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We post our favorite games and say something we like about other people's favorites.

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I've played a couple Twisted Metal games and they're pretty fun. Lately my favorite game is Megaman Legends 1.

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Twisted Metal 2 had the best gameplay and music and i hate that we didnt got a proper sequel with that gameplay. Head on was good but another TM 2 with new cars would had been dope.

Mine would be Growlanser but that was jap only.

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Twisted Metal 2 is a great choice. It was so satisfying playing that hearst-driving cunt who throws ghosts at people.

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Awww yeah dude I love Twisted Meal 2. It was extremely tough for me to beat it as a kid and I would always try to find vantage points where I couldn't be reached and I could spam homing missiles onto all enemies(even if it took forever).

The moment I beat Dark Tooth was one of the most glorious gaming moments I can remember.

My favourite cars were Twister and Thumper, so I guess I prefer bursty, DoT cars.

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I remember playing the shit out of Twisted Metal 2 with one of my friends, had a lot of fun with it.

Mega Man Legends is fucking awesome.

Never played the two Banjo games, but I watched one of my best friends play through Banjo Tooie.

FF7 is indeed damn good. The hate and criticism for it these days isn't exactly directed toward the game, but more the fanbase, which is understandable because I can't fucking stand them either.

My favourite game is Final Fantasy IV, particularly the DS version
But I prefer the SNES music over all of the other versions. It's a rare case of the SNES reverb sound actually greatly benefitting the atmosphere of the game (especially Within The Giant)

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What other game even closely captures the feel of Abe's Oddysee

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I love TM1, TM2, Black, and Head-On, but christ I wish I didn't suck so much at playing them.
Fast gameplay, fantastic music, good maps, cool visuals, a sense of humour, great co-op/competitive multiplayer, each character has their own story, stats, and specials to encourage replayability.
Great games.

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AbeĀ“s Exodus somewhat.

I think Exodus was more sadistic towards Mudokons so saving your pals felt much better and thus camraderie made the game feel more stronger.

btw these game has the best graphics on PS1.

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I fucking hate grinding for upgrades money in MML. Other than that, fantastic game.

I have this burning hatred towards the PSP prequel, but the original FFVII I will forever love.

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Twisted Metal games remind me so much of multiplayer at parties when i was a kid. don't think i've ever played them single player.

replaying this at the moment and fucking love it as much as ever. it's nice to remember that it really is a good game behind all the bullshit.

it's just such a funny game. i loved that you could fart. did that actually have a mechanic in the first game or was it just for fun?

pic related isn't my favourite but it reminds me of some amazing times.

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I dont believ you could fart or at least control it in Abe 1, couldnt even posses the monsters.

1 did have that one riding segment that i believe is absent in Abe 2.

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Couldn't find an image where I just took a picture of the bottom center.

Wish I played these, wasn't able to afford them then. I really should get around to giving them a try since they seem to be some of the finest experiences around. I like that Twisted Metal 2 and the Oddworld games seem to bring something dark and atmospheric to the table. The Legends games offer Roll Caskett which made me first realize (but not my first encounter) loli art is a thing.

Played only first of these on the 360. Holds up well to me. Very charming.

The hype was incredible for this game. I remember seeing commercials for it on Rurouni Kenshin. Everyone playing it at the same time on launch was quite the thing, calling each other talking about "the snowboard section" the game launch period was quite the event. However, I did feel it was not good immediately after beating the game after a week, so it was 80% the wonderful shared experience to me and 20% the game. These days, it's all Tifa or Aerith, I'd rather both plus Yuffie, as I want the harem ending.

Rented Dragon Warrior (Quest 1), and didn't like it or get it at the time. Nagged me that I never finished it. Once the pack-in launch title of SMW wore out its welcome, I didn't have much choice, but I chose FF2 (4), and my JRPG love began there. The characters are great, love how Cecil & Rosa were a couple, no shenanigans, and ended out a couple as it began. Wished Cecil could stay Dark Knight as that was cooler to me. Only played SNES version.

Did not play, didn't understand the attraction to the character. In the modern iterations, I guess after all the polygons, the main character is starting to look attractive.

Amazing game of my youth. Had to get all 3 for the system when they got released. Well designed and amazing theme. Box art is tits too!

Got for the DC, stayed up all night playing.

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This game is a boat load of fun.

These games looked nice at least

People liked it and that's good enough for me. Games for all!

A flawed but wonderful game. Shoots for the stars, ends up with a supernova. No complaints.

It's one of a kind.

Tomb Raider 1 remains one of my favorite games ever made. A rarity where the original game outshines almost all others.

A classic of action and fun. I'm one of those weirdos who prefers the sequel, but CV was incredible.

Thumbs up to people who want to play virtual skateboards. The series has fans so that's great.

Tactics, Ys and PSIV are all brilliant. Issues with Planescape, but whatever. Ambition can't be overlooked. Suikoden 2 was translated by 2 of my favorite people even if I don't like the game.

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I think you should try playing 1 again, because possession is essential in that game.

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I meant the farts.

I dont think you could posses the monsters like the giraffe and the termits.

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You most certainly can fart and possess in Odyssey.

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You can possess Sligs, Scrabs, and Paramites.

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THPS2 is my one desert island game. It's always the first thing I install whenever I get a new computer or OS.

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I love these games! I've played 30-some Mega Man games and the Legends games remain my favorites. It's too bad the have created a hole in my soul that will never be filled.

I like Wario Land 3 a lot. Every time I do my periodic replay of the series, this is the one I look forward to the most and I'm always so sad (well not really sad but) when I close in on the last few treasures and finish the game.

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FF4 is the very first FF I played and yet I've never completed it. I always lose interest in the second half. But I loved the boss AI and how most characters have their own leitmotif.

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I tragically cannot say many good things about this game. I didn't feel like it was as tightly balanced as the second. But the fact that you can roll your own characters and multi-class them however you like was a nice feature.

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Pirates Gold kicks ass


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I admit I've never even heard of this, but I just watched a bunch of game-play videos and it looks awesome.

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Why would you pick anyone but the one with the pink poncho?

Pretty great and is still very enjoyable.

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You don't

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Kek i remember when playing we always had to argue who picks him.

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FUCK yeah I remember playing with godmode on as a kid, dropping remote bombs and using twisters special together would kill most guys in about 1 hit

I remember I could never beat the first level without losing both lives when I was a kid. Same with Critical Depth!

IQ is the ultimate get baked and zone-out game, always wanted to play The import sequel on ps2

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Hey, at least the Nintendo version had two shotgun guys.
My buddy had the Genesis version, so it was only one pistol guy and one shotgun guy.
Many fights were had over that.

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When I was a kid, I could beat level 1 by hopping on top of one of the tunnels and then just camping and sniping there. Rarely any other cars would retaliate or climb up, and you get respawning supplies near you.

The most exploitable level by far has to be Paris on top of the Notre Dame, hiding in a corner, as you wait for all the opponents to teleport up and fill them with lead.

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