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What happened? When did killing kids in video games become not acceptable and why? Fallout 1 and 2 you could kill kids, and that was 1997 and 1998. So what year did it change?

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Fallout's writing was never that great. It's not surprising the developer would censor its own creative work just to appease reactionaries who whined about it. (And likely never played the game for themselves, for that matter)

You can still kill children in a number of other retro series, though. King's Field comes to mind. I don't think there were any consequences to killing NPCs until the third game, and the consequences are still pretty minimal.

Also, Ultima. I know some games allow you to kill NPCs at the risk of triggering endless waves of guards coming after you.

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>Fallout's writing was never that great.

Literally kys

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>child killing enabled
So maybe 98 is the cutoff
For me, the more interesting question is why there are regular threads about killing children in video games here
Is it there one person here who has this fetish, or is it more common?

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Transition to 3D maybe? It looks more "real" so the depiction of dead kids was more appalling.

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No it's just I was playing Fallout 2 yesterday and then 3 or so hours ago I was playing Fallout new vegas and I wanted to kill everybody in the area outside the strip, but I couldn't kill the kid who advertises for mick and ralph's or whatever's store. so it just got me thinking when it became something that you couldn't do in games

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Columbine happened and a bunch of other school shootings

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You can shoot up a whole classroom of little girls in Invisible War. No one ever brings that up.

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You can kill a couple kids in Deception 2 but one is a ruse.

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For me, school shootings ruined the light gun arcade scene
Some of my favorite places got rid of Lethal Enforcer 1/2, Area 51, Silent Scope etc.
I don't need to kill all the NPCs in a game, including the children, but I miss my arcade shooters

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it's a lot more fun to keep hitting them with the tonfa baton and listening to them moan while you're locked in the closet with one of them

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Fall aside I can't think of terribly many games where you do kill kids. GTA was always weirdly devoid of youth and even Silent Hill only had vaguely child like monsters

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I imagine that the dots in pac-Man are children so pac-Man is eating them

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Come on, killing kids has always been a bad thing to do. Look, even the Postal guy, who doesnt give a fuck about anything couldnt kill them.

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It was never considered acceptable and even back then those were the few exceptions when it came to that.

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A fetus isn't a child.

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why do western rpg fans always want to kill children?

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Because the only people who play WRPG tripe are edgy white teenage boys who wanna be le evil mastermind. It's fucking sickening.

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WRPGs are mostly popular with goons, so, it's probably goons.

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It definitely had issues but characters like The Master in Fallout 1 are god-tier.

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School shootings are rare. They just get disproportionate and unfair amounts of attention when they do happen.

It's more that we want consistency.

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pic semi related

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>why do western rpg fans always want to kill children?

It's just the principle of having that degree of freedom in the first place.

And of course it's humorous for the would-be hero to snap once in a while.

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I've played plenty of modern day games that allow you to kill kids, you just don't see many kids in video games.
They're usually used as plot devices or are mentioned but not seen, but the few games that do have child NPCs usually allow you to kill them.

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You can kill kids in the original Deus Ex, which was 2000. It was just an incidental result of there being kids in certain levels, and it never occurred to the devs to make them magically invulnerable to protect the feelings of Concerned Parents. It was probably one of the last games where it was possible without mods, I'm pretty sure other titles around then were already playing it safe.

I don't care too much, it's just really bizarre when there's apparently no children anywhere in a civilization, and directly fucks with any sense of immersion when the aftermath of a devastating dragon attack or a botched attempt to do something with explosives in a town leaves the kids miraculously unscathed.

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>endgame literally is you going into a womb and killing a fetus
Wow, what complex themes and artistic vision!

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>literally parroting tumblr story interpretations

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>literally incapable of understanding anything beyond explicit realism
Yeah, tumblr really stretched it with this one

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Older games had smaller budgets, smaller teams, and there were more lax producers who let their developers do what they want and if it made enough money they'd get to make another one.

But as games started to see more Hollywood levels of investment/profit with game publishers forming big corporations with share holders to answer to and marketing professionals given power over design decisions, it became harder to find a place to work that would consider child killing in vidya to be acceptable and not an unnecessary financial risk. After all, the news loves to sensationalize edgy details in vidya like it's what the vidya is all about, and shareholders who probably don't even play games see that news and get pissed off thinking their company is making school shooting games.

Maybe child killing will have a comeback with indie games or if there's another vidya market crash and AAA devs get their full freedom back (albeit with a smaller budget, but most of today's AAA budgets are probably marketing costs anyway).

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Not retro

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This was way before tumblr.

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Pic not related.

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Postal was the last game I owned where you could do this.

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I don't, but I want to be able to do it even if it means suffering horrible consequences.

It's just limitations on player agency.

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JA2 came out in 1999
Deus Ex came out in 2000 ans let you kill kids

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Not quite retro but I made my Black and White creature so his preferred food was children taken from the nursery. My whole set up in that game was to have everyone either be breeders or worshipers. No need for farmers or wood cutters, by sacrificing a couple of babies it would give me more than enough god power to create all that for them.

A human's only job was to fuck like rabbits then genuflect for the rest of the time to feed my power and my creature's belly so conquest could continue.
Fair warning though, it gives them wicked indigestion.

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It's a shitty form of self-censorship and it does nothing other than prevent a big media stink about it, which doesn't matter in the first place since media will blow up anything for more views. It sticks out because they're usually in games where you can already play a completely depraved individual.

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why do goons always want to kill kids in games?

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i dunno man. the first time i ever did it was when i came across a mod that let you do it in skyrim. before, i hadn't thought about it. well, ever since then, it's like crack. i love killing children.

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It's accurate though.

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It takes you out of the game completely when kids are magically immune. Let me kill who I want in my games, for fucks sake, I won't turn into a child murderer if I kill a kid in a game.

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tumblr, starmen.net, it's the same difference. Same group of autists.

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>It sticks out because they're usually in games where you can already play a completely depraved individual.
Not in Rance.

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what happened?

The shadow of Columbine that hung over gaming for a long time and still kinda does

same reason they medicated the shit out of boys when we were growing up

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>same reason they medicated the shit out of boys when we were growing up

They were doing that even before school shootings. I remember I was in elementary school and all the talk of ADD and giving kids ritalin and that was the early 90s.

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Wait until you see the 00 kids brains. They're all emotionless unimaginative freaks with borderline personality disorder.

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Not him but are you really saying you don't think that's a womb reference? In a game called Mother?

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I have a 14 year old. This is spot on.

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>I have a 14 year old
Wife, girlfriend or fiancee?

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Probably because the American government has twice (The Senate hearings about Mortal Kombat/Night Trap and the GTA Hot Coffee incident) tried to regulate video games, so devs have to watch their toes.

What people REALLY need to keep in mind is that video games were considered children's toys up until Call of Duty took of as a cultural phenomenon. That's why you only saw all this child killing stuff on PC; up until the late 90s, only hardcore techies had computers meant just for gaming. Once everyone got them, PC devs had to be more careful about what turbo edgy stuff they could put in their games.

Also, cut this "artistic freedom" shit out. We all know that child killing in video games isn't some vision that people have; its just something edgy added in for black humor. It would be different if that was a major plot point that was actually speaking to something, but no one's being shackled under the bar of censorship to keep their artisan story about gutting a toddle out of Fallout.

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>What people REALLY need to keep in mind is that video games were considered children's toys up until Call of Duty took of as a cultural phenomenon. That's why you only saw all this child killing stuff on PC

You're partially correct. When you say "video games" what you actually mean is home consoles. Arcades were often frequented by adults and PC gaming as you even point out always skewed older as well.

The thing with CoD and Halo is that was when a genre that before that had primarily existed on PC's moved to home consoles which changed the landscape.

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>incapable of comprehending implicit narrative
>accuses other people of autism

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>tried to regulate video games
And were shot down like a nazi plane over Britain after being repeatedly hit across the face with this thing we call the "First Amendment" which has been ruled to cover all works of fiction.

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Are you autistic? Are you THIS retarded? Are you well and truly this fucking pathetic, stupid, irrational, and attention-seeking?

"Not retro" should be an auto-ban on this board because of child molesters like you.

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>Also, cut this "artistic freedom" shit out. We all know that child killing in video games isn't some vision that people have; its just something edgy added in for black humor.

Here's a theory: The people who develop these games simply aren't prudish like you are. I would say this is especially true of Japanese developers. If they allow the player to target and kill NPCs, it might not even occur to them that this action carries over to child NPCs as well, or that it would even be perceived as controversial by anyone but the most prudish of individuals. So no, I don't think developers generally go out of their way to make it happen, they just aren't reactionary thinkers like you.

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>what is the FCC/Standards and Practices
Actually, there's nothing stopping the government from regulating the content of a media product. The MPAA, Comics Code, and ESRB were the direct result of "if you don't shape this up, we'll shape it up for you."

Does a single PERSON have the right to free speech? Sure. Does a fucking video game? No. Products aren't people.

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The point still stands that they aren't weeping about censors taking it out because child killing wasn't something that any of the them were adding explicitly into games as this thread seems to be implying.

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Do the math you Columbine ignoratus

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>The point still stands...
That was never your point. You earlier post made absolutely no mention of this. You're moving the goalposts.

>they aren't weeping about censors taking it out
Who? And how do you know this? Are you psychic?

I can only imagine that Fallout's developers weren't thrilled about their game being censored. Although I believe censoring child deaths was done only in the European version of the game, which might have been a quick hack by the game's European publisher as opposed to the original dev team itself. We could speculate about that all day, but neither of us really knows what was going through the minds of Interplay's staff when this occurred.

Also, there are at least a handful of retro games that allow the player to murder child NPCs, and to my knowledge, aren't censored in any region they've been released in. The entire King's Field series allows this, even the one for PS2. Do you actually believe FromSoftware was trying to be edgy with this move?

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Is this another one of those "It's not edgy or in bad taste if its Freedom of Speech" threads?

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Honestly, I don't think either of you have a point.

One of you is arguing about the mainstreaming of PC games, while the other is arguing about reactionary prudishness.

Maybe, no one gives a shit about children being killed in video games because its a complete no issue.

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the "pc" movement in the 90s (in america) really made pussys of future generations. then 9/11 fucked up riding a goddamn plane

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>the great carnak opens the envelope

"it says 'fuck, marry, kill"
ed mcmahon: Hi- O!

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That's not symbolism, you dipshit, that's imagery. Learn to comprehension.

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>made pussys of future generations
I don't know why people think that everything before the PC movement was this wild and daring era of anything goes and amorality.

Most censors (even into today) are hard-right conservative Christians, not flower generation leftist hippies. It was Christian mother groups that were rallying for the complete censorship of video games, tv, and movies; not tumblr-style rad-leftists who get made when you call people "faggot" or "tranny".

The only thing Left-Wing "PC" culture did was just come up with "proper names vs slurs".

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>not flower generation leftist hippies

This is true. If they had their way people would be allowed to walk around in public with their dicks hanging out. Hell I think in San Fran it's already legal. Between complete degeneracy and a few restrictions in games I'd take the second any day.

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Bioshock gave you the "deep moral choice" of whether to kill kids in exchange for superpowers or not and that came out as late as 2007

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Those were creepy zombie kids, though. Once you properly dehumanize someone, they become fair-game.

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>Caring about people walking around with their dicks out.

>> No.3904312

Also it was basically a cut scene you couldn't just pull out the revolver and blow their infant brains out

>> No.3904325 [DELETED] 

>wanting to see strangers' dicks

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console babies complained

>> No.3904643

More like, uptight midwestern moms complained. Tipper Gore and Hillary Clinton where pushing for video game censorship before most of the users on this site were even born. And video game censorship wasn't considered a Left or Right thing at the time; it was considered a public menace vs. moral majority sort of thing.

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>Tipper Gore and Hillary Clinton
>not a left or right thing

But your examples are exclusively left. And these examples don't even reflect the most vocal proponents of censorship. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish here, except to inject some revisionism / bias into this discussion.

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Censorship has always been a Right-Wing Christian thing, to be honest. Even Tipper and HilDog were pleading to "common christian decency" when demanding video game censorship.

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>Even Tipper and HilDog were pleading to "common christian decency"

Oh that's rich.

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How so?

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Not that guy, but the theory has not only never been commented on by the creators, but it doesn't make any sense. Vagina's do not have multiple pathways, and the alien you were sent to kill arrived there LONG after you tangled with it before. It's just as stupid as the "Mario is hallucinating everything" theory, and requires the same jumps in logic to get there.

And if you can't figure out why the first game was called Mother you are a fucking idiot.

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9/11 happened, it fucked up many people and finally broke the "RaDiCaL CooL" thing that was popular among youth. Also, gaming became more bigger so most big studios started to tone down the politically incorrect themes.

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I don't think any of your points invalidate people's interpretations. I think it's pretty pointless to even claim there's a right/wrong way to interpret it, since the whole fight is made up of ambiguous images/actions/text/etc.

If anything, it seems like it's designed that way for people to fill in those blanks with their imagination. I think the "fetus theory" people point out some interesting things, but I wouldn't call theirs definitive either.

Personally, I think the entire Mother series is a hallucination in Mario's mind THINK ABOUT IT BRO IT MAKES SENSE

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9/11 is the worst thing to happen to America, because it turned the country into a bunch of little bitches.

>> No.3906006 [DELETED] 

> "if you don't shape this up, we'll shape it up for you."

Also, a product is an extension of the person's speech, ever heard of freedom of the press, you fucking idiot?

>> No.3906227 [DELETED] 

And yet censors, regulations, and ban lists still exist. You do know that the FCC is a thing run by the government that literally censors what can be said on television and radio, with the penalty of fines or even removal from air, right?

I think the thing that everyone younger than 30 has forgotten about "freedom of speech" is that it means you can't be jailed for speaking your mind; not that you can't be criticized or even policed for in by government authorities; hence why you can't do things like yell "fire" in a theatre or directly threaten physical harm to someone without it being considered as admission to a premeditated criminal act.

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Try harder next time no one is going to fall for an effort that poor. 2/10 made me respond

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But can you still hit a (n another) kid like in Skool Daze?

>> No.3906260

They haven't made a game with young protagonist with other human characters in ages.

Unless you mean girls, in which case, yes; you can hit everyone in Senran Kagura

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Yeah it's so unfair that school shootings get so much publicity, those poor murderers :(

>> No.3906379 [DELETED] 

That's probably because, of all the groups of people that AREN'T suppose to get randomly shot, its kids.

>> No.3907118 [DELETED] 

I doubt Hillary knows the meaning of the word decency and doesn't give a shiny rat's ass about Christian values.

>> No.3907446 [DELETED] 


The kid has this weird codition where his skin is really tan for some reason but Jamal (my wife's friend) says he'll grow out of it.

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When did marrying children in video games become not acceptable and why?

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Gr8 b8 m8

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Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda, retard.

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Please go away and jerk off to your cartoon women.

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>thinking that politicians actually believe in what they spout

If the Moral Majority/Religious Right politicians were actual Christians, they'd be for welfare and against wars. Any politician who's pleading to "strong Christian morals" is basically appealing to the emotions of the adherents to the country's biggest religion to ensure they get their agenda in.

>> No.3907805 [DELETED] 

LOL. You believed in pizza gate didn't you? I know you retards come to this board.

>> No.3907950 [DELETED] 

No, I was referring more to how she destroyed court evidence to get a child rapist off the hook.

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>Clinton Regime
>left wing

But they are capitalists

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good goy nothing to see here just keep playing them video games

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The "left" in America just means slightly less right than conservatives.

No way someone like Bernie will ever win in the US.

>> No.3908180

bernie lost because he's an incompetent retard and refused to attack clinton

>> No.3908185 [DELETED] 

Nah, he just knew he couldn't win so teaming up with Clinton was his best chances at defeating the greater evil, Trump.

>> No.3908186 [DELETED] 
File: 260 KB, 640x360, bernie-woulda-won.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except Bernie most likely would've been able to win against Trump though.

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The truth of the matter is that it only matters when it's a Western developed anticipated (hyped) console title.

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Did I get banned AGAIN for daring to not be a Trumpfag?

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File: 71 KB, 960x686, trump-nazipunch-hypocrisy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't?
Well okay, then, fuck you, revisionist classcucks

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This thread proves once again that WRPGs are a mistake and they should all die

>> No.3908897

How were pen and paper RPGs in that regard?
In the first two editions of DSA (The Dark Eye, Realms of Arkania) the starting module has an encounter with an Orc family and no mention of solving the conflict peacefully or sparing the woman or children.

>> No.3908904

Because there are children in the games. Which typically can attack the player. That way, you have an enemy you can't defeat. Either let the player waste a few children or don't have children at all.

>> No.3909125

I laughed way too hard at this. Thanks, Anon.

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It's up to the GM/DM.
Your character can literally be the world's edgiest rapist if the GM/DM allows it. In one of my first D&D campaigns my character bonded with someone else's character because we split from the group to drown all the women and children in a goblin den and sold the survivors into slavery.

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