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Speaking in Tom and Jerry games

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the psx tom & jerry game is really fun

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Don't care if it's below average I still like it.

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Tom And Jerry In Fists Of Furry is also a pretty fun game! There is two version: one for N64 and other for PC. The N64 version was the one I played.

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The anims are bad, but the game looks really good and the music is amazing.

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very fun plays similar to power stones. T & J games were great for rentals.

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>stimpy's invention
ey fuck you that game was great
but also not fuck you because I'm glad someone else likes it
really good co-op

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Played the fuck out of this shit

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I mean, let's face it, this game has some bullshits parts like the vulture stage and the final level, and this game is very short, but I really like the style of this game.
Also, in case you don't know, there is a beta version of this game!


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I sort of like Convoy no Nazo in a masochistic kinda way.

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Played it. Beat it. Liked it.

No regrets and no fucks given.

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Huge hands or minuscule hands?

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Loved this game when I was a kid. Not the best game in retrospective but it had a comfy as hell futuristic ascetic and a great soundtrack.

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Final Fantasy 8

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Sonic 2. I am fat and i smell.

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Altered Beast

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Huge, fabulous, great, exceptional hands. Sad.

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Talking of bad James Bond games.

Really liked it and i thought it was the best acr spy game ever.

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timecop, snes

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Hard as fuck and so satisfying when beated. Those Storm levels introduced me to PTSD.

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Oh shit nigger! I was all over that game too as a kid. With the fucking cool cut scenes with the weird game show host guy? I loved that game too.

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I actually liked that game as a kid. I remember the last level pissing me off, but the rest was fun.

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I was stuck with this for the Game Boy and kinda feel in love with it.

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Mega Man X5. I'm not even sure if I like the game but something keeps me coming back to it.

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I played this game all the time with my cousin back in the day. It was one of our favorite games to play together

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Most of the Army Men games weren't that bad it was just the sheer number of them that got dumped on everyone that caused a backlash.

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Yeah I liked pretty much every army men game i played besides a gameboy one.

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I also have this game, it's pretty fun!

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I have some Beethoven 2nd sessions with a friend from time to time. We sometimes take our time to study new strats to beat each other at it when we actually play like 4 times a year.

We have developed sort of a closed meta, its pretty cool, the game itself is pure shit though

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One of the comfiest little games you'll ever play. Like Zelda, but with no particular quest.

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I finish it at least once a year. The soundtrack is just too good and I love rolling dice.

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This game was such shit. Not only was it extremely, frustratingly difficult, but it put the characters in environments that negated the fun/usefullness of that character's powers. Storm in water, Gambit on a rising platform, Spider-Man being in a closed in hallway. Just shit all around.

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Battlemaster on Genesis

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Super Hydlide
I personally think it's unique and quite brilliant in certain areas, but the consensus seems to be that it's crap.

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This game gets so much shit but I used to have a blast. Fuck that dinosaur head on the museum stage though.....

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I really don't know why I like this game.

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Pretty solid game.
As for Op, Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the NES. It was usually the only game left at the rental store along with Athena, which was legitimately horrible.

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It was the second game I bought on my own (at age 9) and I think I convinced myself it was fun so that I wouldn't feel like I wasted my money

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What dice?

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Goddess of Chance's dice.

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Yo! Noid

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To be fair, I don't think it's a "bad" game. It got a lot of bad reviews, but most of them were

>It's a space turn based strategy game but it's not like Master of Orion 2 so IT SUCKS!

which is dumb as hell.

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Mini golf, That fucking goose, lobsters at the supermarket, hide and seek, running from that purple king Kong, hunting ghosts with a flashlight, and when you completed the puzzle you could play as Reptar for a level and basically just walk around but it was still awesome.

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Everyone hates it now, but it was one of the reasons I got a Playstation.

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Are you crazy? I love Toshinden games and your collection makes me jelly as fuck, because I only have the 4 games released in Europe and the 3rd one is only a CD I got from something like a local ebay, because it's so hard to find here. I used to play Toshinden 2 on arcade and then got it for PSX. Good, fun times, man.

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I wish there were more licensed games that let you freely explore exact copies of the source material.

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Is Toshinden bad? Shit, dude, I even like the Game Boy version.

Now, this I can't justify.

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It got a lot of problems, but I can handle it.

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Didn't have a PC?

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I remember this being pretty fun. Probably mostly nostalgia though.

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I Second that opinion

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Even how bad some games may be, the music is almost always good

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I had shaq fu on the snes as a kid, and while it was very hard during singleplayer i had fun playing with with friends. I had no idea it was so universally hated until sometime around 2006 probably. People claim its the worst game ever but I was shocked when I heard this. Ive realised now though that its just a fucking meme that people who have never even played the game like to spout. Even the ones that claim to have played it say its shit because they went into being told thet HAD to hate it. Makes me mad. There are MANY more countless pieces of trash that are worse than shaq fu. At least its playable.

Im not saying its a good game, but it gets way more hate then it deserves from bandwaggoning losers who want to seem knowledgeable and hip. I liked it and still can get a kick or two out of local multiplayer like i used to.

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I guess at worse it is a case of "aged poorly" as no one would actually pick it up to play now. I did like it enough to get the games signed by the character designers.

I did, but no 3D accelerator card. Having the game on PS already meant I wasn't going to take the extra effort at that time to get it again for PC (as I didn't know anyone who had it to make a copy). The PS game was good enough to me to stick with it.

I guess when everyone around me hates sports games, as with most I speak to about games, I tend to be the outlier that enjoys them [yes, I know it should be "gustan"].

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Actually looks interesting.

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It's definitely one of the most unique games I've played. Well worth a playthrough.

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>attention-whore is a Mexican
it really isn't surprising

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Well that was quite a change in tone.

What is the best Dreamcast emulator out there?

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I have a soft spot for the whole series since the SFC titles. Very good ost also, even though most of titles of the series are kinda lackluster usually the soundtracks are very good

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it was pretty fun

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......I actually have a Toshinden game for the R-Zone that I actually recall not disliking.

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I remember this game. I got it from a cereal box. It was pretty fun.

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This is seen as a bad series?

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my nigga, this game is gold

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I love dumb cyberpunk and this is peak dumb cyberpunk.

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I used to play through this every time my cousins had a sleepover. Was a really fun game, but we always used to think we were failing the spaceship level because of it ending with Angela being left behind.

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I totally agree with you anon. This game get a lot of hate just because everybody hates. It's a bad game with a lot of flaws, but I played games that make Shaq fu looks like a masterpiece

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Wot is it?

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I naver got into this one, but duel of the roses or whatever for ps2 was awesome. I know its not retro

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Ohh, yeah never played but, the ps1 game search for reptar(not sure about the name) was fun

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Fuck yes

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I want to agree with you because I hate when people unanimously trash talk something that doesnt deserve it, but the controls on shaq fu are fucking unforgivable. Seriously, I have never played any game before or after that has been more frustrating to try and play. None of the special moves ever want to come out and you just jump around like a crazy man the entire time trying to make it work. Sorry man, but fuck Shaq Fu. The animations and spritework look great but the controls are pure garbage

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Pic related.

But really, probably the Jurasic Park game for SNES. Or the one for Genesis. I liked dinosaurs.

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I tried to like Shaq Fu (because I unironically like the character designs), but the input lag is just too frustrating. It's like Delphine used their Out of This World/Flashback engine when making it.

It's not the worst SNES fighting game, though. That's Street Combat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MLapXxC5Vg

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"AAAHH! Real Monsters" for the SNES/Genesis. I can't tell if it's a bad game, or a decent game crippled by the lack of any saving. The cartoon itself was mediocre, though.

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This game looks fun but from the gameplay videos that I've seen looks really frustrating.

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I legit like jpark for snes, emulation equals savestates.

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>Street Combat
You mean... Ranma?

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I consider it quite good. If it had a password system, it could have been considered a great game. But when I tried to play it on an emulator, it would crash at the same point in the game (can't remember if it was in the raptor pen or in the raptor nest/caves but it made it impossible to complete the game).

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I don't think Stimpy's Invention is bad

just anticlimactic and obviously rushed to completion, there were plenty of scraped ideas and a scraped opening in the beta

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The only consensus around is about Tokyo Xtreme Racer games, and even then we can debate about the psychics being "boaty".The two SFC games are pretty decent mode 7 racers but never localized and were released late on SNES lifespan. The PS1/Sat Highway Battle is in my opinion a very nice Ridge Racer clone but it was released in 97 iirc, the first GT was almost out at the time. Then we got DC/PS2 TXR games which predates customization and open highways from NFSU, except the latter has better psychics for an arcade game. There is two drift games on PS2 but they never succeed that much in comparison to TXR, and finally one for Xbox 360 released by other name, I never played it. I'm probably missing some PSP title here and there and the horrendous GBA version.

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I don't really like fighting games but Shaq Fu was not that bad. Really smooth animations and high framerate for a fighting game.

I actually enjoyed it more than Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis. Could never even beat the CPU in street fighter and the game runs at like 5fps by comparison.

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I think "mediocre" would be a better way to describe this game!

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It's not even that I liked it, but I was addicted to the uneasy feelings it gave me as a kid. It was like a trainwreck; you couldn't look away!

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sure m8

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This is one of those games I played and finished just because I was a little kid and only had a handful of games. It's a pretty bad zelda clone, but i had fun woth it

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I actually really wanted Monkey Hero as a kid, but never got it. I should try it sometime.

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This game is absolutely fucking terrible and has maybe the worst jumping of any game ever made but I still play it occasionally. It feels surreal to play and discover new zones, almost reminds me of yume nikki or lsd if that makes sense. I play with rewind though, the game is batshit insane hard. For actually playing its shit but its fun to explore.

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TXR Drift 2 is a brilliant game, but I never managed to get past one of the rally races, I've been stuck for like 3 years.
The 360 game is nice but lacking in features, its basically a dolled up TXR2

supposedly rare ish too

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That game was so bad, like anything Micronics did in their lifetime.

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Beavis and Butthead on snes, I used to own it as a kid and just recently played it again on my snes. Had as much fun as back then. I loved the show as a kid so this get nostalgia points with me

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Just tested both games on my Genesis. Shaq Fu has much smoother framerate and better animation.

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FBI, Get on It!

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Bart's Nightmare.

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>So many Western games posted
Not surprised at all.

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therefore shaq fu is a better game than sf2

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solid speedgame

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Twin headed thunder dragon the game

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Every time I see this I give my rant about how sinister that game is. Like Rayman's edgey brother.

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Yeah, I won't defend it: It's a very mediocre game after Spriggan and Spriggan Mark 2 on PC-Engine. I've seen worse shmups, though.

Man, I love Super Hydlide (and the first Hydlide on MSX as well) but that game can be a test of patience. It would be much better if the item weight system was more balanced imo.

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Wouldn't call it outright bad but it's definitely pretty mediocre. Fun enough though. Used to play it as a kid for the longest time because I had nothing else that I hadn't already beaten.

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I had that game on gameboy. Goddamn it was aids. Literally repressed memories.


Looking at the snes version on YouTube it looks like heaven in comparison.

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If you See a Nazi, Punch Him: The Game

This game is 100% bad, but I find some redeeming value in playing it for a few minutes and cringing at the frame rate, retarded quips from Awesome Possum, and overt propaganda.

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This game is an abysmal train wreck, but it's actually pretty fun if you know what you're doing. I like games that throw absurd challenges at you!

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Nice to see some people who also like SNES Jurassik Park. I always liked it, and the only part of the hate for it that even makes sense to me is the no saves/passwords, but even then it's still a silly reason to hate it, it doesn't take THAT long to beat.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

>> No.3889631

I was just mindblown that I could walk around and freely explore my favorite dinosaur island.

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Played this so much back then. I also loved the Mata Nui Online games, I used to play Mata Nui Online II with a terrible internet connection so the character would take forever to walk to the other side of the screen.

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My bad, I forgot I was on /vr/, it's not retro. It's late for me.

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Clayfighter 63 1/3 and Sculptor's Cut. As a kid, I loved the dumb humor and occasionally mashing out huge combos. After coming back to them with a better knowledge of fighting games, I kinda get a kick out of finding out all sorts of weird, broken shit in these games.

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>game is an abysmal trainwreck
You completely missed the meta.

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Probably the most mediocre shooter I ever played and for some reason I love it. I love even more the NES version.I unironically love 1942 for NES, C64 and Speccy, the last one really reminds me those lcd games.

>> No.3890567

The money changer helps, but yeah, the weight system could have used some work. I loved the sense of mystery and discovery in the game. Can't believe I beat it without a guide as a kid.

>> No.3892038

this game is hard af do you know all fusions by memory?

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"Flintstones, The - Bedrock Bowling" it's a pretty mediocre game, but is kind of fun. There is a ps1 and pc version.

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probably my favorite game