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Give me your honest opinion on the SEGA Dreamcast.

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I like the boot screen because Ryuichi Sakamoto composed it

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I like it
Way better than gamecube

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GC is not retro anyways, so take your 6th gen console warz to /v/

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DC is the same generation frig off

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Yeah, but it was released in 1998 so it has an honorary place on /vr/. Doesn't mean you can shitpost your 6th gen console war shit here.

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Hey that's the same Dreamcast box what my first Dreamcast came in!

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Wrong videogame in the wrong place in the wrong time. Dreamcast was an alien.

Had some really nice games and I like the graphics, in the soft spot between Playstation and PS2 (sometimes better than some PS2 games) while not looking weird like N64 graphics.

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It deserved a better fate. It has a better library than the N64.

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>damn, can't console war here due to not retro... I know! I'll make cross-generation war shitposting.

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It was too good for this sad cynical world

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Amazing for the 90's but not very impressive as a 6th gen console.

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If you have a problem with it apply to be a janitor you pedantic fucking faggot.

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I never owned one myself but I did have a lot of fun playing some of the exclusives on it at other people's homes.

rattle your tits somewhere else

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>internet capable
>controller (cord placement, dpad)

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>defending console wars
Talk about the fucking Dreamcast.

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I thought it was cool at the time but PS2 and Xbox got most of my play time after they came out.

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So this. I never had one, but I played the shit out of my friend's. Lots of good memories attached to it, but mostly multiplayer for obvious reasons. Wish I would have had one for the obvious good single player choices.

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I owned the Dreamcast and yeah it was all about the multiplayer.

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A really fun system that was possibly Sega's best, but it died too young because of brand loyalty to Sony.

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I am not trying to start a console war. I compared it's library to a console from the gen that was on the way out at the time it was released. Both Nintendo and Sega have released products that have brought me immense joy as both a child and an adult. You are simply a backseat moderating pedantic piece of shit that misconstrues what I say. Enjoy your joyless existence.

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Lots of good shit on the Dreamcast. Its major flaw is what this anon said about the controller cord: >>3890081


I still have mine hooked up to play

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When in around 2000 my friend got DC, I was blown away. I haven't heard from Sega in a while, and then this. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the sleek new box looked pretty cool and cutting edge, and I was soon completely immersed into Soulcalibur, with my jaw dropped on the floor. It also had Quake 3 and plenty other games beating PC in graphics. And having not seen N64, the use of analogs felt cutting edge to me.
…At the same time, after the excitement settled a bit, I couldn't shake off the feeling that Sega's return was a bit awkward. It felt like a not-so-welcome old friend 5 years after Genesis. It was obvious that Sony was completely and irreversibly dominating at that point. And with all those ridiculous exaggerated PS2 rumors popular at the time, Sega looked like it was trying too hard to appear relevant.
Still, years later, there's very little bad I can say about DC. It was the one time Sega had near perfect hardware. Amazing graphics from day 1, no bullshit expansions, no overthought processors, 4 controller ports, etc. And tons of great games, from Shenmue and Sonic Adventure 2, to Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2, to Crazy Taxi and DoA2, to MvC2 and King of Fighters '99… the list goes on and on.
Honestly, console wars aside: it was a great system. It was doomed from the start, but it wasn't DC's own fault. A beautiful, excellent console, which was simply not fated to live long. It was killed by the 5 years of unpopularity that preceded it.

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I think it was possibly the last true "gaming" console. Great games, poor marketing (besides the launch) deserved a better fate. Iffy controller though.

Close to being as classic as the MegaDrive

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>beating PC in graphics

Nigger, what? In 2000, both the Geforce 2 and the Voodoo 4 were available. I'm no PCMRfag, but y'all need to stop.

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also worth mentioning the big name PC ports to dreamcast like UT99 and Q3A ran like shit

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the difference is the software on consoles was far better looking.

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I pretty much only play Naomi stuff on it. The dreamcast is cheaper than an actual Naomi. Maybe someday ill embed 2 dreamcast fightsticks and the dreamcast into a cabinet and pretend it's an arcade machine

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>ps2 power rumors

Lol what are some of the ones people remember? I remember my mom being freaked out from watching the news or oprah or some shit and hearing that Russian hackers claimed that you could launch nuclear missiles with the ps2 because it was so powerful.

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File: 405 KB, 640x480, おジャ魔女どれみ♯ 第33話「遠足はみんなでハイチーズ!」(DVD 640x480 WMV9).avi_snapshot_16.15_[2017.03.27_20.22.39].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had one.

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I'm talking of what you'd get for a comparable sum of money.
>With every other card retailing at a price of $350 a card, Creative Labs undercuts the competition by slashing prices. Would you believe that this GeForce 2 GTS based card will retail for $299?
—from 2000. Good luck getting top of the line performance on $200.

I mostly remember the amount of "leaks" and fake mockups that appeared before its release. Kind of like with iPhone. PS was the biggest tech toy of its time.

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Did he do both boot ups?

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Hardware wise I think it was pretty forward thinking and cool for its time but that it had a fucking awful controller. In terms of the software library, however, it was fucking brilliant to have so many high quality arcade ports and weird, fresh titles - and the easy as piss piracy made it cheap as chips, too.
I wish it had lived a bit longer so it picked up more ports and sequels to its own iconic games like Jet Set Radio but ultimately its been so long that I no longer really feel any substantial regret over it getting the plug pulled on it early.

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When it first came out it was great for sports games to just chill with friends and Soul Caliber 2 was the best. Now when I look up games to burn and play it really doesn't hold up and it isn't really worth playing.

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i loved it while it lasted. After sega left the hardware market gaming turned to shit.

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dreamcast era was something else

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Information not necessary to warrant a tripcode.

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Great console with the kind of innovative and unique games that the other console competitors lack. I wish it existed a bit longer.

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Favorite console since the year it was released. I had a resurgence of interest in the console the past few years after I found mine in storage. It is the only console I "collect" for.

It was SEGA going full throttle, their last stand, betting it all. They had some seriously talented development during them couple of years. There is also a sense of, what could have been. All the forward thinking with the console. The modem standard and my first experience playing a MMO online. Browsing the 56k net from the comfort of my couch. The hours of the multiple fighters I practiced at over and over with the official arcade stick before going to the local arcade to go head to head with friends and strangers. The story telling and production value never seen before, Shenmue. Though the Sonic games get knocked now I had fun with both Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Had 4 player weekend nights with Sonic Shuffle or Power Stone 2.
I will never forget it.

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A friend of mine had one when it was the current gen. Played a shitload of Soul Calibur, Power Stone, NFL2k1, and other games when hanging out. Was a fucking awesome console to bridge the gap between the PS1 and PS2.

Brother bought me one for a bday present a couple years ago, still fire it up from time to time and play burned games on it. A lot of the games on it hold up pretty well.

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That's how things have always been and still are. Console have less overhead but PCs have more raw power to deal with the overhead.

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It was the last saving grace of Sega for the console industry, their swan song of sorts, but it also preserved the "theme" and "feel" of gaming in the mid 90's.

Dreamcast had games that had bright, vivid, and loud colors, whereas I felt that the PS2 was focused on realism, with gritty and pale colors. Most of the library for the DC has arcade game fundamentals in mind, some of those being a 60FPS frame rate and a unique gameplay experience; there's something for everybody in its library

Speaking of arcades, the DC was also the turning point for where home consoles were on-par with arcade hardware, though that's thanks to the DC being the little brother in a joint development project to its big sister, the NAOMI. The systems are nearly identical, just that the NAOMI has more memory to maintain fast load times. I grew up going to the arcades to get wowed by mindblowing graphical and gameplay experiences you couldn't get with a console, until the gap was bridged with the DC, so arcade conversions were 1-to-1, basically.

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Holds the title of the loudest fucking console in the world under normal operations.

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fantastic, underrated, ahead of its time

i still play it and have it hooked up today, with a VGA cable, playing at glorious 480p.

probably the last good console / console worth owning desu.

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I'm a huge sega faggot but I prefer the PS2

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>I'm a huge sega faggot

prove it, post a picture of your poster of yuji naka

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im gonna get flak for saying this but i genuinely think it was the last console that was purely for the hardcore gamer.

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>cross generation

OOT and Sonic adventure released the same year. The dreamcast was already dead by the time the next generation started in 2001.

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Love it to fucking death. To me, it was a cheaper Neo Geo. 100% arcade perfect games, easy to pirate, console itself is cheap and plentiful. Still amazed that retro bubble hasn't gotten to the DC as much as other consoles.

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I just got one tonight. Never played one before and know very little about it. What are the essential games?

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Crazy Taxi
Power Stone series
Chu Chu Rocket
Blue Stinger
Soul Calibur

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Zombie Revenge
Gunbird 2
Capcom vs SNK2
Marvel vs Capcom 1

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Oh yeah and Fur Fighters, criminally underrated game

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Pretty damn cool

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it kind of was. it had tons of arcade games on it.

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Still amazed retarded hue faggots post here

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This should have gotten more attention, but it didn't.

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I unironically believe it's the best console ever.

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It's a fun video game system

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Jet Grind Radio was the truth.

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>Border Down
>Zero Gunner 2
>Cannon Spike
>Gunbird 2
>Under Defeat
>Shikigami no Shiro II
>Psyvariar 2

Probably the best shmup system ever.

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