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Be honest, you had an old game or game system that completely vanished from your possession without a trace, to which you still have no idea to this day what happened to them.

For me, my Super Mario World cartridge. It just completely disappeared about twelve years ago, and we have since moved to another state, so any chances of finding that again are long gone.

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>Pokemon Silver and Red

Lost them in a move about 4 years ago

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Actually I can't think of a single one. Everything I don't have any more I know when I sold it or gave it away, and to who. Even for stuff like my old NES which my parent's gave away to a friend of mine in elementary school because they got me an SNES.

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Is this some sort of phenomenon or what?

The only game I've ever "lost" was Mario Kart Super Circuit. And believe me, I never lost anything. I was extremely organized, and one day the cartridge just vanished from its box.

Here's what I believe happened..
My family was selling our house, and the real estate agent was extremely negligent and didn't properly monitor the people that she showed the house to.

One day, some really fucking shifty looking kids come in with their parents. She takes them into my bedroom and then kind of just ignores the situation.

99% sure those fucks stole the game. And if I could find them today, even though I don't care all that much, I'd gut them like fish if I could confirm they took it.

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n64 - smb64, sm64, Oot and MM, mario kart 64, dk64, conkurs bad fur day, pokemon stadium 1 and 2

pokemon blue and gameboy

gamecube with thousand year door, melee, fire emblem, metroid 1 and 2...

feels awful dude.

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Lost my silver, still have gold.

Lost goldeneye 64, lost donkey kong country..

this is out of a reasonably sizedcollection mind you.

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Mega Man 2 on GameBoy.

I think a Mexican stole it when he was washing my car.

Gets a lot of flak for the high-pitched soundtrack and being easy as fuck, but I like it a lot.

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Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Emerald. I'm pretty sure that my Gold was stolen, but I have no proof of it. My Emerald just fucking disappeared right after I had completed the Pokedex. Still fucking pissed about it all these years later.

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My Playstation with Tekken 3, Tenchu 2, and GTA 2. The rest of my games were fine.

But my sister recently told me she stole it and pawned it for heroin money.

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My green gameboy pocket and lime green gameboy color. Either lost in a move around 10 years ago or stolen by my brother's scumbag friends.

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My Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening cartridge went missing after one of my friends visited.

I never directly asked him, but I'm fairly sure he took it. I never had him over again.

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It makes me mad to this day. I had harvest moon 64 and it disappeared.

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I don't particularly miss it or anything, but my Xbox copy of True Crime: Streets of L.A. just up and disappeared out of nowhere one day.

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>Pokemons Blue and Gold
>first PS1
>first Genesis
>my fucking original Gameboy

Some of this might've gotten stolen, I can't remember.

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A game will leave you if you mistreat it, or do not satisfy it. Most games have low standards for owners, so this rarely happens.

Myself, I "lost" Pokemon Silver for two years. I later found it under my couch and my sister told me she hid it there, and forgot about it.

She also lost a few of my Wii games by not putting them back in the case. They just disappeared when she removed them from the Wii.

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Mario Kart 64 disappeared one day. I haven't had a physical copy of it in over five years.

At least I have it on Virtual Console

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Aladdin for Snes.
One of my friends once said that I traded it for another game, but I honestly don't remember doing it.

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>mfw i lost probably 50 or so games
family is full of thieving pieces of shit

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My super metroid, mario rpg, super mario world, and mario all stars are all in limbo somewhere. I've been hunting for them but they're nowhere to be found.

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thought i'd lost f-zero maximum velocity but it turned up recently. that thing must have been missing for 8 fucking years.

i have no idea where my pokemon yellow went, though. i have silver and blue still, but the reason yellow's absence makes me sad is because that's the cartridge with my final team, all my level 100 bros from when I was 10.

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Super Smash Bros. Though, it's really likely my brother just sold it along with the other games he didn't want.

I think I have more of a problem with always finding games I wish would stay lost. Like most of the old football games my dad left behind.

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Sega Genesis with a few of the Disney games for it. Parents decided to get rid of it after I got an N64 without telling me.

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Most of my PS1 library's disappeared at some point. Off the top of my head, I can think of no longer having Gex: Enter the Gecko, Tekken 3, and PSX Doom. I'm positive that there's a few other titles I'm missing as well.

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I played this one night, and the next time I went to play it it wasn't in the case

I have the case and manual in perfect condition, but no CD because it decided to run away from home or something

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I will never know where this game went. Literally the only game I have ever lost somehow. Not a big loss though, I can get another copy for around $1. I just don't care enough.

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I had a SNES and some games for it while my parents were jobless and living with my grandparents. We moved away later after my dad started a business but the SNES stayed. He died about a month ago, and while at his house I tried looking for it but it wasn't anywhere. I'm sure he sold it. He hated the damn thing.

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Someone stole MGS and my Flying Dragon cart. Besides that I've never lost any games really. I did give Twisted Metal 2 away because someone I knew was a fan of the series and I preferred the Vigilante 8 series.

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I let my sister borrow my SNES all all the games when she went to college. Somebody broke into her apartment and stole all that shit.

Fucking California.

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No lie, if I had reasonable suspicion that someone I might have known stole my copy of MGS, I'd beat the fuck out of them before taking it back or making them buy me a new copy.

Thankfully, that's never happened. Still, that sucks, dude.

I wish I could say my copy's in mint condition, but unfortunately, it tends to lock up when getting Game Overs on all parts of the game's finale, and it sometimes locks up when transitioning to the car chase part.

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>Donkey Kong 64
>Ocarina of Time

I found my OoT after it was missing for almost a year (this happened when I was 12). I was so relieved, but I still have not found my DK64(It's been 10 years since I last saw it.)

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My NES. It was the first console I ever owned, and I loved it to death from second grade until my parents put it away in ninth grade and plugged in a brand new Playstation instead. It didn't bother me much at the time -- I only had 10 or 12 games for it, and I'd beaten or played out all of them -- but a few years later, when I was moving out, I asked my mom for the old system back and she had no idea where it was. It was supposed to have been stored in the garage, but it and all but one or two of the games for it never showed up again. My mom hinted that she may have given it away to someone years earlier and forgotten about it later. I had a well-loved but still CIB copy of Final Fantasy in that game stack, plus other games with no monetary value but a lot of good memories attached to them nonetheless. I'm 30 now and I still kind of resent that my folks lost or gave away my first game console.

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I have no idea where my SSB cart is. I still have the box and manual, but I lost the cart years ago. I probably took it to a friend's house, left it there and never got it back.

Recently, I thought I lost my Pokemon Red and Blue, and I told my friend I was going nuts looking for them. He said he had them, I guess I let him borrow them a few months ago and totally forgot.

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Pokemon Pikachu (the tamagotchi type thing)

Wario Land 3, that one still hurts to this day

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It was a dude I thought I could trust. Long story short I couldn't do shit about getting my game back.

This was years ago and actually about a year ago the dude came to see me after we hadn't talked for a few years. He actually bought me an only slightly used copy of the game (which was in better condition than the one I leanded to him years ago). It was Greatest Hits, but I still appreciated the thought and now we are pretty cool dudes who talk from time to time.

So it didn't end that badly.

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My copy of Chrono Trigger for the SNES up and vanished one day, maybe like 8 years after I originally got it back in 1995

It's still a mystery to me.

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I don't think I had a game that just vanished but I lost pic related and for the life of me have no idea what happened to it.

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I put a decent chunk of my life into that one, I don't know what I'd do if I lost my copy, especially after just getting married.

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Pokemon Crystal with a legit Celebi on it that I got from an event on a local Toys'r'Us.

Still convinced to this day that a neighbor kid with some intense ADD and kleptomania stole it. Tried to confront him and his mom about it as his mom was pretty cool about things and knew his son was "special". Could never find it so we couldn't prove it was him who stole it.

They conveniently moved away a few weeks later. This was like 12 freaking years ago and I still feel bummed about it because I lost my legit Celebi.

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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

I had it for the longest time and then it just completely vanished into thin air.

Now I only have oracle of seasons and I have to use an emulator to play ages :(

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My neighbors on both sides of my house stole my GBA but their moms returned them.

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Yeah what >>387946 had said. I'm not sure when my cart will die but when it does I'm going to lose a lot of data tied to years of fond memories.

I guess the memories remain but damn I'm sorry for your loss man.

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That name sounds vaguely familiar...


Holy shit you just made me nostalgia hard, I had a friend who had this game. All I remember is that it was an MGS-like action game, and if you used your taser to tase an enemy long enough, he would eventually catch fire.

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To me it felt more like those 3rd person James Bond games like Tommorow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.

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I lost my syphon philter too
but i still have syphon filter 2
no pun intended.

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>The World is Not Enough

Please disregard that, it's FPS and I think I must have thought it was like TND for some weird reason.

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My gameboy pocket. Had it at my grandmas, went back the next day and it was gone...

Still have no idea what the fuck happened to it. Lost my pokemon red in it too.

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I remember the game very vaguely, and MGS was the only game off the top of my head that seemed like it.

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Ah it's okay, I just didn't want you to try and use that comparison in the future and start some sort of ruckus or something. Though /vr/ seems to be less spiteful and more forgiving about small errors. However mine was just a friendly, informal critique.

That said, I really liked Spyhon Filter back then. The flare gun was really fun to use and tasing people until they combusted was also neat.

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Lost Mario Tennis on the N64 several years ago. Which is a shame, since I remembered having tons of fun playing it.

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My copy of Link's Awakening vanished without a trace when I was less than ten years old. Everyone in my family assumed I lost it, but I knew damn well someone else had. Literally six years later, we were moving and I noticed it in a garbage pile. I asked who threw it there and where it came from; no one remembered touching it.

Irresponsible motherfuckers.

So if this happened to you it was either your childhood incompetence or the lack of fuck-giving of your close friends or family members.

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I lost mine too goddamit. It's just gone WHERE THE HELL COULD IT HAVE GONE?

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nope, I sold them all to buy the next big thing every time

>such is the life of rebuilding

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symphony of the night.

LIterally set it on top of my Entertainment center and its completely disappeared. I literally lifted the entertainment center to see if he somehow got under there but it just poofed away.

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A boy and his blob for NES

Lost 17-18 years ago never seen the game again.

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That's a hilarious coincidence, OP, because I actually stole a copy of Super Mario World back in 2001 when I was visiting a cousin. I was from the big city and my cousin told me that people were very incautious with their security systems where he lived so I found a house, went in through the window, and then stole a random game just so I'd have a memento to show him. It was Super Mario World. He told me the family I robbed actually moved to another state some time after that so I hope I didn't scare them away! But I really don;t think they ever knew I was there. I'm that good a cart burglar.

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NES and SNES with about 10 games each were stolen.
Pokemon Gold was most likely taken by one of my friends
Pokemon Red and several other gameboy+color+n64 games vanished without a trace no idea where they went

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My entire Game Boy collection

My copy of Wario Woods for the Super Nintendo,

Man, I was the best at Wario Woods.

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Not retro (kinda)

My Wind Waker copy has been gone for the past three years, and it's so fucking expensive online so i'm stuck.

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Both DKC2 for snes and GBA. granted the snes copy just turned up in my room someone so maybe the magic cartridge fairy has gave it to someone else but the GBA cart I fucking bought. Thinking about it most my GBA carts just vanished. I'm guessing I had a pikey friend

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Sort of lost a Sega Master System and all associated games.

Parents got divorced Mother leaves with me and siblings but Master System stays and at some point drops off the face of the Earth. Subsequently no party involved can recall what happened to it.

Shame too, I use to play the shit out of Rampage and Penguin Land

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Both DKC2 for snes and GBA. granted the snes copy just turned up in my room so maybe the magic cartridge fairy has gave it to someone else but the GBA cart I fucking bought. Thinking about it most my GBA carts just vanished. I'm guessing I had a pikey friend

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Nope. Still have everything I used to have.

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I lost my entire collection of GB and GBA games somewhere in Mexico during a family vacation.

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A whole bunch of N64 games, including Super Smash Bros, WCW/nWo Revenge, Star Fox, Extreme G and Perfect Dark.

I don't know who it was but if I ever find out... but I won't 'cause it was like 11 fucking years ago. I had gone to boarding school in 2002 and when I came back for a visit those games were missing (maybe some others, too, that I don't remember). Funny thing I didn't care much then 'cause I had played so much goddamn N64 and it was towards the end of the gen so I was like w/e. It was only later that I felt the buttpain and it still lingers to this day.

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Go away nigger.

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The opposite happened to me. I somehow ended up with 3 copies of Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game Of The Movie and I have no fucking idea how.

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I lost some gba and ds cartridges

I just don't know where they went, I think I lost about 5 to 7 of them

since one of them was tales of phantasia, I am still convinced that I left it along with the other missing games in a bag or backpack somewhere

no one for sure stole them, I don't let most guests in my room, for the friends that I do let in my room wouldn't know where I keep them nor they know enough about games to care

I do travel a lot, though I usually double check my bags for missing items

>> No.391085

Sonic Adventure and the VMU with all its data. Fucking every character unlocked and most of each story beaten.

God dammit. Also Pokémon Ruby and Yellow. WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO GOD DAMMIT

>> No.391097

the VMU data isn't that important since you can download a completed save file onto your VMU.

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>implying it's the same thing

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Haha god I laughed hard at this for some reason.

What I lost: My Nintendo 64. Some homeless drug addicted bogan (I assume) broke into my house in the mid-2000's. Stole a bunch of change off the counter, a bag of sugar, half eaten jar of vegemite, my Nintendo 64 (not games or controllers or cables), and a camera.

I was like, what the fuck.

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I don't remember what happened to my very first Game Boy, but I'm pretty sure that it just broke and was thrown out. We already had a second one by then anyway.

>> No.391139

When I was in elementary school, I lost my copy of Pokemon Blue. Which was weird, because I'm pretty sure it was still in my Game Boy Color before I lost it.

I found it almost a year later in a snowbank on the school grounds.

It had become really discoloured by the snow and weather, so it was a weird deep purple. It worked perfectly, though.

>> No.391145

Where the hell is my Sega 32x?

>> No.391151

I never really gave a shit about what happened to a game after I finished it, so basically all of my games disappeared as a kid and I have no idea where most of them went. A couple of them I sold but the rest just got left on holidays and at friends' houses or they stole them in some cases. Never gave a fuck.

>> No.391156

>Now I only have oracle of seasons and I have to use an emulator to play ages :(

Oracle of Seasons is slightly better anyway. also, you could get a multi-emulation device of your choice and emulate both. it's what I did.
I'd love to finish OoS and OoA on my GBC but the screen is just not big enough for me anymore.

>> No.391172

Oh god I'm so sorry

>> No.391185

My old Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartridge for the NES.

No idea where it went. I don't remember ever trading it to anyone, and there's no 'extra' game in my collection that would remind me of WFRR being traded, so... gone, I guess.

>> No.391579

For me:
SNES: Toy Story
Game Boy: Red Brick GB, Original Brick GB, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Land 2, Super Mario Land, Link's Awakening, Tetris, Tetris Attack, Kirby's Dreamland, Primal Rage
Game Boy Color: Oracle of Seasons, Pokemon Pinball
Game Boy Advance: SMW: Super Mario Advance 2, Super Mario Advance, Wario Ware INC. Mega Microgame$, Drill Dozer
DS: 25th Anniversary Mario DSi XL, FFIV DS, Wario Ware DIY, Tetris DS

>> No.391597


I STILL have no fucking clue as to where it went, and it's still the only game I ever lost.

>> No.391613

Panzer dragoon saga.
I was really sad when I noticed it was missing, I was beyond mad when I discovered it probably was the most valuable game in my collection.

>> No.391651

An N64 memory card, it was red and had switches on it so it could store 4 times as much as a normal memory card. Absolutely no idea where that went

As an opposite story, I once stole a Pokemon game from my cousins house, years after it was released and probably wouldn't have been missed too much. My annoyingly strong morals made me return it later although I was worried about being found somewhere upstairs for no reason, so I just left it right in the middle of the stairs.
They must have known I left it there

>> No.391680

Zelda Collectors Edition
Many, many pokemon games
NES edition GBA SP

>> No.391690

ITT: carelessness or friends with sticky fingers

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My old SNES got lost in the garage once, but my dad found it for me. I'm missing most of my Pico games and the cords to the system itself, which I slightly regret but not really because I wouldn't use it anyway.

>> No.392909

Suikoden 2 where did you go?

>> No.392921

No fucking clue what ever happened to my Super Gameboy, though I dont miss it.

>> No.392931

My N64 GameShark

Still have no idea what the hell happened to it.

I know for a fact I didn't sell it or give it away.

>> No.392953

My entire sega genesis and almost all of it's games.
All I have left is a controller and Vectorman 2. Not even the good one..

>> No.393235

When I was about 10 I had a few dreams of playing something like Yoshi's Island on a console I didn't recognize, and suddenly some random people took the console away from me while I was crying and begging them not to.

I few years later my brother reminded me my parents sold our Sega Genesis + Sonic 1 & 2.

>> No.393279

My Shantae game on Gameboy Color disappeared after I went to college. It will cost over 150$ to get a new Shantae game.

>> No.393597

I've lost so many copies of Blizzard games over the years, I started to assume the games were made of some material that sublimes after an indeterminate amount of time. I wish I could at least find the cases back for the CD keys.

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>tfw I've bought Diablo 2 Battlechest four times
I think you're on to something.

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>legend of ghost lion

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>feels bad man

>> No.394549

Not a game, but my NES controllers are still missing.

All I have is the Zapper.

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I stole my rich friends' Shadowrun game because he was being a dick to me in school.
I acted like everything was cool between us when I visited him one day, though I was quietly still angry as fuck.

I didn't even play it after I stole it. I stomped on it and threw it in the dumpsters behind his apartments out of spite.

I feel kinda bad now. I heard it was a really good game.

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>> No.394590

I lost and found my copy of Starcraft at least 4 seperate times, only to see it mysteriously turn up in a cd case I never used, or upside down behind something else I never played.

I started to feel like the disk itself was trolling me.

>> No.394593

My N64 controller pak vanished.

>> No.394615

Pokémon Silver along with my event Mew and all my important pokémon from that and the previous generation along with my gameboy color.
Though I am pretty sure they were stolen by my mom's boyfriend's piece of shit wigger son.

>> No.394627

Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow. Both are MIA, and I have no idea where they could be. I still have Red though.

>> No.394638

Super Mario 64.. I have no idea where the fuck it went.

>> No.394769

My original gameboy and all my games disappeared from my suitcase during the trip home from my grandmas. That still pisses me off to this day.

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An original Grey Brick Gameboy and the Gameboy port of Donkey Kong Country.

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Pokemon: The Trading Card Game.

I lost it when I was staying at my grandparent's house; upon realizing I lost it, I searched it up and down. Regardless of how close they lived (only 20 minutes drive away) and frequency of visits, I've since never found it, nor played that game again. I also swear that I had a copy of Quake 2 for the N64 that I lost there later, as well.

My grandfather probably stole them in my sleep and burned them, or something.

>> No.394804


Oh yeah. I also left a silver Game Boy Advance SP on a plane ride, with Metroid: Zero Mission in it. It had both a 100% and an under 2 hour save on it.

Yeah I was mad.

>> No.394982

My "friend" stole Populus and Actraiser from me. I didn't realize they were missing until a few days later. In hindsight, there had been something strange about how he was acting when he left that day. I realized that he had had them stuffed down his pants. He denied taking them for years, but one day I was at his house and there they were sitting on a shelf and I grabbed them. He started to say they were his then just kind of gave up. Fucker.

>> No.395010

I have no idea where my Master System or Mega drive went or the games. Shame, i want them back.
I did buy a Mega Drive II off ebay thats on the way though

>> No.395013

My Mega Drive, i still have all my games, controllers and leads but have no fucking idea where the console itself is. Also, the power packnot sure what it's called but it's like a block you plug into the console then plug the lead into it for my N64.

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Sage for not vidya related, but on the topic of being a kid and losing things

>My entire yugioh binder (had tons of holos and rares)
>every last one of my lego throwbots

this was both when i came back from college

i wonder if my parents sold all my cards to pay mortgage or something, theyre just all gone. thankfully my FINAL and Exodia were both in a seperate small binder so i still have them for memory's sake

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My teal GameBoy Color. I didn't move or anything, it just got lost somewhere. I'm sure it was probably in a car we sold or got shipped off with donation items sometime. It still pisses me off that I lost it. It had WarioLand 3, Pokemon Red, and SMB Deluxe with it, too. Only other thing I've lost that I miss was my copies of Perfect Dark and CBFD.

>> No.395495

Aerobiz for the SNES.

We moved our game room around, and the game just vanished.

>> No.395498

Would your parents even know the value of the cards or that they could be sold?

>> No.395520

A shit load of gameboy games.

Stolen at my extended day thing at school. I was such an idiot for bringing them there... I'll miss you DQM.

>> No.395535

Mystic Quest (Gameboy).

Probably killed by a Grue.

>> No.395601

I lost my gameboy for a pretty long chunk of time, or at least what seemed like it. Ended up finding it in my couch. I distinctly remember having pokemon crystal in my possession and playing it but I don't know how I got it or where it went. It's entirely possible that I stole it on accident (neighborhood kids traded/borrowed shit all the time) and then someone stole it from me.

>> No.396353

Pokemon Yellow and a teal GBC

>> No.396385

My ghosts and goblins cart.

>> No.396424


No hope of finding it now. Will cave and get another eventually.

>> No.396470

Oh, I know what fucking happened to them.

>Friends with kids in my neighborhood
>Carts went missing all the damn time
>"Friends" with kids in my neighborhood

Fuck you guys, Ms. Pacman was one of my favorite games you cock sucking weasel fuckers

>> No.396512

My translucent purple GBC and all of my games, when we moved from Colorado to Montana. No idea what happened to it or where it ended up, but 12 years later it's still missing. I'll probably never see it again.

>> No.396548

I lost my copy of U.N. Squadron for the SNES. No idea what happened to it.

Ended up buying another copy on Amazon.

>> No.396575

A lot of my gameboy games have vanished over the years. I think one of my cousins took some of my GBA games and sold them for drugs. Fucking cunt. He has stolen my money too.

>> No.396592

My red gameboy sp. I'm not too hopeless because it's been less than a year but it was at home with my little sister last time I saw it, hope she didn't give it away or something.

>> No.396593

Does your cousin have a younger sister? I'll steal her virginity if it makes you feel better m8.

>> No.396606


Sadly no. He is the youngest of his siblings and both of them are whores.

>> No.396769

Super mario bros Deluxe, also, not retro, but my copy of apollo justice disapeared a month back,

>> No.396791
File: 28 KB, 250x249, 250px-Warioland3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My copy of wario land 3. I am 1000% percent convinced my cousin stole it when we were kids though.

>> No.396881

I lost my Golden Eye and Cruisin' World for N64.

Luckly, I haven't lost a single one of my SNES or Sega games.

>> No.396924

My Yoshi's Island and Chrono Trigger SNES carts. I suspect a friend of mine took them and never gave them back.

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