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Is Eva on N64 good?

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Heard it was a mediocre game

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Very faithful to the anime .

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I'd say yes, although it's not a masterpiece, the visuals alone make the game worth it, it's still the game that recreated the feel of the series the best (even better than the PS2/PSP games).
It's mostly a tech demo to showcase the cool 3D models of Evas (and Angels, and other mechs) they could do on the N64.
I mean look at pic related (nevermind the horizontal lines due to emulation fuckups)
Gameplay-wise it's a mixed-bag, it's understood that this game is made for the Evangelion fan. However, it's not bad either, it works.
1 on 1 battles are very similar to the Ultraman games on SFC, many people go into this game thinking it's like a regular fighting game, but it's not, it's a giant monster combat game. So moving the Eva is very slow and clunky, but if you know what to do and where to attack, you will be able to do some cool stuff, most of it is just inputting commands at the right time and seeing an attack animation though, but there's a strategic logic behind it. For example you can't inflict damage without breaking the A.T. Field first, for that, there's a buttonmashing sequence (that's more timing than mashing, though), after that it's all about building up your sync ratio and defend yourself against attacks. Once you've got a good sync ratio you can perform stronger attacks.
But besides the 1 on 1 battles there are other kind of missions, that are more like mini-games, like aiming, or doing a QTE sequence. One of my favorite was the Magmadiver one where you have to chase Sandalphon.
They're all pretty short and don't overstay their welcome. I guess the guys behind this game were conscious that while the battle system worked, it couldn't be used for every battle, as some angels aren't even humanoid or fought on foot, so they came up with different mission styles.
It's very straightforward and arcade-y too, so it's also the easiest Evangelion game to pick up and play (along with the non-retro Battle Orchestra and 3nd impact)

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probably teh onlyreason to be on the sixty4

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Would *you* be good on N64?

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It's fun if you are a fan of the anime. Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest it.

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The best mission is towards the end when you play as Unit 02 and you get to beat the crap out of the SDF and the MP Evas. I don't think I've ever felt such satisfaction with a game before.

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Yeah, that's probably the coolest part of the whole game.
The devs were evil and, like in the original theatrical versions of the movies, you could only get until the JSDF part, and the game would end when the MP Evas arrive. Then you unlock the hard mode and have to go through the whole game again to get to the MP Eva fights. And finally you unlock the very hard difficulty and have to go through the whole game again in order to see the ending by controlling the awakened winged Eva-01 and beat the shit out of the MP Evas with the double spear of longinus.
At least it has a save feature, it's not a long game, but you might not want to beat it 3 times in a row.
It also has a "practice mode" that isn't actually practice for the game itself but rather a shooting minigame emulating the VR training Shinji has on the 3rd episode. You can choose to play as any of the 5 children, but I don't know it if makes any actually difference other than their little text boxes and face portraits.

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Ah, I only beat the game once, thinking I didn't do well enough to get the "real" ending. I didn't know I would have to play through the entire game three times. I don't think I could force myself to. It was a fun little game, but not worth a replay.

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Yeah. The "incentive" you have to replay the game is to unlock new animation attacks in the battle mode. There's many different types of attacks per battle, and if you trigger them the game will save it on the memory and you can re-watch all the clips later on the theatre mode.
But yeah, it's not a game you want to play for the gameplay, really, I dig some of the missions, but some others I hate (the fucking Spear mission).

Also forgot to mention, the 3 endings all have different ending themes, matching the movie versions. The first ending (JSDF) has Tamashii no rufuran, 2nd ending has Thanatos and third one has, obviously, Komm susser tod.

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This game is major kusoge.
I regret spending 70$ on it though most of that was shipping cost.

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i bought it a hard off for 1000円

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Just watched some long play of this. Im amazed at how well done the draw distance is. Really pushes the 64. Wish that this had a English release

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It's technical miracle but that doesn't mean it's fun to play

In the sense they're both bad, it's very faithful

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To actually play? Not really.

As a technical feat showing what the N64 can pull? Absolutely.

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There's actually quite a few Evangelion games overall, even today, and not a SINGLE one was released here.

You'd think at least one, if only just one would leave Japan, but no.

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What would you say are the best EVA games?

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The two that have caught my eye aren't /vr/ as they're on PS2/PSP, but I digress.

One is a party fighting game where you can play as all the different Eva units and Angels called Battle Orchestra.

The other is called "Neon Genesis Evangelion 2" and is this bizarre, genre-shifting experience. Sometimes it's a visual novel, sometimes it's a strategy game, it's all over the place. The gimmick is that at first it adapts the story of the game, but you can unlock all kinds of different scenarios where you play as other characters. A lot of the extra scenarios can drastically alter the game's story, like convincing Kaworu to back down and defect instead of having to kill him.

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Also I forgot to mention in Battle Orchestra you can just fight Lilith head-on and beat the shit out of her. Imagine EoE ending like that.

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I think Evangelion 64 is the best one, but Girlfriend of Steel is probably the most famous, it's a visual novel but it's very well done and introduces a new character that used to be popular with the fanbase, Mana.

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> hot girl who's totally into borderline autistic introverts becomes popular with the Evangelion fanbase


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I paid ~$30 on ebay for a complete copy. I didn't regret it.

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I got lucky and got Eva 64 and the GBC mahjong game both complete for $15, and included a bunch of 2007 trading cards.
Eva64 wasn't complete though because it was missing the trading cards it originally came out with though, but the manual is great.

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Ah fuck i just heard the sheena easton song play all at once in my head.

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Great to look at but it's nothing special to play, Battle Orchestra and Girlfriend of Steel 1 + 2 are my go-to Eva games.

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I can't get past the crappy art style, and honestly the game is pure fanservice going full retard plot-wise.
GoS has some consistency and actually works as a sort of extra filler TV series episode.

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I played it on the PSP years back, I was much more of an Eva fanboy back then and happy to take any fanservice so you're probably right.

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My card pack has never even been open. Hell, my copy even still has the plastic bag that the game comes in. I wish the rest of the world had taken care of their vidya like Japan did.

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shit taste confirmed

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>Imagine EoE ending like that
I prefer that doujin where Shinji is flung back in time where he fucks Asuka and does everything again without being a huge pussy about everything

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It's just a bunch of minigames, not even a good fighting game.

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not opening the cards...

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It's not a fighting game, read: >>3896851

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bluesheets is that you?

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Don't test me. I'll fucking do it.


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everytime I see bluesheets I feel happy
how long have you been posting here and /v/ anyway because I feel like it's been always

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I've been on 4chan since ~2004. I don't think I started posting my bed until 2012ish.

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Being a massive Eva and N64 fanfaggot I'd always entertained the idea of buying a copy, but from what I've seen, it's just footage/stills from the first few episodes of the anime with some button pressing here and there.

Might be a neat thing to have as a fan but... Eh, it's not really a "game".

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On a mildly unrelated note, does anyone know where a fag can get an MP3 of EoE's Komm Susser Tod?

All I can ever seem to find are remixes and piano adaptations but not the original with the vocals.

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>it's just footage/stills from the first few episodes of the anime with some button pressing here and there.
The game has full 3D recreations, and not just from the first few episodes, it's all the way to EoE.
Though you're right about some button pressing here and there, it also depends on the mission, but yeah "mini-game collection" could be a good description of this game, maybe giant monster battling with mini-games.

Just download The End of Evangelion's OST, it has the director's edit, best version of KST.
The single version has some annoying chorus and people doing silly noises at the end.

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>End of Evangelion's OST

Do you know the best place to get it?

Other than pirating?

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>other than pirating

Uh... CD Japan might carry it.
Be careful in ebay because they might be selling bootlegs, the Eva OSTs should be under the King Records label.

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Eh, I just don't know where to go to pirate shit anymore.

I don't trust Pirate Bay anymore.

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Usually if you google something like "evangelion ost blogspot download" you will find stuff.
Soulseek is also a good p2p that still works and has a lot of people sharing stuff.

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Hmmm, that works. I'm finding everything other than KST tho.

I fuckin' dunno mane :(

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Thanks m8.

I'm trusting you, plz no virus :(

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Says it requires a password.

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Was this a blatant Asuka ripoff?

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Not the guy who asked for the OST but thanks.

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Its bad but its fun.

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>Her corneas are flesh tone
That is disgusting.

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She's high as fuck

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Smoke weed erry day.

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It's not bad

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I remember this game as being like the holy grail of Evangelion video games back in the day.
I remember watching some shit quality videos in realtime videos that came with some anime magazine's CD-ROM back in 1999 or 2000 and being blown away by the graphics.

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>3nd impact
Every time. Girlfriend of Steel is pretty accessible too

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>Girlfriend of Steel is pretty accessible too
It is, but some people might not be into VNs.
It's still almost mandatory to play if you like Eva.

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This proto mari-sue was just playing Shinji. She had a black American boyfriend she runs to at the end of the story if you dont kill her for her betrayal

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She was, but iirc, she doesn't stay with Musashi, she leaves alone, running away from the government or whoever was using her into spying Nerv. Musashi happened to be another kid used by them.
In one of the endings (kaji one, I think), you get to see Mana again and she tells Shinji she actually likes him, and make a promise to meet again someday.

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>Lee Strasberg
Even worse, she was with a hasidic homeboy. Mana still chose that boy over Shinji regardless of the ending, and was always thinking of him over Shinji. I think Jamal Ginsberg does not survive in any of the endings so anything she says after that happened doesnt really have as much meaning.

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LOL, well yeah, that's the surprise of the game and why is it called "girlfriend of steel".
If anything else fails, there's always the Asuka ending.

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Anyone has the 2006 enhanced version of Girlfriend of Steel and is willing to upload to Mega? Speaking about the Japanese version, not prepatched English.

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PC version? or Ps2? PSP? I think I have them all, Ill try uploading the PC version if I can find it.

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Found the Special Edition Pc version, I´ll upload it later.

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Usually googling stuff works.

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Thanks, I'd be grateful.

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That's anime black, not actual black

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select download as zip and to launch the game start mana01.exe in the exec folder.

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He looks like a male Nadia

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Thank you, I'll download it later today.

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That's also Shinji.

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