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The atari XEGS was my first console, but I got the NES in no time, what are some good games I should get now?

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most of the xe games are 2600/5200 ports. But it has a few exclusives ones, but none of them i cartridge format i guess. I use multicarts to play on it.

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Is it worth getting an Atari computer or XEGS? I want something I can plunk away in BASIC on, and maybe play a few games. I've always been a big 2600 and Atari in general fan, but I've been getting interested in the 8-but line.

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>most of the xe games are 2600/5200 ports
I was always under the impression the opposite was true and that nearly all 5200 games were ports of A8 games, sometimes with added features.

Obviously yes. You get most of the best home versions of classic Atari games and the flash cart is pretty damn cheap - except you also have to have a programmer. I've been playing around with the idea of buying a lot of them and the programmer then offering them up for sale here pre-programmed at the same price as single blank carts on the site ($30-$35 IIRC). Do you think I could sell 4 of them on /vr/?

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Rad, I want to pick up something in the XL series, but the eBay prices are ludicrous. I'll have to ask around on AtariAge or something. As far as selling carts here, we don't really have that many Atarians in /vr/ unfortunately. And I think there's already 100 guys at AtariAge flashing carts for folks.

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You poorfag.

This was my 8-bit console, too. Loved Joust (for the 400/800), Blue Max, Midnight Magic, Rescue on Fractalus, Food Fight. Definitely Food Fight.

Also, get a genuine Atari trackball. It's the best way to play the built-in Missile Command which supports it 100%.

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The 5200 was basically a consolized Atari 800, so pretty much every game on it was available on the A8 line as well.

The XEGS is a good choice since it's got all the functionality of the XL and XE machines, plus has BASIC built into the system ROM.

seconding all of these (especially rescue on fractalus) and adding:
>star raiders 2
>into the eagle's nest
>dark chambers
>lode runner
>crystal castles
>desert falcon (although the 7800 version is better)

400/800 games:
>ozzy's orchard
>cross fire
>super cobra
>zone ranger
>miner 2049er
>gateway to apshai
>star raiders
>jumpman junior
>silicon warrior
>journey to the planets
>alpha shield

These are all cartridges, if you decide to get an Atarimax or Ultimate SD cart it opens you up to the wonderful word of Atari 8-bit disk/tape based games, which outnumber the cartridge games by quite a bit. Also worth it so you can play the ridiculous amount of quality homebrew games.

The XEGS is an amazing console and I think if Atari had decided to skip re-releasing the 7800 in 86 and just released this instead, their story of competing with the NES might have been very different.

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>You poorfag.
What you mean?
I will try to find these games, I had 2600 too, but I'm not sure where is it
I only have the carts in a box, the console itself must be inside some box under a pile of them
Thank you for the recommendations

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>What you mean?
Sympathy for being stuck with the console that had 4 lousy games at Toys R Us (on a good day). I feel your pain. It was me.

Turns out, the XE was only really good if you had a disk drive, and we were too poor to ever buy one (cost as much as the console).

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>The Wii was my first computer

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There's plenty of good carts, I got an XEGS a year or so ago and I haven't found any shortage of good cart-based games for it. Although it's true that by not having the disk drive your choices for games get cut quite a bit, I'm sure back in the day it was rough trying to buy new games. Thankfully there's flashcarts now that eliminate the need for the disk and tape drives, floppies and cassettes are notoriously touchy storage mediums and the drives with all their moving parts are more trouble than they're worth.

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