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What is the best retro FPS and why is it pic related?

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That's not Shadow Warrior.

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weeb pls go

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Quake 3 Arena and Tribes

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Slayers was such a good show.

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that's not starwars dark forces

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No, SW sucks.

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Fight me.

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Definitely top tier, my personal favourite not including fan expansions (with fan expansions doom 2 wins, it's got the best shit easily) although death wish is kino.

But yeah, I fucking love blood. Game holds a very special place in my heart.

For me blood >= Duke > shadow warrior but imo all three games are on the same level and it simply boils down to personal preference.

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Q3A for multiplayer. Tribes for best retro FPS with terrain generation and skiiing.
Otherwise it's Doom/2.

Duke is a better game than Blood or Shadow Warrior by leaps and bounds.

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Blood has much better enemy AI than Duke. MUCH better.

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>Duke is a better game than Blood or Shadow Warrior by leaps and bounds.
Cute opinion kiddo.

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For Build games(for what I've played):

Duke >= Blood > SW > PowerSlave > Redneck Rampage

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