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I just played a beat-em-up game for the first time since I was like 12. (Knights of the Round).

It sucked dick. Was repetitive, only 3-4 movies, all the characters are the same. It was boring.. I wanted to stop. Feels terrible. I remember I loved this game so much as a kid, now I just feel like a fool.

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You're not supposed to play them alone.

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You're a pleb who got his ass handed to him and has to blame the game for his low i.q and logical abilities, try playing the game properly and you might see what's so good about it.

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Haven't played Knights of the Round, but yeah, some belts can be hit or miss. I just watched it and it doesn't have many enemies onscreen while the mechanics are also pretty standard.
I'd say go with Streets of Rage 2 if you haven't played it before, I feel it's one of the best all-around good belts. Final Fight if you like crowd control. For the rest see chart.

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What? It's easy as fuck. There's only like 3 moves.

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Alien vs Predator is the only good Jog 'n Jab.

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There's a line with beat'em ups where everything on one side is trivial quarter munching bullshit and the other involves a lot of context sensitive fighting where you have a bunch of options at any given second. The ones that really stuck with me are Double Dragon 1 and 2 (arcade), Renegade, and Streets of Rage 1 and 2. Honorable mention for Bully, even though its not a beat'em up nor retro, the fighting is great.

Past those, the genre is mostly button mashing.

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Stupid frogposter.

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