 1080p60.
Every 2.35 movie is around 800 used lines, and 2.35 1080p monitors / tvs are basically useless since they have to stretch anyway.

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To make it easy. picture related.
But the truth is there is shitone of others format.Tomorrowland had a strange ratio like 2.66 cropped on release as Todd AO and 1.19 for imax

Japan had no clear theater ratio even more for IG production as they were experiencing too much be it tech or format.
So yeah regular Joe wouldn't be happy to see a movie on strange format in his tiny entry price HD tv.

SO letter box the shit of them.

>> No.3911967

i haven't checked, but hateful 8 vertical res must be ridiculously low.

>> No.3911986

Yeah the film was filmed on ultra panavision like in the picture. So 1/3 of hd tv should be black.

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There are better engines

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>one of the best 8-bit games ever made

Mah nigga.

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I hate the art style, and the music is really bad. Way to fuck up a perfecly fine game.

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As a fan of the original, I’ll give the remake go. Can’t say I’m too hyped about it, though, as what I’ve seen doesn’t really chime with what I loved about WBIII.

Dragon’s Trap takes place in the shadow of the final level of the previous game. Rather than move on to a new adventure, on to bigger and better things, you’re cursed to wander around the area you just fought through without any ‘human’ interaction or any sort of sympathy. It’s quite a melancholy experience, and i haven’t played many games where a first-level boss looms so large over proceedings. It felt like the Mecha Dragon had had the last laugh, and you couldn’t even get your revenge - he was long gone.

The ending, too. Although you could say that, in the end, you liberate Monster World from the other dragons, in truth it felt that the only person you’d really saved was yourself, and you were still very much by yourself at the end - there was no swooning princess or grateful villagers waiting for you. You were human again, but, just like the rest of the game, you were alone.

I guess this could all be replicated by the remake, but as much as I love the art style (and I do), I think it’s a little too characterful and cheerful to do that. It all bursts with energy and positivity - there’s no sense of any of the character’s personas suffering from the isolation or loneliness that made the original so memorable.

Also, as an aside, I think I first played the SMS version when I was about 5 or 6. Given that WBIII came out towards the end of the console’s life, a lot of my friends had either moved on to other consoles, or were excited about doing so. At that age, as ridiculous as it seems, a lot of your identity comes from what you own and who else owns what you own. I don’t remember anyone but myself remotely caring about the game at the time, which made playing it a truly bittersweet experience. I obviously don’t think the remake will be able to replicate that.

>> No.3912525

Plus, the game has a really neat feature where you can instantly switch between the remake graphics/sound and the 8-bit graphics/sound on the fly.

This is seriously looking to be one of the best 8-bit remakes I've ever seen.

>> No.3912529

>What I want is a NEW Wonder Boy

Then it might be in your interest to hope that this remake does well. It would certainly help increase the chances of a new Wonder Boy game being made. Being miserably jaded all the time doesn't help.

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its french so i am not excited, french are only good when they run away from german attilery

>> No.3912892

This one looks pretty good, not perfect, but definitely pretty. In still images at least.

>> No.3913083

That doesn't look great either. The background looks way distracting.

>> No.3913087

Except that they actually recoded the game to play on 16:9 ratio. It's not an emulation. They reverse engineered the master system code and rebuilt the game. You can't play this game on emulation without things being stretched on 16:9.

>> No.3913573

>one of the best 8-bit games ever

Absolutely. It's a damn shame the Master System wasn't a bigger success. It was a fine piece of hardware with so many underappreciated games. I remember showing off Wonderboy III to my friends when I was a kid and they were completely blown away by it.

>> No.3913603

its one of my favourite games of all time. the new artwork isnt bad but it does look like a flash game. I kinda wish they had just done a 16 bit style version with better animation & particle effects.

>> No.3913629

>I kinda wish they had just done a 16 bit style version

They'd get crucified if they tried pixel art as well. Doesn't matter what they do, people will find some reason to hate it.

>> No.3913654

That's quite nice. I like the hand-drawn cartoon style environments, reminds me of something like The Curse of Monkey Island.

>> No.3913682

No. PC is lead. They just have to fix a few remaining bugs.
It will be more a few days after.

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Neat. I havent been on Newgrounds in a long time.

>> No.3914150

Looks awful.

>> No.3914157

explain which ones and why faggot

>> No.3915025

>anon the reason for using unity is an economic one.

>> No.3915082

Is this digital download only?

>> No.3915090

confirmed. Yes.

>> No.3915118

MT Framework
UbiArt Framework

They are much better optimized compared to compared to Unity

>> No.3915223

What does a 2D HD sprite game that doesn't "look like a flash game" look like?

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it's habbeding

>> No.3915764

le droped

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Yes, June 2017
Switch, PS4 and XBONE will get it April 18th

>> No.3915906

You say that like it's a bad thing

/co/ is a breeding ground for deviancy and bad things

>> No.3915916

Two things.

1: The tag is in French, the anon who posted the pic either got it from a French guy, is French himself, or is qubecian scum.
2: Tags are user-defined

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Dragon's trap started as dragon's trap you pleb.
Monster boy started as the homage game until some devs got interested.
The original wonderboy looks like a shitty phone app game.

>> No.3916143

>not getting the joke

>> No.3916357

Maybe using pixel art like some recent King of Fighters or drawings like Cuphead?

>> No.3916789


Your lack of taste and class is offensive to me.

>> No.3916795

Show me one fucking Flash game that looks like the OP picture.

This has got some artistry to it. The art work is quality, the colour scheme is beautiful and... it looks great.

The fuck is wrong with underage autists I'll never know

>> No.3916812

Why did they fuck up human design so much? Here >>3909914 he looks cool, determined, and so on.

>> No.3916815

Rayman Legends & Origins

>> No.3916831

It's a meme

>> No.3916856

Neither of which were made in Flash, they were using mesh-deformed raster sprites with their own engine.

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/vr hates it. Before it's even releasd. What a shocker.

>> No.3918403

>he lists software that's used by AAA companies and we're not allowed to touch

way to go, retard.

>> No.3918426

THIS looks like shit

this does not. Although im not the biggest fan of the style, but it looks nice, is there any videos? animation means a lot.

odin sphere and other vanillaware games are top tier 2D animation IMO. That's the only non pixel style i can accept. This really look too "app-ish"

>> No.3918520

Pathetic. Try acting like an adult to defend your opinion next time.

>> No.3918537

there's more than just "pixelated" and "not pixelated"
I can't put my finger on it but something about this art style makes most of it look like paper cutouts instead integrated, lively objects

>> No.3918868

I can dislike whatever I want. I don't need to play the game to think a screenshot is ugly. Just my opinion. Doesn't have to affect your opinion.

>> No.3919260

You haven't refuted anything I posted

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>Maplestory looks like they ripped of Wonderboy
>"luls deez fucks be copying from Maplestory!"

>> No.3919396

You really are retarded.

>haha game engine sucks

I don't say this often, but kill yourself. Seriously. Go die.

>> No.3919427


>> No.3919432

Nigger I already said that Unity is unoptimized shit, that only makes games more bloated.

>> No.3919483

>Be really excited about this shit
>Release date: April 18th
>That's my fucking birthday
>PS4, Switch, Xbone
>No PC until later date


>> No.3919616

>vague statement
In what ways is it considered optimized? Please, enlighten us all. Go ahead.

>> No.3919623

>no Vita port
no thanks

>> No.3919641

Well for a 2D game it wouldn't really matter, but for 3D games Unity somehow isn't coded very well, the engines I posted earlier are better coded as evidenced by a lot of the games that use those engines and get high frame rates on lower end systems compared to games that use Unity.

>> No.3919772

>somehow isn't coded very well
In other words, you don't know.

>as evidenced by a lot of the games that use those engines
Maybe it's the fault of the dev and not the engine. That can't be the case, though.

>> No.3919903

Fucking hell man, you should've just backed out of the thread.

>> No.3919932

They said it in a stream on Gamekultlive:
Pc version is the lead one, but still have a few bugs on some cards.

>> No.3919963

This really, perfect system for it.

>> No.3919971


>> No.3919997

They still said it'll come out on PC in June, so unless they'll have even more issues porting it on PC, we know when we'll get it

>> No.3920131

Just got done playing the Master System version for about 3 hours. Its a hassle how you manage the sub items and when you get to the sword using forms the sword sometimes blends in with the background making it hard to see the reach. That said, I really enjoyed how much I've played so far. Play mechanics are tight, you can actually feel the weight in your actions and the difficulty scales just right as you aquire more health and better equipment. I also like the force transformations, you never get to grow too attached to any one in particular but at the same time it gives an extra bit of variety to the gameplay to avoid feeling repetitious. I'm gonna keep playing this, this is like the first master system game I actually look forward to playing again, and then when the remake comes out I will have more than enough skill and knowledge to tackle it more easily.

>> No.3920136

I'd also imagine that they also want to properly account for those new AMD cpus too. Remember when Grim Fandango remastered came out? Hella pc builds couldn't get it working properly because Double Fine didn't do rigorous testing.

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File: 161 KB, 1200x675, C9NOg68XoAAq0eJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dick.

>> No.3920297

Nobody wants to be on /co/ long enough.

>> No.3920302

How is this not drawn? There's no tweening happening here.

>> No.3920321

I think the original post in that chain was replying to the "HURR DIS LOKS LIEK FLASH MOBILE GAME SHIT" faggots who show up every time there's a 2d art-style game about to be release.
Notice how none of them replied.

>> No.3920545

Looking good even if the character design is lacking.
But I still cannot understand why this remake is a thing.

What I really wanted to see remade are some of those obscure japanese RPGs like Burai that had nice art and atmosphere but are now dated as games.
Keep the artstyle and character designs, remake the games.

>> No.3920798

I'd rather have a translated version, why does everything today "need" to be remastered?

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What do you think of this video?

I know they look like the developers of ME Androgynous or Horizon, but after 5 minutes on the video I think they're pretty cool.

>> No.3921976

PC-E, obviously.

>> No.3922070

Because not every game has "aged" well. I mean, some had good character design, good art, good music, a good story but sucked as games. The systems weren't interesting, the battles were boring, but the idea was good. Some games were just good ideas, not good actually games.

Burai was just an example, but many untranslated japanese RPGs fit this.

To me those are the games that actually deserve a remake.

>> No.3922091

>But I still cannot understand why this remake is a thing.
It's a recognisable and popular title. It makes sense to remake it because people know it, know that it's good, and are far more likely to buy it than something obscure. From a business standpoint it's easily justifiable.

In an ideal world we'd get an untranslated game or something obscure, or something that had some rough edges that a remake could smooth out those edges, but we don't live in an ideal world.

Just look at it as people who otherwise wouldn't have touched it getting to enjoy a 1:1 gameplay remake of this game with a fresh coat of paint, and an option to use the original graphics.

>> No.3922332

>the female will transform


>> No.3922348

Why does everything today "need" a translation?

>> No.3922407
File: 128 KB, 581x443, Toon Link doesn't understand chinese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not everything needs a translation but there's a fair amount of games I'd like to be able to read what's going on.

>> No.3922475

Then the road you must take is obvious.

>> No.3922486

I ain't learnin nipponese dude. That's just insanity.

>> No.3922553

Hah, I know right, buddy? We have better things to do, like jack off, shitpost, read ______ cartoons and play ancient video games, w̶h̶o̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶i̶s̶e̶ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycUcANQJ2-o ?

>> No.3922582

Guess you don't really want to play those games.

>> No.3922591

I work and make doom mods, I ain't got time fo dat

>> No.3922608

Yes you do.

>> No.3922730

I will buy it on PC upon release.

>> No.3922783

here we go again

>> No.3923148

It's that fucking lazy western nu-cartoon style, which I absolutely hate.

>> No.3923162
File: 126 KB, 700x525, SLPS01990back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>water color aesthetic
You misspelled shitty and lazy digital art aesthetic.

>make objects have an expressive and free form.
Which is exactly what makes it looks like absolute shit.

>> No.3923227

That's why I wrote it between quotation marks, as games don't actually age but get dated as something that was passable in the past is later regarded as bad as it is surpassed.

>> No.3923445

I know, but why can't people just look at it for what it is and stop whining about it being dated? Comparing these kind of things are stupid.

>> No.3923913

You guys don't get it, do you? It didn't 'need' to be remastered. There was no big demand. The guy is just a nerd who wanted to remake the game by his own hands, and it just so happens it was done recently.


>> No.3924461

Doesn't look like something outta cal-arts though

>> No.3924794


>> No.3924802

He could be referring to it being a digital style of art rather than actually drawn on paper, but to go to that level for a video game is pretty damn absurd.

>> No.3924817

I thought so too, at first. It looks a lot better in motion.


>> No.3926647

It's recognizable and popular if you are European or Brazilian. Which it make sense because the game is developed by French people

>> No.3927660
File: 5 KB, 256x196, turma-da-monica-em-o-resgate-cena.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monica mode for brazil when?

>> No.3928956

No sprites, no love.

>pas de limonades, pas d'amour

>> No.3928984

still looks like a bad Worms map desu

>> No.3929545

You can switch back to the original graphics any time you want in the new version. It's one of the main features they've been promoting.

>> No.3929678

>this dumb nigga

>> No.3929702

Can you use the old graphics in widescreen?

>> No.3929764

Why no Android? I want it on Android. Gimme Android version.

>> No.3929780

But seriously, there is no sense of wonder coming from flash-style 2D.

Even if it's well done, it just doesn't feel right for traditional 2D fighting games or platformers.

>> No.3929830
File: 130 KB, 1040x585, dragontrap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3929851

you can switch to old and new graphics and audio on the go
no pause needed, no menu selection needed. just push the appropriate button

>> No.3930036

Define "flash-style 2D", because what's in this game is regular-ass 2D hand-drawn animation.

>> No.3930052

It's hand drawn you goddamn numbskull

>> No.3930053

I mean it's not pixel art.

And it's wrong for this type of "flat game" that was developed with pixels in mind.

>> No.3930057

It's sort of the best you can do with hand-drawn animation without redesigning the game to not be tile-based.

>> No.3930126

No dude. When devices have homogenized to the extent that the only real difference between most people's hardware is what stupid high resolution they display at, everything has shifted away from bitmap graphics and moved towards scalable vector graphics, this is the result. Yeah, maybe an artist used a calligraphy tool with their drawing tablet, but everything has that flash look at the end of the day. I hate it. It looks cheap.

>> No.3930312

Have you heard of a game called cuphead by any chance?

>> No.3930368

So now that the game is out, is there an option to have the sms fm music? The pc engine musics?

>> No.3930382

There's an option for the FM music, no PC Engine option though unfortunately.

>> No.3930510


Not this guy >>3919641

But Unity is not well optimised in general, because it uses same libraries for different things that should have specialised libraries instead. This leads to suboptimal solutions being used in at least some part of a game no matter what game you are making.

It is especially so for 2D rendering which is in fact not a proper 2D, but a hack on top of 3D that uses 3D rendering libraries in non-trivial way - that makes it occupy much more RAM and use more processing power because 3D-optimised calculations are being used instead of simpler 2D ones.

Source code access that would allow one to bypass such limitations and use custom libraries in a defined scenario is significantly more expensive, so majority of Unity developers just don't bother.

Case in point: 2D games like Night in the Woods, Hollow Knight, Rain World etc. all have fairly simple 2D graphics, but have much higher recommended specs than they should, and have frame drops in scenarios with many sprites on screen with CPUs less than Core i5, while even i3 should have been sufficient.

Only time Unity produces well optimised game is in hands of subsidiary of a major company (Ori and the Blind Forest by MoonStudio of Microsoft, Grow Home by UbiSoft Reflections), because their holding company/publisher already have source code license.

>> No.3930514
File: 47 KB, 500x281, 4101142060_a83749b206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I prefer the looks and sounds of the original 8 bit master system version. Fuck this remake.

>> No.3930535

Now that the game's out, can anyone tell me if the WE5T 0NE 0000 000 code does the same as the original?

>> No.3930538
File: 177 KB, 691x300, LionManRunning01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is good to see you've adopted the Official /v/™ prejudices and diligently cultivate fear for our accepted cultural bogeymen. Keep this up and you'll be one of us before you know it.

>> No.3930560

His running animation changes depending on your currently equipped sword? If so that's fucking sweet

>> No.3930608

this has been confirmed since dev day one. All codes are cross-compatible

>> No.3930642

Isn't this game all bitmaps though?

>> No.3930676

Is that you, Weasel?

>> No.3930704

You're way off the mark there. I admire the guy though, he was a pioneer

>> No.3930936

How is Monster Land? Was thinking of playing it before Dragon's Trap since it links directly to it.

>> No.3930962
File: 33 KB, 304x356, retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hurr all 2d is flash-shit

>> No.3930964

I hope you like timers.

>> No.3931128

Dude the game has an option to let you play the original 8-bit graphics and sound. You can even mix the new graphics with the old sound if you want.

It's not just cheap emulation either, they literally reversed engineered the original Master System code.

Fucking thing looks pretty sweet, I might buy it.

>> No.3931142

I think you can play as 'WonderGirl' if that appeases you.

>> No.3931152

How bad? Is it actually worth playing?

>> No.3931161

Does she even have any name? It's kinda lame they just refer to her as "Wonder Girl" when the boy is named Bocke.

>> No.3931308

They don't call him that in-game though.
He's just Hu-Man and she's just Hu-Girl.
The only time WonderBoy/Girl shows up is the title screen. Unless there's some sort of digital manual on the Nintendo version which I don't own.
The only reference I've seen them make to the other games is mentioning that the "Boy" used to own a skateboard. Unless the pig or nurse have some sort of banter I haven't seen yet.

>> No.3931330

I doubt the people at DotEmu were even aware that the main character had a name.

>> No.3931363

Lizardcube. Dotemu just published it, mostly.
I'm pretty sure Omar is (it's how he got his alias), but they were also trying to keep the game mostly self-contained, which is why they also took out the monster world and the # (2, 3, or 4) elements.
I asked Ben Fiquet (the main art designer) on twitter if he had given Wondergirl/Hu-Girl pink hair as a reference to Purapril from Monster Lair, but he said that it was a coincidence. He mentioned that he didn't know about her, but he wished that he had when designing the Girl character. I'm guessing that he at least liked the design.
I don't know if Nishizawa remembered her much either, since he mentioned in an interview years ago that he'll often fiddle around with MAME and other emulators to remember stuff about games he even worked on. IIRC, he still remembers Asha, but he also pushed for her in the first place, so that's no surprise.
From the interviews and stuff that Omar had done with him, he was surprised that anyone had gone as far with looking into Dragon's Trap as Omar did. Omar also expressed a little disappointment when he asked Nishizawa if there were any other secrets he wasn't aware of, but was told, and I loosely paraphrase, "nope. you found them all."
I think because of that situation, that's why there's a few small extra areas added in the HD version.

>> No.3931393

And I'm sold on this game.

>> No.3931394

Since the game was literally reverse engineered, I wonder if some of the glitches were left in, it's be nice to speed run a remake abusing the glitches from back in the day.

The password system being cross platform between the original and the remake is also a very nice touch.

>> No.3931397
File: 47 KB, 335x256, she-man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's just Hu-Man and she's just Hu-Girl.

Well, at least it's not He-Man and She-Man.

>> No.3931409
File: 183 KB, 1094x724, Arnold Upscale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wasn't akira BD butchered also

I don't know about that, but FLCL Blu-ray was an actual DVD upscale, and then there's of course this classic.

>> No.3931473

Post melting chocolate man, you know which one

>> No.3931483

Bought this on Switch today as it's one of the games my family and I remember most. Though some of the new music is a bit off for me, I love the new animations and the 8-bit graphics/music/sound toggle (especially the gamma correction). Tried the old password from the original game manual, it still works and lets you play as Hu-Man with everything unlocked.

Short of being animated by Disney Animation themselves it couldn't look better imo, you can see the love poured into it.

>> No.3931484

Your bait is so pathetic i almost don't wanna reply, but it takes a really weak-sighted person such as yourself to not appreciate the work, technique and effort put into this game's art direction. I bet you don't even flinch before typing this kind of crap on a daily basis on 4chan.

I'll be buying this game not only for the sake of entertainment, but to sustain a piece of art that succeeds in preserving the essence of old school animation, and illustration as a whole.

I hope you continue to miss great experiences with this kind of mindset, for the rest of your petty life.

>> No.3931494

It's pretty sad that most people talking with their mouths full in these kind of threads won't take the time to search the amount of info you posted here, but will either way spill a bunch of empty statements like >>3931330 did.

It's really tiresome that threads relying on opinions derail so fast into ignorant bashing.

>> No.3931542
File: 176 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20170418_165855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3931590

when will they learn that grain isn't the enemy

>> No.3931594
File: 88 KB, 400x398, COVER-Dragons_Curse_US.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why didnt they remake the better version on the pcengine? Stupid sega fanboyz.

>> No.3931647

I like the new graphics, but old games in widescreen is my fetish.

>> No.3931667

I don't know why you had to single out my post when I'm just giving my own impression. It's not like everyone has time to scour every single developer's interview, especially when you're whining as much as I am and not following your own example and whining about people's opinions. If I'm wrong about something, just correct it like any other normal person.

>> No.3931668

three things that come to the top of my head about this game:

>why Hu-Girl's animal forms aren't female too with different sprites? this basically makes Hu-Girl mode POINTLESS!

>3 months is a shitload of time between the console and PC releases,

>hope someone rips the soundtrack soon, it kicks ass.

>> No.3931681

Yeah it's fun but no where near as good as WB3. if you're the type that likes sequels and prequels then that's a plus because the final boss in WB2 is the first boss in WB3, meaning that it is a direct continuation of WB2. Jump around to look for hidden shit WB rules apply

>> No.3931684

I know it's does the whole Symphony of the Night years before Symphony did. I was just wondering if it actually is worth playing. with it being more of a arcade type action platformer of that era.

>> No.3931692

It is if you like arcade type action platformers from that era. If it's not really your thing the game won't stand out.

>> No.3931730

A pretty cool feature they included was that their concept art gallery also includes videos of the musicians recording the game's OST. Some in groups, and some are just individual parts/instruments of the tracks.

>> No.3931737

I might check it out. Should I look up a guide on all the secrets or go blind. I know I should go blind but because of how games where back in the days the game will try to fuck me over because I didn't know about the secret door slightly to the left of the visible door or something like that. Tower of Druaga level of bullshit might have been fun back than but I just can't deal with it.

>> No.3931782

>ruined by hipsters
Fuck off. Just play the original. Nothing's "ruined". Get the fuck over yourself.

I still prefer the TG16 Dragon's Curse version, but this doesn't "ruin" anything just because muh sekrit videogames club has been infiltrated.

>> No.3931834
File: 50 KB, 600x493, ashas_hip_by_kamiomutsu-d5zh6k3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there will never be an American rerelease of MWIV

>> No.3931838

I thought there was? I could've sworn it got a digital release here.

>> No.3931996

MW4 did get a English NA virtual console release. You can download the rom 4 free.

>> No.3932030

it sounds like you know it looks gay as hell and want to play it anyway

some of the earlier posters might have not expressed why they didn't like it well but it at least looks very modern and idk why you would expect anyone to like it here

I don't like it either

>> No.3932031

Because that's the one most of them played.
And konami are assholes. Also, I think it would have been harder to get the rights to emulate NEC hardware stuff.
Lion-Man looks more like Tiger Man now anyways.

>> No.3932034

Play it once as far as you can, then play it with a guide. Not knowing where a lot of stuff is can fuck you over. Also, at least one of the shields is shittier than the one you buy before it, despite being more expensive.

>> No.3932213

Hard mode is kicking my ass. Goddamn.

>> No.3932224

I mean the pcengine ver is better just for the fact that it runs at 60fps compared to sms 30fps.

>> No.3932263
File: 220 KB, 517x310, 33c4dd21ef8cf90461931ba5d75ced23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will not say that this remake is a bad game
neither that the artstyle is bad
but i dont feel the graphics integrated at all
the animations stand out a lot in comparison with the backgrounds

vanillaware games have shitty animations but dont stand out

hope the game is fun but remember that pic related was made 26 years ago

>> No.3932279

Not sure if anyone has done this yet, but if you keep pressing the "graphics change" button you can eventually stop it in between HD and 8Bit. It doesn't really do anything, however, it does look really fucking neat.

That said, this game is fucking amazing and beautiful. Hard mode offers a pretty decent challenge, especially with the timer counting down your heart pieces.

>> No.3932303

Yeah, no shit. You obviously have no idea what actual flash game looks like.

>> No.3932354

IIRC there was one of the YouTube interviews with the people designing the game, they said she basically was pointless since you spend most of the game as animals anyway. Alternate colours or something would have been a nice touch, but likely all that would happen is a dragon with boobs.

>> No.3932386

Yeah I can see that. The game was design to suck up quarters. Can't really imagine a game like that being beatable unless you put hours of trail and error to see where all the secrets are.

>> No.3932426
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 2dd[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y-yeah how stupid would that have been

>> No.3932456

I knew that for generated passwords, however WE5T 0NE 0000 000 is a master code based off of the developer team's name "Westone Bit Entertainment"

It let you play as hu-man anywhere, although once you kill a dragon or use the transformation platforms you lose that. It gave you all the swords, shields and armours, decent amount of cash, some items, max hearts (but not full health). It also had hidden doors that aren't available through usual gameplay that would take you to the outside of each dragon's room.

As it's different from the generated passwords, I thought they may have changed it to not be based on Westone, maybe it doesn't work, or maybe it does other things.

>> No.3932460

>It also had hidden doors that aren't available through usual gameplay that would take you to the outside of each dragon's room.
Found out that these doors become available with 99 gemstones, so only the hu-man playability is something different.

>> No.3932464

Than why buy the remake?

>0,20 cents has been deposited

>> No.3932471

WE5T 0NE 0000 000 was literally the first confirmed working password.

>> No.3932494


How else would you get the new graphics?

>> No.3932502

So they admit it too, eh?

Then why fucking make it? If you werent gonna make the full work, then there was no reason to do this shit.

>> No.3932515


Does removing grain make EVERYONE look like a shop mannequin? >>3932471

>> No.3932523


I want to see this

>> No.3932926

>No dude.

yes dude. these are hand-drawn graphics, not vector graphics. you might as well complain that old cartoons look like flash animations.

>> No.3932976

But why would you if you don't care in the first place?

>> No.3933080

This. Looks like a 'freemium' mobile game.

>> No.3933105
File: 54 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20170419_004030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish they kept the characters right handed. When you look left they become left handed unlike the original, seems like an odd thing to miss considering the attention to detail.

Obviously this is meaningless and the only thing that matters is gameplay. They did that part perfectly. Extremely happy with this game

>> No.3933120
File: 3.97 MB, 5216x2934, IMG_20170419_1559011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expecting human form to last

>> No.3933139


hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it, but that's a really nice touch in the original. it think most games at the time just flipped the sprite.

>> No.3933428

the graphist litteraly said it "was too much work, because LOOK AT ALL THE FRAMES"

>> No.3934426

"2D HD looks like a flash game" is the new "60fps video look like cheap soap operas"

>> No.3934431

this game runs at 30fps tho

>> No.3934879


>looks gay as hell
whatever that means in any context regarding this game. 5th grade level criticism at it's best.

>why you would expect anyone to like it here
You're one of those anons who thinks there's a "we" unity in every board, that determines wether something is good or not, and this is sad. To think that there is a standard obeyed by an entire board is so hive minded.

But ironically, like most of "them", you didn't give any actual arguments to support your dislike, other than it "looking gay as hell".

>> No.3935015

Would be more interested if it was a new IP inspired by Dragon's Trap than a remake. Remakes make me want to go back and play the original and are difficult to judge and enjoy on their own merit.

>> No.3935049

>Go into the underground without Master Shield
>Get my shit fucked

But hey I got my password so I'm okay

>> No.3935061


the game plays exactly like the original, and you can switch between new and old graphics/music.

there's also ''monster boy and the cursed kingdom'' coming later this year.

>> No.3935157

shit taste weeb

>> No.3935352

I'm impressed with the level of commitment to the original. You can even do the Tasmanian sword transformation trick (with a single controller).

Charm stones serve a new purpose, they appear to be secret rewards for clearing brand new challenge areas dubbed "The Unknown", and appear to be needed for a new bit of equipment that costs 2017 gold.

>> No.3935404

>Charm stones appear to be secret rewards for clearing brand new challenge areas dubbed "The Unknown"
I hope this doesn't interfere with the intended amount of charm stones you should have while progressing normally.
I mean, you could always farm for stones, but the chance with which they drop normally was well balanced so to almost never find yourself owning way more than needed, and sometimes you had to farm for them a bit.
If it suddenly became much easier to get enough charm stones, the whole game would be a tad bit easier

>> No.3935418

Looks like it's already been in some baby's diaper's, gump.

>> No.3935427

They're vector graphics, tard. Hand-drawn vector graphics. Vector graphics are good in themselves and superior to raster graphics. The problem is that the hand-drawing itself is ass and looks like dump.

>> No.3935510

It looks/sounds pretty, but I'm not paying that much.

>> No.3935630

The game itself is great, it doesn't just look/sound pretty, and It's cheap as fuck you shit

Considering how this is a prime example on how a remake should be made(literally looking at the code of the original, recreating every single aspect, even the maths on how items are dropped and so on), it should cost more.

>> No.3935675

I'm honestly really liking it. Only early on (First form and 3 hearts) on Hard. The only issue with Hard mode is that it's really all base on how many heart drops you can get. If nothing drops for a good while than you go right back into town.

>> No.3935698

How do you do the Tasmanian sword trick with one controller tried using two joycon as two separate controllers and that didn't work

>> No.3935705


>> No.3935732
File: 122 KB, 1280x1048, IMG_20170420_214049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really odd for how much effort they put in otherwise

>> No.3935742
File: 3.91 MB, 5216x2934, IMG_20170420_2149475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No just keep jumping around every replay you'll probably die a bit getting used to the timer and through that you should find everything you need. It's beatable without a guide and a fair portion of the fun is finding the secrets so i guess take that as you will.

>> No.3935750

i know this game, i know that you use hu-man for like 5 minutes only during the entirety of the game.

the point is that theres no reason to make an alternate hero if you are gonna use the sprites of said alternate hero for just those mere 5 minutes.

if they would have made alternate versions of the animal forms, then, and ONLY then,Wondergirl mode would have been a good idea, but since the animal forms are still male, then Wondergirl mode is a stupid waste of time, end of story.

>> No.3935757
File: 393 KB, 611x607, 1462598377009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man, OP getting blasted right from the start and getting mad at each individual opinion was great.

But yeah, looks like some pennyarcade 2003 flash game

>> No.3935760

Lizard would look the same
Mouse would look the same
Fish would look the same
Bird wild be uglier as female birds are ugly in comparison to their make counterparts by in large and hawks are no exception
Lion would lose mane
Regardless of all this I can't see an argument for "lack" when what they did was add. Did they not add enough for your taste? Perhaps. Also I don't see the "they could have done more" argument unless you were an investor pre release with promises that ended up unfulfilled. "female mode all characters are female" was never promised, a female human was.

>> No.3935772

Cool. What version would you say is the way to play it?

>> No.3935856

Imagine seeing Little Samson in this art style. That would be fucking heavenly.

>> No.3935867

Meh the gameplay ain't that great, it's just a megaman clone with multiple characters.

>> No.3935884

shit taste how? i've never seen better looking 2d games. Prove me wrong faggot

>> No.3935893

It's just vectorized art assets motion tweening around. Literally look like a flash animation.

>> No.3935918

Not him, but while the art itself is very good, this very game this thread is about is miles better in terms of animation, vanillaware animation in games is literally what this anon said >>3935893 and it looks like ass.

>> No.3936030

>foreground artist

all the art was made by one guy.

they are clearly not vector graphics. you might be able to argue that the sprites are, but even they have way too much detail for it to make sense to do them as vectors.

>> No.3936064
File: 45 KB, 560x582, 1475379271412.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we talk about how good the music of the wonder boy series is? and how certain tunes and sound effects keep returning in some way?

https://youtu.be/OdMrsj4Ot2g FM version for those who want it

This is such a good series, goddamn

>> No.3936084

If it looks like an apple, I'm calling it a fucking apple.

>> No.3936090

right. but it doesn't. you just don't know what you're talking about. tard.

>> No.3936105


>> No.3936120

and i'm telling you, this doesn't look like vector graphics. at all.

>> No.3936123

What is with all the negativity?

The art style is breathtaking! It's got character and it's well drawn. Having an organic style to contrast the pixel art and being able to switch between them is genius. Everyone I've shown this game to has fallen in love with it.

>> No.3936132

I'm saying it does, faggot, it looks like flash garbage like my shit when I'm sick

>> No.3936134

Are you 12?

>> No.3936136

It's a meme. /v/ is here

>> No.3936145


and that's why i'm telling you that you don't know what your talking about. vector graphics has clean lines and flat colors or gradients. this game has outlines that look like pencil drawings and the coloration looks like watercolor. if you can't tell the difference, that's your problem.

>> No.3936204
File: 64 KB, 564x698, fish man murder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Overall the game is pretty straightforward and easy. I died a few times on expert but I just beat the ninja place with the lion guy 2 hours in. While the level design is linear and there aren't a ton of secrets, it rewards exploration so well that it keeps you playing. The secrets are intuitive with nice hints, simple, but much better than nothing. There aren't a ton of them in the game but they're fun as hell to find.

I strongly prefer the new art style. Switching back to it after trying the SMS graphics for awhile is a satisfying relief, in the same way that breathing under a blanket makes you appreciate fresh air. I like retro aesthetics but the original game is not nice to look at in most places, especially the mouse and lion. Actually, all of the character designs look a hell of a lot fucking better! SMS has better colors than the NES but the games never impressed me much with their execution.

Musically, both are excellent. The SMS music is always fast and upbeat with a 2/4 snare drum hit. The new stuff doesn't always match, which can be good or bad. The sunken ship remix is slow and groggy, almost incomprehensible, but the added diversity of musical styles is an improvement.

My favorite remixed song is in the part with the mouse and the blue balls and shitting clouds leading to the maze fortress thing (first time playing, I don't know the game by heart yet). I'm a huge sucker for glockenspiel.

Favorite character is the piranha man

>> No.3936234

I agree that it's a notch above straight vector graphics, but it still looks too much like a flash game. that's not anyone's problem really. if you like it good for you. some of us don't, jeez. why waste your time arguing?

>> No.3936242

the original game had some of the most creative pixel art work gaming has ever seen. westone managed to create expressive, vibrant, unique characters. the new look shits all over that. it's fine if you like it, but ignoring the value of the original work and arguing the new look is comparable in quality to nishizawa's genius is, well, questionable. I still respect your right to voice any kind of opinions, because even if I find them worthless, I'm sure you as a human being carry some manner of worth and that's respectable.

>> No.3936254


i wasn't even arguing about the quality of the graphics. the guy called me a tard for pointing out that they aren't vector graphics, because he thought they were. i corrected him. that's all.

>> No.3936257

Oh, one more thing. I found the level design and controls unusually archaic considering that Mario 3 was released a year before, and Metroid 3 years before. The open world thing is cool but it's mostly just straight flat paths, even in the dungeons.

Not nearly as bad as comparing Dragon Quest to Ultima 4, though

I'm having fun playing through it but I can't help but think are good reasons why SMS never took hold in places that didn't cling to it out of necessity.

>> No.3936296

I like how you think having a negative opinion on some guy's pixel art in a video game for children puts my humanity into question. Or, you're some level of crazy where that sort of thing is a factor in how you perceive humanity. Crazy.

Anyway, the pixel art is OK. Not genius. Maybe Japanese people in the 80s thought it was genius but they're overly passionate weirdos who developed an art genre based on ripping off Mickey Mouse cartoons 50 years later.

>> No.3936323

Wait, I never even said anything bad about the original pixel art in my original, you fucker!

Yeah, it's kinda bad. Suck it.

Castlevania fucking 3 came out the same year on a system with inferior graphics and it looks much better in my opinion, but I'm not gonna have a fucking existential crisis over you not liking it, or suck off the Japanese guy who did the pixel art

>> No.3936346

>Wait, I never even said anything bad about the original pixel art in my original, you fucker!

haha :) thanks for talking trash with me for a while. I concede all your points. have a nice day/night/whatever

>> No.3936358

Th-thanks, senpai


>> No.3936516

>I found the level design and controls unusually archaic considering that Mario 3 was released a year before, and Metroid 3 years before
To be honest, I don't think it's fair to compare a high jumping platformer like mario and an action shooter exploration game like metroid to a game that is basically an action rpg with small platformer elements and a small bit of exploration.
The controls and level design in the games you mentioned are built around entirely different concepts and goals than the ones in wonder boy.
People call WB one of the first metroidvaina like games, but it's only due to its bit of exploration and first experiments with equipments/stats outside of a pure rpg, other than that it has really little to do with metroidvania games.

>> No.3936539

>Given that WBIII came out towards the end of the console’s life
It came out in 1989. The Master System was supported until 1996, even if you discount Brazil. So how is 1989 towards the end of the Master System's life?

>> No.3936636

>I ignore negative posts because they don't agree with me

>> No.3937165

The only thing that annoys me is that I have to wait til June. I think this shit looks fucking great. I wish Lizardcube keeps pumping out remade sega master system games, since they're my childhood. Imagine if this fucker announces something like Kenseiden. Holy fuck

>> No.3937189

at least he's not complaining there's only 2 genders

>> No.3937226

How about instead of remaking games they actually make an original game themselves?

>> No.3937234

How about you make an original game and let them handle their own business lol

>> No.3937347
File: 58 KB, 441x361, 1321491782010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>misclick on /v/
>See a wonderboy thread
>OP's complaining the original game's full of bad game design
>do you get to play as all those furry cuties?
>what is this furry shit and why isn't this thread already moved to /trash/?

Basically I just want to say I love you, /vr/.

>> No.3937862

I thought of the same thing when I saw this. the handrawn style just makes the game look SO good

>> No.3937872

Charm stones are basically a key to unlock a new "final sword" now. They don't work at all like they used to, and all equipment purchase options are unlocked by default. Not that it matters because at the time you try to buy them, you won't have enough money and, IIRC, some of them don't give bonuses to some characters anyways (I know the Lion-Man's Master Armor you can buy early on gives +0 defense to Lizard/Dragon-Man, but IIRC, it was always like that right?).
Also, you can't teleport back to town anymore, but it's not like that was really that useful anyways.

>> No.3937875

>it has really little to do with metroidvania games.
Given all the exploration cockblocks you see early on, I'd argue it has a lot to do with them, or at least how they a majority turned out in practice.

>> No.3937917

You completely ignored how the entire sentence mentioned the exploration part, and said "other than that", so yes, the exploration part of it(which includes the cockblocks) has to do with metroidvanias, but that was implied in the portion of the sentence you deliberately ignored.

>inb4 I didn't ignore it
If you didn't, your post makes no sense.

>Charm stones don't work at all like they used to, and all equipment purchase options are unlocked by default
Did you play easy mode?
Cause playing normal they work as they always have, a couple of times I couldn't buy an equipment due to missing charm stones.
>Not that it matters because at the time you try to buy them, you won't have enough money
I really have no idea how you are playing this game cause that rarely happened to me and I didn't farm money, and when it does happen it takes just a tin bit amount of farming, one time i was short by less than 10 coins.

>you can't teleport back to town anymore
That was only possible in the game gear version, where charm stones were entirely replaced by teleport stones.

>> No.3937927

I don't have the game yet, but is anyone interested in testing some passwords which made the original game freeze/glitch to see what happens?

>> No.3937952

>inb4 I didn't ignore it
I ignored it on purpose because I just wanted to make a half-hearted aside on how I can't fucking stand how some metroidvanias do roadblocks in some really shitty ways.
One of the most common cases in games being a platform being a tiny few pixels out of reach making you have to get the double jump.
Nothing serious.

>Did you play easy mode?
No, hard. "Normal" charm stones like in the SMS version (and not the new ones found in the secret 2017 version areas) don't even seem to show up.
>I really have no idea how you are playing this game cause that rarely happened to me and I didn't farm money,
I'm talking about way early on.
Like you can't buy the Lion-Man gear (which is roughly 1980 gold, IIRC) during Lizard-Man's segment because you're getting pocket change from early enemies. I mean, you -could-, but it'd take a long time.
>That was only possible in the game gear version, where charm stones were entirely replaced by teleport stones.
Oh man, I could have swore that you could in the SMS with a second controller or something.

>> No.3937995

Playing through the remake, or whatever. How the hell do you get through daimyo castle? I found the rest of the game to be piss easy, but this cave is wrecking me

>> No.3938029

>How the hell do you get through daimyo castle? I found the rest of the game to be piss easy, but this cave is wrecking me
What exactly are you having a hard time with?

>> No.3938054

I can only seem to get a screen or two past the one with the floating rock cube things.

Pretty sure it's a combination of me needing to get good at the game, and me needing to get more medicine.

>> No.3938058

>me needing to get more medicine
If by medicine you mean the one that refills your life when you die, you should hardly need it through the entire game, it's really just an extreme life saver in really rare occasion where you fuck up.

Anyway, what equipment do you have?
Both equipped and available

>> No.3938094

Yeah, I mean the thing that refills your life after you die. Up until now, I've really only needed to use it because I wasn't paying attention 100%

Asfor equipment I have, I have the following (an asterisk next to what I have currently equipped )

>muramasa *

>master *

>shogun *

>> No.3938105

Sheila = sheild

>> No.3938109

Wait, do the gemstones even do anything in the remake? I only have 3 on Normal mode.

>> No.3938130
File: 99 KB, 600x654, 30b7e4722caa5ac9a79e662cef2abc9a-dam1m93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wonderboy was turned into a mouse, so what did he do? He went into a dungeon and killed an undead dragon! AS A FUCKING MOUSE! Mouse guard? Redwall? Eat your heart out!

art by http://drachenmagier.deviantart.com/

>> No.3938354

i tried some passwords from this page: http://www.smspower.org/uploads/Cheats/WonderBoyIII-SMS-passwords.html

the "freeze game" passwords don't work (just makes "invalid password" sound), the "silent door" passwords do work, but the doors aren't silent, and you don't become invisible.

>> No.3938387

The passwords were literally just memory access codes(this is proven by the money thing where once you load a password, you have a slightly different amount of money than when you were given the password), so i wonder if they reworked the memory access but keeping the same alphanumeric entries associated to the same effect in game, or if they changed nothing and just disabled access to known problematic values(freeze) and fixed the glitchy(silent) ones

>> No.3939239

If you forget to get the Master Shield from the shop in the beach hut, you'll have a bad time in Daimyo castle. I sure did.

>> No.3939292

Call me when monster world iv

>> No.3939567

Read >>3938094
He has the master shield and he has it equipped.

>> No.3939623

>drawing on actual paper is now seen as absurd effort

Just kill me now.

But yes, I was referring to that generic, godawful, obviously digital look. A good artist can easily make digital art that looks much more like it was created using real paint and paper though.

>> No.3939637

It looks like a flash game because the art style is generic deviant-art tier trash and because the animation is lacking in frames so it looks choppy as hell.

I would love a hand drawn 2D sidescroller with butter smooth animation but this remake isn't that.

>> No.3940558


What flash games look like this?

>> No.3940730

protip: if they're saying the dragon's trap looks like a flash game, they're being a meme shitter, possibly a samefag too.
The cursed kingdom game on the other hand, jesus christ that one looks bad.

>> No.3940821
File: 148 KB, 500x375, 56095738_15d318e0141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the other fag, but man, even though Cursed Kingdom's animation is iffy, I still like what they've been showing so far.
I just kinda wish they had used a less candy-like color palette. Maybe something like the animated intros they've shown.
He finally got a piece of the pie.

>> No.3940920

>I would love a hand drawn 2D sidescroller with butter smooth animation but this remake isn't that.

considering that the game plays exactly like the original (which is how it should be imo), and the new animation had to match up with the old, the animator had limited frames to work with, and did a pretty amazing job within those confines.

>> No.3941786
File: 86 KB, 1197x903, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.32.43 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3941787
File: 90 KB, 1188x896, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.32.13 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3941791
File: 88 KB, 1195x895, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.30.10 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3941796
File: 98 KB, 1435x804, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.29.25 PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3941807

I don't see a resemblance.

>> No.3941823


>> No.3941846


the backgrounds here is just hand painted 2d graphics. that's not the typical flash look. what's your point? that any game with hand painted 2d graphics looks a flash game, because some flash games have hand painted 2d graphics?

>> No.3941849

Found the blind dipshit

>> No.3941864

Yes, idiot, shitty digital art (hand painted 2d graphics lol - what fucking painting isn't hand painted, you paint shit with your foot?) looks like shitty digital art. That was my point all along. The remake uses shitty digital art assets, flash games also use shitty digital art assets. Thus this remake looks like a flash game. Do you get it now?

>> No.3941874

Don't sprite based games use digital art assets?

>> No.3941875

>Do you get it now?

yeah, i get it. you're retarded.

>> No.3941881

Not an argument

>> No.3941886

I'm not arguing, just making a statement, I don't argue with hotheads.

>> No.3941891

>I don't argue with people smarter than me

>> No.3941892

You're the retard who likes and defends shitty art.

>> No.3941904

Every video game technically uses "digital art" but the term is understood to mean art created with photoshop, corel draw or some similar program as opposed to art created on paper or canvas with real paint.

>> No.3941905


except i'm not. i don't give a shit what you think of the art in the game. i'm saying that it doesn't have the typical flash look (i.e. vector graphics).

>> No.3941912

Vector graphics are only typical for the moving parts of flash games, backgrounds are frequently shitty digital paintings.

>> No.3941929


i don't know what's typical in flash games, but most well known games with flash graphics, like super meat boy and castle crashers, are pretty much all vectors. digitally painted graphics have been common in game long before flash appeared, vector graphics was uncommon, and has become associated with flash. whether the assets are shitty or not has nothing to do with it.

>> No.3943847

It looks ugly as fuck and you are the reason why this kind of shitty aesthetic is popular these days.

>> No.3943857

This image certainly looks better than the other.

>> No.3943860

Finally got to play that game; damn that ost is good

>> No.3944098


oh shit, i'm sure he regrets being the kind of person who likes a certain kind of aesthetic, now that the aesthetic he likes has become popular.

>> No.3945285


It's playable with original music, sound effects, and graphics, and the devs DECOMPILED the entire master system game just to make sure the game was properly faithful to the original. I don't really know what else you'd like out of something like that. The game is even compatible with passwords from the original master system game.

>> No.3945290

It's out on switch

>> No.3945298

So how do you do it

>> No.3945641

Did i say he should regret it?

>> No.3945653

>has some kind of chromatic aberration type effect going on
>in 2d

wow, I have discovered a new way to actually hate something more than I knew possible

>> No.3946472

Outside of the character sprite, most everything looks like a cheap flash game

>> No.3946763

Only post in here worth a damn

>> No.3946774

>indie games
>2d digital only remasters
>$20 or more
Not even once.

>> No.3947637

Jesus fuck you 'flash game' guys must be clinically retarded or something.

>> No.3947675

not the guy you're replying to, but most unity games, especially 3d ones, use up a lot of CPU and GPU without need. My PC runs overwatch without trouble, but if trying to play Chaos Reborn, Sanjiten, or any other random unity game, I get overheating issues sometimes to the point of shutdown. In a moderately old laptop or less powerful computer, Unity games can be unplayable despite not looking that good in the first place (you probably don't notice it if you have a high-end PC).

>> No.3947682

Thats because Unity is designed to be multiplat and portable. Its bloated & unoptimized as fuck.

>> No.3947808

It's a meme.

>> No.3947813

>but most unity games, especially 3d ones, use up a lot of CPU and GPU without need

years and years ago. Isn't the same case now. You're blaming poor development on the engine when it's actually how the developers used it. Unity is absolutely fine now, see things like Subnautica.

>> No.3947991

Bought the game, it looks gorgeous btw.

>> No.3948085

Idk probably the arcade. If you're emulating then arcade. If not wherever you can get it for

>> No.3948107

looks cute desu

I'll probably buy it on sale. I like meme games

hope they don't make it easier for "accessibility"

>> No.3948204

play hard mode. your hearts have a timer and decrease every 25 seconds or so.

>> No.3948296

There's 3 difficulty modes. So I even introduced my daughter to it using the easy mode. She loves it.

>> No.3948313
File: 282 KB, 753x927, wot n retardation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>timer health
that shit could fuck off in monster land and it can fuck off now

I never actually played Dragon's Trap. I'm wondering if it'd be worth it to get a physical copy of the real thing, or just wait for this to drop on PC

>> No.3948319

The main issue is really at the start since you have to little heath. And it's pretty much RNG if you can get a enemy to drop a heart so you won't die. But once you have more than 3 hearts and don't take nearly as much damage the game feels way more balanced and actually enjoyable personally. Since there is a challenge to it but the barrier at the start is an annoying one.

>> No.3948321

Honestly, I don't want to sound like a shill but get this remake. You can play with the old graphics and sound if you want. There's quite clearly been a lot of love put into this.

>> No.3948415

it's still shit for 2d games because it doesn't actually do 2d, just 3d on a 2d plane

>> No.3948425

>Unity is still shit for 2D, but not 3D
3D Unity has some of the worst native lighting systems of any engine out there. Unity 3D is one of those engines I can spot visually from a mile away.

2D is trash too, but I don't think 3D gets enough flak.

>> No.3949112

Does the Hades armor glitch still work

>> No.3949846

Nope. They patched that fucker.

>> No.3949875

They're trying to get a physical version, but no luck yet. Regrettably, they said there's a lot of hoops to jump through to actually get one, as well as consideration on which consoles even get it, along with to what extent of a supply.

They can't even sell a soundtrack of the songs they did on their own because the melodies are legally owned by the original copyright holders, so they would have to go through all the legal approval processes, assuming they even get approval to begin with, since they could just say "no CDs, no digital soundtrack". I don't know if they are allowed to do a digital artbook yet or not, but I know that they said that they're taking a brief break for now before they do literally anything yet.

They also said they don't know all of the sales numbers between consoles, however they are glad to know that it is one of the better selling games on the Switch, due to the fact that switch doesn't have a lot of games on it right now.

Their next priority is making sure that Dragon's Trap HD works on a variety of different setups before they release it onto PC. After that, they are not sure what they plan to do just yet, but they are curious about what people hope for them to try, be it an original game or possibly another revamp of an older game such as maybe Kid Chameleon.

Also, for the curious, they said that they did not get to contact Konami (though they did not specify if it was because they were unable to or just flat-out did not want to even try to deal with Konami's bullshit (who can blame them)) to utilize the Hudson stuff for Dragon's Curse (or what I assume anything else).

Also, one of the more notable reasons Wonder-Girl exists is because in the very early days of the project (not sure how far back, since he wanted to do WB for years), Omar wasn't sure if he'd be able to get the IP originally, so he was considering to use her for some original project if he couldn't. I don't know if he actually has a name for her though.

>> No.3950028

After really enjoying Monster World IV I want to get into the rest of this series, but the number of ports, remakes, and alternative versions is overwhelming.

From what I can tell, the versions to play are:
>Wonder Boy
>Monster Land
>Monster Lair
>Dragon's Trap
PCE or remake
MD (obviously)

Is this right?

>> No.3950285
File: 6 KB, 320x157, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Wonderboy chronology is an absolute fucking mess.

>> No.3950931
File: 516 KB, 1280x1600, wonder-boy-lineage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude down go down that road I'm begging you.

>> No.3950985

>Monster Lair

>> No.3952279

>they are glad to know that it is one of the better selling games on the Switch

The switch is the perfect platform for a game like this.

>> No.3953075

I agreed with you, up until 5 seconds ago when I looked at the game in motion.
It does the whole Ed-Edd-&-Eddy thing with the outlines which makes an alarming amount of difference.

>> No.3953282

I'm not sure how I feel about the Dragon's Trap art style honestly. Own it and beat it on Switch, but honestly I think I found myself playing in Retro mode like 90% of the time.

There is a big problem with the art style and it's that the back and foreground often literally block gameplay. Good example is the temple gate on the Japan level, Ninja's will often be blocked literally from view from a pole in the gate. Lava level as well, burnt bushes in the front will block the guys shooting fireballs up.

Another one is that it's sometimes hard to tell environment apart from effects or objects in the world, Shogun Dragon is a good example, where I literally had to play in Retro mode, because in full mode, his attack projectiles just camoflaged into the background.

I'm with others though that the artstyle seems... rushed? It's nice looking, but it still looks like pretty basic digital art done in photoshop. Also critical of the sprite animations in the modern version as well. For example, the Djinns when hit in the retro version, do this really funny damage animation, but in the modern version, they just flash.

>> No.3953292
File: 129 KB, 992x768, alex02B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alex Kidd remake when?

>> No.3953467

they could probably get it done on PS4 at the very least if they partner with Limited Run.

>> No.3953523

>>Monster Land
No, get the arcade version on Wii Virtual Console or MAME.

>> No.3953548

Going to do a replay thru the original to hype for the remake.

love this game and more games need to be like this.

doesnt hurt my love due to playing thru it blind first time.

>> No.3953569

Cool. Is the VC version pretty accurate, then? If all else is equal, that would probably be easier for me to deal with.

>> No.3954951

Would buy this.

>> No.3955648

So from the anons who bought this remake, is it worth it? I'm on the fence. Does it have a save function?

>> No.3958237

Shame it's so fucking ugly.

>> No.3958579

The remake of retro games started in the early 2000s. Not dropping any names but it began with handhelds.

>> No.3960582

IIRC, jump and while in mid-air press Up and Attack at same time.

>> No.3960604

can you point me to where he said that? that is some shit

>> No.3961172

It looks like flash animation faggot. This literally who game should have stayed lost, it looks like pure cancer.

>> No.3961179

Its not just a meme. It unironically looks like shitty flash animation form the early 2000's/ or some shitter smartphone "game".

Have fun killing video games kids, you are doing a bang up job!

>> No.3963220


I just bought 3 copies of the game for me and my friends and donated to the developers in your name because you're such a whiny faggot.

>> No.3963552

>literally who game

Spot the Ameritard.

>> No.3965056


opinion discarded

>> No.3965998

I'm more inclined to say the music arrangements are better

>> No.3967207

I take it this remake runs at 60fps, right?

>> No.3967237

I dont know. For sure the animations are no more than 24fps. Its probably 30fps like the sms original but I could be wrong I havent played the remake.

>> No.3969172
File: 89 KB, 910x564, pf2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This literally who game should have stayed lost
>literally who game

I actually feel sad for American kids who grew up with nothing but NES. You seriously missed out on so many great games.

>> No.3969210


hey, psycho fox. loved that as a kid. it sucks.

>> No.3969249
File: 9 KB, 300x222, 1490918154386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3969847
File: 1.91 MB, 360x203, kill everyone.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game is really good looking and the redone music and sfx are really nice as well. I don't understand the hate.

>> No.3969853

i really hate updated platformers that use this kind of art style but then keep the stupid blocks as just floating blocks. At least be creative with it. Create a fence or ledge or treetop or something to walk on.

That being said, I don't mind this look on the TV for whatever reason. When I'm playing handheld on the Switch though I always play it in retro mode.

>> No.3969942

If it's not pixel art and the art style it's not anime, then it's bad.

And I happen to agree.

>> No.3970036

Guess this is the best outcome. Basic emulation for people that want the original look but also having a modern look to switch to if you are the type of person that pixel art somehow turns you off.

>> No.3970043

It's just weird looking. It looks like a phone game.

>> No.3970083
File: 63 KB, 680x453, 1490667817643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What mobile games are you playing?

>> No.3971734


>> No.3972369

It really isn't. The game is anything but ugly. Fuck sake.

>> No.3972697

People have different tastes. At least you get to play the original, but this is probably people who have never even played the game and just like to complain.

>> No.3973473

I understand the game has retained the password system as a neat little touch.

But can you actually just SAVE the game properly?

>> No.3973483


Mostly this. The style isn't my cup of tea but i can't say it looks bad.

>> No.3974254

Devs confirmed the remake runs at 60fps both in new and old graphic styles

>> No.3974719
File: 153 KB, 1200x675, C_LWHLIV0AAN8Lw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here. Finally got around to buying the game on Switch to check it out.

I'm going to sound like shill dildo but it's really fuckong great. This was one of my favourite games as a kid and there has clearly been a lot of love poured into this remake.

Also, the game looks gorgeous. I don't get the hate.

>> No.3974854

When there's stuff like Vanillaware games this just looks like dogshit in comparison

>> No.3974916

it plays, looks and sounds like your typical indy game, original is better

>> No.3975059

You do realize that every single element of the "play" is identical to the original, right?

>> No.3975639


it's doesn't look or sound anything like a typical indie game either.

the art is made by a professional cartoonist, and made to look like a classic cartoon/comic book

and it has an orchestral score

you think this is typical for indie games? you people are so full of shit.

>> No.3975671

Don't fall for their shitty bait. They can't back up anything they can say so they're just memeing it up

>> No.3975712

All i'm hoping for is it adds an option to remove limited continues.

>> No.3975736

>you think this is typical for indie games?
>and it has an orchestral score
>the art is made by a professional cartoonist, and made to look like a classic cartoon/comic book
it looks like a generic french fantasy comic, also orchestral remixing of the orginal soundtrack is only something hipsters/indie fags want.

>you people are so full of shit
>you people
If you don't like that everyone agrees with you maybe you should go to Reddit

>> No.3975757

>it looks like a generic french fantasy comic

and that's what typical indie games look like?

>orchestral remixing of the orginal soundtrack is only something hipsters/indie fags want

and that's what typical indie games sound like?

>If you don't like that everyone agrees with you maybe you should go to Reddit

i do like that everyone agrees with me. the consensus is that the graphics and music are wonderfully done. by "you people", i meant the contrarians shitting on it, without offering up any real arguments for why they are bad.

>> No.3975778

>and that's what typical indie games look like?
like a flash game

>and that's what typical indie games sound like?

>i do like that everyone agrees with me. the consensus is that the graphics and music are wonderfully done. by "you people", i meant the contrarians shitting on it, without offering up any real arguments for why they are bad.
>on a here
besides I gave my arguments, it doesn't look better it certainly sounds more boring and they shouldn't have a gave the option for selecting a protag. But fine stick up your own little click, if I were you I would go shill some more on Reddit because than you can just shoo the wrong contrarians away in your safe space.

>> No.3975783


i couldn't care less if you personally like it. your arguments were retarded, so i refuted them.

>> No.3976050
File: 57 KB, 500x667, ObiWanHS-SWE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have to be a particularly miserable joyless cunt not to think think this game looks great. This remake is clearly a labour of love for the dev team and not some soulless cash-in. That alone is enough for my respect. Would you really want live in a world where retro classics aren't celebrated in this way? Fuck sake.

>> No.3976139

How much do you get payed?

>> No.3976229

im stuck and bored. i unlocked the mouse man but it seems like i need to change back to the lizard man to move on. how the shit do you change?

>> No.3976230

the art style looks like kid paddle and i fucking hate kid paddle. i have to play it in retro mode.

>> No.3976234

hey man i just dont think the art style is appealing. that's all. im sure it was a labor of love, i just don't like how it looks.

>> No.3976285

>tweening crap up the ass with horrible art

>> No.3976310

Its way fucking better in motion than just a picture for it.

Take a look.

>> No.3976665

>not some soulless cash-in
How do you know that?

>> No.3976673

You can see the soul in how beautiful it looks

>> No.3976751

Because I've actually played it.

>> No.3976756

because it's fucking wonder boy 3
it's not exactly a cash cow

>> No.3976960

>i unlocked the mouse man but it seems like i need to change back to the lizard man to move on
You don't.
Where exactly are you stuck and why

>> No.3976971

No as mouseman, you want to head left in town all the way through the forest and conquer the tower at the end, beat the boss and you'll get the next form. Then head back to the desert and go RIGHT. Make it all the way to the end and you'll discover a door which leads to an item which lets you break blocks. Back in town, theres a single block inside one the doors before the well, hit it to reveal a '?' which reveals a new door. From now on, you can change your form as you please. [/spoiler ]

>> No.3976975

yeah actually i figured this out thanks, i realized that once i went all the way left in the forrest I was just going down and assumed it was a dead end, didn't even think to try going up to find the actual castle

>> No.3978402

That's a good point. People here bitching over static screenshots when the graphics are full of charm in motion.

>> No.3980558
File: 162 KB, 650x954, PlancheA_176371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i fucking hate kid paddle
Fuck you, nigger.

>> No.3980571
File: 182 KB, 400x400, 1xzQkSo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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